Side Effects (2000)



Jan could see something was troubling Mike. It started the second the sex wore off. OK, he seemed all cheerful and they had an immense laugh trying to get into the car. Jan always thought of it as a big car but now, something over 650 pounds of pumped-up muscle distributed across two huge frames which also quite possibly possessed the widest shoulders, overhwelmed the two front seats completely. The remains of the incredible pump they had didn't help things either. Finally, Jan took the driving post which only let Mike twist and lean to the side to make them both fit. Still, Jan had to open the window on his side to be able to drive properly. It was a good thing Mike did the driving on the way to the gym, he was still smaller, but only marginally so.

But now Mike was just looking at him, as they were approaching Jan's place. It didn't stop while they were on the way to Jan's apartment.

There were a couple of people who gaped at them as they went into the building, but that wasn't important. Finally, when Jan closed the door behind them, he popped the question.

'Mike, what's bugging you?`

Mike looked at him, and sat on the sofa. Jan felt so strange because Mike was huge, and took up half of the three-seat sofa, but right now he looked like a hurt boy who needed some comfort and badly. He slowly let his gaze down.

`Come on Mike, what's wrong?` Jan asked, kneeling in front of him.

`Oh God, Jan, don't do this please...` Mike said, but Jan didn't have a clue what it was he wasn't supposed to be doing. Mike sighed.

`Oh Jan... how do I even start... Jan, I don't know if I told you this, but... I thought I`d live out my life alone until I saw you.`

Jan looked up, and felt something painful in his chest.

`When I first saw you I just knew it. I knew you are my man. Then, as months passed, I thought I was stupid, that these things just don't happen in real life. I became again sure I`d live out my life alone, and was completely content admiring you from afar, but as time went on, the feeling I had for you, that you... that there was my Mr.

Right in this world didn't go away, it only got stronger, and it was a relief to know that nature thought about me after all when it made me. And then all of a sudden you come, and this happens and... now we are here. And the first thing I do is fool around behind your back, and not once, not even twice, but three times!`

Jan almost toppled over, the tone of those words left nothing to be doubted about the sincerity. It suddenly made Jan very ashamed of himself, he wished he was so secure about his own feelings, he still had doubts about the two of them. `I mean, what the hell more could I want, what in the world would I need from anyone when I have you?! I... I can't beleave it happened. I can't beleave I did that.` Mike said.

Jan was dumbfounded. It took a while until he could speak.

'Mike... God... Mike, what... how in heavens name do you get these ideas? We were both there, and I think we both had a good time, and I certainly hope those two had a good time as well` Jan said, not entirely sure it was the right thing to say.

`But you didn't go about it with the notion of fucking the guy, with yet another to help, and you didn't fuck him, I did... and it wasn't like anyone was making me do that, I wanted it. And even before all that there was that kid in the lobby.`

Jan was truly puzzled by the sudden reversal, but he had a hunch what this was all about. The sex was wearing off and with the effect, Mike was sinking deeper into his own presumed guilt. Jan knew this all too well, but it didn't mean it was simple to explain.

`God, Mike, like that Tom guy jacking me off was any different? How did I ever come out of that looking innocent? What do you think I was doing while you were in that room? I had a jack-off party in the sauna with a guy that almost jacked himself into a coma over me!`

'no, no, no... that's you, not me. You are so big and all muscle, you always were the perfect stud, the perfect male I... I know this will sound stupid but it's like you are supposed to do that to other guys`

Jan could not believe what he was hearing. What a way to make things more difficult! He didn't know whether he should cry or laugh, he let himself down, his head ending on Mike's knees. He could feel Mike flinch when their skin made contact. Jan sighed, and it ended being a chuckle. He looked up at Mike.

'Mike, we both know you are not stupid, hell you are just about the most clever guy I ever met, and yet you are now talking nonsense.

First of all, have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Like, I'm the stud??? Mike, you are he-man squared!` Jan said, looking straight up at Mike. Jan suddenly realised that the simple act of changing his vantage point of looking at Mike presented a new thrill.

But at that moment, Jan realised something much more important - he realized Mike was right. In a month they have became better friends that some became in a lifetime, and in two days they became lovers. Yes, that was it, lovers. Jan had been disappointed several times in the past, even though all the feelings were there, but it never felt so right so soon before. But the very guilt Mike was having now suddenly became the last part of the puzzle. Jan realised he was hopelessly and totally in love with Mike. As if that wasn't enough of a change they both end up with an ability to make whatever they wish out of themselves. Mike was right, how could one possibly wish for anything more? What they need is time to adjust. Still, obviously the adjustment took toll in quite unpredictable ways.

'secondly... secondly, Mike, now that you have me and I have you, do you think that no-one else should turn you on? Don't you think I`d liked to fuck that Marc guy, for that matter both him and Tom, and even the guy in the lobby?` Jan finally said.

'Mike, God knows they, and a lot of others before them have made me hot down there, and there will surely be others that will do that in the future, for me as well as for you. But right now, Mike, and I mean it, there is only one person that makes me, and will always make me hot right here` Jan said, and pointed at his heart. `And here, and everywhere` he continued, pointing at his head and then just looked right into Mike's eyes. He knew there was nothing that he said in his life that was more true than this. He could see a tear stream down Mike's face and he moved, hugging Mike, and kissed it of his face.

`Hey, we`re both grown up and big guys here, so no crying` he said with a chuckle, but he had to do his best not to let his voice crack and he felt tears well up in his eyes. He kissed Mike, and continued until he could feel the tension go away and him kissing back. He pulled Mike down and they ended up on the floor, still hugging, Mike ending on top of Jan.

Jan finally broke the embrace, his arms spread wide on the floor.

