Side Effects (2000)

King Of The Gym


Tom was on the way to heaven, at least heaven as he imagined it - full of incredibly huge muscular men ready to flex and strut for him.

Right now, the way to that heaven included two incredibly huge men.

Tom almost thought `only two` but those two looked like they had all the muscle in the world on them. As far as Tom was concerned, things could only get better - there was a third somewhere around as well!

When Tom first saw Marc, he thought he was hallucinating - there was just no way someone like Marc could have existed. But he soon found out Marc was very real. Marc was a black-white mix that seemed to have the most outstanding qualities of both, from his toes right up that impossible body, to that gorgeous face topped by atypically straight, but typically wiry, crew-cut black hair, probably a part of some native-american genes, Tom always thought. Whatever those were, were again the best on offer. Marc was huge beyond anything Tom ever laid his eyes on, until this day. He had a shape which could be described as he-man in flesh, and that included every part of him.

Marc called himself straight, which in his vocabulary meant `fuck whoever can take it and not be fucked yourself`. He also called himself 'top of the muscle chain`. For Tom, all that meant was that Tom's eyes being laid on Marc was just the start, soon it was just about every part of Tom's body. In fact, Tom was Marc's favorite.

Marc would fuck anyone that would worship his body, and he always said that only a man knows what a man needs - and Tom was an expert in feeling and squeezing those 5" thick slabs of pec muscle, and groping those flexed 26" arms while Marc would flex that he-man cock up in Tom's bowels. Tom was one of the rare that could take that fucking willingly.

Marc was hung as a mule and was obsessed with all his muscles which included the sex muscle as well. This meant he was equally apt at making himself bigger down there, as he was with the rest of his body. When excited, that cock swelled to 13 inches long, and it would become steel-hard adding two inches more in length and swelling to a huge girth while he fucked Tom just as he wanted it - senseless.

Even soft, Marc's cock was over 10" long and he took great care to display that fact, which in fact he was doing right now, wearing the tightest shorts imaginable. They displayed a long tubular bulge down his thigh that already bulged with muscular shapes. He was taking turns with this impossibly huge stranger, going through each and every exercise the stranger was doing, matching rep for rep, weight for weight. Occasionally one would do a rep more and the other would match that, or even increase it. To start off with, Marc arrived already sporting a pump, which didn't surprise Tom at all, in fact he counted on it. Then, the two giants proceeded to compete on the lat machine, then they did leg extensions, then they used the hack with so much weight the poor thing was visibly bent under it. Tom was so hot over the looks of those two, he barely contained himself from cumming into his shorts, which visibly tented out, his raging hard-on completely evident to everyone. Tom couldn't care less. He was amply occupied with bugging his eyes at the impossible shapes those two were attaining with so much pumping. If it wasn't for the sheer curiosity about what they would be doing next, he would have freed his manhood of it's confinement and jacked off right there.

Half through the show, Marc took his shirt off, exposing his torso, glistening with sweat. Then both went back to the bench, and started lifting that bar, loaded with countless pounds of iron, left there by the third giant - No one had dared take the weights off. Tom ogled, no doubt moaning below breath, while these two continued taking turns through who knows how many sets. Half way through, the stranger took his shirt off as well, but it stuck below his pecs, so he actually had to rip it off. For a moment they both stood eyeing each other.

Tom had never seen Marc so pumped up, and the other man matched that, if not even topped it. The muscles on both bulged like they were flexed, and they were not, although they did tense them, trying to look bigger than the other, and they already looked like someone stuffed those muscular bulges with balloons. Finally, they moved some of the weight off the bar, in complete synch, one moving off the plates on the left side and one off the right, and started doing triceps extensions. Both had pumped up their pecs so big they had trouble bending their neck enough to get their head out of the way of the bar. Marc's chest was so high he couldn't see over it lying on the bench, and it inflated even further when he`d breathe in. Then the stranger would take his turn, and Tom's eyes would glue to the a sea of pec muscle before him, and drift to the triceps flexing until he thought it would sprout additional heads. After that, they moved on to using the biggest dumbbells available to do shoulder flies, and again they went on and on. Finally, they moved back to the bench, and the stranger took the bar and started curling those biceps again.

Marc was not to be intimidated. By the end of the set, they started adding small plates, daring each other to lift more, but all the time they never said a single word.

