Side Effects (2000)



There was obviously nothing Mike could do to resist Jan, but of course, the notion never actually came up. The only thing he could do was say `Only if you return the favor`, while being tugged by his cock into the bedroom. Even the relatively small change was enough for Mike to feel different - first of all, he almost hit his head on the doorframe, and he had no choice but repeat the same gesture Jan did when passing through doors, which was a tilt of the head. He couldn't help notice Jan pushing through the doorframe turned slightly sideways, and had to mimic that himself, still feeling his shoulders grazing the frame. As they both entered, Jan turned Mike around by his shoulders and he found himself looking into a huge man in a mirror consisting of two doors of the inbuilt closet opened side by side.

'now, you see what a super hunk you are?` Jan said. Mike could just look at himself and at part of Jan in the mirror. Two days ago he would have dropped unconscious if he had seen something like that man in the mirror out on the street. And that man was now Mike himself.

He could also see part of Jan in the mirror. As much as he didn't want to admit it to himself, he could swear he looked every bit as perfect as Jan did, and even a tiny bit bigger. He could have denied it all he wanted, but he could clearly see two huge cocks, hard as stone, like poles sticking straight up over both their pecs, and obviously, there was no denying the reaction was appropriate to the circumstance. He could see Jan move behind him.

`And I love that beard` he said, into Mike's ear, and then kissed him. Then, Mike felt Jan's lips go down from behind his ear to his traps, and then to his shoulder, while feeling Jan's hands first under his armpits, then on his pecs, and then sliding down to his abs, stopping between every ridge, and rubbing into it a bit. Mike closed his eyes, for the moment he didn't need sight. Then, he felt Jan's pecs on his back, and a hot hard rod pressing into him, with something wet and sticky right under his shoulderblades, and then Jan's hands were on his cock. Then, he could feel Jan turning him around, and moving, until they were face to face. In an almost comical moment they both tried to embrace each other and it made them both laugh out, because they were so huge they kept getting stuck into each other, hand under arm, pec to pec. Finally, they both ended up on the bed, laying on the side, still facing each other. For a few moments they only regarded each other. Jan's hand went slowly up, touching Mike's arm. Mike felt it like being touched by some magic, a firm touch, but at the same time somehow so tender it made Mike's spine tingle.

'Mike... you were so beautiful... and now you are just perfect...`

Jan said. Mike could say nothing, just sigh. There was pure lust in those fantastic black eyes of Jan's and Mike was again getting lost in them. No doubt, the same was reflected in his own eyes. Their cocks were raging hard, and the cockheads met between them. As they started stroking each other, their cocks rubbed onto each other, mixing the juices that had long started flowing. Hands darted all over, joined by lips, they tangled on the bed, until, his leg over Mike's torso, Jan pulled at Mike's swollen mast of a manhood, and brought it right down, and then, slowly started impaling himself on that cockhead the size of a huge grapefruit. Mike could feel Jan shudder and wince as he felt his cockhead distending Jan's ass. He took Jan's cock into his hands, and pulled it towards him, which made Jan almost jump in ecstasy, as Mike started licking the swollen cockhead. It was incredibly hot, and hard, but in such a surprising way, like a lump of hot glass covered in satin, the piss-slit oozing droplets of precum, which had a taste that was somehow unmistakably Jan. As Mike started going down that cockhead, licking all over the corona, he felt Jan wiggle his ass, impaling himself even more, grunting in ecstasy, one hand hot and electric on the shaft of Mike's cock, and the other going all over, darting from Mike's body to Jan's own and back. Every one of Jan's pushes sent shivers all over Mike's body, and it made him work that harder on the magnificent cock in his hand and mouth. He licked it all over, kissing, sucking, teasing with his tongue, and then managed to stuff the huge head in his mouth, not even aware of how he did that, and as he pushed it down his throat, Jan pushed himself further down, on his cock. He kept moaning, asking Mike to give him all of it, and Mike started trusting with his hips, trying to bend further down as his cock plunged deeper into Jan, Jan's own cock escaping downwards. Then, he let go of Jan's rod, sliding one hand down over it, stroking, to find Jan's balls engorged and heavy, and Jan's muscles flex and twitch ecstatically under his other hand. Jan writhed, moaning, which made Mike think for a second he was in pain, but one look into those eyes locked his soul to them.

