Side Effects (2000)

The Workout


The day looked like one of those quiet ones when Tom started his shift behind the gym desk. Then, without any warning, it turned into one he was never going to forget. First of all, out of the blue, around half past five, in the middle of 'slumber-hour` in this gym, the door opens, and in comes a properly big man, for a change. In fact, as Tom looked up, and then down, and then up again, and then sideways, this guy was probably bigger than Marc, the undisputed king of size, and the so far biggest man Tom ever saw anywhere. Certainly, this man looked wider than Marc, in fact, he looked the widest. To top it off, he had a face that made Tom barely hold back from giving it a tongue bath. Sort of ruggedly innocent, with brown-blond hair, and a sexy 3-day beard of the same color. Just when Tom finished the appraisal, the door opened again, and in came an even larger man, well, taller, with the same incredible proportion, and a face of a model. Now this man made Marc look small! He spoke with a deep voice, oozing with testosterone might.

"What will a workout cost in this place?"

Tom usually stood at the counter, but now, he had to prop himself onto it, because he was feeling queasy at the knees with all this muscle-he-man display in front of him.

"E..eight dollars... each?" he hazarded. The larger bent down and gave Tom a display of his huge pecs mounding so big they stretched the muscle shirt he was wearing until Tom could hear it groan. He pulled a twenty dollar bill out of the recesses of his gym bag, and handed it over. It looked positively insignificant in the hand holding it. Tom kept looking from the bill, to the hand, and up to the shoulder and back down again, feeling his crotch tingle. Finally he took the bill, when he heard the smaller... well, less big, of the two clear his throat pointedly.

"Were are the lockers around here?" the man asked, and all Tom could do was just absent-mindedly point in the general direction. He had to will himself with all his might to get the change, but before he could, the bigger guy just said `Keep it, buy your self a power bar or something, you need to fill out a bit.`, and patted Tom on the shoulder with a pat of a bear. Need to fill out?! Tom had spent years building his body, and he wasn't very big but he sure wasn't small...

but then he realized he was, compared to those two giants.

Not 15 minutes after they came in, most of the other people that were in were literally scared off, except a few that just lingered around and ogled. Those were Tom's usual competition, and Tom had to admit he felt jealous, after all, this was his turf and hunting ground.

Marc may have been the king, but he was the gamekeeper and right now the catch of the century was right here. He took every opportunity to look into what those two giants were doing, and when he saw what they were up to, he just had to do it - he phoned up Marc. He was sure to take the bait, hook, line and sinker - and Tom hoped, the fisherman, too.

'marc, it's Tom` he said, with a very serious tone, knowing Marc wouldn't be thrilled at the call.

`What do you want...` he heard Marc's voice, irritation included - but he interjected quickly before Marc could begin to tell him off.

'marc, there are two absolute giants here, one bigger than the other... I think they are even bigger than you, and the weights they are handling are incredible...` Tom said. There was a silence from the other end. Then, there was an `I'll be there in a minute`, and a click. Tom could barely contain himself, the three largest men on this earth were soon going to be in one place, with him around. If he knew Marc, this was going to be one muscle pumping and flexing fest to be remembered. Tom felt his cock start swelling even more at the thought, and barely containing himself, he went to look what those two were up to.

== * ==

>From the moment Mike put on one of Jan's muscle shirts and tight gym shorts on, needing to wish himself smaller to accomplish that, and of course growing back the second he managed to put the things on, he knew a part of the person he used to be was lost forever. The `old`

Mike would never have even gotten the idea to go to the gym with the intention of showing off, much less dressed for the occasion. Jan, however, delighted in the thrill of what they were about to do, in fact he said a large part of the thrill was watching Mike do the showing off.

Good thing they decided not to go to their gym, after all, one does not appear altered beyond anything possible a day after they left looking, well, 'normal` - although that sex oozing exit they performed yesterday could hardly be called normal. They both agreed they will not burn their bridges in that manner. In addition, Mike had Jan agree they would keep this little trip in the realm of decency (much as the notion of it changed in the last 24 hours or so), and also not morph `in public` unless there was an emergency - it was too easy to get carried away, and this way they would keep each other in check until they knew what they are dealing with better.

Both Mike and Jan actually knew what that was really about - they needed to get over playing with themselves, but they agreed they'll do that somewhere in private. The gym wasn't such a place, and besides, the point was to do some serious lifting. If it was difficult, the body would adapt - unless there was a 'standing` order preventing it to - and it seemed that this `wishing` thing that happened also could do 'standing orders`, at lest Jan maintained it could. Both of them were after a serious pump, and that would have been impossible with the body adapting to make the weight easy to lift, although Mike was really tempted to let it adapt just to see what he would turn into. The look Jan gave him while they were discussing these ground rules was enough to tell him they were bound to try that some time soon, with or without the actual weights.