By the end of set four, they were both pumped up incredibly, the second they would let the weight down, they had to assume a posture with legs spread, and their arms would lift up automatically, with the pump in their backs and triceps and shoulders. The stranger sported a network of veins Tom had never seen the likes of, and Marc's became so big over his forearms, they looked like someone tied him up with ropes. One would put the weight down, and the other would strut and flex his biceps lightly, teasing the other. All their muscles bulged all the time. And they went on. Finally, when Tom thought they were going to continue until one either dropped exhausted or pumped up so much he`d burst, they both stopped, looking at each other. They were all sweaty, and pumped up so much that Tom thought another rep would make the skin rip over those insanely big muscles. They stood there, looking like they were doing a side chest, lat and a kind of double biceps pose all at once, and in fact they weren't flexing at all. Then came the first words, from Marc. 'tom here` he said, panting, and tilting his head towards where Tom was standing (Tom could have added `in a puddle of his drool` to that), 'says you`re bigger than me`.

Tom looked at one, then the other. Then he remembered the third. `But there's a...` he started, but Marc looked at him with a look that clearly stated `I'm doing the talking here`.

'there's only one way to test that` Marc said, and turned, or rather, maneuvered, to face Tom. `Get the key to the posing room`. Tom first looked at him, then at the stranger. Then he started saying something, but thought better of it. He had no recollection how he got to the desk and got the keys, he just knew that next they were trying to get through the door and he had the key in his hand, obviously having unlocked the door. It wasn't in use normally, Marc kept a few of his things there, but it was basically a room with three walls lined with mirrors. There was a long bench along the fourth wall, and a few boxes, an incomplete weight rack, and another shorter bench. Tom had to use the long bench right away, because the second those two got in, entering sideways, they started strutting and flexing. First, it was only `in passing`, a muscle would twitch and jump. But then, they went on to a real show. Tom found himself on the bench, shorts pulled down and cock in his hand. He was excited to the point of pain, and his balls in fact ached, swollen, attaining a size Tom never thought possible. The two heaps of pumped up muscle looked at him when Marc obviously got the idea of him deciding who the bigger was, noticed what he was up to, and just proceeded to test who was bigger by themselves.

The first thing they did was a lat spread, flexing so hard, the backs exposed to Tom, he thought their lats would fly apart trying to become wider - the two of them looked like they spanned the width of the room, and the tapers they had could only become better by the lats going out horizontally. That was when Tom came. It was such a surprise that he gasped in shock, his cum spewing in a gush of thick liquid, arcing a yard up like it was coming from a fountain. The two giants paid no attention to him at all, and moved on to a double biceps, their arms becoming, what looked to Tom like two balloons of flesh each, spanning the space between the fists and the still extended lats. Then, they moved on to a one-armed biceps pose, squeezing until Tom thought their biceps would snap in two. Marc's ballooned into those huge ball-shaped mounds, even bigger than Tom ever remembered them, crowned by a huge vein. The stranger's parried by an equally big peak, with a split right down the middle you could hide in. Both were squeezing so much the skin became reddish, and on Marc it became a deeper shade of brown. They both shook with the exertion, veins sticking out on their necks and shoulders, grunting.

Then, both shifted to a side triceps pose, pumping the arms up and down slightly, creating gashes and mounds alternately. The stranger was obviously not experienced at posing, but he caught on in seconds.

Then, most muscular, which Tom viewed from behind, seeing the actual pose in the mirror, but not failing to notice they both flexed their glutes and legs so the striation was clearly visible even through the shorts they both wore. Marc's glutes looked like two square five-inch thick plates hammered into place under the skin, while the stranger's were tilted to the side, a gash going up to the middle of them. Both had legs which looked like they could provide enough power to move a building around plowing through the ground with it's foundation, and those traps they made bunch up came up to their ears. Tom had no idea whether he was jacking off, cumming, in the process of falling unconscious, or if his skin was burning off, he only knew he had to keep on looking.

== * ==

`It seems it's pretty much a tie` Mike's opponent finally said, both reluctantly going half-relaxed from who knows which turn at doing a lat spread.

Mike was very new at all this, he almost laughed out loud at the thought that a day ago he`d be on that bench behind, like that Tom guy was, beating himself off into oblivion at the sight before him.

But, Mike was not na´ve, nor stupid. When this private contest between him and this other superman started, he kept himself back, trying to figure out if this guy somehow had the morphing ability as well. It soon became clear that he was well known in this gym, however, and that implied he was a regular. If he was able to morph, he certainly wouldn't need to be. It seemed that this man was a true genetic freak. But the kind of body Mike now had was extremely unlikely to be built using natural means, maybe even impossible. Mike had no doubt the he-man beside him wasn't used to being in the presence of anyone bigger than himself - and that was because Mike was sure he`d never seen anyone bigger, nor heard of. But, Mike had cheated the usual rules - what this guy did to attain such muscle, natural or chemical or whatever, was grueling hard work, and definitely involved taking many risks. In that sense Mike had no business competing at all. However, it was soon obvious a competition could not be avoided. Mike felt some real fear about what the guy would do if he found himself overshadowed. He didn't want the guy to injure himself, or worse, that the contest resulted in a subsequent death by some drug overdose or whatever. Although Mike had no doubt at first who the winner would be, he found out he was getting a proper run for his money - in fact, although he could have probably used more weight, or done more reps, the difference would have been very small. It made this guy's achievement even more remarkable. He was going to stay true to the ground rules he and Jan laid out, but truth be said, he was getting a bit worn out. Looking at the feats both he and the giant beside him did, he could only admire the man - there was no doubt this guy was a true genetic freak, who had kept on pumping the weights in order to push the limits, for who knows how long.

