Billy Muscles Up


By johnd7102000

Billy stood facing Mark and Brad and flexed his massive thighs as he mentally prepared himself for the squat competition. He had just finished deadlifting 425 pounds, beating Mark and Brad by 190 pounds. The thought of a 12 year old lifting that much weight off the floor and holding it for five seconds was mindboggling. As with the bench press, in the deadlift Billy was almost twice as strong as the two 14-year old former studs-of-the-gym who had intimidated Billy and me when we first started lifting weights. These two formerly cocky kids were now Billy's total slaves. He could do anything he wanted to them and they knew it. He could beat them up anytime he wanted. They did as Billy ordered or suffered the brutal consequences. They didn't like taking orders from a 12-year old who had been a skinny 95-pound kid just 3-1/2 months ago, but there was nothing they could do about it. Billy now weighed 175 pounds of solid muscle, 25 pounds more than they did, and ruled the whole school, including Mark and Brad.

"Look at my fucking legs," said Billy to Mark and Brad, totally goading and intimidated them. "These monsters are so strong that they're going to blow you little pussies away in the squat contest. Look how thick and shredded my quads are. Look at those muscles ripple. How would you like to have these big fuckers wrapped around your chest squeezing the life out of you? That sounds like fun to me. Ya know, if you assholes ever disobey me, I just might do that. It would give my kind of a rush to feel your ribs being crushed by the savage power of my massive legs. My legs against your chest - no contest - you'd lose again, just like you always lose to me. I rule you motherfuckers!" Billy flexed his quads again and the ridges of brutally strong rock-like muscle popped out under his thin skin. You could see the individual fibers of the muscles and the veins which crisscrossed everywhere in Billy's massive legs. Mark and Brad looked at Billy's legs with a look of envy and fear. They wished their legs were even close to as big and muscular as Billy's. Also they knew that those legs could do exactly what Billy had said. Those legs could easily crush the life out of their chests and out of them.

Not only were Billy's quads huge and shredded, but his hamstrings and leg biceps were also very well developed and strong. His 25-inch thighs looked like large oak tree trunks. His 16-1/2 inch calves literally bulged with muscle. The two heads of hard-trained calf muscle popped out in bold relief with veins coursing under his tan skin. Lots of kids neglect their legs when they start lifting weights. Since the chest and arms are the muscles most people look at, a lot of kids just work out their upper bodies or only work out their legs a little bit. Not so with Billy. Right from Day One, Billy worked out his thighs and calves brutally, and they grew big, strong and muscular just like the rest of his amazing body. Billy was a total stud.

The squat competition began. Again, the spotters first loaded the bar with 135 pounds and added 10 pounds with every round. Kids started dropping out almost immediately. There were a lot of kids who had hardly ever worked out their legs and it really showed in the squat competition. When the bar got to 195 pounds, all the kids except Mark, Brad and Billy had dropped out. Billy was still just warming up. Mark and Brad were straining. They barely pushed back up with the 195 pounds. They never worked out their legs much and it was now showing. Their legs looked like toothpicks next to Billy's monsters. They didn't really have any calf muscles while Billy's giant calves bulged with solid muscle. The spotters loaded the bar to 205 pounds. Billy sneered at Mark and Brad. "What a fucking pussy weight," jeered Billy. "You guys are shit." Both Mark and Brad tried to squat with the 205 pounds but neither of them could do it. When they squatted low enough to do a full squat, their legs just didn't have the power to push the weight back up again. They cried out for the spotters to remove the bar from their backs. Billy laughed.