They picked a gym Jan used to go to years ago, and headed across town. The place had changed a lot, Jan said, and it seemed it changed owners - it looked different and had a different name. A perfect setting for a little fun. They both got out of the car and entered the premises. The first thing Mike saw when they entered was this cute buff blond guy at the counter. Mike could actually feel the incredulous stare check out every inch of him. It was incredible how sexual opportunity presented itself at every corner all of a sudden - Mike could see the guy barely containing himself from slurping, although he did purse his lips, so it was Mike's turn to contain himself from strutting, or rather strutting too much.

Only a day ago, Mike would have admired this guy's beautifully built and toned body from afar. He wasn't very big, but he was built, and very well at that. A day ago, Mike would have wished to look like that, and/or to be in bed with a guy like that if they, by some magic, would have proven to be compatible. Mike was never into sex for sex sake, and this characteristic defined him in a way. He didn't expect this to ever change, and this brought a pang of guilt again, over the incident with the kid in the lobby of Jan's appartment building. Even so, Mike remembered the name on the badge - Tom. Good thing Jan came in then and offered some meaningful conversation. What looked like seconds after that, they were both hitting the weights.

== * ==

Jan knew they had made an impact the second they entered - that buff little stud named Tom, as his badge said, ogled at Mike, and then positively devoured them both with his blue-eyed stare. He knew the type - the `close to the source` kind of guy. No doubt the guy was gay, and not afraid to show it to a chosen public. That, of course, was just the start - when they hit the weights, all eyes became glued to them. That was not surprising - after all, two guys that dwarf any pro taking turns at warming-up on a bench presses with about 400 pounds, doesn't happen every day! There were a lot of muffled Ahs, Ohs and Wows and a lot of head turning. The crowd was scarce, and it was actually the setting Jan preferred. He couldn't stop looking at Mike, and it was obvious it went both ways. There seemed to be no limit to the weight they could lift, but regardless of their power, the weight had to be lifted by some serious muscle work - and right now, Mike's pecs looked not only like they were going to burst through the shirt, but through his skin. They literally puffed up from those thick slabs into ready to burst shapes made of four huge cable-like fingers of flexed muscle. Jan could barely resist running his hands over them.

When it was his turn, he could see the same devouring look in Mike's eyes. Lifting the weight wasn't exactly easy, it was strange, Jan had to put real effort in it, but it seemed like he could go on forever, he didn't even have to breathe harder. He saw Mike move out of eyeshot, towards the dumbbell rack, and the second he did, a short man with black hair that had been ogling from the very moment Jan lay on the bench, approached. Jan remembered this was by no means a gay gym, unless this had also changed, but somehow, right now the audience was all male. The guy's eyes were stuck at his pecs, Jan had actually trouble looking over them to notice the fact - he had done something like 20 reps and was sporting a nice pump already, it made his pecs puff up so much even he was surprised. They felt so heavy and full, Jan just had to flex them and give them a stroke with his hand. He couldn't beleave he had just done almost three times the reps with twice the weight compared to his personal record! Finally, after that short pause, he cranked out six more reps, and with perfect form. He lay there for a second, and then stood up and added more weight. He wasn't actually sure the bar was going to hold, it was already arched beyond anything he ever saw with six 45 pound plates on each side. The bar only protruded a little beyond that and the seventh plate bas barely holding on in the end. As Jan was putting them on, he heard the man mouth a muffled `impossible`.

`What is?` Jan asked, well aware he was giving in to a hedonistic urge.

`Oh... nothing` The man said, but obviously thought Jan's look demanded a better answer, and added `I thought you would need a spotter, but I don't think anyone could attempt to spot you with that weight`

`I think I can handle it safely` Jan said, and proceeded to actually do that, right beneath the guy's incredulous stare, taking care to tense all his muscles with the weight in the top position, to give him something to ogle at, and without fail, he did, shaking his head in disbelief and muttering something.

`Jesus, you must be the strongest man on this planet` the guy uttered, shaking his head.

'no I'm not... yet` Jan said, enigmatically, eyeing the man. He could have been Jan's age or thereabouts, late twenties or early thirties, it wasn't easy to tell. Jan could see a nicely thick-muscled body, the way only short guys manage to pull it off. He must have been a foot shorter than Jan, and standing before him, his eyes came right to the middle of Jan's pecs. Jan moved a bit closer to him, and the guy eyed him down and up again, very quickly. Jan looked down, and he could see a barely perceptible bulge of the guy's cock - but Jan had a trained eye, in a manner of speaking, and that bulge could have looked that way only if that cock was rigid. Jan smiled inwardly, managing to keep a straight face, and offered a hand.

`I'm Jan` he said. The guy looked quite shocked at the introduction, looking incredulously up and down Jan's arm as he offered a handshake. Jan took the opportunity to let his eyes hunt for Mike, and noticed he had business of his own. That front desk boy was literally devouring Mike's biceps which turned into incredible peaked balls of flesh as he curled with a set of absolutely gargantuan dumbells. Jan could see Mike looking at his improbable peaks in the mirror with a look of incredulity only a fraction milder than that of the kid. Even Jan took seconds to unstick his gaze off them, completely understanding and enjoying the fascination. `Er... Ben. Nice to meet you` the guy in front of him said, helping Jan to shift his attention away from Mike displaying himself. It took a lot of Jan's concentration to keep the familiar tingle in his crotch at bay. Jan looked down again, and noticed again... Ben...

couldn't stop staring at his arm. Then Ben looked up, it was almost like a flinch.

