Side Effects (2000)

Mike's Last Bastion


Later that afternoon, Mike finally went to business. Jan chuckled inwardly about thinking of it in that manner. But this would have to be done, better sooner than later. He remembered a much much smaller self, what seemed like a long time ago, about a year after he started seriously working out. He was always very well built, but every time he saw a bodybuilder, he would think about becoming that big, or bigger. There was something deeply sexual about being so obviously strong, displaying your sex so blatantly. Yet, he was always ashamed to admit his desire. It seemed to actually be a quite common feeling amongst his peers - in a discussion he once had with a bunch of friends, he remembered how they saw him changed and his muscles grown somewhat, and saying that they hoped he didn't want to get as big as those bodybuilder freaks. He thought about answering that he would actually want to be far bigger, but instead lied and said he wouldn't. The ones who said anything, said that they wouldn't too if they were working out, but Jan clearly remembered a glint in the eye they had. Was it a fear of admitting you were not man enough since you thought you needed improvement? He laughed, thinking of what they would think seeing him now. Assuming they wouldn't faint. He also remembered the thought that admitting to the wish was something almost primitive... or maybe primal was a better word. He had been brought up in the face of all the contrary evidence that appearance doesn't count. When he was older, he himself was involved in games where it counted, in fact was probably the most important thing.

'mens sana in corpore sano`, the Latin proverb suddenly came to mind - a healthy mind in a healthy body. A strong mind in a strong body?

Somehow, knowing that you had at last one end of the equation sorted out was... relieving? It was also almost intoxicating. He would catch himself flexing and feeling himself `absentmindedly` every few minutes. He was immensely turned on by himself. He had known a couple of idiots that would show off and brag with their muscle amongst smaller people, and yet amongst their peers they really weren't that good in comparison. Jan concluded that his fascination with himself was more a sense of wonder what he had become, how he looked, how he moved, how it felt. He wouldn't go out and pounce onto people to show how big and strong he was. Well, that was obvious, after all! But he could never see himself as superior, just much more fortunate. If someone wanted him to show off for their delight, it was only fair that he had a good time doing it, he thought. But there was this nagging feeling that he would suddenly one day realize he had become an inconsiderate bully and asshole. He needed reassurance. He needed another like himself, and on this planet there was one person he could trust. His mind added an `always` to that and he noticed how there wasn't any hesitation about that any more. With Mike they could keep each other in check. Besides, we can always decide to change if things don't look right, he thought.

Warned by his own experience, this time they both took precautions. A very analytical part of Jan's mind had Mike laid out in the middle of the floor on his back. After all, you can't fall off a floor, and there was no telling how big he would become - this way he had equal space to grow on all sides. And a huge space to go up, Jan thought, eyeing Mike's now flaccid cock. He had to will his cock to stay flaccid during the preparations, to make it small enough to move around unhindered. The mere thought of witnessing another transformation like his own would start a hard-on. He wondered if Mike had done the same, after all when Jan himself did it, he let the whole thing be a part of a sex game, and according to Mike for a moment it almost became an ordeal. Jan didn't remember that part but he trusted Mike. Finally, Mike said he was ready. Jan looked around at the cabin. He felt really stupid doing that as if it was the cabin that would change. The only thing he noticed was that the buckets of cum had been reclaimed as borrowed matter almost completely. Almost like they were being prepared in some kind of storage for what was to come. Then, Mike theatrically counted backwards from three.

At first, superficially nothing happened. But then a second later it was as if Mike's whole body trembled. No, it was almost like it boiled under his skin. Mike was looking straight at the ceiling, and Jan wasn't certain he was completely conscious. Then, Mike's limbs abruptly snapped outwards, including his cock which went rigid with almost a snap. His arms were spread to the side and so were his legs, and his cock jutted straight up. Then, Jan had only time to mutter some sort of bewildered curse, as the jolt of Mike's sudden movement made way for explosive growth. Mike's whole body literally inflated like someone had discharged a small explosive in a balloon. Jan just said `Oh my God` and in the space that took Mike's muscle had grown so big that saying it was absurd was a huge understatement. Mike didn't grow any taller, and even his cock was still the same, only his muscles were so big now that Jan had doubts that Mike could move at all. It was a wonder that Mike's skin didn't rip open.

