Side Effects (2000)



It wasn't easy falling to sleep, as much as he tried. They had detached part of the mattresses and made him a separate bed, nearer to the fireplace. He had to admit he was tired but he couldn't sleep.

He knew the adrenaline in his system was doing that, and most definitely, the testosterone. Not only did he have so many unanswered questions, on top of it all, he was hopelessly horny. In the last hour his cock went half hard for the grand total of two minutes, and that was from being hard as a steel pipe. Even now he had a hard-on to top all others, it felt like someone had stuffed a log down his pants, he couldn't even sit straight. That was only natural, he thought, almost angry. Those two were such a turn-on that he couldn't stop looking at them even when his eyes were closed - even then the picture of either one wouldn't go away. They were his ultimate fantasy. Theo had told him once he was the proverbial size queen, preferably muscle, but other things would do nicely, and David and Theo were birds of a feather. In more than one sense.

Theo... his only friend through thick and thin, and of late his lover. Or at least they liked to call each other that. By the raunchy standards of his fantasies and the stories and pictures he was so fond of, they never really got too far from foreplay. Basically, they jacked off together a couple of times. Now, possibly Theo was his lost lover even before they became lovers in the true sense of the word. Thinking of Theo and that he might have lost him didn't help his situation one bit. He couldn't even immagine life without Theo in it.

David met Theo in the gym. His father never liked him going there when he was younger but in the end he went anyway. Theo was one of those people that were almost a fixture in the gym, and it showed. He was beautiful. He was not huge but he was just... very muscular, and so well developed, David could look at him for hours marveling at his body, the beautiful curves of it. He was also older, and more experienced - in many ways. David had made the gym his sanctuary, a place where his troubled relationship with the rest of his family, such as it was, did not interfere. Maybe that's why they became training partners and then good friends, ever since that incident David had closed into himself, and now he had to admit that maybe he had opened a little more towards Theo in the beginning, because he reminded him so much of Jan. His `uncle` Jan. Of course, he wasn't his real uncle, just like Korina wasn't his mother. This line of thought brought a feeling much like the sky suddenly clouding. Since the incident he had found out how much of a jerk his father really was. He used to adore him. For a time he had a real family, and now, a year after it has completely broken apart, Korina, his stepmother, was one person that he knew as a friend, and could always turn to, for just about anything. What an irony.

How infatuated David used to be with Jan! Jan was the epitome of male beauty. But he was just... like a brother to him. It had shocked him to find out that Jan had made himself basically fall of the end of the earth because he thought he had done the most terrible wrong. He had explained to unc... funny how he couldn't stop thinking of him as his uncle Jan, that Korina told him she had hoped so many times to hear from Jan, if it wasn't for the blowup they had, she would have never learned what a bigoted jerk she had married. David never blamed Jan, in fact, he blamed himself because, really, while Jan was probably the best person to be his teacher in matters gay, David should have known better than to force him into that position. Still, even now, after all that has heppened, even after he met Theo, he knew he was infatuated with Jan. In love with him, in a special naive way. But then, looking at him even now... if it wasn't for the black hair... in a strange way, in Theo he saw Jan, and in Jan, he saw Theo. Theo, who he wanted to find so badly. Theo, who had gone away because he also thought he had done him the worse of wrongs. Caused the final blowup between him and his father, followed by David leaving. But during the last couple of days he realized he was finally free. His only guides to the people he needed to find, a few days ago, were two little pieces of paper, one with the address of Theo's brother and one which Korina gave him, the last one she had of Jan. It took him a whole day to track the last one, because it had changed. He had run out of money, and he needed more time. He couldn't just show up at Theo's brother's place. He didn't even know Theo was there for sure. By an incredible turn of luck he managed to locate the place where Jan lived. And there, he walked into a creature of fantasy.

Thinking of Mike, and Jan... in a way he was envious but also glad, during the years he had wished Jan had found someone he loved, that he was happy. Looking at them look at each other, David felt the familiar feeling, the one he had every time Theo was near.

But, right now, looking at the forms of Jan and Mike under the thin bedsheet, David barely contained himself. His hands were around his cock, which was hard to the point of bursting, he could swear that having it hard for so long made it swell bigger than he ever remembered. It was such a strange feeling, he was so horny just looking at them, they were sex incarnate. He felt at the same time somehow insignificant compared to them, but also somehow proud that he knew Jan, and if Jan loved Mike, then he just knew it was somehow right.

