Side Effects (2000)

Humanly Possible


Jan never really made the wish as such, it was almost like a blurred image and an impression of how he would imagine the feeling of becoming it. He watched himself in the mirror, noticing Mike looking at him with a look of anticipation, an expression which was almost a facial equivalent of a runner's crouch before the starting gun is fired.

Suddenly, Jan felt something like a hot wave go over him. First he felt something like a momentary dizziness, and then e felt like he was supercharged. Or rather, being supercharged, because he could see his own image in the mirror start to expand. He heard Mike gasp, and then it took off in waves. Jan watched in disbelief as his already impossibly thick pecs suddenly blew up into cords, which then grew almost double as thick in a matter of two seconds. He managed half a gasp of surprise, cut to silence mid way by his shoulders following the same transformation. He actually felt them getting heavier, but there wasn't time even to get used to the feeling. He lifted his hand only to see the bones in it becoming visibly thicker, then the veins become hugely distended like his blood pressure suddenly went ballistic, and then he saw the skin in his forearms being stretched by the growing muscle until he was sure he saw stretch marks develop, and start to itch, only to stop and be repaired in front of his unbelieving eyes into perfectly tanned skin, which actually looked like it wasn't there because it didn't hide a single striation or cut in the muscle. He looked back at the mirror, only to get a glimpse of his lats visibly inflating, together with his arms, but he barely had time to watch, feeling that he was suddenly loosing balance. He looked down and spread his legs, which were now double sized compared to before, almost stumbling trying to maintain balance with a still growing upper body, his arms spread outwards. He looked at Mike, whose eyes darted all over him with an expression between drooling and disbelief. Suddenly there was a feeling like a lull. Jan looked back into the mirror and saw something like a purely sexual and streamlined version of the incredible hulk on steroids, with a face Jan recognized as his own. He just managed to say 'Mike...` before he felt that supercharged feeling again. It was like he became two persons in the same body. The feeling was intensely sexual and felt by one person, while the other rationally watched this from afar, amazed. For a second he got the distinct feeling his body was...almost deciding how to proceed, and then the feeling became intense. In a spurt of growth, he felt his muscles growing further, his pecs inflated before him, he barely had time to adjust his stance with the size of his thighs, and his arms were pushed outwards by his still expanding lats and triceps, while his biceps became a permanent peak the size of a bowling ball, with a huge gash straight down the middle. He tried to move his head to look at them, only to find his shoulders literally jumping under his skin, like they were trying to free themselves of it, and his head was in every sense becoming muscle-bound with bulging traps and neck muscles. The sensation of growth was something quite like cumming, and he felt it in every fiber of his body, grunting with pleasure. He was aware he was hard like never before and the rational side of him wondered why he hadn't cum. It was almost like something was keeping him from it. He glanced into the mirror, trying to turn his immense bulk, the floor squeaking ominously under him. The growth had again slowed. He became aware of Mike feeling and groping all over with almost a shock, the feeling of growth was quite unlike anything that happened before, and it was so intense he didn't even notice Mike's hands on him. Mike had the face of total sexual adulation, and he had obviously come all over himself, his cock pressing into his pecs. Jan looked back into the mirror. He had grown taller, he could see the top of Mike's head easily, and he noticed his facial features looked somehow accentuated. Below that was a body which could be described as improbable if not impossible. At a height of about 7 feet, his shoulders must have been almost 5 feet wide. He could see his lats only because his arms, which looked a foot and a half across, were spread almost straight out from his body. His torso tapered to an incredibly tight and small waist, considering the size of the rest of him, and his abs looked like bricks stacked sideways, they were thicker than their width, and pushed out and up so much that his pecs, which looked like balloons, had to give way. Below all that were thighs that could carry a mountain. He stood spread legged for the size of them, each was half again as wide as his waist. Although he had managed to get used to a much lesser version of this stance before, anything else and he would have to crouch. In front of all that his cock was bloated until it shined like glass, even bigger than before, much bigger. His balls were squeezed by his gargantuan thighs. He was the biggest man on the planet, and he only wanted more. He barely had time to say `Oh yes!` before he got more, surprised how his voice sounded deeper and more resonant. The feeling was back and it was stronger than ever. In a second it looked like someone heat shrunk his skin until he could feel it getting tighter, and his muscles, ready to burst, suddenly showed cuts and striations never before seen by human eyes. He didn't even have time to think about it when his cock suddenly expanded like it was being blown up.

