Side Effects (2000)

The Meeting


Mike looked at the hand offered for a handshake. He wasn't entirely sure what to do with it. A doctorate in physics and four years experience as a fellow researcher at the institute, was experience enough to give Mike ample experience at showing authority regardless of his comparably young age, but the hand belonged to Mike's fantasy.

Finally he shook hands.

"Dr. Michael Wessel, I believe? I'm Jan Ward, glad to meet you"

His handshake was firm, actually, more than firm as Mike ended up squeezing pretty hard himself, noticing how the muscle in the man's forearm showed through the skin like braided cable. Now he finally knew the name of this man who he admired from afar for the last 6 months or so. He had looked at him more times than he would ever be able to count, but right now it was strangely difficult to look.

Especially at his face. Mike concentrated and managed to look him directly in the eyes. He was about to reply that the pleasure was all his, which he considered to be very true, but decided not to, for fear he`d start pursing his lips if he had to say more than three words.

"Call me Mike" he said, filling the three word quota, and broke the handshake. In a second he would have started to sweat at the sight before him.

"That was Jan with a J, not an I or a Y, I'm afraid my parents were not very good at English spelling" Jan said, smiling. As if everything else about him, his smile was just perfect. Mike found it difficult not to stare because there was certainly reason to do so.

The man in front of him could really be described by one single word - perfect. He was wearing a lab coat, although in Mike's lab there wasn't really reason to, and he in fact didn't insist on that particular part of protocol. It was large, but still stretched in subtle, but to a trained eye, quite revealing ways over a body fit for a god. Mike knew this body from almost any angle one would care to name, and the man could just as well be naked - either didn't help Mike keep all the concentration he could muster not to get a hardon right on the spot. He kept looking at the man's face, which actually didn't help a lot - it was a face out of so many of Mike's dreams.

Black hair, tan skin, brown, almost black eyes you could get lost in, square jaw and full lips, and a deep voice which made Mike's spine tingle. Underneath the lab coat was a body which was a perfect cross between the brawn of a bodybuilder and the streamlined grace of a marathon swimmer - he had it all, plus a naturally dark complexion, and the, there just isn't another word - perfect, amount and pattern of body hair. This was the male epitome, the original blueprint, the long lost mold men should have been cast from. Mike was starting to feel hot and he knew what that meant. He had to excuse himself. "Mr. Ward..."

"Oh, please - Jan"

"...Jan... I was just on my way to the records room, I'll brief you when I get back, it'll only be about 15 minutes"

Yeah, right. Records room. I could have come up with something better, Mike though.

"OK, I'm not going anywhere" Jan said, more or less to Mike's back.

== * ==

When he finally got a position of assistant with the research team, Jan was expecting to find a stereotype old, bald and bespectacled man in a shaggy labcoat to be his `boss`. The name on the paper didn't tell him anything at all, and when he got to the lab building, the lady at the desk kept leading him through the corridors, passing all sorts of men and women who could really be described as the 'nutty professor` type, but soon the supply ran out and he was wondering what kind of a man this Dr. Wessell would turn out to be.

Once he found out, when the lady pointed him out, his heart almost stopped. That definitely was NOT the nutty professor type. In fact, Jan knew this man, and that was an understatement.

At first glance, Jan could have passed as the classic example of a university jock, and in fact he liked to slip into that role quite often. Before it was to find a partner for the night, but he hadn't done so in years. After all, all of us grow up some day, he thought, not without bitterness about some of his past. And growing up was something which could apply in more than one sense about Jan. He was tall, almost 6`5" and had no trouble maintaining an extremely fit body, over 260# all muscle and sinew. Jan knew well what nature had given him, but he was very casual about it - for him it was just the way he was. He knew he was a magnet for both women and men, but it was only the men that interested him. His dilemmas about that were far in his past and being gay was again just the way he was. He wasn't out to the world - after all society in general had quite different ideas about being gay than Jan did - and to defend himself from unwanted attention he`d built this shield around him, of a dedicated and very private man - for those that knew him. To all the others, he might have seemed a jock, and that stereotype did have it's advantages. As far as Jan was concerned, what he did with his life and especially with his dick was frankly no-one's concern but his own.

After dealing with the initial shock of recognizing who Dr. Wessell was, he decided to just do a formal introduction and play it by ear.