Jan could barely contain himself any longer. The form Mike had attained was absolutely incredible, it was just... so exaggerated. It turned Jan on immensely. Somewhere in his sex-overloaded mind the word `Perverse` appeared but lasted only a fraction of a second, swamped out by the heap of rampantly grown muscle before him. He released the mental leash on his cock, and it started growing immediately. Jan wished it to stop at a manageable size - after all, he wanted to jerk off over a real, honest to God mountain of muscle, and having his cock so long that he couldn't reach the end of it didn't help that cause.

Mike had become a caricature. His waist was so small compared to the rest of him that the abdominal muscle literally overflowed it, and that in turn was overflowed by Mike's pecs. If they could be called that now. Mike's waist was a foot and a half in the air, held by enormous glutes, and even more enormous thighs. They were almost twice as thick as they were long, keeping the legs spread out, at a right angle between them. The calves must have been well over a foot across. Every part of every muscle bulged in a similar way - in every possible direction. But Mike's torso was absolutely incredible, it boggled the mind. The pecs were two immense balls - they literally stuck out, insanely inflated, the nipples stuck in a crevice between them and the equally inflated, almost overflowing abs, looking like some sort of overpressure valve ready to let go any second. Mike's head was squeezed between balloons of traps and shoulders, and his arms! His forearms looked like some cable-woven version of Popeye, but that's only if one could take that sight totally disregarding the upper arms. They were held out and slightly up by a collection of balloons that were mike's biceps and triceps. The size was anyone's guess - the biceps looked like someone stuffed a beach-ball under Mike's skin, it bulged so much that only about a tenth of it could actually be said to be held on Mike's arm, and the triceps was big enough to hold Mike's arms right at the level of his waist. The space between that and his outstretched elbows was filled with veritable pillows of lat muscle. Jan was just about to go into meltdown. He let his cock grow as large as it possibly could, as he tentatively touched Mike's pec. Mike looked like he`d explode with a bang any second, but that pec was hard as stone. It was twitching barely perceptibly, no doubt trying to grow bigger. Jan put his cockshaft right in the middle of the crevice of Mike's bulbuous pecs. He was dripping pre-cum by the pint and in no time Mike was almost covered with it, glistening. Jan jacked himself off on every part of Mike's body, his cock sticking out like a mast, he could swear it was now even bigger. He rubbed it in, a total sexual frenzy taken over him, the feeling of shame of taking advantage of his unconscious lover completely subdued. He looked at Mike's face and it had a serene grin on it, verging on the idiotic, his eyes reeling. Seeing it was the last straw, Jan came, but it was as if his cum was sucked into Mike.

Jan had only a few seconds to take in Mike's shape after he came to enough to regard it as anything axcept destilled sex, takig in once more the incredibly overbloated muscle, which was so big that the cuts all over it were almost imperceptible, because they were so narrow, squeezed shut by the muscles` sheer size. But then some sort of reason intervened and Jan wondered what will happen next.

Suddenly, Mike sighed, and at the same speed the rest of his transformation had happened, his cock grew, like some perversely fast-growing tree, in seconds. Jan almost lost the remains of his wits. He was sure he was having his first multiple orgasm, as he watched Mike's cock grow in steady motion, stopping inches short of the window on the roof, swaying slowly. A bit more and it would have gone straight through it. Then, things stopped for a few seconds, and Jan swore he cold see Mike's eyes clear as he obviously came to his senses. Jan clearly heard him mouthing a `I can't move` but at that moment, Mike's bones started growing. As Mike tried to move, almost in jerks and fits, he`d stop for a second or two as his body would adjust. After a few tries, he even managed to sit up, his cock still sticking straight in the air. He looked at Jan, while his shoulders abruptly grew wider, allowing him to bend his neck. Jan realized he must have been wearing a completely stupid expression because Mike asked `What's going on?`. It came out as a strange cadence as his voice changed and became deeper. It seemed as if he was completely unaware of what was happening to him. But then he took hold of his immense cock, and stood up slowly, manouvering his preposterous sex organ out of the way of the roof. Jan was back with the thinking - and he thought it looked like some strange film being shown in a five frames forward, two frames back fashion - Mike's body was continually readjusting. Finally, holding his cock low in front of him, almost like it was some fat pole-vault pole, Mike stood up in all his glory.

In one word, he was magnificent.

