Side Effects (2000)

Believing The Unbelievable


David woke up to a smell of something being grilled. In a strange way he felt that wasn't really right but he liked the smell, his stomach had a way of reacting to it even before the brain awoke completely.

The later was well on it's way to consciousness. One of the first realizations was that he actually was asleep and the last thing he remembered was falling. Surely not? Yes, but he did, and it was because... he suddenly remembered the light coming on, someone shouting with a voice that could move mountains, and then intense pain, and... the rest must have been a product of imagination. It just couldn't be real. Still, when he opened his eyes, he was looking at a bedsheet from inches away, there was no pain, and he actually felt really good. Much better in fact than he did for a long time. He moved. The next thing he saw was a strangely bulging tan colored wall, topped by a clump of hair. The realization that he was looking at someone's gigantic and naked back hit him like a rock. He gasped, almost jumping off the bed. Then the wall moved.

== * ==

'Mike, he's awake` Jan said, as he turned.

David stared at him, his eyes were just about ready to pop out of his skull. He looked like he was trying to say something. He started and gave up several times over. Jan actually tried to hold him but as he moved, David practically scampered into the corner. Jan stopped his advance fearing David would make an impression in the wall, he was just about starting to crawl toward the ceiling, all the time looking at Jan.

`Hey, take it easy, Davey, take it easy!` Jan said. It had an incredible effect. For a moment nothing happened, and then David's face changed from utter horror to utter disbelief. He looked Jan over, up and down.

`How do you know... Oh God. Uncle Jan?!?` He said, actually, almost whispered.

Jan nodded.

'no no no no` David said, 'this can't be happening`. He looked Jan all over again, this time going up and down, and then sideways. Then he said `You can't be real`.

'sorry to dissapoint you, but I am` Jan said.

`Yes he is. We both are` Mike added, which made David turn to him like someone pinched him.

`Oh my God. There's two of them` David whispered. He just slumped back on the bed. Jan and Mike looked at each other, it was like they were debating who was going to continue talking by exchanging only glances. It was Jan that finally said: `Yes, I really am Jan Ward, your step-uncle, I know it looks weird and unbelievable but it really is me`.

== * ==

For the first time in his life David felt his limbs refuse to move.

And, at the same time he realized it wasn't because of fear, either.

Not only was he facing his most incredible sexual fantasy, but there were two of them, and one of them seemed to be two of his sexual fantasies all at once. It was just too much. He didn't know where to look first - Jan, if it was him, used to be a stud of the highest order, and prime beef to top that, and now he was so... big! He was huge, he was enormous! It looked like even sitting he was almost as tall as David was when he was standing, and his muscles were so big he looked about ready to burst.

'man, oh man! I don't believe this!` It was as if the words came out by themselves. He was looking at a god! His face was even more handsome than ever, just perfect, and that body was just unbelievable. His shoulders were so wide that David had doubts his hands could span across them. Those pecs looked two feet wide and a foot thick each, sticking out like a shelf, cut and shredded several times over, and the shoulders just added to that, and the traps, and the abs! Somewhere at the edge of his awareness David knew he had a hard-on, he was so stiff it felt numb. Those abs were the size of cinder blocks, and stuck out, my God! And those arms! Never in his wildest dreams could David imagine such arms, biceps like a split basketball, and triceps bigger than even that, they were just there and looked like they would burst the skin, veins popping, and muscle twitching. David didn't even dare imagine them flexed, they would be even bigger! And that voice! It felt like you were being commanded by it and at the same time stroked and fondled down the spine, and around your cock.

"I must be dead..." he heared himself whisper. The `...and gone to heaven` thankfully, never filtered from his brain to his mouth.

And only yards further, there was another god, that looked a fraction leaner, but as he moved, every time his muscles would bulge enormously, almost like he had no skin, and yet it had a perfect tan, and it looked like shrink-wrap, the muscles underneath forming such bulges it was preposterous to watch, it was almost like they bulged stopping just before the skin would crack open. He moved, turning his back, and the curve of it, as it went from a tiny waist to huge shoulders, it was enough to look at it and cum. Huge shoulders, split and re-split, pushed out by enormous lats, outwards they went, and then further out, only to plunge back as dozens of tiled cords went out to hug the enormous ribcage, until they tied into a waist which almost looked too small to hold even a torso half the size of this one. The circumference of that chest had to be measured in yards! How would it feel to touch it, follow that curve from waist, up, and then flaring out so... sexually? David dared imagine a lat spread. As incredible as it may sound, he felt his tortured hardon grow even at the thought. Somewhere in the recesses of his mind, a part of David wondered if he had cum or if he would cum any second now, just by looking.