And, then there was this feeling of wonder, how strong they must be, how must it feel to have all that muscle, and flex it, make it grow into incredible hard bulges at will, and feel someone else's touch on it, or even your own. David always had an active imagination, but now he didn't even have to imagine the incredible curve of Mike's back, tapering down to an incredibly small waist, Jan's arm around it. The bedsheet looked insignificant over their enormous bulk, and hid nothing. He didn't know how they could be that big, but they were, they were real. He couldn't grasp that they were so much bigger now compared to the last time he saw them - now that he learned it was them in that lobby. What could make them become like this? They were two gods, gods of maleness, sex and beauty impersonated.

He kept looking at them. Jan had said it was an accident, and right now, David wished he could have one like that. And Theo, too. It would be a dream come true. A moment ago, David caught himself stroking his dick, when Jan turned on his back. He was so startled, he didn't want Jan to wake up and see him jacking off over them.

After all, he knew he was reacting to a mental picture, a turn on, and these were real persons, persons he cared about. You can't just jack off over someone who is right there, and not care how they would feel about it. Even so... he barely held himself together against the onslaught of sex those two presented to his senses. David tried to distract himself, repeating all the unanswered questions he had. It wasn't working, his mind woulr steer his thoughts to sex at the first oportunity.

He had no idea how he survived the fall from the window, though whenever it was mentioned the two got a strange look in their eyes.

But he did faintly remember... could it have been real? They were wearing those ridiculous towels even now. Even in that lobby, before he ran, he remembered seeing... something that surely wasn't possible. But then he hadn't recognized Jan, and now he was so much bigger. David's gaze drifted down to Jan's crotch. Several times when they both moved they had adjusted those towels, and... could it be possible? It would have to be enormous! But they were enormous. Were they that big... all over? Even thinking of Theo didn't help. Theo was as much a size queen as he was. They had jerked over some pictures of really huge guys, but somehow, it still was jerking off over each other. Although it remained largely unsaid, they saw each other in those pictures and once they even talked about how they would play with each other if they could be that big. And Mike and Jan were. They became that way. David wanted to jack all over both of the biggest giant musclemen in history, lying there in the other corner, their huge chests slowly going up and down, and somehow, he knew that if Theo were with him, he would be doing the same. He realized he was stroking himself, ever so slowly, again.

== * ==

Jan couldn't really sleep for a while, but finally, his hand around Mike, and Mike's around him, he drifted to a slumber. Only to be woken up, what seemed like minutes later, by a strange rhythmical sound. In seconds he realized there was someone standing in the shadows. It was David. The shadow moved slowly, and with a start, Jan realized the boy was jacking off, stroking his naked torso with one hand, and his substantial cock with the other. If it wasn't for his deep breathing, even Jan wouldn't have heard him. Looking at the shadows, his eyes becoming accustomed to the dark with their new-found ability, he took in David's sleek and hard form. David played sports before Jan ever met him, and obviously continued weight training, but either didn't want or couldn't go at it the same way Jan did. He was by no means massive. Suddenly, Jan realized he reminded him incredibly of Mike, as he used to be. Almost perfect form that somehow failed to build the muscle it craved. It made Jan so hot. He was already turned on his back, Mike leaning into him. It was a somewhat strange position because they were so big now. Jan looked through the slits of his eye-lids. He remembered how something like this used to be his fantasy, being the fly on the wall looking at two fantasy men with each other. Of course, now he had his fantasy sleeping right beside him, and feeling Mike's warmth suddenly felt so very reassuring. Something he needed badly after the past came hunting for him. But now, the past was standing only yards away, in the shadows, giving itself a hot once-over. In a strange way, Jan felt sexually aroused, over the silent worship David was giving him and Mike. Almost like when he used to touch and squeeze you when he made you show off, he heard the thought in his own voice, but dismissed it. It was different. He felt flattered, like somehow he had the approval of someone he trusted, that he and Mike were indeed a couple. Almost like in a strange way this was David's blessing of sorts. That brought on a mental chuckle.

Jan also felt like he owed David something. The thing David came asking for so long ago, and he had so rudely turned him down. Since he had woken up, Jan had mentally been keeping his cock in check. He had felt that the towel, which Mike and he agreed on keeping, had slipped while he had slept, and... he suddenly realized: what am I hiding? For over a day both him and Mike had given up clothes, and were none the worse for it. In fact, considerably better. What did they have to hide? His improved eyesight didn't fail to notice where David was looking, when his eyes weren't shut, his imagination giving him what he couldn't see. And there was very little he couldn't see.

