Side Effects (2000)

Enjoying The Results


Jan felt Mike's weight, carrying him, but if he had to keep doing that his whole life, he wouldn't mind at all. In fact, to be separated was the last thing he would ever want. Every inch of his skin that touched with Mikes felt on fire and it was wonderful.

Dimly, he felt the warmth of the gravel beach under his feet as they sunk into it, and he lowered himself and Mike to the ground.

They had both become so big that embracing felt completely different, first of all because Jan couldn't reach around Mike so he was almost forced to hook him under the armpits with his arms. But, because of their size, the added area of contact was more than a compensation.

For a second or two, they ended up directly face to face, separated by inches, their pecs flexing against each other. Jan looked straight into the eyes of his lover. In those eyes there was certainty which Jan had not felt for who knows how long, but he was glad he was feeling it now too. Mike smiled and they both relaxed in almost the same instant, and their lips were together. Then, their tongues were together. There was another subtle connection, deep and powerful joining of the souls. Now, with Mike on him, kissing him, and Jan kissing back, their lips and tongues darting all over, wherever they could reach, Jan only wanted to go on. He was thrilled by what he felt with his hands, his chest, his abs, his legs, his cock, and it was more huge arms, pecs, abs and cock. Then, Mike moved up, simultaneously trying to reach down to get to Jan's cock, which suddenly provided Jan with the opportunity to taste Mike's own gargantuan cockhead. However, he wasn't given enough time to explore that, as he felt his own raging cock assaulted by Mike's ass, as he impaled himself on it. But then Jan had an idea, and he lifted Mike off, which produced a very surprised look on his face for a second, and then, he brought his hips up, and then, it happened just the way he wished. He shuddered in pleasure, which was amplified to almost unbearable intensity by the look of pure lust on Mike's face, as they did what in all probability only they could do. Jan shuddered as he felt Mike sink down on his cock, at the same time he felt Mike's cock enter him. What happened next was very much dim in Jan's memory, and only the fact remained that it was some of the most unusual sex he ever had. His mind fleetingly touched the subject of the mechanics involved, as he caught himself moving, rotating to right angles with Mike, coupling with him in a frenzy of lust. His whole midsection was on fire, and it felt like it was spreading up his spine and down his legs, only to connect with Mike again through every bit of skin, through his fingers and his lips. He came first, flexing in his orgasm, and when he could again understand what was going on around him again, he saw it brought Mike over the edge, he was staring at him, his eyes fixed to Jan's, and just trembling slightly, as Jan felt a huge amount of Mike's juices fill him up. There was such a mixture of serenity, surprise and lust on Mike's face, Jan remembered he just kissed him, and kept on for what felt like hours. Later, he remembered squeezing Mike's truly gargantuan biceps which he obligingly flexed, and then returning the favor by spreading his lats until he felt them cramp for Mike to feel in turn, while they were still coupled, only to come violently, together, a few seconds after.

Then, after a period without memory, he was kissing Mike softly down his chin, and then his chest, licking his nipples, feeling his ass, and reaching down his legs, only to hold his hands a second later. He felt the ground underneath soaked with their combined juices, and relished in the feeling of being filled with them, and with Mike, and in doing the same to Mike. Then, it was bliss again.

== * ==

Mike awoke with a mild start, realizing he was looking at an incredibly clear sky full of stars, which was slowly being bleached by the coming of dawn. It took minutes to actually remember where he was. When he did, he took a moment to marvel at the total absence of the fear of disorientation which he used to feel in occasions like this, and realized that the warmth of Jan, which he was still feeling, acted like a sort of spiritual anchor. He looked at the sky, chuckling inwardly that he didn't even move, and realized he actually didn't want to.

