Side Effects (2000)

The First Time


Jan cursed himself inwardly all the way to his flat for not seeing it before. If you would have asked Jan to name one person in this world, right now, which he could make love to, as opposed to merely have sex with, it was Mike. Somehow he just knew it was a shared feeling. But, right now, it was like they were trying to make up for lost time, as Jan was driving, his right hand was slowly going up and down, squeezing the huge bulge that extended from Mike's crotch up his belly, while Mike had his arm around Jan's right arm and roamed over every part of Jan's body he could reach. They were both moaning silently. Every two minutes their hands would meet, and they would hold each other for encouragement - not that much of it was really needed. Jan could barely contain the urge to rip Mike's sweatpants down when they stopped at a traffic light and plunge that huge pole right down his throat, for better or worse. It was a good thing his place was so near to the gym.

They were both still in gym clothes and sweaty, no time to waste changing or showering. It took some maneuvering to get Mike, with his raging hardon adjusted so it was up his belly (and still very visible), out of the gym and into the car. Jan didn't care what anyone saw, and in fact there was a lot to see, trying as they could to hide it. They were like two animals in heat, shoving and pushing each other saying `hurry up` but you couldn't mistake what they were up to, both sporting hardons, Mike holding Jan's arm, and Jan pushing Mike forward, his hand on Mike's butt. They must have been so hot you could have spontaneously combusted anything by bringing it within a yard of them.

When they finally got to Jan's place, it was a mad rush. They left everything in the car, Jan practically carried Mike. He had the keys out in record time, and when they pushed each other through the doorway, the first thing Jan did was strip off his shirt, which made Mike moan out loud and reach out to his pecs. Jan closed the door hitting it with his leg and practically propped Mike to the wall. As the door latched shut he was already on his knees, and pulled down Mike's pants with such force you could hear seams ripping. He pulled Mike's cock, which looked even bigger than a minute ago, bending it down, pursed his lips and attacked the head. He thought he would dislocate his jaw as he impaled his head on the hard knob, determined to devour every last fraction of an inch of that cock. He felt Mike getting busy on his traps, and his shoulders, his neck. He felt his hardon painfully straining against the lycra pants and he reached down and just tore the front open, his cock hitting his abs with a loud 'thwack`. He felt Mike's hands stroking every inch of his arms he could reach, touching the muscles as they flexed, straining against the fabric of Mike's clothing. Some conscious part of his mind was amazed at this sudden reversion to complete sexual lust.

Another part of Jan's mind knew exactly what Mike needed, and brought his arms up. As he continued pushing and pulling on Mike's shaft, he felt his own member poking into his abs, he flexed his arms, squeezing like he never did before, skin stretching so tight he thought his biceps would pop out of it.

== * == Mike felt Jan's biceps bulge and shake under his hands. He closed his eyes and could still see them getting bigger and harder. Jan's mouth was living fire on his cock. In a few seconds it was more than he could take, he felt his cock hurt him with it's hardness, and he distinctly felt his balls swell as hard as those fantastic muscle peaks he held in his hands, and he came. It felt like his whole body ejaculated. He writhed and pushed despite himself, and he must have shouted, feeling like every convulsion passed a bullet through his shaft. He heard Jan moaning and then a sound like he was gagging.

When he came to, he almost freaked out to see Jan's mouth only an inch from his pubic hair, cum streaming from the corners of his lips, one arm still flexed. The other was around Mike's hips, pushing his cock deeper into Jan's mouth. The impression only had a fraction of a second to sink in because he could see Jan shudder, and he heard Jan's cum splash over his belly. After several convulsions, Jan sighed, and slowly pulled his mouth off Mike's tool, at the end using both hands to hold the shaft. Mike was genuinely surprised that his own cock still kept coming and that Mike managed to put all of that down his throat, in fact he gasped in surprise when the head of his cock finally came out, partly because of the size of his own manpole, and partly because Jan took the time to lick it all over. He then looked up at Mike's face.

"Boy, that was a good start" he said.

