Orb, The

By Telaran

The night was soft and quiet, a pale sliver of light glowing in the sky, shining down over the vast desert wasteland. The light flew slowly over the dunes and grew brighter as it fell. Smaller streaks of light flew from it as parts of the body broke off and burned away into the atmosphere. It fell further and more of it burned away as it skimmed the top of one dune and came to rest on the sand below. The cyan glow that had surrounded the object as it fell faded quickly, and when it was gone, a tiny transparent orb, no bigger than a grown man`s fist lay nestled in the sand, sparkling in the moonlight.


Joshua Dashik stirred in his sleep and then bolted awake, cold sweat running from his forehead into his eyes. He blinked twice and wiped his face with the back of his hand, then turned to look out the window into the night sky. The stars twinkled at him and a crescent moon hung low in the sky, barely illuminating his window sill.

Pulling the covers from himself and hanging his legs over the side of his bed, Josh wiped his face again and took a deep breath. This was the second time tonight he had awakened, first from a dream, which ended in his death, and this time from a dream that ended in a bright blue flash. Both of them felt more real than he ever had thought possible.

`What`s wrong with me,` he thought, `this was supposed to be a relaxing trip.` Josh sighed.

Josh reached over and grabbed his shirt and shorts, and slipped them both on, and then stepped into a pair of sandals. He walked over to his night-stand and turned on his reading lamp, just enough to light up his tiny room. He stood by the stand for a moment, then turned to go into the kitchen to get some water, when he saw a faint light outside his window. Looking out, about a 50 yards from the house, he saw a small cyan colored light that was growing dimmer as he watched.

`What the hell is that,` Josh thought, as the light faded to nothingness. Shivering, he looked away from the window and grabbed his flashlight. He flicked it on and turned it`s beam out the window toward where he`d seen the light. He strained his eyes looking for something, but all he saw was light being reflected off the sand. Josh looked down at his light and though for a second, and decided to go outside to see if he could find out what had made that light.

Still holding the flashlight, Josh walked out of his room, through the small living room, and out the front door. He walked out around to the side of his house, and walked to his bedroom window, staring out into the dunes for any sign of the object he`d seen before. In the direction he`d been looking from his room, he caught sight of his light being reflected from a small object. Running forward, he could see a small glass orb sitting in sand, in a very small crater, which it had apparently made as it landed.

Josh looked down at the little orb and frowned. What is this, he thought. Squatting down to take a closer look at it, he saw that it was perfectly round, and looked just like a crystal ball. `God, I feel stupid,` he thought, and shivered. Josh laughed at himself, and then looked back down at the little orb. `I wonder who left it here?` He bent down a little further and grabbed the orb, and then slipped it into his pocket.

After looking out over the empty dunes, Josh walked back into his house and into is room. He pulled the orb out of his pocket and set it on the table. He turned to close the bedroom door, but the little sphere started to roll off the table. He set it back into the middle of the table and placed a book next to it, and turned to close the door again, but it started to roll off in the other direction.

Laughing out loud, Josh picked the orb up and set it on a candle holder. He moved his hand away, waiting to see if it would roll. After watching it for a few seconds, he walked over and closed the door, then came back and sat at the table, looking at it, and thinking about what had happened so far tonight.

The nightmares that had normally plagued him were still doing so, and he was growing a little irritated with them. His doctor had told him that he needed to get out of the city, to someplace where he wouldn`t be disturbed for a long time. Dr. Rasmusen had thought that would help his nightmares go away, and give him a chance to get away from the overwhelming stress of work and life in general. Fortunately for Josh, his parents had lived in the Arizona desert for a while, and had a house out in the middle of nowhere. They`d moved from the house about one year before he had moved in for his two month vacation, and it was still in very good condition. The air conditioning still worked incredibly well, and all the water was filtered from an underground well. Electricity was supplied by underground wires that ran in from Chester, a small town about 20 miles away, that supplied electricity for all the little houses and small villages that were this far out in the desert.