`You have the absolutely biggest arms I ever saw, what are they, at least two feet around? My god, I can't believe they are real!`

`I don't really know how big they are, as a matter of fact, but I can tell you they are absolutely real` Jan said, chuckling. Ben just looked at his arm in utter fascination, and Jan tensed it only a bit for emphasis, which brought a sigh from Ben.

`Want to touch it?` Jan asked, deciding to cut the preliminaries.

`Oh, man, no... I mean yes, but I wouldn't want you to think I'm like, you know...` `What, gay?`

Ben looked down. Jan said `Hey, it's never been a problem for me, I don't see why it would be one now...` Ben was still looking down. `Look, I'll go on with my workout, and I have no problem with you sticking around... that is if you want it. If you decide you`d like to give me a squeeze, I won't mind, not at all.` Jan said.

Of course, Jan's being gay has proven a problem many times. Normally, he wouldn't have come out like that except when he was sure it was already obvious, and no-one would get physically hurt. It was such a thrill being able to say this outright - after all, who could do anything about it? He noticed the rest of the audience suddenly left on their own business, probably catching the whiff of what was going on between him and Ben. He looked around, and found Mike doing lat pulls. In Jan's opinion, Mike always had very good potential, and he had a pleasing shape even before this adventure started. Now, this shape was greatly improved, and developed fantastically. Looking at Mike's lats puff up was a purely sexual delight. He knew that Tom guy was having a good time, and so was Mike, evidently. All that left the dumbbells free, and Jan decided to put them to good use.

== * ==

To Mike, this sudden attention, coupled with showing off his amazing strength, power and size, felt absolutely exhilarating. Almost intoxiacting. He kept lifting more and more, his muscles seemed to be impossible to tire, but he was beginning to breathe faster, and he couldn't believe the pump he was getting. He had started doing biceps curls with a weight he was only dimly aware existed before, and he had done so many reps - he just kept going on and on, barely being able to believe how his biceps kept on expanding with the pump. He moved on to bigger dumbbells, flexing his biceps into peaks so big even he was afraid they would pop through his skin. He had moved to a set of absolutely huge dumbbells which were clearly rarely used if at all - they were actually dusty.

He noticed that buff Tom stud from the front desk ogling, and he decided to give him a proper show. He cranked out rep after rep, until the two veins over his biceps pumped up with his blood into hard tubes the thickness of a finger. Mike had to consciously will his cock to remain flaccid at the thrill of his own show, but he could see a hefty bulge form in Tom's shorts, running down the left pantleg. Finally, Mike stretched a little, and then flexed his biceps, as if for himself, looking in the mirror. He flexed hard, not entirely believing the size his arms became, they were bigger by half than his thighs used to be only a day ago, and those peaks were unbelievable - the skin over them shined, it became so stretched. He stroked the bulging biceps of his right hand with his left palm, it was hard as steel, and he tensed and relaxed it a little, making it throb. He barely resisted licking his engorged biceps. Then he flexed the other arm as well, noticing clearly the wince that came from Tom, who was still ogling behind him. Unfortunately, the supply of dumbbells was exhausted, but Mike wanted to try something else anyway, so he moved on to the lat machine.

He had done his first set with the whole stack, and as he pulled, grunting, he could hear clearly the grunts coming from Tom, still behind him. He finished the set, feeling his arms lifted up by the pump of his lats. But of course, he was after a pump the likes of which were never seen before. He pulled the stack pin a bit outwards, and strutted over to the plate rack, took a 45lb plate and hung it on the pin. It wasn't really much more weight, but it was intended to be an experiment anyway. He started his set, when he saw Tom get in front of him, and first beckon and then ask him to stop. He wanted him to take the weight off because he was afraid the machine would get damaged, but finally desisted and told him not to add any more.

Mike clearly saw him hiding the bulge in his shorts, which was now really big, and throbbing, by putting his hands in front of it, but of course, that was very conspicuous, and obviously intended that way. Mike continued pumping, breathing in and out, pulling sloooowly, bending back at the bottom of the pull and squeezing with all his might, which made his pecs stick out in front of him like a shelf, and his lats explode outwards like wings. Every pull was followed by a sound from Tom, and after a couple of them, that sound was almost a moan. All of a sudden, he felt another presence behind him. He finished the set, stood up and turned around.

Behind him, beside Tom, was a true giant, just as big as Mike now was. He was dressed in a muscle shirt and shorts just like Mike, and from what Mike could see, this chocolate-colored hunk of prime beef could match him inch for inch, and that included the bulge between the pillar-like thighs.

'mind if I work in?` the man said, in a deep, manly, yet silky-smooth voice, not without a hint of cockyness. •

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