He felt Jan's innards move around his manhood, his hand suddenly feeling Jan's balls tighten, stuck between their abdomens. Mike felt his cock was so hard it was on the verge of bursting, and he felt it has become immense, and it was almost all buried in Jan. Jan suddenly moved, which made Mike yelp an unsuccessful kind of yelp, which dislodged Jan's cock from his mouth. Then, not to be disturbed, Mike started fucking Jan, and stroking Jan's super-engorged cock, not being able to unstick his gaze from Jan's eyes, until he closed them.

But then, there was so much more to look at. He started making longer strokes, watching how Jan's pecs and shoulders bunched up flexing every time he`d ram him, until he finally let go of Jan's cock, trapping it between their pecs, and held Jan. Then they were rolling on the bed, taking turns on top of each other, their huge muscles flexing into one another, hands over pecs, biceps, back, lip to lip, only to become lip on steel hard muscle, and then, on steel hard cock, Mike pushing his hips up, until Jan's cock ended up to Mike's lips, only to be lifted up to Jan's lips when Jan bent down. Mike could feel the heat in his balls, and he knew Jan was close too.

Then, in just seconds, it spread all over both of their bodies, and then, it became unbearable. Jan begun chortling, producing a sound which was almost like growling, his whole body becoming one rigid statue of flexed muscle, which made Mike almost black out, but not before he started stroking Jan's cock with incredible speed. The sound Jan made was the last Mike heard, before the earth quite literally moved, and he felt like he was exploding. As he started cumming, he felt Jan cramping, impaled onto his cock, in unison with his own cramps. It went on and on and on, accompanied by blasts of Jan's cum ending between their pecs. Mike could actually feel Jan's balls move, and his own were squeezed tight by Jan's thighs which only added more intensity to the orgasm, and the load filling Jan's bowels to overflowing. Then, there was a period of nothingness, followed by a feeling which made electricity dance up and down his spine as Jan pulled off of his cock. Then, all sticky and lubed from his own cum, Jan spread Mike's thighs apart, and they both moved until Mike felt his own ass stretch, to accommodate Jan's cock, which if nothing else had become even harder, and maybe even bigger. They moved like one body, Mike wasn't even aware who was doing the moving and in what way, he only felt himself being impaled onto a hot mast, and in fact willing more of it. He felt like his whole body was one huge erection existing only with the purpose of becoming one with Jan, and then, exploding with a combined orgasm. He stroked, kissed, licked all that huge manmeat, regardless whose it was. Jan was doing the same. All hot and sweaty, literally stuck together they both moved, fucking and stroking and sucking until Mike felt the roar again. He shouted, and wailed in ecstasy, joined by Jan. He shook, flexed all his muscles at once, cumming like he never had before. He squeezed his balls, Jan's balls, all huge with their manly essence which he wanted released, all of it.

== * ==

Jan woke up, and there was light outside, rudely intruding though the blinds. He had woken up during the night, disappointed by the feeling of emptiness as he had separated from Mike, both cocks going soft.

But, they were still deliciously tangled together, sharing their breath, warmth and contentment. So, he went back to sleep, satisfied like never before. But now, this light in his eyes was making things difficult. He snuggled and curled into Mike's body, and Mike, in turn, stirred and embraced him, but soon after that he rolled off, onto his back. It took only seconds more for Jan to become fully awake. He turned around, only to find Mike sprawled on his back in all his glory, which included a two foot hardon proudly sticking up from his crotch, tilted towards his pecs. Those in turn went up and down slowly with each breath, also creating ripples over that perfect set of abs. 'Mike, my man, what a super-stud you have become, I just knew you had it in you` Jan whispered. All his life Jan had been the big one in a relationship, and it turned him on in a certain way. So, now I`ve finally met my match, he thought, and he was immensely glad he did.

He looked at Mike, sprawled there. His palms were facing upwards, which put his arms in a position showing a split right down those beautiful biceps. In fact, there was almost no place on Mike's body that didn't show splits of some kind, from his immense thighs, up his abs, over his pecs, his shoulders and back down his arms. Oh, Jan knew well all that was true for himself, but it was such a thrill seeing it on Mike. And, even more, the self-confidence it gave him. The only thing that spoilt the perfect picture was a very thin sheen of dried cum between Mike's abs and pecs, and traces of it down his sides. He had a funny sort of feeling inside him, where this magnificent tool in front of him had filled him up completely yesterday. The bed was covered in blotches of dried up cum. Jan found himself thinking how he`d noticed that it didn't get completely recycled before. Then realized they both needed a shower. And something to eat. And, if this continues, a heap of bedsheets, he thought, chuckling inwardly. Mike stirred, the light was obviously a nuisance, so he put his forearm over his eyes. Not only is he a super-stud, he's also so cute, and he's all mine, Jan thought, smiling. He stood up and went to the bathroom, again dwelling for a while on how fortunate it was there was a recycling effect, thankfully there were far less cum stains then he would have expected after yesterday.

