Tale of Two Friends, The


By Headwaiter

Gary Deluca and Zack See were the best of friends in high school but they were of opposites in their standings in the High School social scene. Gary was a 5'8", 145 pound, skinny, bookworm who spent most of his spare time reading books in the library. Gary had very few casual friends and his only true close friend was Zack who was the star athlete in school. Zack was 6 feet tall and his 175 pound muscular body made it easy for him to excel in football, wrestling and baseball. Zack had a very active sexually and was never at a loss for a girl friend. Zack also experienced very casual and very discreet muscle worship sessions with some of the guys who work out in the weight room.

It was odd that two opposites could become such close friends but Gary and Zack were soul mates for as long as they could remember. Gary was somewhat jealous of Gary's sex life and he wish that he could be more like Zack physically so that he could be popular too. The jealousy never interfered with their friendship and on occasion, Zack would invite Gary over for a muscle worship session that included mutual hand release.

On the last school day of their junior year, Zack got called in by Coach Horey, the athletic director. "Hey Zack, I'm expecting a big year from the football squad next fall and I think you can help us by adding about 25 pounds of muscle. Here's the number to Dr Gillespie who I think can help you out." Zack took the number and made an appointment for the following Monday.

On the morning of the appointment, Zack asked Gary to tag along and Gary was eager to spend the time with his best friend. When they arrived at Dr Gillespie's house they both were welcomed in. "I've been expecting you Zack. I've talked to Coach Horey and I think I can help you out. Come downstairs to my lab. Both Zack and Gary followed Dr Gillespie down to the basement where the good Doctor maintained a pharmaceutical workshop. In the corner of the lab, Dr Gillespie possessed what appeared to be a old fashioned wooden beer keg. It was set up on its side on a wooden stand with a old fashioned spout already tapped into the face of the keg.

"I know this will be hard to believe Zack, but I've recently discovered a muscle growth formula that will add muscle immediately" The good doctor reached for a pint sized glass and filled the glass about 3/4 full. "Now Zack, this is very potent, so drink it slowly".

Zack took the glass, held it up and said "Cheers" and drank it. Within seconds, Zack's face turned red and started to sweat bullets. Suddenly, the hot flash broke and a smile came across Zack's face. All at once, Zack’s entire body started to inflate like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon. Everyone of Zack’s muscles spasmed as he started to outgrow his clothes. His expanding muscular thighs started to tear his shorts at the seams, the bulging of his back and chest muscles were popping the buttons off his shirt and when the muscle growth started to slow down, Zack started to double pump his biceps as the sleeves of his shirt ripped to shreds. "Holy shit Doc, this is incredible"

Dr Gillespie led Zack over to the scale and found that Zack had grown to 225 pounds. "Well that's more than Coach Horey asked for but I'm sure he won't mind" The good doctor led Zack to the door to go back upstairs and as they left, they failed to realize that Gary had lingered behind. When the doctor and Zack left the room, Gary pondered about what he had just witnessed. The sight of Zack’s transformation gave him a hard-on and as he looked down at his skinny, 145 pound skinny body, he started to wonder. Without hesitation, Gary walked up to the Keg, unbuckled his belt, placed his mouth on the spout and opened the tap wide open.

Meanwhile, the doctor and Zack were discussing the upcoming football season as the doctor reached out to open the front door. As he turned to Zack to say goodbye, he looked around and asked "Where's Gary?" Zack turned around and replied "I don't know. I thought that he was right behind us. You don't suppose…" Without finishing his thought, Zack and the doctor raced back to the lab. They couldn't believe what they saw.

Gary was still drinking from the keg and his belly, already enormous, was expanding rapidly like a giant water balloon. Gary kept drinking, drinking and drinking and his belly kept growing, expanding and bulging. Incredibly, after several minutes, Gary had consumed the entire contents of the keg and as he stood up, he looked down and saw his Goodyear Blimp shaped belly. Gary started to pat his belly with both hands and said "Well, I wonder if that will do it?" He started to laugh and each chuckle caused a ripple effect that made his belly jiggle like a bowl of Jell-O. It started to dawn on Gary as to what he had just done and he started to worry. He looked over to Zack and the Doctor and asked "Oh my God, What have I done?" •

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