A little bit shorter than Jan, and somewhat leaner, he was a creature of godlike beauty. His incredible proportions were something that in all impossibility looked completely natural and right. The effect was only completely unbelievable because of the size of his cock - it was so long that he had to lean backwards to balance it's weight. It was even longer than Jan's, and curved slightly upwards.

`Let me help` Jan said, and traversed it's immense length, pulling it down tenderly, until he gingerly held it under the softball sized head, which he kissed. Mike's face, which had somehow become even more handsome in a cute kind of way, suddenly sported bugging eyes, and Jan clearly saw Mike's now immense balls snap up to the shaft. An instant later, Jan was rewarded by the essence of Mike, swallowing as much as he could. But Mike's supply seemed to be inexhaustible - his cumming must have lasted minutes, there were dozens upon dozens of bursts of cum until Jan just let them drip down his face. Finally, Mike sat down, crossing his legs, which made Jan's eyes bug out for a few seconds, taking in the amazing shapes appearing on Mike's legs, and all over his body as he moved. What he lacked in mass, compared to Jan, he more than compensated for in muscle definition, although, looking at Jan no-one would dare suppose that muscles actually could be more defined. Mike was living proof that they indeed could.

== * ==

'that's me?!?!` Mike asked, incredulously. He almost choked half way through the question, surprised once again at the sound of his own voice. It wasn't that different, but it was different enough. It sounded somehow smooth, soft and yet commanding at the same time. It sounded incredibly male, as funny as the expression was.

The mylar mirror was still clear, truly a wonder considering what had been happening in the immediate vicinity. From it, back to Mike, stared a figure he would never dare imagine, let alone imagine as himself. But there was no doubt it was him, and that he did imagine it somewhere in the recesses of his mind, because he wouldn't look this way if he didn't.

He was still almost completely smooth, except for a very light fuzz of crotch hair, traces under the armpits and the beard which was stubbornly stuck at a three-day level regardless of the fact that ample time had passed since Mike had first dreamed it up. His hair had changed color ever so slightly, and had become darker and somewhat longer. His face somehow showed youth and maturity at the same time.

`But... but... I'm... amazing...` Mike heard himself stammer. Even in face of all evidence the word `beautiful` was difficult to say. Jan laughed. `You are beautiful, and I`ve been telling you that all along` he said.

Mike's skin had changed to a deeper golden glow, and his body was like Jan's, perfect - but it was still Mike. He was slightly smaller than Jan, he noticed, realizing it was his wish all along - he always wanted to fall in love with a big guy, and he was just smaller enough to satisfy the definition. Jan was taller by about 5 inches, which wasn't a lot considering they were both about 8` tall. Mike was also leaner, but you could never say that unless you saw Jan beside him - he was leaner only compared to Jan. Compared to the biggest bodybuilder, Mike in all his lean-ness, was muscle upon muscle upon muscle, incredibly massive. However, he had such a shape that made all that impossible mass somehow look extremely sleek and streamlined, even more so than Jan, and Jan was almost the definition of it. But, where Jan's muscles looked like they were permanently flexed (which only meant he redefined the word `flex` every time he actually would do that), Mike's had a defined but smooth and flowing quality to them, that is, until he flexed them, which he did, causing Jan to feel him all over. When flexed, Mike's muscles bulged incredibly and split and corded down to what looked like individual fibers. His waist was smaller by half than his thighs, it almost looked like it would break, but the falsehood of that idea was evident every time Mike would move even slightly - incredible cords of muscle would appear surrounding huge ab muscles, hard as stone.

His eight-pack abs stayed that way but they now had a look of dry stone masonry - the ridges between them and the central split would barely fit a match, they were so tight. Above that were square feet of pecs, capped by incredibly split and also incredibly wide shoulders, with arms almost painfully defined - each and every part of Mike's bis and tris was clearly evident, and tensing them even a little produced corded striations. Flexing a lot would grow Mike's bis into peaks which were almost preposterous - they would easily touch his fists, peaking higher than they were long, with a very visible, but very tight split. His forearms were incredible - amazing while relaxed, when he would flex them even a bit, the splits would become chasms inches deep. Mike's lats, relaxed, pushed his arms to the side, not as much as Jan's, just enough to give everyone assurance that they would spread incredibly. When Mike first produced a full lat spread, he stopped mid-way, surprised himself. His back became an improbably deep and insanely wide `V` - Jan said you could build a house on those lats, as if Mike didn't know how Jan's own looked - just big enough for that house and a detached garage, as Mike had put it. All that said, Mike wasn't very vascular, sort of just right - his bis had a decent network of veins and so did his forearms, especially when flexed. The same went for his legs. His torso was almost without veins - that is, except for the two visible over his lower abdomen, right over the bottom ridge of that amazing eight-pack. Going down, Mike's thighs flared, all heads of the quads always visible. Even the slightest movement produced striations, which would change and deepen as Mike would flex harder. Both of them were fascinated when he first did that, it was almost like watching some strange geological process take place on a landscape of muscle.