He slowly moved his hand, like in his sleep, letting it fall over Mike's waist, and taking the edge of the towel around Mike's hips with it. It was only barely holding itself there, so it suddenly loosened. David slowed down his already maddeningly slow beat. Jan waited for him to continue, thinking that Jan was still asleep. His hand was now inside the fold and he slowly and carefully wrapped it around the still concealed tube of Mike's cock. He let his control fall, hoping that Mike had not wished the ability off. He wanted to give a full show.

== * ==

It was too much, he couldn't help himself, he had to look. He had to bring himself off over all that muscle, but he wanted it to last, it may be his only chance. He stood there, in the shadow. In the almost complete darkness, only the very faint glow of the fireplace illuminated the forms of Mike and Jan. Jan was lying on his back, his abs making an incredible curve as they bulged, going up from his minuscule waist to his pecs. His waist was so small that his abs actually tapered into it. His torso was so big and his pecs so enormous that David could just see the top of Jan's face, even standing so near. One hand just over where his navel would be, if not for the huge muscle obscuring it, and one practically poking into Mike's crotch under the towel, his lats flaring hugely underneath, Jan's arms showed the most incredible biceps split in history. His jutting chest glittered strangely as the glow of the dying fire illuminated the hair on it. David couldn't help imagine it pumped up, grown even bigger, like Theo's would after a workout. Or sweaty when making love, bulging and writhing. He could just imagine Mike's lips on it. His immagination went back and forth picturing himself in the place of Jan and Mike, being so big, being worshipped and worshipping back. It almost drove him over the edge, he could feel his cock throb, and he eased off a little with the stroking. Mike's huge leg was pressing into Jan's leg. Jan's legs were spread out, and slightly to the side, his crotch... suddenly, in the gloom David noticed how Jan's crotch bulged. It was like a thick tube went up under that towel, only to plunge down between his spread thighs. Could it be throbbing? Mike's abs which looked like dry stone masonry, were partly obscured by Jan's forearm. It was incredibly corded even relaxed. The towel had almost slipped down from Mike's hips, exposing Mike's ass. David could see only one ass-cheek, and it was tight and hard even to the eye, he could see faintly how it dimpled, and even the reminiscence of corded muscle under that supertight skin. He wished the towel could fall, so he could see where Jan's hand roamed, expose the hidden treasure he was so jealous Jan could touch. Mike's shoulders were slumped forward, which brought his pumped-up pecs out, squeezing each other for space, like two big balls of freaky muscle under the skin, nipples pushed almost into Mike's abs. Suddenly Jan stirred in sleep, and moved his arm towards his head. David almost blacked out, his cock went even harder that before, so hard it hurt, as he saw the ball of Jan's biceps grow, and grow and grow until it became bigger than his head, locking into the forearm. Jan couldn't put his hand under his head, his biceps was so big! It had distended the skin so much it shined like glass from the light of the fireplace, revealing a shape like some giant ball. David almost expected a bang from it bursting, it was so big. He remembered how he would almost blow his load feeling Jan's arms flex, so many years ago, and now that biceps must be ten times as big, and looked ten times as hard. He imagined spreading his cum all over that impossible ball of flesh, while Jan flexed it with all his might, and David squeezing it with all the force he could muster. He couldn't contain himself any more, and then, he saw IT. Under the rim of the towel, he unmistakably saw the head of Jan's cock poking out. It was twitching with Jan's heartbeat. And it was pushing outwards. At the same time, Mike's towel slowly fell, and David gasped as he saw the biggest cock in the world exposed. It was obviously still limp, but it reached almost to Jan's knee, and it was thick as a fire-hose. David knew his eyes were wide, and his hand went up and down on his bursting member, ever so slowly, as he saw Jan's cock, not an inch smaller, crawl out of the towel as it was becoming erect. With every heartbeat, both were becoming longer by inches. David wondered how long they were, it must have been two feet already, and they were getting bigger, and bigger still. With a shock, David realized he couldn't stop. Mike's cock had already become over a yard long, and it was now trying to bend itself upwards, towards Jan's chest, and Jan's was poking downwards, getting longer and thicker by the second, it must have been longer than David's arm. Growing even bigger, Mike's cock looked like a half-limp fencepost, climbing up Jan's thigh as it became harder, and Jan's started curving up, lifting itself off the ground.

