Side Effects (2000)

Fantasy And Reality


`I can't believe I wished this` Jan said, still looking at the mirror. Regardless of the words, the tone spoke volumes about the complete lack of objections as to the way Jan... well, turned out, because Mike felt Jan's monstrous prong become heavier by the second on the way to a hard-on. That would take a while, though.

`I guess I did, though` Jan concluded. Mike was fascinated how Jan's voice changed. It was subtle, but it was also enough to give him a hard-on, as if the rest of the new Jan wasn't. He was still just checking himself out in the mirror, his eyes holding an expression of incredulity, and Mike couldn't blame him. Then, he looked at Mike, and it was almost as he was asking permission to show himself off.

Just as the thought occurred to him, Mike went from hard to steel-hard, immagining it. But of course, there was no reason to stop at that.

'so, what are you waiting for?` Mike asked, and Jan just smiled.

Never mind the looks, that smile was enough to melt Mike. Jan stayed like that just for a second, enough for Mike to give him a glancing once-over. Well, if he was perfect before, now he was even more so.

He was big beyond belief, but it was somehow just as it should have been. Then, to Mike's delight, Jan produced the mother of all lat spreads. Slowly, very deliberately and with total control, he spread those lats, almost inch by inch, until they grew as wide as some cloak under those shoulders, not barn-door wide, but barn-wide. Jan was so huge that he couldn't put his hands on his hips with his lats spread, but if nothing else, it made his lats stand out that much bigger. He was holding the pose, and then, as if he remembered suddenly, he inhaled deeply and flexed his pecs, which brought them so high that Mike couldn't even see Jan's chin from his vantage point. His tensed abs bunched angrily filling up the space between his crotch and the huge mass of Jan's pecs. They looked about ready to snap, and the intercostals and obliques sprung out in shapes never even conceived off. The taper was immense - Jan's shoulders were over three times as wide as his waist and his lats expanded even wider.

Mike suddenly remembered he was holding Jan's monstrosity of a cock with both hands and stroking it slowly, only to move a hand to stroke himself. The flaccid mast of flesh had already grown immensely and still looked soft, but it was still visibly throbbing and growing.

Jan saw the desire in Mike's eyes. He was holding the pose, and was just about to move into a double biceps, but seeing the look on Mike's face he relaxed for a second. It was almost reluctantly, when he flexed it was such an erotic feeling it made him want to squeeze and flex and pump up and expand his chest by breathing in until he felt he would burst. Part of that feeling he experienced while growing was back, a feeling of something like a full body erection, primed for a climax of climaxes.

He took his cock in his hand, which freed Mike to touch and grope wherever he could. Then, slowly, and very deliberately, enjoying the sensation of pure power in his muscles, he flexed his right arm, holding it down for Mike to enjoy. He looked at the mirror giving him a better vantage point and almost gasped as he saw his flexed arm.

There wasn't a sound from Mike, it was like he had stopped breathing in surprise. Then, both Mike's hands were on Jan's flexed biceps, which felt like someone was jacking him off. It made him squeeze that harder. His biceps looked like it would burst through his skin any second. From it's peak to the opposing peak of one head of his triceps it must have easily been what, 18 or 20 inches? More? He had no idea, but even with his enhanced frame he could get his forearm to an angle just slightly less than 90 degrees, the bulge of his biceps locked into it, a peak on a peak on a peak, a superhuman shape the size of a basketball compressed by his shoulder, pec and forearm until it jutted even further out, with veins cris-crossing it under a skin stretched to translucency. Mike was like in a trance, he went over it with both hands, groping, stroking, muttering something under his breath. Jan squeezed with all his might and he felt his cock becoming heavier still, and with it, he felt his whole body gain a pumped up and hard quality, in fact he could swear his flexed arm looked even bigger. Suddenly, with something like a sigh, Mike came, squirting his juices right under Jan's armpit and over his arm. Jan almost lost it then and there, were it not for the surprise - Mike just shuddered for a second and then rubbed his cum all over Jan's still flexed biceps. It took him only seconds, but in those seconds Jan's cock went full mast, and then beyond, and then even further beyond until it almost hurt with a sexy kind of feeling of being distended to the verge of exploding, which was just like Jan felt all over. He looked in front of him. He just managed to say `Oh God!` and then he saw Mike become a blur, traversing the immense length of his cock in a fraction of a second, holding the head pointed straight to his face, and then he opened his mouth, and put his lips around the piss slit as best he could, and looked at Jan with an expression of pleading. It was too much. The only thing that delayed the inevitable, but only slightly, was Jan's own incredulity. He just couldn't believe the sex organ in front of him was his, but he felt every inch of it, and there were surely well over a hundred. It stretched what looked like three yards in front of him, and possibly more, if he had been holding it up it would have reached the ceiling.