As far as character was concerned, Mike was getting more than a bit pissed off. This guy was also an overbearing showoff. Although Mike had to admit at least there was loads to be shown-off, still Mike didn't like the attitude. Granted, Mike was at this place to show off, but with the intention of humiliating someone else.

'there's only one way to settle this` the man said, and started to rub the big swollen bulge in his shorts. During all the showing off, it had grown visibly, protruding halfway down his thigh. Mike had a similar problem, but unlike the man in front of him, he was keeping it under stricter control. The man continued stroking his enormous endowement, and finally challenged: `Pull out that meat so we can see who the bigger man is`.

Now, that was truly the last straw. Yes, Mike found the guy beside him hot to the limit, and yes, if we were talking just about raw sex, in some other reality he would have loved to have a chance at the wildest possible sex with him, involving an intimate flex and fuck the likes of which the world had never seen. The incredible sex appeal was not to be denied - Mike had to forbid his cock from getting hard.

However, right now, Mike thought, this guy needed a lesson. Just as Mike decided to give him one, the guy pulled down the shorts, and exposed a rapidly engorging horse-sized dick. He started pulling at it, which made it swell instantly. Mike did the same, and in a second they were beating off maddeningly slowly. The guy's cock had swelled huge, and Mike allowed his own to get just short of that.

'so, doesn't seem you can match these rock hard 15 inches` the guy said, sniggering like a Cheshire cat. 'never seen anyone that can` he finished. Now, you are really asking for it, Mike thought, and you are going to get exactly what you deserve.

'not so fast. I'm barely half-hard.` Mike said, and mentally unleashed his cock. He gave it a few tugs, although he had all the incentive to get bursting hard already. In about five seconds it unfurled to it's new dimension, becoming again an almost 2` mast of swollen flesh, which then continued swelling thicker once it achieved it's elephantine length. As it grew, Tom practically scrammed to get beside Mike, and the huge guy's eyes glued to it. As it grew, they just continued bugging out until Mike thought they would pop out on springs like in a cartoon. Tom in turn became progressively paler.

Finally, Mike felt his cock achieve that 'steel beam welded to his pelvis hardness`, and just couldn't resist asking 'so, can you match these two feet?`

The huge guy looked up and down Mike's cock in disbelief, going from the protrusions Mike's balls made (and that was actually quite painful) in his shorts, up to the glistening head swollen to softball size, and then further up looking into Mike's face, while Tom just gurgled something. Then, the big guy just said 'sweet fuckin` Jesus!`

and took Mike's cock with both hands, and attempted to devour it. He tugged at it, which made the root of Mike's cock massage Mike's innards with such a pain-ecstasy feeling his knees trembled. Mike held onto the guys gargantuan shoulders, looking down, noticing the guy's cock had attained incredible hardness, it was so rigid that as the guy moved attempting to suck Mike's super-cock, it wouldn't bob at all - it just moved with his pelvis. Impending sex won over Mike's rational mind. A second after that, Mike started stroking the guys shoulders and those hairless pecs, and then felt two hands on his ass, slowly moving around to reach his abs. He looked to the side, to find Tom's eyes boring into him with a begging look. Just then, the huge guy found Mike's piss slit and poked his tongue in it, and then ran his teeth right beneath the flaring corona of Mike's cockhead, moaning, which made Mike reward him with a gush of pre-cum which obviously surprised the guy. He pulled off for a second, and said, licking his lips: 'not so fast... I want you to give it to me, I want you to fuck my brains out with it`. He looked the guy straight in the eyes, and the desire was evident. Then he looked back at Tom, who's surprise was obviously enough to get more than his cockhead going, and who said incredulously: 'marc... him fuck you?!?`

`Quit yapping Tommy, and start sucking, help the man out!` the big guy hissed.

Now, Mike had absolutely no idea how this Marc guy was going to handle the overgrown cock he was already being pulled by towards the bench, while Tom kept crawling on his knees, trying to position himself between them, in order not to have to decide whether he was going to lick Mike's balls or suck on Marc's cock - he obviously wanted both. Mike had fucked only once in his life and that was yesterday. The urge to do just what this Marc person was asking for was overwhelming. Obviously, he'll just have to play it by ear. •

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