David felt like his balls were going to fly apart. His hand had a life of it's own on his cock, and his other hand roamed wherever it could reach. Maybe he was moaning too, but it wasn't important.

Suddenly, in a second, Mike's cock managed to straighten itself and it ended up Jan's abs. Jan's cock took off like someone had opened some kind of valve. It rose up, and up, curving, throbbing, bloating itself thicker and longer. It's going to reach the ceiling, David thought. Mike's cock distended like some perverse flesh version of a drainpipe, growing until it reached over Jan's chest, curving so that it almost touched Jan's mouth. Two seconds more, and Jan's cock pumped itself up with his blood, so hot that even David could feel it from afar, poking up, and curving slightly, it's head bloated to a size of a melon, at the height of David's mouth. It's so huge, so long, David thought, his mind mixing the picture of Jan, Mike, Theo, and himself. They all became somehow connected, the way Theo would like to be like Jan and Jan used to look like Theo, and how David would like to be to Theo what Mike was to Jan. At the same time, he saw Jan's hand grip the base of Mike's cock, so thick that only Jan could do that, and next, he realized his own hands were around the shaft of Jan's cock, and his mouth was kissing it's huge head, while his cock was rubbing into Jan's. Jan was looking directly into David's eyes, and Mike's hands roamed over Jan's torso, and then Mike would stop and flex a little. He felt... he felt like he was ripping apart and it was the best feeling he ever had, he came. Once. Twice.

Many times. So did Jan and so did Mike. He felt their hot juices, thick super-human cum soak every pore of his body. Every part of his body must have touched just about every part of theirs. He had no idea how long that lasted. Maybe it was real, maybe it was a dream. If it was, he could almost feel Theo there with him, and somehow, at the same time in him. He laughed, groaned, cried, and shouted in ecstasy, all at the same time, over and over. Was it a dream? He didn't care.

== * ==

Mike awoke to a kiss, and it was Jan's. He couldn't imagine a better way to be woken up. He opened his eyes and moved to hug Jan.

'shhh. Stay there, you don't want to wake him up` Jan said.

With a start Mike realized that curled between him and Jan, his upper body resting on Mike's torso, and his knees pushing into Jan's side, slept David. On his face was the most serene expression Mike had ever seen.

`I don't want to wake him up, to tell you the truth, I don't think he could take it`. Jan said.

`Any idea about the time?` Mike asked. They had a rather wild night and slept in, but it must have been close to noon already.

He looked back down at David. He had to admit that deep down he felt a little jelous. Memories of last night flooded back. David seemed like he had lost control, he touched, groped, stroked, wherever he could, and had cum so many times that in the end both Jan and Mike were very much afraid he would wear himself out. In a way he probably had, because after maybe two hours, he practically fell asleep sucking on Mike's cock, after five unsuccessful attempts to put the head of it in his mouth, at one point Mike thought David had dislocated his jaw. Mike felt guilty, it felt somehow wrong for him to be engaged in sex with someone else, and have someone else touch the man he loved. But no-one came out short-changed last night. In fact, Mike felt pretty well worn out himself at the end of it, amazed how someone so small could wear out someone so big. Two someone's, to be exact.

`I know what you are thinking.` Jan said. `I told you there were going to be times like this. Thanks for letting him do... what he did, and trusting me on this. Just immagine you were him, and were forever denied this. It's just as well we got it over with, I just hope it won't be too much of a problem for him`.

Mike thought about it. He had to admit that he had a good time. A very good time. Just like they both had with Tom and Marc, back at the gym. He smiled, remembering it. He had to admit he liked it at some level, but he could only make love with Jan. Jan was... the man he loved. All the rest was good, but it just couldn't compare. He remembered waking up in the middle of the night by Jan's ministrations, only to notice David. One look from Jan told him all he needed to know. His mind brought back to that moment, Mike thought about something else.

`Jan, did you ever have the feeling we did this because we felt sorry for him?`

Jan appeared thoughtful for a while. 'no... I didn't. You?`


`Why do you ask?`

`Jan... did you notice he said something, a name, several times` Mike said. Jan moved carefully. He looked at Mike. `Yes... yes, I remember. Mike, are you thinking... what I think you are?` `Jan, I think... I think he is desperate. He is looking for someone.