About ten minutes later, after a very much accelerated morning ritual which included the absolutely fastest shower Jan ever took, Jan was back in the bedroom, and Mike was still sleeping like a baby, more or less in the same position. So, Jan just had to do it. He very tenderly put his hand around that tree of a cock sprouting from Mike's crotch, pulled it back towards his legs and then let it go. It smacked right into Mike's pecs, which quite obviously brought a good jolt because Mike opened his eyes in surprise, flinching. `Wha...?!`.

Jan almost doubled over laughing. `Well, it really doesn't take a lot to get you going` he said, laughing his ass off, while Mike looked at him, not understanding. `Come on, rise and shine!` Jan said. Well, he learned already Mike wasn't a morning person, but there seemed to be a few things that could get him started faster. Jan bent down, and gave Mike a passionate kiss. Then he kneeled by the bed and continued kissing right down to Mikes huge pec. Then, he stroked the immense mass of it, which moved, relaxed, under that perfect smooth skin, and stroked Mike's arm, squeezing his biceps a bit. Mike sighed, and then stretched, while Jan was still dispensing tender touches, and then he flexed a bit, which made his abs jump into cobblestones, his pecs bunch up and his triceps cut up into thick angular cords.

`I love it when you do that` Jan said, going over those bulges and not failing to touch Mike's still engorged cock as he went touching the abs. Mike in turn stroked Jan's shoulder and arm, so Jan returned the favor by tensing it as well.

== * ==

'mmmm... it feels so good to be this big` Mike said. He caught himself thinking what a hedonistic thing to say, but he realized he could more or less throw the notion of hedonism as such out the window now.

`It sure does, and today is a good day to grow bigger, really huge`

Jan said, chuckling.

`Like we`re not really huge right now, look at us, at you - Jan, you could just walk into a bodybuilding contest and take the trophy and walk away, no-one would even object, that is if they could say something at all, they`d all need to pick up their jaw from the floor first` Mike replied, again devouring Jan with his stare. He just couldn't get over that chest of his, so big, wide, and that hair, running right up the crevice between those thick pecs and spreading outwards, slightly lighter than the hair on Jan's head, like fine silky fur.

'mind if I give these a stroke or two` Mike asked, his hands already on the muscular expanse of Jan's pecs. He could see Jan's eyes smile, he answered `Only if I can do the same to you`, and of course he did.

Not surprisingly there were no complaints. Still, Mike's morning high had deflated, the intention wasn't to make love, just to enjoy the moment.

`Yes it really does feel good` Jan said `But not nearly as good as you feel...`

'me too` Mike whispered in Jan's ear. After a moment, Jan added: `It almost feels too good, I keep watching out for some dues to be paid for feeling this good...` It was after all very true. Mike's mind supplied a proverb of his grandmothers: Having this much luck can't go unpunished. It was also a bit unexpected to have Jan bring it up, he was always the `gung-ho` guy.

'now look, weren't you the one that kept reminding me to enjoy the moment` Mike said. Jan was right, though. It was almost like guilt.

So far, in Mike's life all experiences said that all dues sooner or later have to be paid, and this was like living the dream of dreams at no charge at all. Mike had thought about this a lot, and although the last two days were full of other `engagements` the thoughts always lingered somewhere in the background.

'Mike, here's what we`re going to do. I happen to own, well, actually part own a cabin in the middle of nowhere, which also happens to be a bit over two hours from here by car. Right now, there is no-one there, and no-one has been there for months and no-one would normally be there for months to come. What do you say - let's go there, stay a day or two, or a week for that matter, and just play a bit?` Jan asked. His eyes had a pleading look in them, but he knew well there was no need to plead. 'there's even a lake there, should still be good for a couple of swims this time of year` Jan went on.

Mike had thought a lot about the two of them going camping somewhere where they would not be disturbed, and just let them morph to their hearts content, and for a lack of a better expression, get over themselves. He sure didn't want a repeat of yesterday, he prided himself in having control over his body, and the idea of his body controlling him wasn't appealing. He had to admit he envied Jan a bit over his ability to just take things in his stride. True, it was one of the reasons he loved Jan, too. Although Jan could sometimes be unreasonably laid back, at the moment Mike apreciated the stability it offered. He really needed it. `Jan... where do we go from here?` Mike asked, sighing. The thoughts were back.