He literally had a flagpole cock, more than six inches thick at the base and tapering slightly before the flaring head. But that didn't matter - one more look at Mike's face started the chain reaction.

With an odd mixture of satisfaction, wonder and horror, Jan saw and felt his balls swell until they stretched the sack holding them completely, and then he thought he`d fly apart. He must have blacked out.

== * ==

Mike could almost feel the recoil and at that moment there was wonder about what had gotten into him, because he knew what would happen - it happened before. A fraction of a second later he almost drowned in Jan's cum. It kept coming like from a firehose, a huge length of steel hard firehose, while Mike tried to lap it down unsuccessfully.

Finally, he came to enough to see Jan on his knees, holding his balls in his hands protectively, grunting. For the time being his cock had no intention of going limp, and it still extended in front of him. It must have stretched as long as Jan was tall. Jan opened his eyes and looked up and down it incredulously, while Mike was still holding it.

'see what I mean` Mike asked, grinning. Jan kept shifting his gaze from his cock to Mike and back. He put both his hands around the shaft and slowly went forward with them, squeezing the remaining cum out of the shaft. Even at his size, in this position he could barely reach half of his pole. That's where Mike took over, producing a steady trickle of cum out of the enormous piss slit, and a sigh from Jan as Mike ended up squeezing right under the head and then rubbing it softly with his hands. Finally he kissed it. It was still hard and hot but less so. Jan's cock was slowly starting to deflate.

'Mike... I never thought I would say this but it's really too...

well, impractical` Jan said. His unrelenting and amazed gaze said another story, though.

'this figures. You get the biggest cock on the planet and you complain about it` Mike said, laughing. But, he knew what Jan was thinking. `Don't you dare change a thing. I know you had fun with it and you better believe I had fun with it too. And, besides, it's not like you can't adjust it for the occasion - just don't do it right now!` Mike said.

He remembered a particularly endowed porn star complaining that as soon as some guys that were normally tops only saw his tool they`d put their heels in the air and demand to be fucked senseless by it.

Of course, that endowment looked pathetic compared to Mike and compared to Jan... well, Jan was in a league of his own. The point was, as insane as it may have sounded, Mike was barely resisting the urge to put his heels up himself. Truth be said, Mike was possibly the only person Jan could fuck that wouldn't get killed in the process, simply because between them they would adjust as a reflex to avoid injury. Mike always wondered what people saw in pain mixed with sex and this impossible urge he barely kept at bay caught him a bit off guard. But, no matter what, that wasn't his game, and neither was it Jan's. Mike never had a true lover before. Oh, there have been people that others would call that, but that was only sex, and rather bad sex at that.

With Jan it was love. And it was love in every sense, not just the feeling they shared, but the most passionate and at the same time tender and caring sex. The difference in the feeling was immense.

Anyway, Mike still wanted to play. Jan's cock had become soft but it was still huge. Mike was still holding it and finally stood on his toes and put it around Jan's... well, where his neck would be if it wasn't all traps and shoulders, like a scarf. It passed right under his ears in a very comical manner. Jan looked at him, scornfully.

`Well, we can't have it dragging on the floor, can we?` Mike asked.

== * ==

Jan had only sucked himself off once in his life and that was practically hours ago. Somehow the thought of him again not being able to do so because he was actually too big now sprung in his mind.

He chuckled beneath his breath thinking what his mind will come up with next.

`Right now I`d give a kingdom for a measuring tape` Mike said.

`Ha ha. Now weren't you the complaining one when I wanted to measure your assets a while ago?` Jan asked, mischievously. He caught himself absentmindedly playing with his cock which was still hanging from his neck, but it had shriveled sufficiently to start sliding down, and Jan didn't really know what to do with it.