Mike's calves rivaled Jan's with their incredible shape. Like Jan's, Mike's feet and hands had grown but were not as big - as he was before the whole adventure, he was somehow still lightly built. That is, if you could say that for someone who weighted around a ton or so. A sizable portion of that must have resided in Mike's incredible sex organ. If it wasn't somehow just beautifully shaped, even with the size of it, it would be called an abomination. Both Mike and Jan didn't want to even hazard the exact length or thickness.

Substantially longer than even Jan's impossible flagpole, it reached over Jan's head when Mike was lying down and Jan was standing beside him, holding it, and when it was flaccid, which it managed only for about a minute, about half a foot remained on the floor between Mike's legs. The `problem` was that Jan wasn't only standing there, holding Mike's cock, but he was also stroking it, and Mike was stroking Jan. At least that was the position they soon assumed, after Jan `wanted to have a good look at that`, and Mike had already been flexing for about ten minutes. It took them both ten seconds flat to once again splash the floor and ceiling with huge amounts of cum.

They ended up facing each other, holding their still engorged cocks beside each other. They ended up far enough not able to touch each other in any other way, as if this wasn't enough. Mike's cock was over a foot longer than Jan's. Next, in an attempt to put some numbers to their size, and thus replace guesswork, Mike almost toppled over while they both tried to move still holding each other by the cock, Jan trying to poke his feet and then his hands into his stuff beside the mirror, trying to get at a measuring tape he had stowed in there. After several near misses, quite a bit assisted by Mike pulling onto Jan's cock, he managed to do it. Then, they stepped closer, putting each other's cock over their shoulders, and Jan gave Mike the end of the tape - a regular surveying tape measure, 100 feet long. Mike almost choked laughing over it once Jan got it out in the open, joking that Jan surely had some uncanny expectations. Jan only replied that one has to be prepared for the unexpected, which again got them both laughing. Then, while Mike held one end of the tape, they stepped further away, their cocks ending once again side by side, the tape stretched from crotch to crotch, which also meant the whole length of Mike's cock. Jan only whistled, and then whistled again. But the tape clearly said that Mike's cock was two inches short of 10 feet in length! Jan's was equally impressive at a 'mere`

8 feet and 7 inches long. They both looked at each other. Jan just whisled under his breath.

'Mike, do you realize that most people would be very happy to have this size in inches, and we`ve got it in feet?!` he said. Mike just looked at him for a moment, and started stroking both their cocks, on his end. Jan squirmed in pleasure and returned the favour.

`It doesn't seem like you don't like the fact` Mike said, `It sure feels good to me... but that's only because you are there at the other end` he finished.

`It's kind of good to play with, but not to move around... geez, it's so big it doesn't even stand up because of it's own weight, and yours would drag on the floor when limp` Jan said.

`Well, I'm kind of thinking `underwear` right now` Mike said, laughing. They looked at each other.

`Well, it isn't like we can't do anything about this` Jan said.

`I always thought` Mike said, and added an `but never dared to admit it` under his breath, 'that a man can't have too much muscle and too big a cock`.

`Well, it's not like this proves otherwise` Jan said, teasing Mike by pulling on his cock.

`Hey...` Mike complained, grinning. `well, maybe we should do some adjusting... I`d kind of like to get cleaned up a bit, before it gets dark otside`

`Ok... I think I have an idea along those lines...` Jan said.

== * ==

About ten minutes later, both their cocks were flaccid, and reduced to a manageable length, after a number of experiments some of which were really funny. Mike's flaccid cock was so big he could almost tie it around his neck like a tie. Jan even managed to tie them both together by their cocks, but it became painfull when he alowed his to start going erect again. Finally, after a few attempts at reducing the size, they settled for a public image. The mere notion was preposterous because it still involved two barely immaginable phisiques with two barely immaginable cocks. Sure enough, they had attempted to measure each other but nothing really usefull came of it as it ended up being all play and fun. They both agreed that they should actually do some proper measuring `for scientific reasons` as Jan said, causing Mike to laugh to tears. Finally, they settled down.

