Side Effects (2000)

A Private Show


Jan was now sure this morphing ability which he and Mike had been suddenly endowed with, limited itself to what would be possible to humans, however, with the added dimension of almost unlimited supply of materials and energy.

It was anything but simple - some things ran on automatic, it seemed, while others, more specific, needed a lot of thought before attempted. Some things, again, were simply impossible - at least for now. If the body didn't somehow know how to achieve them, they just wouldn't happen. About an hour ago he had decided to stop being a hedonist, having satisfied himself sexually a dozen times, and decided to try more constructive things. As a result, he now knew he could remember anything if he wanted to - in fact he had memorized several pages of one of the dictionaries he had, and he could quote from those. It took a little longer to recall after about half an hour, but once he started, he could just go on. But what he was actually most interested in was biology. First of all, he could see much better in the dark, but not overly so. In the same way he augmented his hearing and quickly wished it back to normal because of the constant noise he was hearing, from just about anything, including his own body - what a way to learn the meaning of 'noise pollution`. One thing which he did retain, was true 20-20 vision, chuckling how he teased Mike about it. He also tried changing his skin color, and while he could get it lighter, he couldn't get it to be any darker than deep brown, certainly not ebony dark. Pity, he really wanted to try ebony. He reverted back to the tan Mike gave him, it really did look good. He walked over to his room again, rubbing his shoulders against the doorframe. That rub carried a special feeling and it gave him another idea to try - but just then the phone rang. It was Mike.

== * ==

Mike was having the time of his life. He had noticed the guy ogling the second he had stopped the car, and it continued while he was getting out, which Mike had to admit, must have been a good show. The guy's eyes went to Mike's body while he was parking the car, and just never left it. He was a cute black haired little stud, about 5`7", nicely defined and tight body, and those ogling eyes were a fantastic deep blue. Mike decided, very much out of character, it was high time for him to actually enjoyed the attention.

As he moved into the building, the guy followed, passed beside him as he sat in one of the chairs, and moved behind the bend in the hallway. It was obvious the guy wanted to give the impression he went down the hall on his own business, but as Mike had him already pegged, he wasn't surprised to see him lurking behind the corner.

There was a mirror accross the hall, and hidden by the corner, the guy was checking Mike out using the mirror. Of course, the mirror worked both ways, if you knew to look at it. To Mike, it couldn't have been more obvious. He could just feel the stare passing over every inch of his body, as the guy passed by. Knowing that he was being watched, Mike took great care to present something worth watching, standing up and walking back and forth, strutting there in his torn clothes. Then he decided to make it a bit more interesting for him.

"Come here" he said. Nothing happened, the guy flinched, behind the corner. It was a good plan, the elevator was there and for a moment the guy pretended he was waiting for it.

"Come on, you`re not fooling anyone".

The guy turned, and there was very evident fear in his eyes, but also curiosity. For a moment there, Mike thought the guy was going to freak out and run, so he added: "Hey, I don't bite. And I like being looked at", turning so the guy could see him in all his glory, he spread his lats a bit and tensed his thighs and arms. He also made his pecs jump when he could see the guy was ready to start drooling.

Then the guy came out from behind the corner, and took a tentative step towards Mike, and stopped, looking at him with a pleading look.

Mike beckoned for him to get closer, and the guy complied.

Mike noticed he was young - early twenties, 21, 22? A beautiful young man. He stopped about a yard from Mike, rising one hand, and then pulling it back, right before almost touching Mike's chest. He looked up at Mike and then down, avoiding Mike's eyes. He muttered something, it took Mike a second to realize it was a "Oh my God".

== * ==

Jan had almost laughed his ass of while in the elevator. Mike had called with the idea that they go to a gym, and Jan stopped himself just before uttering `but we had our last workout yesterday`, realizing how funny it would have sounded, and remembering Mike's words about getting out of the routine life. Keeping to any kind of routine was something they would probably forget about very soon.

However, the real laughs started when Mike said he wanted them both to strut their stuff a bit, to which Jan must have laughed for five minutes, until his abdomen hurt, remembering how the `old` Mike wouldn't be caught dead doing that. However, to say the idea wasn't a good one would have been a blatant lie. Realisation of the idea was a different story. It took some time for Jan to find gym clothes that would actually fit him.