As he got over that initial and very firm handshake, he was actually relieved that Dr. Wessell... Mike, as he said to call him, excused himself, before he had a chance to go into more blunders than he was already into - explaining how his name was spelled to a man who had to know all his credentials anyway. Certainly that included the spelling of his name! Even if Dr... Mike was a complete stranger, that casual outfit didn't fool Jan at all. Mike was definitely not your typical experimental physicist.

He had first met this man, what, almost half a year ago? Actually, Jan thought, more like 5 months. Not formally, no - an encounter in the gym shower could be called anything but formal. Jan was a regular to a place called `John's`, a gym not far from the institute grounds, and so was Mike. He had just started showering, when he noticed a man in the opposite stall, back turned to him. He was lathering himself slowly. He was shorter than Jan, but still something like 6` with a light but strong and muscular build, with broad shoulders, a small waist, nice legs and a butt which Jan found irresistible. His hair, which would be a very light brown, almost blond, when dry, was now wet, darker, and plastered to his head. Looking at him, Jan felt the juices stir as they only rarely did, and then realized why the man's movements looked odd when his huge erection escaped his hold. He must have been holding it with one hand as he used the other to lather himself up, and it obviously slipped, making it's head peek right over his hip. Jan got hard as stone in seconds, imagining the size of that equipment. Although he was respectably endowed, he liked them big, and what he saw could have been a measuring stick for that category. He had to turn around lest someone would enter and see him in this aroused state, washing himself quickly, wishing his member would go down. It took turning the water from cold to freezing to get him to a point where his erection subsided enough, so that wrapping his towel around his hips wouldn't make a blatant bulge. Turning around again, he was sorry to see the man was gone.

Jan soon found out the front side was as attractive to him as the back was, although he always thought the guy was deliberately cutting himself down in that department, always wearing a loose fitting sweatsuit, and glasses. Those didn't fool Jan a second as he could clearly see the lenses were about as good at magnifying as ordinary window glass. Jan was much more liberal in his gym attire, but that wasn't always so. Remembering his own past reminded him of this guy, who he now knew as Mike. Every once in a while, as Mike did his routine, the suit would reveal a strong set of arms and pecs which Jan wouldn't fail to notice. In fact, Jan was sure they had spotted each other a few times, and he was also aware he caught himself almost showing off when Mike was near on more than one occasion, which was quite out of character. In fact, now that he thought of it, he was sure he got Mike's attention on more than one of those occasions but it was always a fleeting glance, nothing more. Funny, Jan thought, he himself had been approached by men countless times, but always managed to play it cool and get rid of the attention if it didn't suit him, but if Mike did something like this... He stopped that thought. It was all just wishful thinking, anyway.

== * ==

Mike was really pissed off at himself as he entered the men's room right outside the lab. How could he have lost control like that - he thought he`d gotten over this kind of reaction by the time he was 18 - he could feel the hard knob of his member still extending slowly down his left pant leg, and no amount of concentration could stop it.

He let his pants down and watched as his cock get completely rigid in a second or so, and with Mike, that could hardly have passed without being noticed.

Mike would always describe himself to others as being 'slightly larger than average`, that is, if anyone could get him to talk about his endowement in the first place. That would have been entirely in character. Mike was the kind of guy that would answer the phone and say it was getting slightly warm if his house was on fire. He was considerably better hung than a bit over the average, about double, actually, but in a way which had made more than a few people surprised during Mike's life. He had this incredible growing capacity - while flaccid, his cock was really almost shriveled, something like 4 and a half inches long, which anyone would deem respectable but that would barely show it's true potential. Given proper stimulation it would extend immensely, telescoping out until it grew almost three times in length. Mike was over the measuring bit by the time he was 19, and had measured himself at well over 11 inches once. He had no idea how big he was now, but this man Jan was making him break records. Mike's mind combined the real Jan with the memories of Jan, and that made his cock inflate until Mike thought it would burst. It became immense. He had so many hardons over this guy and he invariably remembered them for attaining record size, and hardness which hurt. Looking down at his raging flesh he was sure it was bigger than he had ever seen it. There was only one way to get it down, as he had by now proven unconditionally. He started jacking it off, his mind feeding him his favorite Jan memories, and this godlike figure which ended up being his assistant provided for plenty of that, assuring a quick release. One memory that would always bring him over the top was remembering the first time he saw Jan...