Althought the feeling was highly erotic, it was much more about a sense of being together. It was a small world of their own, but it held the most important ingredient - they were there for each other.

`Once again, I never thought I`d say this, but that was really too large` Jan said, after they had both settled the lengths of their fuckpoles to 'something manageable` as Mike put it, slightly less than `just` knee-length flaccid.

`Oh, come on! If you didn't know that you could get it to grow back to a size that would put six stallions to shame, like you would want it to get smaller?` Mike said. He had many an occasion to curse his ex-endowement which was big by 'normal` standards, but he had to admit that one of his favorite fantasies was to have it even bigger, just to see how that felt. Now it was stupid denying it - the fantasy had become very real.

`You know, I`ve been thinking - I must admit I sometimes wished I wasn't so... well, prominent` Mike said, almost blushing. The look Jan gave him said volumes, but he continued. `I mean... before`

Now Jan laughed aloud. `I wonder what made you change your mind` he said, finally, when he calmed down. He looked at Mike. Mike really did blush. `God, I love you!` Jan said. Mike beamed, and then smiled.

`If I didn't know you I`d think you were ashamed` Jan said. Mike smiled again. Habits were not easy to get rid of. `Well, I... I was afraid of being obvious... and you know what, now I don't really care. I mean, who could do anything about it?` Mike concluded.

`Well, no one, but still we would have to go out in public sooner or later` Jan said.

'that only means we'll have to find something to wear in the end.

Right now, I just want to move around... well, freely.`

But of course, they had done some measuring after becoming `practical`. Hard, Mike's cock ended up being almost five feet long, and Jan's was only a couple of inches shorter, but somewhat thicker.

At that size, and hard, they both stood out proudly, waving in front of them like some ceremonial swords of sorts.

`But, I'll keep the possibilities open for special occasions` Mike concluded, adding that the experimental phase was over, which made Jan snigger. They looked each other over again. `I always wanted a lover that was beautiful, and now I have the best of them all` Jan thought. He looked through the window. It was slowly getting dark outside.

'Mike, how about that skinny dipping you mentioned?` he said. Jan looked at the stains of prolonged sex. They were both cum drenched.

If it wasn't for the `returning effect` they would probably have looked like someone had poured white cake icing all over both of them, and quite probably, cum-stuck to the floor.

`Good idea` Mike said, turning to the door. They had both noticed that they had to be careful not to stand in certain parts of the room unless they were a couple of feet apart, Jan wasn't sure the floorboards would hold their combined weight. It wasn't too difficult though, since they were so wide and thick. Mike was almost sorry that there wasn't some kind of portable scale, he was sure if there was that Jan would have thought of having it with him. Still, his mind at least for the moment cleared of incessant sex thoughts, he tried to estimate his own weight. It was difficult, because weight was proportional to the volume they occupied. They had grown in all three dimensions, which meant the increases actually multiplied. In addition, both of them had no fat to speak off, and muscle was very dense and heavy tissue - there was scarcely anything in the human body that was heavyer. Mike started calculating - his height increased about 1.3 times, his width almost 3 times, his thickness at the very least twice or more. Multiply all that... it was at the very least an 8-fold increase in volume. All that compared to his first transformation, which brought him well to about 200 pounds or more.

That put him at at least 1600 pounds now! His head reeled at the numbers. And Jan must be at least a ton of muscle. He looked back at him. He was sure he was quite probably undersetimating the numbers.

But his train of thought was suddenly derailed.

`Houston, we have a problem` Jan, said, looking suggestively at the door.

Mike turned around.

Then he turned back to Jan, not understanding. Then, he turned back to the door. Jan walked over for emphasis. The top of the doorframe neatly reached the bottom of his pecs, and he had to bend his head to fit into that part of the room. The ominous sqeaking the floor produced only amplified the overal effect. Mike almost hit himself in the head with his fist - just half an hour earlier they measured how tall they were, Jan reaching 8`7" and Mike just short of 8`2". Jan's shoulders competed in width with the height of the doorframe!