Jan was using his arm as a pillow, and he felt Jan's arm under his lower back. For a second he contemplated moving, thinking how Jan's arm must have gone to sleep, but then realized his hadn't. It was so strange to be so aware of one's own body, Mike thought. It probably had to do with adjustment, after all, he now quite probably looked beyond most peoples capability of imagination. He moved his left arm out from under his head, only to get a firsthand experience at what he had become - his back was so huge, that letting his head down on the ground almost left him looking backwards, comfortably propped on the huge mass of his traps and neck muscles. He let his hand roam around his body, and he had to admit it took some strength not to gasp loudly at what he was feeling. He realized his glutes had also grown huge and that Jan's forearm, which was also undoubtedly huge, was actually logged under the arch of his lower back. He also noticed he was slightly damp, and thought almost casually it was just morning dew, and almost laughed aloud at the casualness of that thought - it must have been quite cold but he didn't even feel it. Yet, only days ago he would be shivering and on the way to acquiring the mother of all colds. Then he went downwards toward his crotch, and stopped, realizing he was grinning. He couldn't help it, remembering the orgy they had before. The thought of it started getting him hard, and he could clearly see his cock growing in the dawning light, but instead of assuming it's huge and straight mast-like appearance, it became bent, like some sort of oriental sword. It did serve it's purpose of making love in a way probably no one else could, and the experience was something which he couldn't compare with anything he had ever done before, or even fantasized about. He wished it back the way it was, he was just sort of used to it. He chuckled softly remembering that there wasn't actually that much he did do before, but he sure was going to make up for it in the future. Doing anything with the right man, the man he loved made all the difference, and yesterday, it was all the difference in the world. It made the warmth that he was feeling from Jan, truly have a special meaning. There was no way he could imagine being without it.

Suddenly, he felt that warmth move.

'mmmm... trying to get the better of me?` Jan muttered, and Mike felt his hand grip quite powerfully at his ass, and heard Jan chuckle in the semi-darkness. Slowly, he felt Jan's touch move around to the front, then up and down the boulders of his abs and then to his crotch, and around the base of his cock, which was still stone hard.

Jan pulled at it, making it sway. Mike was again surprised at the feeling of the weight of his own cock. It was by all standards absolutely immense. Before all this started, when he would dare indulge in thought like that, Mike would concede to himself that he was very well endowed, but more often than not he saw that as an encumbrance. Now he was more than twice as big, big enough to enter the record books easily, probably bigger than any normal human, and he loved it. He caught himself repeating 'normal human` in his head.

Yet, he felt very much normal himself, and if someone put him beside someone... well, normal, the comparison would probably be ridiculous.

He turned his head to Jan, only to look right into his staring eyes.

Jan answered the question before Mike could really ask it.

`You look absolutely incredible` Jan said. Mike almost laughed out loud because that was just what he was going to say. He thought about this.

`Jan, to tell you the truth, I don't really know how I look. But if I look anything like you...` Jan looked at him for a moment, and then said: `Well, lets see, what do you look like. Hmmm. Well, you have the biggest everything I have ever seen, at least twice the size of anything else I have ever seen. It's kind of difficult to describe without numbers. There's a good word for it - freak.`

`Well, that makes two of us. It certainly feels good to be a freak`

Mike said.

`Yes, so it does, doesn't it` Jan said, smiling. When he gesticulated, his whole body was in motion, the muscles twitched and writhed, flexed and puffed up. It kept Mike's mantool engorged to the max, and Jan's was on the way to full mast too.

`Well, one of us is going to have to take care of that or I think you`re going to burst` Jan said, stroking Mike's cock. Mike was well aware of it but his eyes were stuck to Jan's own organ which was now extending over Mike's abs, getting bigger and harder by the second, also returning to it's normal, only slightly curved immense length.

'man, you`re hard as stone, I never saw anything like it.` Jan said.

Mike suddenly realized he was stroking himself and flexing slowly.

The daylight was now complete and looking at Jan and himself alternately made him want to stand up and flex until he came, thinking how big he had become, how big they both have become. He could feel the power of his incredibly huge muscles, and it was something so deeply erotic.

`You can feel it too, can't you` Jan asked. `Come on Mike, you know there's nothing to be ashamed of, we`re in this together` Jan continued. Mike noticed he was also stroking his abs, taking attention to flex his biceps as he was going up those incredibly deep chasms. `Flex your muscles, feel your biceps grind into your pecs and your lats spread your arms, and watch how your cock becomes hard over your own self-worship. Mike, it's all right to do that, it's a man thing - you wouldn't look like this if you didn't want to, and it's an incredible feeling to be the biggest, strongest and hungest SOB that walks this earth` Jan said. Mike just laughed. He was absolutely right. 'next to me, that is` Jan added, chuckling.

== * ==

Jan could see the change in Mike's eyes, and it was very amusing to watch.

