Side Effects (2000)

Men Will Be Men


Jan could have seen that Mike was more than happy with the attention he was receiving from Tom. True, Jan had some pangs of jealousy over that, but he knew it was because of his insecurity and indecisivenes about his relationship with Mike. Jan though it was high time Mike allowed himself to have some fun. He was fairly sure Mike was a very much closeted guy, at least he used to be, and Jan loved the way Mike's self-confidence was blooming right now. He decided not to interfere, Mike had to get over it and what better time than now.

Besides, Jan had a customer of his own.

Jan had gone on through a series of exercises, absolutely everything he could think of involving the biggest dumbbells he could find, and those were really big, because they were one of those that were put together with regular plates. Jan had used a curious arrangement of 25 and 45 pound plates that let him add the weight but still actually have enough space to move the dumbells around. All the way through his impromptu routine he could see Ben follow him like a bewildered puppy, keeping his distance. He didn't shy from staring, though. Ben was obviously starting to cook nicely on the sexual fire of Jan's show, and Jan knew in a short time he`d be ready for some action.

This is why Jan decided he`d leave the body part Ben seemed to like the most for last. So, finally, he ended up pumping his arms, until the sight of his biceps pumping up and flexing into peaks never before seen in this gym, or for that matter anywhere, not even by Jan himself, made the final blow to Ben's resolution to admire from afar.

Jan just kept on curling, taking great care to squeeze his biceps until he thought they`d cramp, in the top position. He had long ago attained `a pump`. Right now, he was on the way to the mother of all pumps, and his biceps looked about ready to pop, the skin over them was red with the irritation of constantly being distended. Jan had worked up a proper sweat, and it made the skin over the biceps glisten like glass when he flexed them, but he was determined to keep on until Ben surrendered himself to the urge of touching. Finally, when Jan thought his biceps were really going to rupture, Ben got closer, and put a weary hand on Jan's rock-hard arm, and as Jan continued curling, cranking out a few more reps, Ben just kept wincing, sighing and moaning 'my god, they`re gonna explode`. In a second both Ben's hands were over those peaks of muscle, one and the other, and he looked positively shocked, which was only slightly more than Jan was, Ben couldn't get his hands to span the circumference of Jan's madly pumped biceps, let alone the whole arm, and he kept on trying until Jan actually held Ben's hands off before the guy had a nervous breakdown.

Then, with Ben in tow, he headed where the sauna used to be. He tugged Ben by one hand and Ben kept feeling Jan's forearm with his other hand, like a bewildered kid, completely oblivious to what was happening around him. Sure enough, not even these owners had made the sauna work, but right now it was the only place that offered some privacy.

Once they entered, Jan closed the door. He couldn't lock it as there was no key, but he was fairly certain no one was going to intrude. On cue, Ben took all his clothes off, and Jan remained in his shorts, struggling to get the muscle shirt off, because he was so pumped up and sweaty, it clung to him like it was glued. Finally, he managed to get it off, hearing a muffled rip, but it still looked OK. Ben was already beating his cock into a pulp. Ben was actually well muscled, but at the same time sort of pudgy, almost like he had a layer of baby fat. He went over his rock hard cock, which was average in length but very thick, with a speed making his hand a blur, never taking eyes of Jan. And Jan decided to give Ben a full show, flexing for him. He felt his own cock start to inflate, looking at his slightly distorted image of himself in the shiny metal door behind Ben. He leaned into Ben, allowing him to touch his flexed pecs, and to roam over his shoulders, and finally over his flexed biceps. Jan was turned on as much by Ben's ministrations as by himself. He flexed till it was painful, looking at his own biceps. Jan always had big arms, but they looked double the size right now, the biceps like two intersecting bowling-ball sized eggs, puffing up like balloons every time he would flex. He hadn't morphed, but he sure intended to at a later time, just to see how big a biceps could be. About there Ben came, with a content sigh, dribbling cum, but it didn't phase him at all, he just closed his eyes and continued beating off, making a weird wet sound, droplets of his cum falling around. Then Jan turned around and presented his back, spreading his lats like wings until his arms stood straight out to his sides. He couldn't see himself, but from Ben's grunts and from the feeling of his lats he knew he was absolutely humongous. He felt Ben's hand roam over the expanse of his back, and then something soft and hot - he realized it was Ben's tongue. Jan felt his cock push up the waistband of his shorts, growing an inch a second, throbbing. He let it grow until the band snapped back down, exposing the head and shaft, which were still growing bigger. Ben's tongue had left his back, and he felt Ben's hand on his ass, the wet almost slurping sound becoming suddenly faster in rhythm, and then he heard Ben wince, moving his hand to Jan's triceps, obviously cumming again. Jan was genuinely surprised at the control, Ben was standing all the while, and still kept on jacking off like there was no tomorrow. It made Jan so excited his cock extended up to his pecs in record time, becoming so hot Jan felt the heat with his face. He went to a double biceps pose, swinging his pelvis back and forth which made his now gargantuan erection slap into the bottom of his pecs repeatedly, surely a novel way to jack off. After a few more times, he felt his pre-cum stick the head of his cock into the crevice between his pecs, so he flexed them which pinched the cockhed and literally catapulted his cock downwards. He almost came, but managed to contain himself enough to turn around and face Ben. The second he did that, he saw Ben inhale suddenly, and start wincing, and then almost screaming, his cock erupting a steady stream of cum which dripped in strands to the floor. Ben's eyes were bugging out, looking at Jan's ultra-cock, and he was jacking off with such speed Jan thought he`d get heat blisters. He continued cumming, which brought Jan over the top. His knees almost gave way, and he ended up standing like in the middle of a limbo dance, his cock sticking straight up. He jacked off with both hands, feeling his cock swell even more, and his cum start pushing up the shaft. He thought his balls would explode as he felt a thousand hot needles prick his cock from inside, going up the shaft, until finally, they erupted in the form of a shaft of liquid which exploded up onto the ceiling with a very loud splat, surprising Jan so he almost fell, making a few backward steps to regain balance. Then, there was another spurt like that, and another. Jan managed to catch a glimpse of Ben, who was oozing down the door, his back propped onto it, still beating himself off, with an expression of an idiot. He was drooling from the corner of his lips, and his cock was drooling too, and still he was beating himself off, but somewhat slower. Finally, as Jan winded down, after producing what seemed like two dozen spurts, which ended sprayed over everything, he saw Ben end up on the floor, and finally ease up on his beating his meet, which was very swollen, and dark red with irritation. His eyes were closed, and for a second Jan was scared stiff that there was something very wrong with Ben. Then he saw Ben was breathing. He bent down, all sticky with his own cum, and picked up Ben, who just hung over his arms like a rag doll. He put him on the bench, and he realized Ben was sleeping like a baby.