`Oh, shit.` They both said at the same time.

A minute later, it was pandemonium.

`Jan, stop pushing, I'm going to knock out the doorframe!` Mike shouted, his head out of the door, and his torso and knees stuck in the middle of it.

`It isn't my fault that you`ve outgrown the cabin! Stop flexing those pecs and you'll pass through` Jan added from inside.

`Yeah, yeah - look who's talking. Maybe we should just lift the cabin up for you to get out, or do you want me to just feed you through the window after it's established that you can't leave the premises?`

Mike retorted sourly. On the first pushing atempt Jan managed to crack a floorboard, but fortunately stopped in time to prevent pushing his leg through the floor.

`We agreed not to do any damage, so quit pushing and let me think`

Mike said.

He tried breathing out and relaxing enough, bringing one knee forward. At a mere few inches short of 5 feet of shoulder width, at least he could get them out through the door if he bent sideways sufficiently. Unfortunately, he managed to get his knee stuck between the door and the frame. A second later the pressure was lost as Jan took the door off the hinges. Mike almost fell out with a plop.

`I'm not going to become smaller on account of this, it's enough that I had to reduce my cock. Too much is too much` he had said earlier, and Jan had only replied 'now this will be interesting`, once he stopped laughing, that is. Mike thought of that, thinking that the interesting part is just about to start. It was almost like crawling out of a dog house. However, Jan's exit was a debacle - he put the doors back on the hinges and held himself by the top of the doorframe with one hand. It creaked and popped, but Jan's 5 feet wide shoulders went out turned vertically, at which point he bent back into a crouched posture, his ultratight waist almost insignificant compared to the width of the doorframe. There was creak from the wood being relieved of carrying so much of Jan's suspended weight, that almost sounded like a relieved sigh. A second later Jan just lunged out, twisting his hips to let his immense tighs through. Mike thought `I'll have to remember that trick`, as Jan turned around and patted the top beam of the old doorframe, saying 'solid workmanship from back when Jesus still walked the earth`. Then, Jan closed the door.

`Cheat!` Mike said. Of course, he just had to think before he tried to get out but as he had to remind himself so many times, old habits are hard to get rid of. After all, he hed been going through doorways in a particular manner for all his life. It was a long solved problem... until now. The scene vaguely reminded Mike of `Alice in Wonderland`, only the reason for such size certainly weren't cookies that had `eat me` written on them. Cookies? Mike decided to hold onto the idea for later.

== * ==

When they got out of the water, it was properly dark. They must have stayed in there for hours, goofing around like little children. There was nothing really sexual about it... well, almost. Jan really enjoyed the embraces that turned from feeling Mike's huge pecs, savouring their incredible square, thick and impossibly dense muscle, to feeling all over his incredibly hard body into a dunking game.

They had both discovered that their lung capacity had grown immensely, after Mike ended up dunking Jan, and he just decided to stay there. After what must have been well over five minutes, Jan tugged down on Mike's cock to `call the lift`, rising up to a properly freaked out Mike, but soon it became evident that staying under the water was easy - so much so that it was boring waiting for even the first signs of oxygen starvation. Still, staying under the water in an embrace, with no gravity to intrude, was a very special feeling. Then, with far better than Olympic speed, they swam out to the middle of the lake and back. Jan was aware they must have broken all the records. A couple of tender hughs later, Mike discovered he could dive in and jump off the bottom of the shallow lake, literally exploding out of the water, almost two yards in the air before he came crashing back down into it, if he used the full power of his immense thighs. Jan was sure he left impressions of his feet over a foot deep on the bottom when he tried it subsequently. They also agreed that their bodies must have become more dense because they barely had any buoyancy at all, and it was mostly derived from the incredible capacity of their lungs. When they breathed out, they would sink rather fast.

Finally, they ended up on the shore, lying on their backs, just touching each other tenderly, when Mike said they hadn't eaten almost a thing in the last two days, and that he really had a craving for a marshmallow, or even a couple of sausages, done over a campfire. Jan laughed, but liked the idea. So, they headed back to the cabin on foot. They had a couple of hundred yards to walk, but with legs grown longer, the yards were gobbled up as they strided to the cabin. Jan looked forward to cuddling beside a campfire, and some more play. But as they came nearer to the cabin, Jan suddenly had this strange impression of something... about to happen. •

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