`Well, I'm a physicist too, I'm sure you'll remember` Mike said, sarcastically, `We have a thing about numbers, or didn't you know?`

He said with a `Yes, rub it in` tone to his voice. `Besides, that's wishful thinking` he concluded.

`Well... not entirely...` Jan said. He saw Mike send him a glance conveying a scornful jab. `Well, we`re both physicists, and this still is a scientific experiment here...` Jan started, but Mike shut him up by an embrace. It was only possible because Jan was still on his knees. Mike nibbled his ear. 'scientific my rosy ass` he said into his ear. Then he kissed Jan. There were volumes in that kiss. If there was any uncertainty left at all, it vanished from Jan at that very moment. He had found his other half. It didn't matter how they both looked, there was such a simple statement in that kiss and yet the most important one. An `I love you` said without words.

`OK, so where is it?` Mike asked.

`Where is what?` Jan asked, innocently.

Mike jabbed him in the... well, the muscle plating his ribs. He barely felt it, but got the message.

`You'll get it, but only after you change` Jan said. `It's about time I had some fun too...`

`Oh, so you haven't been having fun, have you?` Mike said, standing up. `Well, if fun's what you want, that's what you'll get` he said. A second later, Mike was behind him, and he felt Mike's hands on his abs, rubbing them and going into every crevice. Then, Jan felt something warm and moist right at the top of his ass, in the middle of the crevice his lower back muscles made. It started moving upwards, followed by a scraping feeling. It made Jan shudder, sending sparks of electricity up his spine. Mike's tongue went further up, his beard rubbing into Jan's skin. A moment later, another moist spot joined it below.

== * ==

Jan shuddered and gasped. It made Mike even harder. His hands started roaming around as far as they could reach on this mountain of muscle Jan had become. He traced every ridge, crevice and cut of Jan's abs he could reach, which moved with Jan's breathing, and which he flexed a couple of times too. He moved then to his back and Jan bent down until he was on all fours. He whispered `Fuck me Mike`.

Mike's hands went down, massaging two boulders of muscle that were Jan's asscheaks. They had an incredible striated texture that almost drove Mike over the top by itself. Jan shifted, spreading his gargantuan thighs to open up his hole for Mike. One was as big as Mike's both put together, and Mike's thighs were incredibly big already. Mike was so hot he felt his ears burning. He guided his inflamed fuckpole to Jan's ass and slowly pressed into him. The resulting shudder looked like a hurricane had passed over the sea of Jan's back, muscles twitching and writhing, forming incredible shapes, which Mike traced and then licked and kissed in turn. He started pumping his cock in and out slowly, driving it in by small steps. His hands went around Jan's waist, feeling the muscles of Jan's abs move, and finally ended around the base of Jan's cock. It was throbbing immensely, and growing, no doubt extending underneath Jan to assume once again it's unworldly dimensions.

`Hold on` Jan said, suddenly. Mike asked himself what he should hold on to, and then Jan flexed his back some. The bulges that formed were incredible, and they were big enough for Mike to hold onto, like a freeclimber onto a cliff. Then, Jan started rising up, and suddenly he went back down. Mike thought he would melt as his cock went into Jan to the hilt. Jan took more than two feet of Mike's sex organ into him, letting out a satisfied groan. Then, Jan's ass muscles slowly clenched, and Mike felt a pull. His cock was being squeezed into a satin vise, and then, Jan stood up. Mike's eyes bugged out from the feeling of being pulled up by his cock. The pressure was such that he felt his organ growing inside Jan and he almost came, his feet dangling in the air, his toes leaning into Jan's calves. Then, he felt those calves flex, becoming like shelves of muscle. Mike got the idea, and put his feet onto them. He gasped a he realized he was standing on Jan's flexed calves, and Jan showed no signs of strain at all! A second later Jan's cock came into view over his head, fully hard. Mike thought how it was good that the actual ceiling was the roof itself - in any normal room Jan's cock would now poke well through the ceiling. There were two windows on the roof and with an almost guilty feeling of doing something that was so far unimaginable, Mike thought how they might end up having to open them to fit Jan's immense organ into the cabin. He suddenly understood what Jan had done - having his cock scrape on the floor as it grew must have been very painful. A second later, all reason went out of the figurative window.