`Oh, really?` Mike said. `Feel this and weep` he said, and flexed his biceps until Jan thought it would jump out of Mike's arm and hit him in the face. It became a huge ball with a split peak, and it's power had to be balanced by the triceps which made it become three cords the size of lesser men's whole arms which were in turn, just like the biceps, divided into smaller cords. Jan was sure he was starting to see the individual fibers. He grabbed the huge mound, using considerable strength to poke his hand between the peak and Mike's upper arm, and squeezed hard, but it was hard as the hardest steel alloy. `Kingdom for a tape measure` Jan thought, but said 'not bad, not bad at all` instead. God only knows how big this biceps is, he thought, they had both grown so big it was very difficult to grasp the proportions. He stood right next to Mike, and flexed his left arm to the side of Mike's right. It was a little trick, his left was always a tiny bit bigger than his right. The size of it now surprised him, it made his forearm collide into it. He was very much muscle-bound, and it felt like he was on the top of the world. They stood like that, arm to arm, Mike's left and Jan's right hand groping and comparing in turn. Jan could see that they were almost exactly the same, although, deep down he had to admit Mike's arm looked ever so slightly bigger. Maybe he was only imagining it.

`Don't you go morphing on me` Mike said, through his teeth, never relaxing.

`Whatever for?` Jan said, in the same way. `You need that, not me`

Suddenly, Mike moved, and Jan felt his cock being squeezed. He was already excited enough so he almost came but managed to hold himself together.

`Cheat` he muttered, barely suppressing laughter. He turned slightly, and flexed his pecs, and then went into a most muscular. Mike matched him almost instantly. A second later, they were flexing into each other, as hard as they possibly could, their teeth gritting, pec to pec. There was enough space between their faces for someone to stand on their flexed chest muscles. Jan felt his cock, as hard as it could possibly get, crossed with Mike's, underneath their flexed pecs.

'this feels so good` Mike said.

`Yes... but I'm still bigger` Jan said, this time not able to suppress a mischievous grin.

'not a chance` Mike said, laughing. Jan suddenly moved and tried to embrace Mike, in an attempt to start a wrestling match, but of course that wasn't at all easy. First of all, Mike's chest was so big Jan's arms fell hopelessly short of connecting, and then, Mike made it impossible by flaring his lats and catching Jan's arms between them and his arms.

'so, what are you going to do now?` Mike asked, smiling a devilish grin. Jan hooked his arms under Mike's armpits and pulled up. It wasn't completely effortless because Mike had seen through his intention and started to do the same. Still, Jan was surprised how easily he moved Mike, and Mike was, like Jan himself, probably around a quarter of a ton of muscle. Muscle, which was right now writhing.

Suddenly, Jan was off balance. Mike had lifted his feet and wrapped his legs around Jan's waist. Jan was quite sure Mike was quite capable of doing damage even to him just by squeezing with his thighs, and there was a fleeting thought along the lines of 'thank God it's him`. Still, no matter what the strength, gravity has it's own laws. Jan tried to hold himself up, but finally, they both fell rolling to the ground. In the whole commotion, Mike ended up sitting on Jan's thighs. As soon as he realized the situation he whooped an `I win!` and started banging himself into his chest like some sort of a giant ape. It produced a sound like a huge drum, but muffled because of the huge amount of muscle.

`Oh, no you don't` Jan said, and crunched his abs. He amazed himself watching his abs become so tight he felt his pecs being pushed upwards. His intention was to throw Mike off, and he would have done that if his own cock, stone hard, didn't poke him into the eye. `Ow...` he yelped, more surprised than really hurt. Mike almost doubled up laughing. Then, he held both their cocks to the side, hard and huge, like two masts, and slowly let himself down. Finally, with a bit of maneuvering, he kissed Jan.

'man, if it feels so good to fight with you, I wish I was a fighter so we could do this more often` Mike said. `Besides, I`ve always wanted to do this...` he continued, and started hitting himself in his chest again, but stopped after only a few thuds because he doubled over with laughter, joined by Jan. The scene was absolutely hilarious and Jan just couldn't offer any more resistance. `Oh, and have you noticed your cock is getting too big` Mike said, again breaking into laughter. Jan would have felt embarrassed if it wasn't so funny. `Oh yeah, what are you complaining about, yours is probably even bigger. It looks like an inflated log` Jan said. `And I love every inch of it... and so do you. Besides, weren't you saying you were bigger a second ago` Mike asked, flexing his cock under Jan's stroking hands for emphasis. You bet I love it, Jan thought. `It can't be too big` they both said in unison, which started another salvo of laughter. It took a while to calm down.

`You know, this really is a male thing. I`d really like to know how big we are, it's kind of strange being so big you can't even see parts of yourself, unless you try kama-sutra` Mike said.