It became longer in spurts of six inches at a time, another Jan watching as his balls followed suit, growing like someone was pumping them up. He shouted out in total ecstasy and saw his muscles inflate further, becoming still bigger. He flexed in a double biceps pose, which blew the exaggerated size of his arms into shapes that would have been obscene if they weren't pure distilled sex. Flexing was like cumming, the feeling of every muscle exploding into inflated belies, balls and bricks. He wasn't sure any more if he was looking at himself or merely feeling it happen - he felt about ready to burst and he could see himself in a strange blurred fashion, inflating even more, with something like a throbbing motion. His cock now extended straight up and was still growing, having reached past his face he couldn't even see how big it was, it's thickness becoming a tumescence which pressed his gargantuan thighs further apart, his balls two elongated shapes the size of footballs, also stretching his ballsac tight, just as his muscle did with his skin. Suddenly he felt hands on them and it was like something snapped. Every muscle in his body must have crunched to he max, as he saw his cock suddenly thicken to double it's size, and extend until it couldn't hold itself up any more with it's weight. He felt it fall and that was the last conscious feeling - then he felt like he was really exploding, but it was a feeling of complete and utter orgasm, it was like every cell in his body was cumming at once, but it wasn't like a sudden flash, it built up until he couldn't see any more, and before it took him over completely he felt himself growing, he must have still been holding that double biceps pose and he felt his upper arms being lifted up and his forearms pushed apart, and his feet literally scraped themselves on the floor being still pushed further. He must have yelled, but it was completely unimportant.

== * ==

Mike was learning what it was to feel mortal fear. He was sure there were tears flowing down his face, but he ignored them, no, he denied them. He must have called and shouted dozens of times, sitting on what Jan had become. The face was Jan's all right, somehow even more handsome, and it had an almost cherubic smile on it. He was breathing, slowly, like sleeping, completely undisturbed by Mike's weight. He had pulled an eyelid off and saw completely open pupils, staring at nothing. Mike was acutely aware he was nearing a nervous breakdown. He was almost ready to admit this was the payment he was so afraid of. Just minutes before, Mike was on the way to a total and blissful sexual stimulation. The man he loved had already by all standards became a superman, and before his very eyes he was becoming the essence of the male sex, amplified a thousand times. He literally blew up in size, muscle cock and all, into the most exaggerated symbol of male power and sex. Mike was dimly aware he must have cum several times just feeling and looking as it happened, a large part of the pleasure derived from Jan's own pleasure which was evident.

But then, things went wrong. Jan was just out of it, and Mike... he was too selfish to stop it and he could have, but it just felt too good. Now, it has been minutes since Jan grew to incredible proportions, and then came, collapsing on the floor with a huge thud, and just lay there, like a doll with the strings cut. All the cool-headedness Mike was famous for had evaporated in these minutes, and he was just about ready to scream his head off in panic, when suddenly, with a deep sigh which lifted Mike up a foot, Jan finally opened his eyes. Mike was so overcome he started kissing him into the face, and attempting to hug him, which was probably impossible for him in his current state. Jan just blinked at him, finally saying 'Mike, you got to try this`. It stopped Mike dead in his tracks, relief suddenly replaced by anger. Mike would have started to hit Jan if he didn't suddenly find himself in a hug which could crumple him, and right now looked on the way to do that. He barely managed to rasp a `Jan...` before he almost blacked out. Suddenly the pressure was gone. "Sorry about that` Jan said, and then stretched playfully, exhaling, which made Mike sink a foot lower. The scene brought his cock back to full hardness almost with a snap. Then, he could see Jan's eyes focus on him, with an expression of incredulity. `What happened to you?` he asked. It was unmistakably Jan's voice but it had such overtones or rather undertones of pure power that if he had said `go away` to the cabin they were in, it would have grown small legs, risen on them and shuffled away to lurk in the woods.

Mike realized what he was referring to. He was soaked and sticky, and dripping. What seemed like an hour ago he thought his balls would burst, he must have cum three times in a matter of minutes looking at the process of creation of pure male sex impersonated, but when Jan came as the finishing touch of that process, it was literally gallons. Remembering it almost made him cum now, regardless of how the growth ended. He felt all the fear and anger dissipate. His Jan was back, different, but he could only love him. He removed himself from the sprawled figure on the floor, Jan's eyes following him.

Then, Jan tried to stand up, and finally succeeded after his face went through several stages of extreme incredulity, interspersed by a quick course of 'moving oneself about 101`. When he finally stood up, his head finished more than a foot over Mike's, and Mike laughed aloud as Jan took several half steps back trying to see Mike over his own chest, which produced several very painful sounding squeaks from the floor. In fact, Mike could feel himself being lifted by an inch or so as Jan shifted his weight, bending the floorboards. Then, Mike saw Jan's eyes stop on the mirror, which was still standing there, miraculously missed by the abundant volleys of cum shot in the last half hour.

`Oh... my... God...` was all Jan could say. He was now a fully grown man. Emphasis on fully, grown, and man. In front of Mike was a creature which human minds never dared imagine.

He must have been over 8 feet tall, and to accommodate the muscle, his bones had grown very thick and wide. Even if there was no muscle on him the width of Jan's shoulders would easily be over four feet.