Being alone certainly did help the nightmares, and they`d been going away steadily over the past month. With one month to go out in the desert, Josh was fairly certain that they`d be gone before he went back to work in Minneapolis, and hoped most of his stress would go with them. Tonight, however, hadn`t been a very good night, and he`d had a headache before he`d gone to bed ,and that generally meant poor sleep. He felt better, how that`d gone outside and picked up the orb, but he always did after taking a walk in the cool night air.

Josh reached up and rubbed his hand over the little transparent ball, feeling the smooth, flawless texture. `Whoever left this thing sitting out here must miss it. It sure is pretty.` The light from his reading lap made the center of the orb appear light, and reflected light into the room, making little rainbow patterns on the ceilings and walls. Looking a little closer into the orb, he could that the interior of the orb had angled portions that acted as prisms on the light.

`A pretty toy, found in the middle of nowhere. I suppose tonight wasn`t as bad as it could have been.` Josh looked a the orb for a little longer, and then walked over to his light, and turned it off, got undressed, and slipped into his bed. Looking back over at the orb, he smiled, and fell asleep.


Morning came a little to quickly for Josh`s taste. He`d had no dreams, and the undisturbed sleep had felt really good. Looking over at his clock and then over at the window, he decided it was just a little too late to be in bed. He sat up, stretched and rubbed his stomach, looking over at his night-stand, where the little orb sat, and he smiled. `Well, at least that wasn`t a dream,` he thought. Walking over to the stand and yawning, he looked down at the orb and put is hand on it, feeling the smoothness of it, and tapped it once before looking back out the window and seeing the cloudless day outside.

`This is going to be a good day,` he thought, as he walked out of his room and into the bathroom. He looked into the mirror at himself and rubbed his eyes. Yawning, he grabbed a washcloth and washed his face, and set the cloth back on the rack. He looked at himself in the mirror again and sighed unhappily at what he saw.

"Josh, you need to exercise a little more," he told himself, looking at his slightly bulging stomach and thin arms. He looked at himself and sighed again. Thanks to the stresses of work and his life thus far, he looked 6 years older than he was. Only 24, and already looking like he was 30. `Well,` he thought, `that`s what this vacation was for.` With his bathroom duties taken care of, Josh walked back into his room, and quickly took a step back. The orb was glowing a cyan color, and hovering a little ways off the table. Josh stared at the floating orb, not knowing what to do. As he watched, the orb started to shrink, and little pieces on the side started to elongate into what looked like a small chain. Josh watched in amazement as the orb continued to shrink, and the chain met behind it. When the chain touched in back, the orb flashed a bright blue and then sped through the air toward him.

Josh`s eyes widened, and he started to step out of the room, but the sphere moved too quickly. Josh felt it hit his back, an could feel the chain flowing around his neck. He looked down, and could see the tiny orb moving along the chain, right to the center of his chest, still glowing cyan colored, and feeling very warm.

Panicking, Josh grabbed at the orb and tried to pull it up over his head, but he couldn`t. When he pulled upward, the chain shrank so he couldn`t get it over his chin. When he tried to pull the thin chain apart, it grew a little bit thicker, just enough so that he couldn`t break it. The more he struggled with it, the heavier the orb got, and it started to pull his neck downward. Head sinking to the floor, Josh stopped pulling on the orb, and put his hands on the ground, trying to brace himself up. Once he removed his hands from the orb, it stopped getting heavier, and started to lighten back up, until there was no apparent weight around his neck.

Josh sighed, and sat on his bed, looking down at the round object sitting on his chest. `What the hell is going on?! Of all the people in the world, I have to find this crazy little THING, and it just HAS to do this.` Josh stared at the little orb, and rubbed his thumb across it. As he rubbed it, the cyan light the orb had previously emitted came back, and appeared to absorb into his hand. Josh pulled his hand away and looked back down at the orb, which returned to it`s transparent, light-less state.