Not just anyone, not any person, I think he has found THE person.

Look at him. Can't you almost feel as if he lost someone he loved?`

Jan looked at Mike like he had just dictated the theory of everything, that elusive holly grail of physics, a formula that explained the universe. Jan couldn't have put it any better at all.

Mike really put his finger on it. He was exactly right.

`I think... Theo, that's the name he mentioned` Jan said. Just then, like an echo, they heard it from David. He said it faintly, stirred and then opened his eyes. Both Jan and Mike could see the process of David realizing where he was and what he was doing there take place over several seconds. He flinched, and tried to stand up.

`Ow, watch it!` Mike said, and Jan just tensed his lats, giving David firm foothold, or as near as that. In a second more, David stood up between Jan and Mike. For a second he just stood there getting his bearings. It was obvious a replay of the night's events was taking place, and his face showed some mixed emotions about it too.

Mike looked at him, and now that he was stark naked, there was no doubt he was a very beautiful young man. In fact, he looked more beautiful than ever, even with his black hair matted by cum in a few places. He was actually much more beefy than Mike had imagined, good strong arms, nice 6-pack abs and well developed pecs, complimented by a narrow waist and strong and nicely shaped legs. Not very big, but not small either, David was by the current standard short, but his shoulders were wide and nicely muscled, and it gave him a very pleasing and flowing form. Mike also remembered the beautiful blue eyes, which were right now going from Mike to Jan and back. David really was almost completely smooth all over, except traces of black fuzz down his thighs and under his belly-button, and a bush of pubic hair. In it nested a nicely shaped cock, now limp, but showing signs of not staying so for long. It was pretty big too, even though Mike had learned a whole new definition of that word in the last few days.

He really looked good, he was almost beaming in the morning light.

Somehow, this picture was strangely familiar to Mike.

== * ==

David stretched out and finally scratched himself between the pecs in a very sexy way. Jan looked at him, appreciating the view. He was really a well built little stud.

`Well, well, I see you`ve continued working out since we last met`

Jan said. David smiled. David, my boy, you could break some hearts with that smile, Jan thought.

`Well, I tried my best but it didn't work that well.` He looked at Jan with those deep blue eyes of his. Jan realized that he really liked this kid. He wasn't family, and yet... he was. He wouldn't have done anything like the last night with a kid brother but David wasn't his kid brother. Still, he was so afraid he would hurt him again.

'not as well as it worked with you both` David said. Well, I was waiting for that, Jan thought.

`Well, it doesn't seem that bad to me` he said, evading the answer. Mike almost spoiled it all by saying `Well, I used to be worse than you are now`.

'to tell you the truth, I don't know what it is, but I`ve never felt so good. I feel like I could carry the house on my back` David said, and stretched again, or was it flexed? He stretched his arms back over his head, and then brought his hands down flexing his biceps.

They bulged very satisfyingly into nicely shaped peaks. The scene somehow reminded Jan... it was very familiar. Still, Jan could see that although David might have felt great physically, there was a lot bothering him. His face didn't hide it that well.

Suddenly, Jan remembered what it was that was so familiar. He looked at Mike, and to his surprise, Mike nodded, giving him a very serious look.

`Well, it was an accident, except that we ended up looking just the way we always wanted to` Jan said, not knowing what else to say and still evade the answer. It was just a question of time when he'll link the fact that he couldn't fall from the roof window unharmed, and the splintered chair, and torn jeans. And the cat will be out of the bag once he sees himself in a mirror. How could he tell him that apparently what happened to them, they could make happen to him too?

And Jan knew that there was no way he could refuse David if he wanted it. Suddenly he felt scared. What will Mike say? Was this the first chrysis?

"Guys... I got to take a leak" David said. Jan caught himself wondering how he's going to do it, his cock blatantly hard, leading the way as he went to the small bathroom. Before he entered, he stopped, and turned back to Jan and Mike.

"I suppose... I should thank you for last night... I think. I... If you don't mind, I'll take a little walk down to the lake for a while... I need to think."

The look of worry was on his face again. Jan and Mike listened intently to the bathroom ministrations, then, a few seconds later, David was out in shorts he produced from his backpack, and his shirt.

A few seconds later, Jan and Mike were left looking at the closing door of the cabin. •

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