Side Effects (2000)

The Bigger They Come…


Right now, Marc had the cock of his desire in his hand, and was lying on the bench, pulling it, and it's owner, closer to his wanting asshole. Right then, the door opened, and in stepped, or rather, pushed, a man which was even more huge than the one whose cock Marc was holding. All heads turned towards the newcomer. Marc noticed the questioning look the newcomer gave the other giant, and the other giant just spread his arms in a `what can I do?` gesture. The newcomer just started taking off his clothes. Marc shot a glance at Tom, and the later only whispered `I was trying to tell you there was a bigger one`, moving his gaze back to the newcomer, whose cock now looked as big as Marc's but was swelling visibly. By the time he approached Tom, almost pushing his crotch into Tom's face, it got almost as big as the one Marc was still holding. Tom gave it a few experimental tugs, with an utterly bewildered look in his eyes, looking at the result of his ministrations - and that was a completely hard piece of manmeat as long as on the other guy, only not as thick. Well, Marc thought, there is only one thing better than a super-cock, and that's two of them. As if this newcomer was a final element in the puzzle, they all moved in place.

Marc lowered his back onto the bench and pulled at the rigid pole he held, making it's overgrown owner wince, while the other even more overgrown stallion moved over his head, the fist-sized balls swinging right over Marc's face. The final element was Tom, who maneuvered himself over Marc's raging cock, took the newcomers cock in his hands, and then, started impaling himself on Marc's cock. As if that was a signal of some sort, Marc felt his asshole being stretched beyond anything he thought possible, as the huge cockhead, lubed by it's pre-cum started pushing into him. He looked up and cupped one of those balls in front of his face with one hand, and felt Toms hand on his other arm, which he promptly flexed. He heard Tom wince and saw his fucker grab Tom's pecs, and the other huge man flex into a double biceps pose, at the same time feeling his ass was going to bust. Tom let himself down on Marc's cock, taking the whole length in one thrust, and Marc felt his balls squeezed by Tom's ass, which made him flex all his muscles at once and come violently, almost throwing Tom of his cock. From that moment on, he was trapped by one orgasm after another. With each movement he felt his bowels being rearranged and his ass stretched to tearing as two feet of log-thick cock inexorably pushed into him, doing that by pushing in and then back, but always gaining. His own cock felt like it would burst into pieces, swollen like never before. He could see a bulge on Tom's abdomen as it roamed around in there, Tom humping up and down, just slow enough to make Marc lose his wits, while sucking on the other two foot shaft extending right over his head. He heard Tom wince, and then say `payback time` and he came again, his juice spewing out of Tom's ass as Tom let himself fall down on his cock again. He felt like he was going into nuclear melt-down, dimly aware of his body spasming, clamped down by countless pounds of pumped up manmeat.