Mike started pumping into Jan, while Jan was jacking himself off as best he could. Then, Mike stroked Jan's immense mast of a cock reaching over his head, while ramming Jan until he thought his balls would end up Jan's asshole. Then, he caught himself stroking every muscle he could get at, and finally, while he held Jan's cock with one hand, barely, because it was so thick, Jan produced a double biceps of double bicepses and Mike produced a load of cum to top all others feeling first one peak an then the other, still jacking off Jan's cock as far as he could reach, hands taking turns. Mike felt his juices rocketed out into Jan, filling him. Jan winced and dropped to his knees. Mike held Jan's cock with both hands, and it literally rebounded as he shot his first volley. Mike almost cried out in sexual glee - he felt Jan's juices distend his huge shaft as they passed through it under immense pressure, followed by a noise like someone opened a faucet, somewhere up near the roof, and then there was a shower of cum. It was followed by countless others as huge gobs of Jan's cum hit the ceiling and ricocheted down over both of them.

Some minutes later, Mike was only dimly aware of himself having dismounted from Jan, while sucking the remains of Jan's cum out of the still engorged head of his cock. They were sitting across each other separated by the length of Jan's still hard cock. They both squeezed and stroked, determined to get the last drop of cum out of it. The head was so huge that Mike could easily press his tongue into the piss-slit, and every time he did that he could hear Jan suck in his breath sharply, overwhelmed by the feeling. He must have been very sensitive, and a couple of times Mike was even rewarded by a small portion of Jan's sweet pre-cum. Finally, it started softening.

Mike let it down. It was still long enough that they couldn't touch feet and yet the head of Jan's cock was lying in Mike's lap, over his own sex organ that just hours ago would have been deemed impossibly gigantic. He caught himself wondering how big Jan's cock actually was. Putting numbers to things really was a professional deformation he thought, chuckling, remembering that thing Jan said about physicists and numbers. He looked up to find Jan looking at him, smiling. It reminded him that games were good, but the fact that they two were playing them was no game. He would always remember that smile, like a picture. A picture of HIS Jan.

`I'm not going to be satisfied until I can hold you the same way` Jan said. Mike took a second to grasp what he meant. It was now his turn.

`Well, that should be easily corrected` he said.

`Oh, wow, I was starting to wonder...` Jan said, chuckling.

`But before I do it, I want you to do me a favor` Mike said. In a strange way Mike realized it was time to leave the last frustrations of his old self behind. What would emerge will be different. He knew he wouldn't want to go back. And one of those old self ideas was of Jan being the big guy, the brawn and the protector. Mike almost laughed aloud seeing this for the first time so clearly. No, it wasn't domination, or a substitute for a father figure, just an ideal Mike had always imagined, and wanted to be closer to. So, he got closer, and closer, and then touched, and now finally loved, and in the process himself became the way he always wished. How odd that one wished all his life to become something and yet at the same time feared becoming it. He moved and finally sat in Jan's lap. Jan's surprised expression quickly gave way to something else, empathy and understanding.

`Just hold me for a while first, please...` Mike said. His back pushed into Jan's abs and pecs. He felt Jan's immense arms hug him.

The tears that kept welling up finally broke the dam of his blinking eyes and one of them fell to Jan's stroking forearm, leaving a trail as it went further down. Jan stopped stroking. Mike was surrounded by Jan's immense muscle, like lying in a safe nest of some kind. The touch was very tender when it came. He felt Jan's lips on his ear, a kiss, and a whispered `Don't cry... please...`.

He wanted to say 'those are tears of joy and not of sorrow, my love, my friend, my life...` but instead of the words he just wrapped his arms around Jan's big arm and hugged it. After a while, he said: `Look at me. Making both of us behave like something out of a pathetic five cent love story about fags` He regretted it almost as it came out. This was what he wanted all his life, only he didn't dare admit it, and not only because of himself.

`I'm just a hopeless romantic, I guess...` he added, with a sour chuckle. The tears were still stinging his eyes. Of course, he could never fool Jan. He felt another soft kiss, and heard him say `I`d never have you any other way`. •

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