After Brad had failed at 205 pounds, Billy walked up to the bar, lifted it off the rack with his palms facing out, and suddenly began to curl the heavy bar. As Billy curled the huge mass of iron, his biceps and forearms began to bulge as they got more and more pumped. All the kids in the gym started yelling wildly. They couldn't believe it. Here was their 12-year old classmate, their hero and bodyguard, doing curls with a weight that the next strongest kids in the school, those 14-year old 9th graders, couldn't even squat with. Billy's 16-1/2 inch biceps bulged and rippled as they powered the incredibly heavy weight up and down. After each rep they looked bigger and redder, as Billy's big, muscular, athletic heart pumped huge quantities of blood into the hard, pumped muscles. "Holy shit, Billy! Your arms are stronger than their legs!" yelled Donald. "You're incredible. You're a fucking stud." Billy just smiled. He knew Donald was right. Finally after 8 reps, Billy dropped the bar and the weights came crashing to the mat. Billy smiled and flexed his massive guns for the admiring kids who were cheering and hollering. His blue eyes and his bright white teeth sparkled. His face still looked like that of a kid even though his body was that of a muscular young man. He looked absolutely radiant as his tan skin glistened with a thin coat of sweat and contrasted with his short blond hair. He was a golden haired boy-man, a beautiful blond boy with the body of an incredibly muscular young man.

Billy turned to Mark and Brad and said "That's a weight for arms, not a weight for legs, you dweebs. It looks like my big guns are stronger than your pathetic little legs. Now watch these monsters push some heavy iron." Billy's quads flexed and bulged. They were ready for a real challenge.

"OK, you know what to do by now," Billy said to the spotters. "Put on another 100 pounds. This sissy weight ain't nothing for my legs. They laugh at this puny weight." As ordered, the spotters loaded the bar to 305 and Billy got under it, moved away from the rack and easily squatted way down and back up again. His glute muscles pushed out the fabric of his shorts, bulging outwards and upwards as he forced the heavy weight up. His quads were rippling with muscle, with big muscles bunching up right above his knees as he squatted down and then rammed himself and the heavy weight back up. This was still a warm up for Billy. After he finished he flexed his quads. The gigantic muscles jumped into hard slabs at Billy's command. He relaxed and flexed several times, each time willing his huge quads to bulge and harden to incredible size and hardness. Fibers of muscle were crisscrossing the slabs. Billy's quads were so shredded that you could see each individual fiber and all the veins running under his skin bringing blood to the engorged, pumped muscles. His calves were literally bursting from his skin. All of the muscles in his legs and butt were unbelievably pumped and shredded, ready for more heavy weight to challenge them. They wanted more and Billy was going to give it to them.

"I'm not going to fuck around with these little weights," said Billy. "Put on another 100 pounds. I feel really strong and I'm going to go for 405 right now. That's more than I've ever done, but these monsters - Billy slapped his quads - are telling me they can do it. They're saying 'Billy, give us the heaviest fucking weight you dare. We're big enough and strong enough to kick the shit out of it.' Yeah, my muscles talk to me sometimes and they're even tougher than I am. They love to kick ass. So gimme the 405! My muscles are going to conquer that fucking iron, just like they've conquered everything else today!" Billy was stoked. His muscles were stoked. Billy had complete confidence in the ability of his muscles to do anything he wanted them to.

The spotters loaded to bar to 405 pounds, an incredibly heavy weight for anyone to be squatting, let alone a 12-year old boy, and more than double what Mark and Brad had done. Billy got under the bar and took a few deep breaths. Then he backed up from the rack and slowly lowered the huge weight. His legs squatted way down. He went further down than he had to, but he wanted to show everyone just how strong he was. His neck muscles were red and bulging and his traps were exploding across his shoulders as they held the heavy bar. Every muscle in his body was tensed and rippling, from his thick, striated delts to his wide slab-like lats. His quads were bulging out under his skin. The slabs of muscle were shredded and pulsating with blood. Then Billy let out a loud grunt and willed his powerful thighs to lift himself and the 405 pounds of iron back up. Like strong, young soldiers obeying their commander, his quads and glutes instantly flexed and applied an enormous force to his strong bones. With one savage burst of power, Billy's huge, muscular legs drove the bar back up until he was standing tall and proud, the conquered iron laying pitifully across his strong back. Then to the shock of every kid in the room, Billy commanded his powerful calf muscles to raise his heels off the mat until his feet were up to his tiptoes. His 16-1/2 inch calf muscles bulged and rippled with striated muscle as they forced that huge 405 pounds of heavy iron higher and higher. The two heads of hard muscle literally burst out from his skin as he lifted his heels and the blood vessels coursed across the taut muscle fiber. Billy was showing off. Not only were his quads strong enough to squat with this enormous weight but his calf muscles were strong enough to lift it too. Billy's legs had completely conquered the heavy iron.