== * ==

Jan could see an almost wanton desire on Mike's face, as he pushed his log-sized cock ever deeper into the huge guy on the bench. He was humping him with all his might, and the guy kept moaning 'more, rip me, fuck me`, his eyes reeling in a mixture of pain, lust and pleasure. That Tom stud was humping the guy at the same time, being stroked by Mike, and then hugged so Jan could hear his bones click, and it seemed it was exactly what he wanted. Jan's balls were being given a tongue bath, interrupted suddenly by the man obviously cumming. Jan pulled off in fear the man would suffocate, but his face held an expression of absolute bliss, and his eyes circled around aimlessly. A second later, Jan flexed for Tom, and Tom came, spewing his cum all over Jan's chest, with subsequent gushes ending on the chest of the man beneath him. Then Jan rubbed it all in, into that hugely pumped up chest. The man had the biggest chest Jan had ever seen, and arms rivaling his own, which he flexed suddenly. Watching that deliciously brown skin stretch over those incredible peaks made Jan cum with all his might, grunting, splashing Tom with what looked like a gallon of cum. It lasted what seemed like minutes, and when he came to, Tom was cumming again, and then Mike roared, humping the guy so hard the whole bench moved, together with the guy, and Tom, pushing Jan. The guy on the bench winced, and just tensed, and then started jerking, uttering a series of ugh's oh's and arghs. Then he stopped, which was followed by a much wetter sound coming from where his cock went into Tom's ass. Tom continued to hump up and down. Jan looked down, feeling Tom's hands again on his cock, and noticing the huge guy's abdomen, saw a lump slowly moving back and forth under muscles the size of cobblestones. He realized Mike was fucking the guy's lights out, pulling out and pushing back, making what looked like strokes over a foot long. Then, all of a sudden, the guy took Jan's cock in his hands, and squeezed so much Jan thought his cockhead would rupture. The guy handled Jan's cock as best he could, Tom taking the advantage to stroke the guy's pecs, and then squeeze them as hard as he could. The guy started jerking off Jan's cock, while flexing his other arm, which Jan took as a cue, groping the biceps and squeezing it hard. Then, he let it go an made a lat pose, keeping his hands off his hips, which instantly produced the desired reaction, a hand went right up his lat, which Jan flexed until he thought it would jump out of his skin. He looked up for a moment and saw Mike and Tom gaping at the sight of him, and then Mike squeezed his eyes shut, and gritted his teeth, and rammed the guy beneath with such force that Tom was practically thrown into Jan, but managed to hold on to the huge pecs beneath him. Now it was Jan's turn to gape as Mike produced a double biceps, inflating his chest, and then deflating it back producing a low growl going into a most muscular pose which showed each and every separate muscle fiber on Mike's body. It was evident he had cum such a wad that it actually made the huge guy's abdomen puff up a bit. That was enough for Jan, who just managed to say `I'm gonna cum`. He started jacking himself off, joined by Tom, and Mike started humping the guy beneath him again with a vengeance. Jan felt he was on the verge of cumming, but somehow he just stayed there, until all of a sudden, the huge guy beneath yelped, and pulled Tom's ass of his cock. That mantool seemed like it would never end, going out of Tom's ass, but Tom was not to be bothered, and as he was almost thrown off, he managed to steady himself and start jacking himself off with a speed Jan could only describe as rivaling Ben from who knows how long ago. Mike started grunting and puffing all of a sudden, at the sight of the huge guy's cock, distended to the max, because the guy was squeezing it with both hands, jerking uncontrollably, almost trashing. Tom was the first to get over the top, suddenly stopping the fantastically fast motion of his hands, and rubbed his cock into the huge guy's flexing triceps, producing a wad of cum which made him yell aloud. Jan could see Tom's balls move up the shaft of his cock, and the muscles in his thighs and abdomen become incredibly defined cords, then relaxing a little only to flex again to produce another wad of cum which ended spilling over to the huge guy's chest. The guy in turn was still holding his cock, his eyes literally reeling around, from Jan, to Tom, to Mike. Suddenly, Mike pulled out, which made the huge guy wail, but his grip on his cock never faltered. The second Mike's log of a cock was out, Jan felt something give in his innards, right between his ass and his balls, and he finally came with such force that his toes curled, and there was nothing figurative about it. It was so strong he blacked out for a second, actually seeing the flashes in his head. When he came to, he saw Mike jacking off with both hands, the huge guy shoot cum two yards in the air, and felt Tom sucking him off, and then, just seconds later, Mike moved to the huge guy who was still jerking and twitching from his orgasm, only to unload pints of cum all over him, spasming like he was being electrocuted. The guy just kept looking, completely out of it, as wad after wad spewed forth from Mike's superhuman cock, coating his pecs and then his abdomen in milky liquid, with such force the first several squirts actually rebounded off the skin. Mike's hips kept on moving back and forth as he still fucked his fists while unloading.

Finally, he started dribbling, and then he stopped, squeezing his cock from root to head, getting out the last drop of his cum. Then he just let himself fall on his knees. Jan was pretty much back with the living, his cock still being stroked by Tom, who also sucked on the head, looking right at Jan with those beautiful blue eyes. The huge guy just stayed there on the bench, his incredible arms hanging down, and his thighs wide. His cock was slowly going soft and hung towards his knees at a low angle, still dribbling cum. Mike was on his knees, panting, looking at Jan.

Jan just shrugged, repeating the gesture Mike gave him a while back, which made Mike laugh aloud. Despite Tom's ministrations Jan's cock was going soft as well, and finally, Tom let go of it and looked back and forth between Jan and Mike. Finally he spoke.

`Are you two brothers or something?`

`Err... something, I guess...` Mike answered looking at Jan. Then they both looked at the huge guy still lying on the bench. It was quite obvious they made an impression on him, in more than one sense.

He was still lying there, covered with cum and sweat. His chest heaved up and down, and it was a sight to behold.

`Will he be all right?` Jan asked no one in particular. Tom looked over to the heap of muscle lying there.

`I certainly hope so, but it was one hell of a fuck. To tell you the truth, it was high time someone fucked him up properly...` he said, and smiled. He stood up, and offered a cum-covered hand to Jan. `I'm Tom` Jan almost doubled with laughter. An extended hand after they had already, well, extended cocks, was about the most superfluous thing he`d ever seen. Tom chuckled as well, realizing what he was doing, but Jan still grabbed his hand and squeezed it properly.