'man, I cant believe this. I just cant believe this!`

How BIG they were, and so... pumped up, every part of them bulged, and then even more as they moved, even a little twitch would make the bulges bigger! David didn't know where to look first, somehow, he contained himself from squeezing every preposterously bulging curve, afraid it would all turn out to be a dream. He felt like he could grope and touch each and every muscle, he wanted nothing more than rub his cum into every one of them, and then to lick them clean, slowly, all over, exploring all the striations and crevices, and then do it all over again, feeling the bulges grow and flex. But he didn't move, because for all the turn-on they were so perfect, he wished they could stay still only so that he could marvel at them, assimilate slowly every position and form they could attain with his hungry eyes. The only part that spoiled it was the towels. They looked like something a puritan idiot would put onto a statue, spoiling the most perfect male form, male sex incarnate, concentrated to the point where you could have sex with it just by looking.

== * ==

David just sat there, mouth open in disbeleaf. From time to time his gaze went from Jan to Mike, and then back. He muttered something several times. Both Mike and Jan didn't dare move because David looked about ready to loose his wits. They just agreed beforehand to let him wake up on his own and not make the situation any worse.

Fortunately, Mike remembered people were used to clothes, and that presented a huge problem, because they didn't have any now. They made themselves half decent by wrapping towels around their hips. It took practice because their equipment stubbornly refused to be contained within their folds. But they had also agreed that they wouldn't morph back. This was who they were now, and the world had to face them sooner or later. Mike had started a fire in the fireplace so it was rather cozy. It actually took remembering that they had become much more tolerant to the cold than ordinary people, because it was cool at this time of night. However, the idea was cooking some food over the fire, and Mike had actually done quite well, although it was only egg, biscuits and sausage. Jan took a plate from Mike and offered it to David, very slowly.

`Here, you must be hungry. It's not much but we can promise better later`. David's hands obviously moved on automatic. His gaze was still cruising up and down Jan and Mike, even as his hands and mouth worked at the food. It was spooky to watch. Jan talked slowly.

`I'm sorry we startled you. In fact, I'm sorry I startled you before, back in the lobby of my building. I know this looks crazy to you and I guess, unbelievable. But what... who you see here is indeed me, Jan, and this is Mike. Mike is my man, the man I love. As you can see, we look... different. It is a side effect of an experiment we were working on...` he turned to Mike, `...what seems like a lifetime ago but it's actually days.`

Jan was almost getting freaked out by the situation. David was just sitting there, eating, and staring. He even stopped muttering in surprise. He could see the same fear in Mike's eyes. Have they scared him so much, or were they just so unbelievable. Or both. Mike suggested they both stay put, sit down and don't do any sudden movements, but this was getting unbearable.

Just then, David stopped eating, the fork half way to his mouth. He stayed that way for a few seconds which almost freaked Jan out, and then put the fork down.

== * ==

The food is real. I seem to be real. They made the food, so they must be real. Somehow, those thoughts seemed perfectly normal to David. Of course they are real, can't you believe your eyes, he thought, and he wasn't sure if he could. But he was seeing it, it must be real. If it is just a dream then I must touch them. How he wanted it to be real!

In some strange fashion he felt himself get over the initial shock, and go into bewilderment. And then, bewilderment was giving way to a feeling of being hot. Very hot.

== * ==

Jan was sitting less than a yard from David. David suddenly moved, extending a hand. Then, his finger pointing to Jan, he slowly moved it closer and finally touched Jan's relaxed pec. He pulled back quickly, as if Jan was blazing hot and he got burned. It surprised Jan, though, which produced a tension in his pecs. His gaze never leaving the huge canyon between Jan's pecs, David did the finger thing again, pushing hard, almost like trying to believe it was real, hard muscle, and then, he just went back to eating, still staring. He didn't say a word, but somehow he looked reassured. It made Jan nervous to say the least. He just couldn't stay put any more. He rose up and turned. He needed to move. Suddenly, David dropped his fork.

In the silence, it sounded like someone shattered a hundred glasses at the same time.