After this incredible display of strength, Billy stepped up to the rack and literally threw the heavy bar onto the rack. Billy's muscles were talking to him. "That weight wasn't shit compared to us, Billy. We're stronger and tougher than that fucking weight." Billy smiled arrogantly at the spotters and flexed his quads. "That weight ain't shit compared to me," said Billy. "These fucking quads and calves laughed at that weight." Billy flexed his quads again and they bulged into an unbelievably shredded mass of muscle. He flexed his calves and the two big heads of rock-hard muscle rippled with incredible vascularity under his thin skin.

All the kids were yelling as Billy finished this incredible feat of strength. Then they jumped out of their seats and ran over to Billy to congratulate him. "You're the man, Billy," said one little nerd. "Your legs are twice as strong as the biggest guys in here and I figure they're about 10 times as strong as my skinny legs. I can't even dream what it would be like to be that strong. How does it feel to be so strong, Billy?" Billy looked the skinny little nerd right in the eyes and said, "It feels fucking great, Bobby. It feels great to be able to dominate the heavy iron, to be able to beat up anyone I want to, and to have you little dweebs rubbing your little hands all over my big, hard muscles. Yeah, go ahead and feel those quads. Feel the power of those fucking monsters. They like little dweebs like you to feel their massive hardness." Billy looked at the emaciated body of the little computer nerd and flexed his tree-trunk thighs. The nerd and several of his little friends ran their little hands all over Billy's thighs and calves, feeling the massive, bulging muscles. They couldn't believe what they were feeling. Billy had more muscle in one of his thighs than most of his little classmates had in their whole body. And Billy's muscle was a lot harder and stronger than the soft flabby muscle of the little dweebs. "Jesus, Billy, your legs are so big and strong," said Bobby. "I wonder what it would be like to be crushed by those monsters."

Bobby looked down at Billy's thighs and got a strange look in his eyes. Billy was standing with his legs apart and there were a few inches of space between Billy's legs. Suddenly without warning, Bobby bent down and rammed his head between Billy's thighs. Billy's skin was hot and sweaty and Bobby reveled in the feeling of his head and face being in such close contact with Billy's enormous hot muscles. Bobby could smell Billy's healthy sweat, the kind of sweat that only the muscles of a true jock can produce. Billy's quads, hamstrings and leg biceps made his thighs so thick that the huge muscles completely enveloped Bobby's little head. Billy wasn't flexing his muscles yet, so his muscles felt firm yet soft and warm as they pressed against Bobby's face. Bobby was in muscle heaven. After relishing this feeling of total muscle rapture for a few seconds, Bobby yelled out, "Crush me, Billy. Crush my little head like a grape!" Bobby wanted to personally feel the savage crushing power of Billy's legs.