`Jan... and that's Mike over there` he said. Mike lifted his eyebrows in acknowledgment.

`And that's Marc` Tom said. Suddenly, Tom's face changed from a smile to a look of concern.

`Oh shit, there's no one out there` He said, stomping over to the bench by the wall, to collect his clothes. Then, he literally rubbed himself down and dressed himself on the way to the door, jumping on one foot and then o the other as he pulled his shorts back on. Before he exited, he turned back to them, eyeing all three. Then he smiled like a Cheshire cat.

`It seems you need some clothes` he said. "I'll be back in a minute` he finished, and went out.

Jan turned to Mike. 'Mike, we`ve got to talk... I think we had enough fun for a day with other people`. Mike looked at him, and then at the huge guy that Jan now knew as Marc, and nodded. They tried to clean up as best they could. They both still had their shorts on, but Mike's were ripped open down the front. He was so big they still clung to him as if they were in one piece. Mike's cock hung out, soft, sprawled over his huge balls. Jan looked down, and managed to get his genitals into his shorts, noticing the band had snapped. Both of them were covered with sweat and cum. They were startled by a gurgle from Marc, still panting on the bench - which was no wonder, after all he must have cum five times. He managed to rasp `Just promise me you'll be back`.

== * ==

For once Tom was glad that it seemed to be a slow day, no one new had come so no one really missed him at the desk. He popped over to the shower and took some towels. On the way he noticed Marc's shirt. He chuckled at the lettering on it which said `I'm the king`. Well, not any more, Tom thought... he considered what had happened a kind of moral education for Marc.

Tom knew that Marc would have found this funny beyond belief, but Tom considered Marc `his`. When he alowed himself to think rationally about the strange relationship they had, Tom knew wvery well he was completely and utterly in love with Marc. The problem, of course, was that it was definitely one-sided love.But Tom had stopped wasting time on wishful thinking for that to change, and decided to enjoy what he had with Marc, as weird as it was.

Several minutes later, the biggest muscle threesome in the world exited the posing room while Tom kept an eye out, realizing he didn't really know what for. Marc was visibly staggering, no doubt his ass was sore as hell, and the two strangers whose names Tom was not going to forget easily, helped him. They were respectively clothed, and wrapped in towels, or holding their huge limbs over certain strategic places, depending on what part of the clothing survived. Tom stood `guard` while they all showered quickly, deciding not to deprive himself of the view by showering himself, and ended up with the fastest shower of his life to catch up with the three after they finished. Good thing they were well and truly sexually satisfied - Tom certainly rated the sex they had as place one, on a top ten list which was for a long time only going to have the top entry. A short time later, they all gathered around the front desk, which was noticed by just about everyone passing by because they surrounded it completely. Marc was still bare-chested, the remaining three used that opportunity to touch and grope, trying to make it look like there was nothing sexual about it, and of course, not succeeding.

Finally Marc took his shirt from Tom, and looked down at it.

`Huh - I'm the king... looks like I'm the king no longer` he said, looking at Mike and then at Jan. Mike and Jan looked at each other, Tom could see there was something unsaid but shared between them in that look, but couldn't guess what it was. Then, Jan bent over the counter and took a felt tip pen Tom used for the bulletin board, took Marc's shirt from him, and added `HERE!` in big block lettering right under `I'm the king`. He gave it back to Marc.

'still, looks like I'll have to hit the weights much more` Marc said, and Mike gave him a mock punch in the shoulder. Tom couldn't believe the timidness Marc displayed, it was completely out of character.

`Play safely, this incredible body is the only one you`ve got` Mike said, squeezing Marc's arm a bit. Then he ran his hand over Marc's abs. Tom kept looking at Marc's face. The huge guy's eyes kept moving from Mike to Jan and back, skimming several times over their crotches. Tom suddenly felt a huge weight on his shoulder, and looked up to find Jan's hand on it. 'take care of him` he said, Tom just nodded, `Or we'll be back` Jan finished. Tom answered `I'm counting on that` and almost jumped in surprise when his voice was joined by Marc's. Then, the two giant's left, Jan practically squeezing Mike out of the door with a hand on Mike's butt, which Tom didn't fail to notice. Then, Jan pushed through that door himself, and Tom looked at the closed door for a few seconds, and was finally left looking at Marc. Marc returned his gaze, looking back at him with those hazel-green eyes Tom knew so well. But, Tom suddenly realized, Marc looked different. There was no overbearing expression on that face any more, which almost made Tom kiss him, something he never even thought of before. He put his hand around Marc's huge neck in a sudden feat of pique, and to his utter surprise, Marc sighed, and shifted a bit like it was just the proper place for that hand to be. •

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