Jan had just stepped out of the elevator, when he got an interesting surprise to deal with. Right there, in the middle of the lobby, was a truly huge version of Mike, being ogled at and touched by a tight little kid with a good butt, the kind that would stick to Jan like flies if he allowed it. He almost laughed aloud when Mike flexed his arm, to let the kid feel it, but felt his loins tingle as well.

`Well, well, Mike my man, a lot of progress compared to hiding in oversize sweats! Obviously you have decided to start strutting your stuff early`, Jan thought. He watched a while as Mike gave the kid a guided tour of his body, evidently not caring too much if someone was looking from outside - but this was a quiet part of town, so no one was. Which was exactly right for the prank Jan just had to pull!

He watched the show. He knew this was just play, but he admitted to himself he was feeling a bit jealous. It was funny, really - after all, he was that young once, he thought, looking at that beautiful little stud feeling Mike's lats. They were fully extended in a lat pose, truly enormous - he could actually hear the ripping sound the T-shirt Mike was wearing made when he flexed. At the tender age, Jan would have given anything for a chance to feel a body like that little beauty was feeling now. Jan could feel how his cock slowly extended up his spandex gym shorts just from looking at Mike, noticing the three-day beard, and he realized it wasn't only Mike that was obviously turned on (not to mention the kid doing it), the worshipping Mike was getting was turning Jan on immensely. His shorts were so tight he had to make himself smaller to be able to put them on, making himself large again the second he did, of course. As a result they were literally as tight as if they had been painted on him. Because his waist hadn't increased, the only less tight part was where he had pulled his cock - sideways and up, right to the elastic.

Right now it was becoming huge, and the only way it could go was up. Jan had been worshipped this way in his time, and he did like it to a certain level. Right now that boy was obviously considering licking Mike's flexed biceps, his hands fondling Mike's pecs. Jan remembered how he liked those touches, the fascination of someone with his muscle, when that someone would touch and feel every inch of his body. He didn't want a groveling weakling, just a man who knew how to touch. Now he discovered looking at it being done turned him on something fierce. He let the bag he was carrying down onto the floor, taking care not to make any noise, and quietly got closer, well aware both guys hadn't noticed him, which was not at all surprising, considering what they were up to. Besides, it was part of Jan's plan.

The little guy had moved to licking the crevice between Mike's pecs, which had become completely exposed, the T-shirt ripping down with Mike's flexing. Jan could see the sheen the tongue bath gave those huge hard mounds of flesh, and noticed Mike holding the guy's hand in his, rubbing the bulge of his crotch, the remains of the jeans drum-tight over it. Jan was already hot as a stove, his cock now fully hard, waving in front of him, a huge mast of maleness. The little stud was so absorbed, he wiggled that perfect butt, as if begging to have something done with it, and Jan needed no better invitation. He felt that pang of jealousy but thought of a strategy to get rid of it: `if you can't beat them, join them`.

== * ==

Mike's mind was almost ready to surrender to the onslaught of sexual feelings, when suddenly saw the super hot little stud which was giving him a tongue bath gasp in surprise. A voice said: "Er, excuse me... that's my man you`re touching"

Both Mike and the guy looked up. The guy screamed, and ran out, stumbling, like there was an angry swarm of wasps after him. Both Jan and Mike looked after him for seconds. Mike was just about to say something, turning to Jan. Then, the full impact of Jan hit and his mouth just dropped open.

"Sorry" Jan said, looking genuinely sorry, but Mike noted it was an utterly different way to look sorry. "I wanted to have some fun but I guess I was a bit jealous. Sorry..." he said.