He was just at the end of his usual routine at `John's` and was resting before his final set of leg extensions, when he noticed genetic perfection incarnate - and he was just getting ready to start on the lat machine. His skintight outfit didn't hide a bit of the marvelous physique. The guy was huge, but no-one could ever say `bulk` about him at all. Those arms must have easily been 19" or maybe even 20" around, but the rest of him was so well proportioned, he looked more like a human version of some predator cat, honed and streamlined to absolute perfection. In order to get his mind to something else instead of ogling, Mike started doing his final set but the problem with extensions is that you can look around, and Mike's eyes just automatically drifted to this black-haired god there, who was just starting to pull the bar down, and as he did, incredible corded bulges sprung over his arms and back, moments before his lats jumped out straining to lift the load. By the third pull, Mike had to hastily abort what he was doing and remove himself to the locker room. Once he got there, almost bending over to hide the rising pole of his erection in his last steps, he stripped in record time thanking any gods there were that the locker room was empty, and got under the shower. He set the water to freezing, in hopes it would get his cock down, but it had the exact opposite effect. He was in the furthest stall in the corner, well shielded from anyone who would enter. To his delight, the only other person in the showers left seconds after he got in, not taking any notice of Mike at all. Anyway, there was no point in inviting hypothermia, as it obviously didn't help, so he set the water to a comfortable temperature, and looked down. His cock had attained painful hardness which with Mike also meant record size, so it was sticking up right over his abs, reaching over his navel. He wrapped his hand around it.

It took only six strokes, and remembering those huge perfect pecs with just the right amount of hair, and that face, and that back, the muscles playing under the skin... in what seemed like seconds the wall was sprayed with so much cum Mike was awestruck, once he got over the earth-shattering orgasm the likes of which he hadn't had in years, if ever. It was a wonder he was still standing.

As Mike regained his senses, the wall of the shower stall in the gym dissolved into the wall of the stall in the men's room in the institute. It was dripping with his cum, and so was Mike's hand.

'shit` he thought, trying to scrape down his own juices using a handful of toilette paper. Still, after what must have been hundreds of times it was as intense as an orgasm could get. He cleaned himself as best he could, and straightened out his clothes. He waited a bit until his flushed face assumed it's normal color, and went back to his lab - with time to spare.

On his way, Mike inwardly cursed his closeted nature and almost complete lack of experience, thinking that if that wasn't this way he could have sorted out whether or not he had any chance with this god who called himself Jan so unassumingly. Mike had to admit that the last year's down phase he had was in a large part over simply because seeing Jan gave him absolute certainty his Mr. Right actually existed on this planet. The only problem was that he probably had a Mrs.

Ward. Mike knew himself quite well and he knew his life and lack of experience was that way because he was an all-or-nothing guy in more than one sense. It had to be the right guy, or it just wouldn't work.

And although he had an occasional regret about being this way, needing both the `right` and the `guy` have long been part of what he was. It didn't make things easy. The fact that he did work in a research lab gave him a good front to put up to the rest of society - being tied to work came with the turf.

== * ==

At first, things between Jan and Mike were purely business. Jan was way past the time of his life when he would get involved with a guy just because he felt 'the tingle` down there. Mike, on the other hand, simply badged Jan as unnatainable in his mind - hos favorite rationalisation about this was that it prevented him getting ideas.

Funny enough, they had actually gotten to talk about the gym the very first day in the lab, simply because now there was no way to get around the fact they have met before.

As they kept spending more and more time together, with Jan getting acquainted with the project, both had gotten a habit of staying quite a bit past the normal working hours. The work was very interesting, although somewhat undervalued by other members of the institute. They both ended up excusing each other for ending the day earlier than usual because of something they had to do.

As it turned out, Mike's car wouldn't start, and the 'thing to do`

turned out to be a gym session, so they ended up in Jan's car on the way to the gym. The next time they talked about the gym was at the end of that very session, to figure out a workout schedule. Both of them had some trouble, which they kept well hidden, as they spotted each other in the gym that evening.

Ever since that day they started becoming more and more training partners. It started as an accident and as weeks went by, went through several steps of `convenient` on it's way to friendship. In about a month they felt comfortable enough with each other, so much so Jan felt they were friends for years, which in a sense they almost were. Jan had discovered that Mike was anything but a `boss`

character, and this became their internal joke. In fact, Mike was such a quiet and unassuming guy, with incredible drive and internal fire which Jan got only glimpses of, but recognised immediately. They were actually research partners almost from the very start. Mike himself told Jan he was much too young to be an authority and when he asked for an assistant, he really meant partner, but the institute wouldn't allow him one. By the end of Jan's eight week at the lab, they had discussed almost everything from daily chores to world politics and back to physics, save for one thing, and that was women, for which, unbeknownst to each other, they were actually grateful. •

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