Billy flexed his legs. His quads, hamstrings and leg biceps immediately turned into rock. All of a sudden, the muscles that had felt firmly soft and warm next to Bobby's face now felt like two steel girders pressing against his tender cheeks. Bobby was electrified. He never expected Billy's muscles to feel this hard. But now they were as hard as steel. Slowly, Billy's legs started moving closer together. Billy willed his leg muscles to close up and the big, strong, young muscles obeyed the orders of their commander. The fact that Bobby's head was in their way was of no concern to those strong, hard muscles. They would just crush anything that was in their way. Inch by inch, those steel girders forced themselves into Bobby's head. The muscle was so hard that it seemed to be just as hard as Bobby's skull. And the force that Billy's muscles were able to apply was enormous. Billy wasn't even straining as his huge thighs applied brutal, deadly force to the little nerd's head. His legs were like a powerful steel vise crushing a coconut. The coconut felt pretty hard, but that unstoppable vise would soon shatter it like an eggshell. "Tell me when you've had enough," said Billy. "These monsters could probably crack your skull if I let them keep crushing." Billy wasn't kidding and Bobby knew it. After a few more seconds of this intense crushing, Bobby's head and face were completely squashed by Billy's massive thigh muscles. His ears were ringing as the muscle pressed in like a hydraulic piston on the sides of his head. Finally Bobby yelled "OK, Billy, stop! My head feels like its ready to split in two!" Immediately Billy released little Bobby from his iron hold and Bobby fell to his knees. Bobby looked up at Billy's massive right thigh and wrapped his puny arms around the huge muscles. Billy flexed for the little dweeb. "Omygod! Omygod! Omygod! Omygod!" Bobby said, as he comprehended the enormous size and hardness of the brutally strong muscles that had almost crushed his head. "Jesus Christ, Billy," said Bobby. "I can't believe how strong you are. You're a fucking superman."

Billy looked down and smiled at the little nerd. Bobby was squeezing Billy's thigh as hard as his little arms would let him and rubbing his face into the striated muscle. Billy was kind of enjoying having his body worshipped like that by Bobby. Billy knew he was a total stud. As Bobby said, he was a fucking superman. And he loved it. Finally, after letting Bobby worship his quads for a little while longer, Billy lifted his leg and threw the little dweeb off like a rag doll. "Fuck, Bobby. Crushing your head like that was nothing. I only used a little bit of my strength on your little head. Let me show you little dweebs some real crushing."

At that, Billy reached down and grabbed a large Gator-Aid barrel that had been filled with water. Billy and the other kids in the powerlifting contest had been drinking the water all during the contest and the barrel was now only a quarter full. The barrel was over a foot in diameter and made out of hard plastic. It was one of those insulated barrels, so the plastic was really thick and solid. Billy picked up the barrel and poured the water all over his face and body. The cooling water felt great on his hot muscles. His tan skin glistened as the beads of water ran down his chest and abs, through his shorts and down his rippling legs. Billy looked radiant. "This fucking barrel is going to get totally crushed. Just be glad this wasn't your head, Bobby," Billy said with an arrogant tone to his voice.

Then Billy lay down on the floor and jammed the barrel between his massive legs. He locked his ankles in an iron grip. Billy now had the barrel in a scissors hold and he was ready to crush it to death. "You want to see what it would be like to be really crushed by my big, strong legs, Bobby? You want to see what these monsters can do to anything that challenges their power? They love to crush things. They love to show off their savage strength by crushing whatever I want. Watch this." At that, Billy started squeezing his massive legs. His quads jumped to attention and bulged under his skin. Almost immediately, the hard plastic made kind of a crackling sound as Billy's legs tightened around the barrel like a python. Billy ordered his legs to tighten harder and harder and the big, strong muscles obeyed their young commander. They pulsated with power as more and more blood was pumped by Billy's big, strong heart into the throbbing muscle fibers of his legs. The muscles grew larger and larger as they got more and more pumped with blood. Billy's skin turned bright red and his veins looked like they were going to pop out of his skin. I could see the blood pulsating in those big veins. The fibers of his huge quads were rippling under his skin. They looked as hard as rock. They plastic barrel was creaking and crackling as Billy applied an absolutely incredible force with his throbbing, muscular legs.