As if it was a signal of some sort, they both started stripping each other of their clothes, touching, stroking and kissing until each piece of garment, or at least what was left of it, was off, and they were both naked. All the way they kept inching towards the bedroom, and finally, Jan ended up pulling Mike along, and all of a sudden, there was a jar of lube in his hands, and Mike felt a generous amount applied on his cock. All of this had such dream-like quality, but it was the dream Mike had always wanted to dream.

== * ==

Jan wanted to have that magnificent piece of manhood up in him, although he never had one even nearly as large in his life. It didn't matter.

"I want you to plow my ass with your cock" he said.

"Jan...Jan, I`ve never topped before" Mike said, looking straight into his eyes.

"Mike I want you to stroke me, squeeze every muscle I`ve got, and I want you to bust my ass if that's what it takes. Just push hard, and don't stop until you feel your balls on my ass" Jan said, and lay back on the bed, holding Mike around his hips. He started caressing his thighs and his waist, and then he took Mike's huge member which was only a fraction softer. Mike took over, holding the head, found Jan's hole, already lubed. Jan felt the blunt head about to enter, like a hot billiard ball. Mike pushed, and Jan could feel his hole being stretched slowly. More than anything he wanted to have Mike in him. Suddenly, with a jolt of pain, he felt the head in. He helped Mike push by squeezing him in with his legs. Mike had one hand around the shaft of his cock, and the other went up and down Jan's abs, feeling the line of soft black fur running up from his crotch to his pecs. The tenderness of the touch made Jan so hot he thought he would melt.

"Mike fuck me, fuck me hard, I want to feel you fill me, grow in me..." he winced. Then he felt Mike's shaft rub his balls from underneath, as it entered, and instead of pain, there was pure ecstasy. Suddenly he felt Mike's balls on his ass, and saw Mike letting himself down on his chest. A second later, they were stroking, squeezing, kissing and licking each other, Mike humping hard, pushing and pulling, almost violent. It lasted who knows how long, but Jan felt filled up as never before. Soon Mikes thrusts became harder as he rammed him to the hilt. Jan had his hand on his own cock, which was hard as never before and completely rigid and unbendable. Every time Mike would thrust, Jan's cock would end up in Mike's abs. He heard Mike moan louder. He felt Mike's member filling him even more as it swelled before it would shoot, and he only wanted it to swell more. Mike sighed, and then winced, and Jan felt his insides being flooded by load after load of hot man juice, and he felt his own balls cramp. The orgasm lasted and lasted, they both shook like being electrocuted.

== * ==

Mike felt Jan turning to his side. His cock was still buried deep in Jan's ass, and the afterglow was incredible. Jan maneuvered him around, and slowly pulled himself off of his cock. He felt a hot, sticky wetness as cum flowed out of Jan's ass. Jan gave him a kiss before he finally moved away and stood up. Mike's gaze followed him to the bathroom, enjoying the sexy ways Jan's big muscles played under his skin, the taper of his wide back into his narrow waist, and the way he walked, favoring his ass which must have been sore as hell from the fuck. A minute later, he heard the toilet flush, and stood up to join Jan. He needed a shower badly, and he wanted to have it with his Mr. Right.

Just as he got to the bathroom door, Jan turned towards him. He smiled. Mike thought he`d jump out of his skin he got so hot instantly. He put his hands on Jan's pecs, feeling their bulk, and Jan embraced him. Then, they kissed, it was just like they rehearsed that moment, their lips just found one another, and as it went on and on, Jan's hands ended up on Mike's butt and Mike's hands on Jan's arms. Mike felt his cock getting hard again.

"Ooops" Jan said, as Mike's cockhead ended up between his legs, pushing. They both laughed and broke the embrace.

"Maybe we should take a day off tomorrow" Mike said, chuckling.

Somehow he wasn't at all embarrassed, and only an hour ago, he would be very much so in this condition.

"Fine by me... But, right now there's something I just got to do..."

Jan said, and suddenly there was a tape measure in his hand.