`This is creepy,` thought Josh, cupping his hands around the orb. `If you`re going to sit around my neck, though, I`m going to see what you do.` The orb started to emit the light again, as his hands cupped around it, the cyan luminescence moving into his hands, and up his arms. The light felt warm, but dissipated as it got to his shoulders, seeming to do nothing.

Josh looked down at the ball again, and could see an image inside, of himself, holding the orb and watching the light move up his arm. As he watched, he noticed that his arms, in the orb`s image, started to become transparent, and to change a little bit, and then came back to normal.

As he watched, the light from the orb started to move up his arms again, and this time, Josh started to think of what he had seen in the orb`s imagine. As the light moved up his arms, he noticed that they started to fade out, exactly as they had in the image, and then come back. Josh moved his left hand over to his right arm, and touched it, noting that it felt no different, but looked transparent.

After feeling his arm, just let go of the orb, and let it fall down against his chest. Once he let go, he felt tired, as if he had been drained of energy, and laid back on his bed. `This is some freaky stuff! Cool, though,` Josh thought to himself.

As he started to fall asleep on his bed, he began to wonder why he wasn`t afraid of the orb, and why he was so tired...


After what seemed like an eternity of good dreams, Josh woke up. Looking outside, he realized that it was early in the morning, earlier than it had been when he woke up last time. `I must have slept through the whole night,` thought Josh, `but that`s okay, I suppose. I am on vacation, and I DID have a lot of good dreams.` Josh thought about his dreams. All the dreams he`d had had been sexual, in one way or another. In the first, he`d been watching two men, in a pool, swimming with each other, and playing in the water. Neither of the men had been able to see him, but he could almost feel the fun they were having, and wanted to join them, but couldn`t, fearing that he wouldn`t fit in with their sport. In the next dream, he`d seen a man, alone in a large gymnasium, standing in the middle of a wrestling mat, wearing a singlet, and practicing moves. Josh watched again, from afar, as the man practiced, and could feel the tension he had, as he assaulted an invisible opponent. Josh wanted to join him, too, but he didn`t feel he could, and would be embarrassed to try. In his last dream, he saw a young man, about 18, with blond hair and blue eyes, standing out in the middle of a field, looking at some tall snowcapped mountains, far in the distance. The boy was naked, with a slender build, but defined muscles. His hair was cropped short, and his face had an innocent, but handsome quality to it. Josh watched the boy, and wanted to stand out there with him, just as naked, and just as peacefully, but didn`t feel that he could, because he would be embarrassed to stand naked with anyone, much less a man such as that boy. As he looked on, the boy turned around, and saw him standing there. Josh was startled as the boy walked toward him, smiling and waving him over. Josh looked down at himself, fully clothed, and looked back up at the boy, taking a step backward, and turning away. As he turned, the boy tenderly touched his shoulder, and turned him back around.

`Do not be afraid,` said the boy, in a deep, kind voice. `It is what you have always wanted.`

Josh again looked down at himself, and started to back away, but the boy would not let him. He looked up into the boy`s blue eyes, and with his own, pleaded to let him just watch, and remain alone. The boy would not, however. Golden skin shone in the sunlight as the boy reached to Josh`s shirt, and undid his buttons, leaving him standing, with untoned chest exposed, and his pale stomach looking all the worse. The blond boy pulled the shirt from Josh, and started to unbutton his pants, and Josh shivered. He was afraid to be naked, afraid to be seen as himself, as he hadn`t been since he was sixteen. The boy would not stop though, as he pulled the pants and underwear from Josh`s thin legs. And Josh was naked. Looking into Josh`s eyes, the boy again started to speak.

`Do not be afraid, Joshua. You have lived in fear of yourself for too long. Be free. Let your mind explore what it is like to be happy, and let your body explore what it is like to be unencumbered by it`s cloth trappings.`

A warm energy started to fill Josh, as if the sun`s light had finally touched his skin, and he began to feel lighter. His body started to feel alive with energy, and he could see his surroundings brighten. As this energy moved around in him, the boy began to rub his hands across over Josh`s chest, caressing the hair there, and lightly brushing his nipples. Josh`s hands seemed to move on their own, reaching up to feel the boys cheek, and pull his head closer. Their lips touched, and energy flooded from the boy into Josh, and from Josh to the boy. They stood there, locked into a passionate kiss, for what seemed to Josh as an eternity. Lips flexed and curved together, pressing each other with a ripe energy. Their tongues met and explored each other, feeling the texture that both offered.