Mike was looking at Jan, but Jan had grown this morning, and Mike had barely adapted to his new size. But this was super-Jan. In front of him was the man with absolutely the widest shoulders on this earth, which also meant the widest pecs. A muscle shirt was barely containing this incredible torso which tapered immensely into Jan's unchanged waist, so the taper was just out of this world. As before, everything had absolutely perfect proportion. Incredible proportion, but it was just beautiful. Those huge arms, the big pecs, like slabs of granite, covered by that right amount of fur Mike now found even more arousing than before. Big shoulders and traps, huge thighs, an absolutely fantastic body, topped off by a pouting face. It was Jan's face. The sexual pressure inside Mike suddenly found a purpose. This was Jan, the man Mike loved. And, desired. Right now. Jan's cock was absolutely huge now, reaching right up over his pecs, just at the level of Mike's mouth. For this occasion, just like everything else about Jan, perfect. Mike felt that tingle in his ears, and unzipped his pants, pulling his out his already throbbing member. Then he took to sucking on Jan's.

"Jesus Mike, someone might come in any second..." Jan started, but Mike silenced him by squeezing his cock and strategically poking his tongue under the corona of Jan's big cockhead. Mike did a full circle around it with his tongue, holding the fiercely hot shaft with one hand, and groping Jan's pec with the other, which made Jan produce a sound like purring. Mike pulled off for just a second.

"I don't care. I want you. Now." he said, simply.

He went back to the job at hand with a vengeance, feeling Jan squirm in pleasure. Mike's cock was fast on it's way to fully hard, and he heard Jan mutter a "Oh God". Then he felt Jan's arms over him, going up and down his chest and arms, and then he felt his cock being pulled up. A second after that, while he was sucking Jan's pre-cum, he felt his cock growing longer, until he saw it snake up Jan's pecs.

He was sure his eyes must have bugged out, as he looked at it going up, before he could even think about it, he saw Jan's hand reach for it, then felt Jan's hand grab it, and then he almost fell on his knees when he felt Jan's mouth on it. In seconds they had adjusted to each other, and Mike felt his shoulders widen against the fabric of the T-shirt which he was wearing, realizing from now on he was going to go through doors sideways, and that was all that took him over the top, he felt his balls move up his shaft, and then he started cumming. His whole body was shaking, as he felt his shoulders and lats rip the T-shirt apart, he grabbed and groped Jan's pecs, and then his arms, which suddenly appeared in his viewfield, feeling the huge head of Jan's cock press into his mouth. He almost gagged, trying to look up into Jan's face, and when his eyes went up, he saw his cock swollen to incredible and unearthly size, Jan sucking on it, holding it to his lips with both hands. Seeing his own cock becoming so big it must have extended to the level of his face, amplified Mike's climax until it was almost unbearable. His hands went down Jan's immense shaft, and found the huge ballsac, distended over swollen sex glands the size of tennis balls. He grabbed them, and squeezed. All he heard was Jan wince, and then moan. Just as Mike had stopped cumming, he felt the back of his mouth being lashed by spurts of Jan's cum. He suck Jan's cock like mad, stroking it, squeezing it, as volley after volley went into his throat, synched with his swallowing. Jan moaned with every squirt, rising himself on his toes, thrusting his cock into Mike's mouth.

Time had lost all sense. The sensations Mike could have said he was aware of, if his rational mind were alowed to have a say at all, were of both of them still sucking on each other's cock, leaning into one another. Neither had let even a single drop of cum go to waste. They were both starting to go soft. A few seconds later, their tongues were together, all sticky from their combined cum, sharing a long kiss, and a hug. It took a long time until Mike could speak again.

However, it was Jan that actually spoke first.

"Man, your cock is as wide as a log" he said. It was really a funny thing to say. Mike's mind was in a turmoil, and providing an answer to what Jan said was actually, unlike all other things he was thinking about, possible. His mind just supplied the words and he let them out with no filtering.

"And please, the next time, instead of making it longer, couldn't you just make me taller?"

"You know it wouldn't have happened if you didn't allow it" Jan said.

He was of course right, but the `condition` had already been remedied. Mike was more or less back to the state he was before the most public sex of his life. This brought him back to reality. What was he doing with with that kid?!

`Jan..` He started, his voice sounding worried even to him. Jan, however just looked at him and kissed him. He waved his head slowly left and right as if saying no. For a moment Mike was confused.

"Remember, we were supposed to go play in a gym" Jan said. `I thought you`d never ask - you just started a bit early, that's all.` •

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