As it was, that incredible frame was bursting with muscle of incredible size and shape. His traps merged with huge neck muscles in a tangle, and run from jut under his ears into the biggest shoulders possible. There was absolute truth in that assessment, Jan had reached the maximum size he could be. He was over 5 feet wide, his pecs looked like two huge balls which were inflated after being crammed into a square mold, and managed to destroy the mold in the process. They were thick enough to protrude a foot in front of his face, and reach up to his chin. They merged in an angry conflict with shoulder and arm muscles, a conflict made even worse by the traps.

There was no bone visible or even imaginable, the shoulders were capped by muscle over a foott across. Even the three separate parts were slashed into separate parts allowing the other muscles to tie into the clavicles somewhere deep underneath. The middle part of the deltoid extended upwards in a huge arch which suddenly bent down, creating a more rectangular form, giving the shoulders even more width as if they weren't already wide enough. The size of the muscle could only be likened with thighs of the biggest men there had been before this specimen appeared. The front delt bulged outwards only narrowly loosing the battle for the most prominent bulge. The pecs were split by three huge gashes which were so deep that Mike could see chest hair disappear in them. There were tens of lesser splits, and amongst that there were permanent striations which looked finger deep. Nipples were nowhere to be seen, but probably nestled somewhere in the crevice between the inflated pecs and the biggest ab muscles imaginable. They didn't merely look like tiles, they looked like someone put ten huge blocks on top of each other and twenty slightly smaller ones on each side, and then squashed from above until it barely fitted the space available. Jan's abs protruded inches outwards, making the hair that used to run down the middle of them almost invisible. Mike noticed the belly button was completely invisible, hidden who knows how deep. The six-pack Jan used to have now became almost a ten-pack, the bottom of his abdomen had separated by two more shallow splits, and the central line running from the middle of his pecs, went down, surfacing two inches from his crotch.

Every muscle showed striation, throughout the abdominal area, making shapes that looked like they were barely containing themselves from bursting. They were strange striations, never before seen, an underlying fiber-like pattern. Up over the carved stone of the obliques and tens of muscular bulges, interwoven and bulging, the lats flared outwards only inches above the waist, which was thicker than it was wide. Those lats suddenly expanded to a yard wide, and then became even wider than the shoulders, over a foot thick, and getting thicker as they went upwards, holding the biggest arms on the planet out until the upper arms were practically horizontal. The shape of those was incredible. The biceps was a split ball the size of a huge pumpkin, so big that relaxed it looked like it was going to fall out of the skin, were it not for a cluster of huge tendons holding it attached towards the elbow, pushing out the forearms the size of huge hams. The wrists must have been 5 inches across to accommodate the huge tendons which twitched as Jan moved his hands which also became huge, but they looked ridiculously small compared to the piles of forearm muscles, like pieces of pipe clustered together. Behind all that was the most immense triceps of all times, pushed out by the lats, and clearly visible from any angle, each head striated like it was made of woven cables, the smallest the thickness of a finger. Those arms must have been five feet around, and they were totally relaxed. The veins running over were like a network, a map of angry bulging branches. Back down, somewhere out of the ab musculature two veins went out and branched down over the thighs.

Those were absolutely incredible, showing that the quads were misnamed, and actually had a dozen different, hugely bulging parts, coming into huge knees, keeping them well apart with their gargantuan bulk, two feet wide and three feet thick, tapering into the waist.

Under the knees were calves which looked like someone put two boulders and four pipes in a sack and attached it to the bone. Even the opposing muscles were showing, two four-inch thick bands with slanted striations, split into tens of fingers as they attached to the bone. The feet were a huge size, but totally proportional and just beautiful, large to hold the immense weight, a ton or possibly even more. In front of all that was the biggest piece of manmeat, flanked by balls the size of overinflated footballs, in an amazingly tight sack. The shaft of flesh was completely flaccid, nevertheless four inches thick and the head which even deflated was the size of a small melon, hung an inch short of the floor. It wasn't about to remain soft for long, two huge veins that were feeding it with blood churning with Jan's arousal over himself, bulging to twice their thickness in a second.

`You are going to need help with that` Mike said, and picked Jan's cock up roughly in the middle, which produced a deep sigh. Jan looked down, and Mike could see Jan had just grasped the size of what Mike was now holding in his hand. It was drooping over it and only that part was easily over a foot and a half long. Mike could next see Jan realizing what that meant with the extreme growth they were capable off.

`Oh, shit, how... how big does it get???` he asked, incredulously.

Caught off guard, Mike was silent for a few seconds. Oh, he would remember how that hard-on looked for the rest of his life, but that didn't mean it was easy describe it. In fact, he wasn't even sure he believed what he had seen. `You'll be surprised` was all Mike could say. •

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