As they kissed, the boy`s hands slid from Josh`s chest around to his back, and down, while Josh`s did likewise. Their bodies pressed together, their warmth invigorating and exciting. They touched chest to chest, arm to arm, leg to leg, erection to erection. Josh`s body trembled with excitement, and the boy reacted in kind, pulling Josh to the soft, grassy ground. The boy lay out, his sculpted chest heaving as his breathing intensified. Josh lay atop the boy, feeling the pressure of their bodies once more as they came against each other.

The boy looked again to Josh`s eyes, and smiled, as he turned to sit with Josh upon him. Josh felt the boy move beneath him and he prepared himself for what he knew was to come. The boy slid beneath him, and found what he desired, gently pressing Josh`s hole, and Josh let it expand. He pushed harder, feeling the slickness of his precum making entry easier, and he succeeded. Josh gasped in pain, but at the same time, in pleasure, as the boy penetrated him, as he felt the warmth of the boy`s rigid member enter his body.

Josh could not contain his lust. He reached down and rubbed the boys nipples chest, feeling the stiff rod inside him, against his prostate, making his erection hard and red. The boy pumped more quickly with each passing second, and Josh could feel the boy`s body growing tenser, and he could feel the energy in his body start to center, and get stronger near his groin. Josh started to moan, as he felt the boy`s pumping become ever quicker. He felt, within himself, a pressure building, and his awareness began to close in on that point. His vision began to fade, and the sounds of the outside began to dim, as he felt the pressure build. As the boy continued to pump, he could feel only the member sliding within his body, and his own cock between his legs, and the pressure building within him. And it released.

His body bucked, and he felt the body beneath him buckle as well. Josh could feel the release of his seed as he had no other time before. The pleasure that coursed through is body was beyond measure, and he could feel the pleasure of the boy as well. As they came again and again, the pleasure began to wash of each other bodies, and become as one. Josh felt himself become being filled, and could feel himself emptying, in a harmony never felt by him before.

As their orgasm finished, both young men lay in the field of green, snowcapped mountains in the distance, light breeze flowing over their bodies, they sighed with pleasure. Josh laid there, against the warmth of the boy, and began to fall asleep. "It is what you always wanted," said the boy.


Josh stared out his window, remembering what had happened in his dream, and he sighed. That had been the best dream he`d ever had, and he`d loved it. The dream had felt more real than life. Josh lay his head against the pillow, and closed his eyes, remembering what the boy in his dream had looked like, seeing him in every detail, and he sighed, glad to have such an experience.

He lay on his bed, think of the dream, and wishing for it again, but he could not fall asleep. He sighed again, and started to get out of bed, when he noticed that something wasn`t quite right. He looked down at his covers, and he could see that the outline of his body was different. Josh moved the covers aside and looked down at his body, and nearly screamed.

His body was a of a golden hue, looking tanned and sharp. His legs had lengthened, and the muscles of his thighs and calves had become larger and more defined. The chest that graced his body was now developed and larger than it had been, which tiny pink nipples erect in the center of his new pecs. His stomach was shaped amazingly, his abs not only visible, but defined and tight. And he looked down at his member, how thicker, and longer, even soft, at six inches. The hair around it was blond and thick, but stopped right by his thigh, and did not extend to his stomach.

Josh got out of bed and ran into the bathroom, looking into the mirror. His face was handsome, blue eyes gleaming under his eyebrows. His nose was shaped perfectly, and his lips were full. His jaw line was more prominent, and his chin was covered in the slightest of a goatee.

The face he saw in the mirror was not his own, he realized, but the face of the boy he had seen in his dream. •

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