== * ==

David saw Jan turn. Jan stood up. And up. And up. All at the same time, he saw the muscle moving. The shoulders slump slightly, now held in their widest position. The arms held out by lats the size of wings, balloon pecs bulging, nipples hidden somewhere by their impossible hanging mass, as Jan moved, striations appeared on the six blocks of abs over the twoel, the bottom of the thighs that he could see cording up into pillars of muscle, calves jutting outward, so wide David could see the separate heads even from the front, forearms like tangled cable, and... could it be possible? As the floor squeaked underneath the moving muscle mountain, a ripple passed that towel, right over the bottom rim, from the left thigh to the right.

Everything else but looking was not important any more. The noise the fork made as it fell onto the plate startled even David, knocking him out of the daze, and he suddenly found the words.

== * ==

David looked at Jan, starting from his feet and ending at his face.

'man, you are a fuckin` awesome!` He exclaimed, succinctly.

Jan just blinked for a second.

`Well, that is the first sensible thing you`ve said` he finally uttered. From the sound Mike made, Jan knew he barely stopped himself from laughing.

After a while, David had finally relaxed somewhat, or at least it seemed so. He let Mike have the plate back, checking out Mike's biceps which swelled and relaxed as he handled back another full plate. It took David only minutes to wipe the second portion completely clean. Mike started preparing another batch of sausages.

David couldn't get enough of staring at Jan, and Mike. It looked like he was taking turns looking at Jan, and then Mike, and then back again, memorizing each and every muscle group in detail.

`You are so... huge! Man I can't believe it!!` he exclaimed, several times. When Mike moved to take the plate earlier, David almost jumped hearing the floor squeak underneath him. He moved several more times to touch Jan and Mike but he always stopped just short of that.

`Well, I am very real. I won't disappear if you touch me again`. Jan said, still not at ease.

David just smiled shyly. He looked just so... cute doing that.

`And he won't pop either` Mike added. `Although he looks like he could` he continued, stroking Jan's shoulder, affectionately.

'the problem is that I could` David said, in a very very low voice.

`Or at least parts of me` he added, in an even lower voice. Still, Jan could hear him very clearly. He noticed David sat in a rather strange position. Suddenly, there was a change. In a second, tears were streaming down David's face.

Jan and Mike just looked at one another for a second. Jan put his hand on David's shoulder. He couldn't help notice how big it was, David's shoulder disappeared in it, Jan being extra tender, afraid he could unintentionally hurt the young man. David just slumped, twitching slightly at Jan's touch. His face was darkened by several days of beard growth, and his unkempt hair gave him somehow a look of innocence. Looking at him, Jan thought that he was actually very beautiful. He started sobbing, his sad face and the streaming tears, gave him the look of a lost child, despite the fact that his body was very much that of a man. `Davey, I know I let you down, but I won't do that again. Whatever is bothering you, you can tell me. Please. Anything you need, you just have to ask.` Jan said, softly. He wanted to somehow console David.

He stroked his shoulder.

`Please... don't` David said.

`Come on, what is wrong?`` Jan said.

`I...` David looked up. `I'm sorry I fooled around with... Mike... I wanted to find you, I didn't have anywhere to go. We... I ran away, and... and... well, I wanted to... I mean...`

`Woa, hold on, hold on` Jan said.

`Look, don't let that bit in the lobby bother you, OK? I mean, it's only natural, I fool around with him all the time` Jan said, trying to make it a joke to make things easier. David laughed a bit through the tears, and Jan was relieved.

`It wasn't fair. He's yours and... and besides I`ve got someone too and... it wasn't fair.`

`Don't worry about it, OK? I mean, he's not easy to resist, is he? I should know!` Jan said. He looked at Mike and stroked his thigh. Then he looked straight into Mike's eyes. There was a whole conversation in that look, though it lasted only a second. It was one of memory of younger days, doubt, love, agreement, defiance and acceptance.

'no... he isn't` David said, looking down. He looked at Jan. `You both aren't` he said, finally. Somehow there was shame in it. Jan really wasn't sure how to handle this.

"Davey, a long time ago I wasn't fair to you. It cost us both. I...

don't know what to say, I don't ever want to repeat that mistake again. I let you down when you needed me, and now I honestly don't know how I can ever make it up to you.`

`Unc... God, I don't even know what to call you!` David said. `I don't know what to call a god, a walking fantasy...` he continued.

`I'm afraid even to touch you. I'm afraid of the way I`d like to touch... both of you` he finished, almost sobbing. Jan saw it coming.

But he didn't have an answer. He looked at Mike again. The silence coming from him and the worried look didn't help at all. It only told him Mike had the same worries. •

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