Mike stroked his shoulders, his chin between Jan's pecs. Jan sighed, and lifted his head, but he could just look into Mike's eyes because his pecs were in the way.

`Look, we get turned on by certain things, and we may even act on them sometimes, but what matter is the meaning of the act... so no guild trips, kay?`. Jan said softly, stroking Mike's back.

`I... I just couldn't help myself, it's like being granted a wish of wishes` Mike answered, almost whispering.

`It has been years since I`ve given up even having fantasies... well, even getting a smile wrom someone like Tom would make me walk on clouds... and now I suddenly seem to attract the cream of the crop...` he continued.

Jan chuckled which literally bounced Mike up and down a bit. After a short pause he said: `Well, then I guess you really needed better glasses, because I looked at you from the very first time I saw you and haven't missed an oportunity since. My mother used to say that no-one will give you a chance if you don't give it to yourself first, you know... you weren't looking to see if anyone was looking at you.`

Mike's head came up behind Jan's pecs. His eyes and Jan's connected.

`Jan, the funny thing is, now that I have everything I thought I never would I... it overwhelms me. Damn, listen to me - now I'm complaining, how ungrateful can one get?` Mike said. As he was saying it Jan almost laughed out loud because Mike was attempting to prop his head up on Jan's chest by driving an elbow in it, and his brain was obviously doing it on automatic because he tried three times before he figured out what he was doing and stopped. But the subject at hand was too serious. 'Mike. PLEASE stop this. What we both did back there was have sex, and we both know there's going to be more of that, now don't you tell me there isn't` Jan said `Come on, can't you admit it, you were one hunky little stud before all this, and right now you are one big super stud that makes everyone wobbly at the knees! Can't you see some people would make it their life dream to have sex with you, come on, that guy wanted to get fucked by the hottest guy on this planet which happened also to have what must be the biggest cock too, and I think that's a pretty accurate description of you` Jan said. He pulled Mike up, until they were pec to pec, ending up looking at a startled Mike. `What do you think, all this happens to you so you are supposed to go celibate and spend your life praying or what? You expect yourself to have no reaction whatsoever to anyone but me? Life has given you a break so enjoy it! It doesn't change what I feel for you, in fact, don't mind if I join you. Beleave me, I can tell you from experience that it get's old quite quickly.`

Mike looked at Jan for a second.

`Jan, it's not that simple, I could have hurt him real bad. In fact, I just may have done it - for chrissake, I put the whole thing in him, and even I don't have an idea how he could have even survived that in the first place!`

Jan almost started tearing his hair out in exasperation, but actually he didn't move, it just felt too good being in this position.

'Mike, do I have to get up and give you a proper kick in the ass? The guy obviously had the fuck of his life, and I'm almost certain he'll be a better person for it! I know the type!`

Mike started lifting himself off Jan, and the spell was broken, for the time being.

`Jan, we both know that guy would do anything to get bigger, what will he do now? Who knows what he'll do to himself. It's not just about us having fun...`

'Mike, what do you expect from yourself? To be a mother hen to every narcissistic type out there, being doubly careful not to hurt their feelings? Come on, you know if it wasn't you, it would have been somebody else, but I'm not certain that somebody would have given it a second thought! Did you see how he looked when we left? Maybe it finally made him look away from that mirror, and realize that little Tom stud adores him. Maybe now he will even be worth it`

Mike just looked at Jan. In all honesty, Jan did feel a lot of the same doubts, especially after what happened with Ben. He knew that the changes they have gone through were much bigger for Mike than for himself, and in a sense Mike was right. He had gotten his wake up call with Ben, but Mike was having one now and with doubled intensity. It was almost like a part of the old Mike was clinging to the past and desperately pulled Mike back to that time. Suddenly, Jan had an idea.

'Mike, let's get rid of the clothes` Jan said, and Mike looked at him with a funny look. He started pulling off the tank-top, finally managing to take it off after exhaling completely, and then started pulling off his shorts, noticing Mike still looking at him like he was crazy, but that look slowly became an increasingly lusty one.

`Come on, I don't want to be the only one doing this!` Jan said, which made Mike reluctantly start taking his own tank-top off. Suddenly, Jan could clearly see Mike realize the tank-top wasn't actually hiding anything, as it was torn down the front to be able to accommodate Mike's pecs, the widest and thickest, and just the most beautiful Jan had ever seen. A second later, they were both completely naked. Just looking at Mike was enough for Jan to feel the start of the reaction, he could feel his cock getting heavier, and hang lower.

`God Jan, you are the hottest thing on this earth` Mike said. Just then Jan finally saw the missing link. Somehow, it was almost like Mike wanted to stay smaller in some way. Jan leaned over, touching Mike.

`I think it's time to even things up a little` he said, watching Mike start growing, to become as tall as Jan was himself. At first Mike didn't guess what was happening, but as their eyes became level, Jan could see the look of realization on Mike's face. However, that was offset by the fact Mike had grown proportionately, so everything on him grew, which suddenly gave Jan the first hand experience of how Mike viewed him. Jan felt his cock on the way to full hardness, looking up and down Mike. He was now as tall as Jan, and probably somewhat bigger, because his shoulders became wider - in fact Mike looked about a yard wide - and his pecs widened too, his arms were bigger and his thighs, even Mike's cock was visibly longer. It was mostly a subtle change, but it was all the change Jan could take. His cock went from hanging to stone hard and poking right up in seconds, almost hitting him in the face. That was the moment Jan truly understood the words `getting a taste of one's own medicine`.

'now, you are going to do to me exactly what you did to that gorgeous hunk of chocolate colored muscle back there` Jan said, and took Mike by his hardening and growing member, and started pulling him towards the bedroom. By the time they got there, it had grown big enough for Jan to barely be able to keep a grasp on it. `And more...` •

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