`Oh, easy, down to the lobby, into my car, pick up your car, get some supplies and on to that cabin` Jan said. Mike had started shaking his head after the first three words.

`Come on, I'm serious. Look at me. I'm huge, what, 6`5" and there must be well over 300 pounds of muscle in me...`

'more than well over actually, I`ve stepped on the scale just earlier and it spun around, I`d guess I'm about 360# which probably makes you around 370# or more... I hope you realize you have doubled in size.`

At this point, Mike was waving his hands in exasperation.

`Jan, the problem is I like it, hell, I love it, I can barely contain myself not to walk around flexing all the time` Mike said, sitting up on the bed. `What am I going to do? All my life I`ve been a scientist and I just don't know how to do anything else - I can't go back to the lab like this, and I... Well, I don't want to go back to being like I was before...`

`I know, big guy, I know. Remember, we`re both in this together`

`Yes but, at least you originally looked like you were on the way to looking like you... we look now, but I couldn't look like this in a million years, no matter what I did. To tell you the truth, I`ve dreamed about looking like this, being... well, essentially being the super-male. But that just doesn't happen, does it? Except it did to us. And you know what, the thing is, I know I could become bigger, hell, you even made me become bigger down there` Mike said, pointing at his now dormant cock `and it only makes me want to become bigger, as big as possible. But that's not living a life, that's living a fantasy - Jan what are we going to do from now on, after all, we have got to eat, pay the rent... normal stuff like that!`

Jan looked at Mike for a second. Mike had to chuckle because he could almost see the wheels turning in his head, and he always had that expression when he would be thinking about some problem. It was just one more thing that made Jan... well, Jan.

'Mike, have you noticed we more or less went on the whole day yesterday and we didn't eat a thing. In fact, I only eat a sandwich in the morning and I never got hungry. Well, that is if I discount the essence of Mike` Jan said, stroking Mike's abs. `Also, this will sound funny but when did you last take a leak? And have you noticed there are far less blotches and stains than last night would warrant?

I`ve already found out anything we are made off will get returned as borrowed matter when it stops being alive. It seems to me we are more likely to become destitute than hungry`.

Mike thought about this and yes, it did make sense. Also, he knew cold wasn't a problem either, and heat as well if they were careful, as he had experienced. He looked at his hand, still amazed at the speed it regenerated.

`I don't think destitution would be a problem either, we could always strip and end in jail for indecent exposure` he said chuckling `But only if we end up sharing a cell` he finished, in a much darker tone.

`It also seems we are much more sturdy than we used to be. One thing I really like about that is we'll probably never get a cold again`.

Mike thought about this. Are they going to grow old or just keep going? Luckily Jan solved that dilemma.

'Mike, do you always think about existential questions at 7:40 AM?

What will we do tomorrow, how we will live, will we have anything to eat, when we will die? Well, I don't really remember thinking about it like that for a long time, and you know what? I don't care. This whole thing that's happening is all about what we could be, and we even don't know that yet. I`d say right now the biggest punishmet would be not using the oportunity to be what we could be. Right now, Mike, we must be the two luckiest guys on the planet, so let's just party - and that's the idea of this day!` Jan said. Mike looked at him for a few seconds. Yes, he was right. Definitely Mike didn't remember when he last enjoyed himself this much, probably never.

`Oh yes, you just keep looking, I'll give you much more to look at, just you wait!` Jan said, and started pulling Mike of the bed, in a quite sensuous way. Mike of course didn't like the idea of him succeeding right away. After a few grunts, though, it almost became wrestling, and after a few more, there was no `almost` about it.

Finally, they both ended on the floor, with Jan having the upper hand.

'so, testing my strength are you?` Jan asked, holding Mike's arms down, and sitting on his abs. Of course, Mike could easily deal with Jan in this position, but he kind of liked it. Still, no harm in a bit of play. He pressed upwards with his arms, lifting Jan off.

`Wow, look at those muscles` Jan said, playfully, and looking at him, Mike could only think `Amen` because Jan was opposing him and those muscles flexing under his skin were just incredible. But, Mike suddenly let go, which made Jan fall into a bearhug, and he hugged him until he could hear him groan, and suddenly rolled over, so now Jan was under him.

`He he, that'll teach you not to pick on smaller guys` Mike said, chuckling. Jan was trying to free himself up to that point, but suddenly all resistance collapsed, because he started laughing. That bear hug slowly became a lovers embrace, and then a very passionate kiss.

'smaller, huh? Mike, you`re bigger than me... and I love it` Jan said `And I love you`. •

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