Then Billy looked up and saw Mark and Brad staring at him with a look of complete awe. At the sight of Mark and Brad, Billy's body shot a surge of pure adrenaline into his bloodstream. All his muscles were bulging incredibly. They were ready to rumble. Veins were pulsating everywhere. Billy yelled up at Mark and Brad, "Hey assholes! This could be you!" Then with a savage burst of power, Billy willed his legs to crush the plastic barrel into oblivion. With a sound like firecrackers going off, the plastic splintered into a thousand pieces as Billy's massive, shredded legs tightened with devastating force. Instantly, the incredible, brutal force of Billy's quads reduced the barrel to a pile of plastic shards. The hard plastic barrel had totally surrendered to Billy's savage power. "That pathetic plastic wasn't shit compared to us," said Billy's quads to Billy. "We crushed that motherfucker like it was nothing. We love to crush things. Give us more things to crush and we'll pulverized them." Billy smiled and flexed those cocky quads for all the kids, who were screaming and yelling after what they had just seen. Mark and Brad looked like they were about to throw up.

Well, Billy looked absolutely terrific as the P.E. teacher placed the first place ribbon and gold medal around his muscular neck. Billy had just lifted 1,155 pounds in the three powerlifts, almost twice as much as Mark and Brad, the next strongest boys in the school. "You are a very special young man, Billy," said the teacher. "Thank you sir," said Billy. He smiled and flexed his arm. The teacher couldn't resist wrapping his fingers around Billy's bicep and feeling its incredible size and hardness. Billy was indeed something special.

After the powerlifting meet, Billy and I decided to play some basketball with two of our friends, Derrick and Paul. Derrick and Paul, at 5'7", were a little taller than I am and they weighed about ten pounds more than I did. But all of us were wimps compared to Billy. So our basketball games were really interesting. Luckily I was always on Billy's team. Even though Billy was incredibly big and muscular, he was also very quick and coordinated. If he wanted to, Billy could just power through Derrick and Paul and score baskets at will. Billy could jump so high that he could almost make a slam dunk - not bad for a kid who is only 5'9" tall. Billy's legs had such explosive strength that he could jump amazingly high. Billy knew that he was totally superior athletically to Derrick and Paul, so in our games he made an extra effort not to overpower them. He really tried to dribble around and not through their defense. He tried not to bump into them because his little bumps would usually knock them down. Even with all his trying to be fair, Billy still dominated our games and our team always won. Derrick and Paul didn't mind. We all had a good time and marveled at Billy's athletic ability.

Derrick had a basketball hoop in his driveway so we went over to his house to play. I hadn't really noticed until we were walking over to his house, but Derrick had some bruises on his face. When he took off his shirt to play basketball, we all noticed that he had quite a few mean looking bruises on his body too. "Hey, what's up Derrick," I said. "What happened to you?" "Oh, its nothing," said Derrick as he looked down at the ground uncomfortably. "Come on, Derrick, we're your friends. Tell us what happened," said Paul. "Well, all right," said Derrick. "You know that my mom and dad split up about six months ago. Well, my mom's got a new boyfriend named Hank. He's been living with us for the last month. My mom works all day and doesn't get home until dinnertime. Hank doesn't have a job and he just sits around the house all day drinking beer. When I get home from school, he's usually drunk. That's when he beats me if I don't do all the chores he dreams up for me. He makes me clean up the mess he's made all day and if I don't do it immediately or if he doesn't like the way I've done it, he beats my ass. The guy's huge - he's about 6'2" and weighs 275 - so there's nothing I can do about it. So just forget it. You guys can't do anything either."

I could see that Billy was getting angry as he looked at all the bruises on his friend's little body. Just then a loud voice yelled out from Derrick's house, "Yo, Derrick, get your punk ass in here and do your chores." Derrick trembled. Then he said, "You guys start playing. I'll be right back." He walked into the house and we could all hear Hank yelling at him. It seemed that Hank was expecting Derrick home more than an hour ago to do his chores, but Derrick was late because he was watching Billy win the powerlifting contest. Derrick kept telling Hank that he was sorry, but it was obvious that Hank had been drinking and he didn't care. Then we heard it. Smack! We heard the sound of Hank's fist pounding into little Derrick's already black and blue chest. This was too much for Billy. He raced to the house and threw open the door. Paul and I were right behind him.