`Like what parts, your ass? Looks good, you don't need to bother` Jan said, feeling the rock hard muscle in Mike's ass.

`Oh, you know what I mean. I`ve always thought I`d never want to be this big, only to catch myself saying, o yes I would, and in the end I`d always end that argument with a: who cares, since it's impossible anyway. Well, it's possible now, and it feels real good. And I'm beginning to see that thing about numbers and Physicists from an entirely different angle` he finished, laughing. `Well, I thought about that and I`ve got just the right thing, waiting in the cabin` Jan said.

== * ==

Jan went in first. He managed only at the third attempt - first he almost knocked his head into the top of the doorframe They both looked at each other in wonder. Mike concluded that they must have grown slightly taller, an automatic reaction to enable them to carry the muscle they now had. Before, they could both just feel the top of the doorframe graze their hair as they passed. On the next attempt Jan almost tore out the whole doorframe with his shoulders, finally managing to bend and enter sideways on the third attempt. Mike could see he actually liked the fact he had outgrown the door, and to tell the truth, so did Mike himself.

In a minute, Jan had gotten out that `bazooka folded in half` thing, and disassembled it into a thin stand, toped by a horizontal cylinder, much like a portable projection screen. Then, with a dramatic movement, he pulled the small handle in the middle of the cylinder down to the floor.

`A mylar mirror! Jan, you oversexed fucker...` Mike started, but it was absolutely appropriate. Extended, the two thin metal-coated foil strips side by side made a huge three by two yard mirror. Mike had seen one of those, albeit smaller, before and wondered at the brain behind that perfect face, talk about forethought! Jan moved the stand and all right to the wall, and when the foil settled, Mike caught the first glimpse of Jan and himself in the mirror. For a moment he was speechless.

Looking back at him were two giants. They were a very even match.

Both, now shoulder to shoulder barely fitted the size of the mirror foil. For a second Mike and Jan looked at each other and like they had rehearsed they both took a step back. Suddenly, Mike became aware of the fact the floorboards squeaked, as they both stood side by side the weight must have been immense.

It took a while until Mike could speak, and it seemed the same predicament had befallen Jan. Mike had seen what Jan had become and knew that he probably looked the same, but seeing the whole picture was an entirely different thing. After all, that was Jan, he was supposed to be big. Several days just weren't enough to get used to this, Mike thought. Jan just said `Wow.` Just as an idea, Mike tried a front lat spread, and couldn't help a silent gasp as he watched his own muscle expand to a yard wide wall of rock hard flesh, and then even wider, while Jan joined him, competing for precious mirror space. A minute later, they both started stroking their inflated dicks as well as flexing for each other in the mirror, and two minutes after that, with grunts of immense satisfaction, they stroked each other's muscle and cocks, facing each other, until cumming all over each other's abs and chest. It was like a mirror game of sorts where Mike matched every move Jan made and the other way around, never looking directly at each other but at their mirror images instead. It left Mike slightly sweating, breathing hard, and with the most pleasurable buzz of morning sex. He looked into the mirror again, at his cock which still stood hard as a rock, it's head logged between his huge pecs. With every move of his upper body, Mike saw the permanent splits in his pecs ripple into even more striations.

They were so big that he could flex them up to his chin. He rubbed the mixture of his and Jan's cum into them, and Jan helped him. Hands soon went all over both bodies again.

`It seems that we can't do much more than fuck, jack off, flex and stroke` Mike said, never stopping of course. Jan nodded. `Well, that's what we`re here for`. He paused for a second. 'Mike, we have to do it` Jan said. Mike nodded. He knew what Jan meant. `It's just a male thing I guess, we would have done it sooner or later` Jan said.

Mike thought it sounded like an apology. `I thought I was the one with doubts` he said. Jan looked into him for a second. 'Mike, I think we should both do it together`. Mike knew what he felt. It was a fear that kept coming to him regularly the last few days, the fear of what he would become. But somehow, at this moment, he knew Jan was right. It was something they had to do, and it was something they both wanted. After all it was only natural.

'no, you first` Mike said. Jan looked at him, inquisitively for a second.

`I want to have the first go at you` Mike said, smiling. He wouldn't have had it any other way.

`OK, might as well get it over with` Jan said. `Ready?` He asked next, and Mike almost wanted to laugh, but he could understand the hesitation.

`Ready` Mike said. •

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