"Oh, fuck, of all things..." Mike started, feeling a pang of disappointment for being reduced to his cock, but it only brought another pang because he knew Jan wouldn't do that.

"Come on, Mike, gimme a break, I'm a physicist, we got this thing about measuring" Jan said, smiling his devastating smile again. Mike looked at him. He looked bigger than ever, and the situation gave him some ideas. He stroked Jan's pecs a little, teasing.

"OK, but I'm a physicist too, so we trade one for one. You get my `cock constant` and I get... well, whatever I want to measure" he said.

"Deal" Jan replied, then kneeled in front of Mike, whose cock was now stone hard and sticking up. He used the tape with great skill, but Mike didn't even look, he was busy getting off the fact that a huge muscle packed god was doing what he was, and even more, getting off on some measuring he was going to do in the immediate future. He knew Jan was getting his money's worth because he could feel himself getting painfully hard again. He knew when it was his turn hearing a muffled "Wow" come from Jan. He opened his eyes. Jan stood up.

"My turn now" Mike said. Jan looked at him. Mike's eyes went down to his arm. Jan did his best to flex his biceps until Mike thought even he could see it starting to cramp. Now it was his turn for that `wow`

but then he went from measuring to licking.

"Hey, hey, no cheating, you are influencing the results!" Jan said, letting his arm down, but only to bring both his hands behind Mike.

They kissed again. Mike felt Jan nibble his ear.

"So... satisfied with the results?" he asked.

"Oh yes. You should be written up in the record book - almost 15 inches... phew! You?"

"Are you sure you used that tape right? 15 inches - you make me sound like a white version of Long Dong Silver. Anyway, yes..." Mike licked Jan's nipple " almost 23 inches I'm very satisfied, and I think you are too".

"Ha ha - yes, next you`re going to tell me I should enter Mr. Olympia"

"Sounds good to me - but I wouldn't want you to shave this perfect hair here" Mike said, stroking Jan's pec again. "Besides, they wouldn't have a chance".

"23 inches - not that I`d mind, but are YOU sure you`ve been using that tape right?"

"Hey, I'm a physicist, remember?"

"Come on, I`ve been stuck at 20, give or take a few hair widths, and that's pumped and flexed"

"What are you complaining about then? And it was pumped and flexed.

Besides, you said I`ve got a 15 inch cock, and I haven't"

"Mike... hang on" Jan said, and broke the embrace.

== * ==

This was really strange. He liked the wordplay, in fact it had gotten him very hot, and very hard, and Mike looked about ready to burst.

But there was this thing nagging at the edge of his mind. He turned around and looked at his image in the bathroom mirror.

"Mike, do I seem... well, I know this will sound funny, but do I look larger to you?"

"Mmmm... yummy, you are huge" Mike said. Jan could see Mike's usual self catching up, evidenced by the fact his conscious brain still tried to make him not be so overt. It was extremely cute, but Jan had other things on his mind at the moment.

"No, man, I'm serious" Jan kept looking at himself, turning a bit this way and that. He couldn't really point his finger at the change, but his arms definitely looked bigger, and so did his chest. In fact, he really liked what he saw. He could see Mikes face in the mirror change to genuine curiosity as he looked as well. He could also see Mike's raging hard-on, and in fact, it did look bigger than he remembered it from only days ago when he sneaked a few looks in the gym showers. Then he noticed Mike's eyes going down, and a look of amazement form on his face as he realized the same thing. Then their eyes met in the mirror.

"Hang on..." Jan said, as he walked over to the bathroom scale. This morning when he stood onto it, it read 262 pounds. It wasn't at all precise, after all it was your old run-of-the-mill bathroom scale, spinning dial and everything, but somehow Jan had this feeling that there would be a difference which couldn't be written off to error.

He stood on the scale, and waited for the dial to stop spinning. When it stopped, it read 281 pounds.

"Mike, I think we need a shower. And after that, remember what you said about that day off? Better make it a week... at least." •

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