Hank was standing next to Derrick ready to punch him again. Hank looked like he was about 35 years old. He had dark brown eyes and black hair, cut really short. It looked like he hadn't shaved in a week. He didn't have a shirt on. In fact, all he had on was a pair of big boxer shorts. Hank's body was covered with black hair and he had the biggest beer belly I've ever seen. His gut bloated out like he was pregnant. His arms were big and fat and covered with hair. To me he looked like a big gorilla.

"Stop it! Get away from Derrick, you fat slob," ordered Billy. Hank glowered at Billy. "Fuck you, punk. You going to make me stop, kid?" said Hank. "Derrick's a little punk and you're little punks too. You little punks aren't shit! Now go mind your own business and fuck off." Hank pulled back his big, hairy arm, getting ready to deliver another blow to helpless Derrick, who was standing there trembling. Suddenly, Billy ran over to Hank and yanked his arm away from Derrick. Then in a flash, Billy spun the big thug around so that he was facing Billy. Billy wound up his muscular right arm and shot a punch into Hank's beer gut that was so hard that it penetrated right through the fatty remnants of thousands of beers and into Hank's intestines. Hank buckled over in shock and pain. He never expected one of Derrick's friends to pack a punch like that.

Hank stood up and said "Lucky punch, kid. Now I'm going to take you out." He put up his fists and looked at Billy. Only then did he realize who he was facing: a kid who was unbelievably big and muscular for a 12-year old. Hank may have been five inches taller and 100 pounds heavier than Billy, but he could see that Billy was all muscle and ready to fight. But Hank wasn't concerned. He didn't think he'd have any trouble taking out a kid, no matter how muscular he looked. Hank lurched towards Billy and threw a punch at Billy's face. Billy easily ducked out of the way and landed a savage left hook right into Hank's nose. The big man stumbled back, still not fully comprehending what Billy was capable of. He was about to find out. Blood started pouring out of Hank's broken nose. Hank charged at Billy again, this time trying to land a punch to Billy's gut. This time Billy didn't move. He just let the big thug's fist hit his tensed abs. SMACK! Hank's big fist hit the brick wall of Billy's shredded ab muscles. The power of the punch knocked Billy back a few inches, but his agile legs were dancing and he never lost his balance for a moment. Meanwhile, Hank's hand and wrist hurt like hell from their encounter with Billy's steel-hard, corrugated abs. Hank just stood there in shock. "Is that all you've got, gorilla?" taunted Billy. "Let me show you what I've got. You're not going to like it."

At that, Billy began brutally punching Hank's gut, his chest and his face. Hank was too slow to move out of the way of Billy's powerful fists, and Billy was so quick that every time Hank tried to throw a punch of his own, Billy would just dart out of its way. So Billy just pummeled the huge thug at will. Billy's punches were incredibly hard. Because Billy's muscles were so strong, fit and hard from all his heavy weightlifting, his punches were probably more powerful than the punches that big, fat Hank was trying to throw. Billy liked the feeling of his fists driving deep inside the big thug's beer gut, softening up and pulverizing whatever bloated ab muscles Hank had. He liked the feeling of his powerful arms landing piledriver punches into the hairy chest of the bear-like man, inflicting bruises much bigger than the bruises Hank had given to Derrick. He liked the sound of his punches cracking the bones in Hank's bloody nose and face. Billy wanted to beat up this man real hard. He wanted Hank never to forget what was happening to him. Every time that one of Billy's devastating punches knocked Hank to the floor, Billy would pull him up to his feet and continue the savage punishment.