`Incredible!` he thought. He was quite frightened the guy had literally jacked himself off into oblivion, but then he stirred, pulling himself into a fetal position, and sighed a content sigh the likes of Jan had never heard.

For several minutes Jan considered what to do, sitting beside Ben on the bench. Finally, he decided to let Ben be, and take a shower. He went out, closing the door silently, and managed to pop into the locker room completely unseen, took a few things out of the locker and headed for the showers. Fortunately, they were deserted, and he took only minutes to rinse down the remains of the weird sex he just had. He thought about it, and one of the thoughts crossing his mind was `being this big is dangerous for other people`, but the connotation was so funny, like expecting people to start cumming until they went into a coma the moment they lay eyes on him and Mike.

He tried to dismiss the thought, but it kept on lingering uncomfortably.

Mike... now what was he up to? Jan realized it must have been an hour since he last saw him. He stepped out of the shower, shocking a man that just entered. He couldn't care less. He wrapped a towel around his waist, and hurried off to the sauna room to see to Ben.

When he opened the door, Ben was already dressed up, he had used his shirt to towel of the cum. The sauna was still drenched with it, but obviously both didn't care about that at all. When Jan entered, Ben almost jumped. He looked at Jan with a look that could only be interpreted as fear.

`Are you all right?` Jan asked. Ben just looked at him. Then he started nodding but stopped mid-way. "I don't know` he said. Jan could do nothing but look at him, and Ben averted his eyes. They stood there like that for a short time. `I'm sorry... I can't be near you right now...` Ben said. Jan looked at him. Ben took his shirt and went out. Jan just stood there feeling like an idiot. The guy had probably spent a lifetime denying any attraction to his own sex, and what happened must have been an incredible shock. Jan realized he was actually lucky the guy hadn't started yelling `Rape` when he entered.

He didn't know what to do. Finally, he left for the lockers, to get something clean to wear, and decided he`d look for Mike. As he went out he passed Ben in the showers, he stood under the torrent of water, and looked at Jan as he passed. Then he smiled almost imperceptibly, and Jan felt his heart get back into the right place.

For a moment there, he was really scared.

== * ==

Marc had tried a lot of things in his life to make himself continue getting bigger. As a matter of fact, he was still at it. He was always big, but he wanted to be the biggest thing that moved on this earth, and up to now he was certain he was. He had built his muscles up to incredible dimensions, and he had also done some work on his cock. It was so big now that Marc never saw anyone who could top it, until today. He could have seen that guy was as big as him, but when he saw that cock inflate, becoming what looked like double the size of his own, he had only one thought in mind.

Marc had no problem fucking anything or anybody that would give him a good time, which usually meant worshipping every inch of his body while he flexed his muscle like mad, and it was even better if there was a mirror around. Truth be said, Marc could spend hours in front of a mirror completely alone, frequently cumming all over it several times. For him that qualified him as 'straight` although he couldn't care less what he was as long as his desires were satisfied. Ever since he met Tom, he kept wondering what it's like to be fucked by his huge cock. He had sucked himself off a few times, but he liked the feel of Tom on his cock the best. Sure, he had fucked both sexes, but the women couldn't take him any more, they mostly didn't even want to try, and he`d be damned before he`d admit he was too big on account of some broad not being able to fit him. Now, the men, those were a different story. He had several who he literally made bleed and they still kept on pushing and begging for more. Until Tom. Tom was always ready and willing to get his butt fucked apart, begging Marc to rip him open, over and over. He`d cum like a fountain, several times, while Marc kept fucking him, his hands all over Marc's body, moaning for more. After months he still couldn't get enough and Marc found even his enormous sexual endurance taxed on several occasions. He vowed he`d find out what it was about the fascination with a huge cock mangling your innards. Marc knew all about his narcissistic streak, but he considered it perfectly logical. The most desirable cock he would have liked in his ass was his own, but he`d need to make it far bigger to even attempt that, and as obsessed as he was, he wasn't counting on that being possible (but he sure as hell was going to try). So, he had a dildo cast from his own cock, and had progressed to the point where he could impale himself on it almost all the way. He`d do that and strut in front of the mirror, making himself cum like never before, which only made him want more.

But, he wanted a real cock in him, one that would pump back and forth, swelling hugely, filling him up completely, cumming. However, being the way he was, he decided that he`d be fucked only by a man at least as big as himself but preferably bigger, or none at all. Right now, he wanted that rock hard log of a cock on that mountain of a man right up his ass, no matter what it takes. For the first time in his life, Marc was actually frightened there was something he wouldn't be able to do. His hand couldn't meet around this guy's member, and Marc had never actually been fucked before, but, he reasoned, there was a first time for everything. •

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