Finally, when Billy knocked Hank down again with a pulverizing punch deep into his fat gut, he didn't pull the fat slob back up. Instead, Billy jumped down to the floor and wrapped his legs around Hank's chest, just above his bloated beer gut. Hank's chest was so big that Billy could barely get his legs around it and his ankles to lock. But Billy did it. He locked his ankles in a deadly scissors hold and began squeezing Hank's chest with his muscular 25-inch legs. Billy's quads instantly flexed and bulged. They loved to crush and they were happy that they were going to be able to crush this big thug. "We want to break his ribs," Billy's quads said to Billy. "We want to him to be in so much pain that he'll never touch Derrick again." Billy smiled. He was going to give his quads their wish.

Billy started contracting his quads, quickly driving his muscular legs into the fatty flesh of Hank's chest. Within a moment, all the air was squeezed out of the thug's lungs. Billy squeezed harder. His quads were bulging with striated fibers of muscle bursting out and veins pulsating with blood under his thin skin. Hank looked down and saw Billy's buff, young body throbbing with power and his big, muscular legs wrapped around his chest. Hank was completely trapped by Billy's strong muscles and there was nothing he could do about it. Hank's face started getting red from the lack of oxygen and his neck muscles were bulging and straining. His hairy body was covered with sweat. "OK, asshole, now we'll see who gives the orders around here," said Billy. "I order you to leave Derrick alone. You are not to give him chores. You are not to tell him what to do. You are not to touch him in any way. Is that clear?" Hank didn't say anything. Billy ordered his eager quads to squeeze harder. The big, young soldiers bulged even bigger and harder, crushing Hank's chest with savage power. "My quads love to crush people to death and it looks like they're going to get their wish," said Billy. As his legs squeezed harder and harder around Hank's chest, the big thug started gurgling. Saliva was drooling from his mouth. "Did you hear your orders, asshole? Tell me you're going to follow my orders or I'll unleash the full fury of my savage quads on your pathetic body," said Billy. Hank kind of rolled his head around but didn't say yes.

Then Billy said to his quads, "OK men, lets go for it. Let's show this motherfucker what you can do." Billy willed his quads to apply bone crushing force to Hank's chest, and the muscular young soldiers that were his quads instantly obeyed their young commander's orders. They exploded in a burst of phenomenal power. CRACK! CRACK! In an instant, I heard two loud cracking sounds as Billy's powerful legs broke two of Hank's rib bones. Hank's eyes bulged out as he experienced the pain of his bones being crushed by Billy's legs. Hank blurted out "OK, OK. I'll obey your orders." Billy said, "Say 'I'll obey your orders, Billy, Sir." Hank was silent. He was almost passed out from the enormous pressure Billy was applying to his chest. Billy flexed his quads even harder. CRACK! CRACK! Two more of Hank's ribs were quickly broken. Hank was totally thrashed. With the last breath he had, he said "I'll obey your orders, Billy, Sir."

At that, Billy released his scissors hold and jumped to his feet. He stood astride the vanquished thug and flexed his arms and quads. Hank looked up at the young warrior who had just conquered him and marveled at the muscle and power that Billy possessed. This young kid was going to be able to kick Hank's butt any time he wanted to. And Hank could tell that Billy had a lot of fun beating him up. Billy's quads seemed to enjoy breaking his ribs. Hank realized that he was now going to be taking orders from a 12-year old musclekid, and he shuttered at the thought. Billy looked down arrogantly at Hank's pulverized body and said, "Just remember this, asshole. If you ever disobey my orders, I'm going to let my quads crush every rib in your body. They'd love to do that. I'll be asking Derrick every day whether you need another crushing. You better hope he doesn't tell me 'yes'. Come on Derrick. Let's go play some hoops."

Well, right after Hank got out of the hospital, he packed up and left town. He didn't want to take the risk of pissing off Billy. It turned out that Hank had been beating Derrick's mother too, so she was happy to see him go. Derrick and his mother bought Billy a month's supply of supplements as a token of their appreciation. They were thankful that Billy's muscles were big and strong enough to beat up Hank, and they wanted to help Billy get even bigger and stronger. Billy knew that he would. •

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