Billy Muscles Up


By johnd7102000

After Billy had blown away all the other kids in the bench press contest, he flexed his arms in triumph. All the seventh grade nerds whooped and hollered as their 12 year old classmate, hero and bodyguard flexed his awesome muscles. The 8th and 9th graders who had competed with Billy couldn't believe how strong he had gotten in only 3-1/2 months of training. He had just benched 325 pounds. The next strongest kids, Mark and Brad, could only manage 175. And Mark and Brad were both14 years old and had been lifting for almost 2 years. When Billy and I arrived in the weight room for our first workout, when we both weighed only 95 pounds, Mark and Brad were the studs of the gym, bossing all the other kids around and humiliating us. They had gained only 5 pounds in 3-1/2 months while Billy had gained a phenomenal 80 pounds of solid muscle and now weighed 175, 25 pounds more rock-hard, brutally strong muscle than Mark and Brad had. The tables had completely turned. Billy was now almost twice as strong as Mark and Brad and, unlike theirs, his muscles were still growing every week. Now Billy was the stud of the gym and could boss around anyone he wanted in the whole school, including Mark and Brad.

Billy walked over to Mark and Brad and flexed his giant pecs right in front of them. The full, round totally pumped muscles bulged out from his chest and his nipples stood out completely erect and firm. His cleavage was incredible. His lower pecs were so fully developed that his nipples were pointing downward at about a 45 degree angle. Billy's thick pecs jutted out more than three inches over his rippling abs and you could see every fiber of hard muscle under his thin, tan skin. Veins crisscrossed his muscles, pulsating with blood. Billy grabbed Mark and Brad's wrists and forcibly placed their hands on his huge, sweaty pecs. Then he flexed them a few times, allowing Mark and Brad to feel the enormous size and incredible hardness of those massive, bulging muscles that had just bench pressed 150 pounds more than Mark and Brad could do.

"Feel that fucking muscle, assholes. Feel how much bigger and stronger my muscles are than yours. Shit, you're puny compared to me. 175 pounds in the bench press is chickenshit weight. I can military press that weight 10 times without even breaking a sweat. Things have sure changed in the last three months, haven't they assholes. I remember when you called me and Josh wimps and said that we'd never get muscles as big and strong as yours. Ha! Well, you were right about Josh but you were sure wrong about me! Now look at who's got fucking huge, super-strong muscles and who's got little muscles that have practically stopped growing while my muscles keep getting bigger and stronger every day. Look who's the stud now! How does it feel to be totally humiliated by a 12-year-old kid who's so strong he can kick your ass any time he wants to and you can't do anything about it? I can fuck you over any time I want. I can crush both of you like pathetic little bugs. Maybe I should do a little crushing right now!"

Billy was really getting into his big, strong muscles and his ability to totally dominate any kid he wanted, including Mark and Brad, the very guys that we both feared on our first day of school. Billy let go of Mark and Brad's wrists and quickly wrapped his massive 16-1/2 inch arms around their necks. He contracted his biceps, and the big, hard balls of muscle started crushing the necks of the two 14-year old jocks. He flexed and relaxed his biceps a few times, each flex crushing their windpipes and inflicting incredible pain in the necks of the two older boys. Mark tried to get away, but Billy easily controlled him with his huge gun and flexed his bicep even harder as punishment for trying to escape. It was futile to resist Billy's strength.

All this crushing took only about 15 seconds. Before any of the teachers could react and tell Billy to stop, Billy released his hold on Mark and Brad and just stood there smiling at them, flexing his pecs, lats and abs. Billy was daring them to do something or to complain to a teacher, but Mark and Brad just stood there looking at Billy's incredibly muscular body. They were helpless against Billy and they knew it. Billy was wearing only a pair of shorts and some Nike cross-training sneakers without socks. The shorts were hanging low on Billy's hips, revealing the top part of his firm, round butt muscles and his ass crack. Just like the rest of Billy, the top of his ass was very tan because he always wore his shorts really low. Billy's ass was round and muscular - a total bubble butt - and as we were about to see in the deadlift and squat competition, those ass muscles were incredibly strong. Billy's eight-pack of abs was totally shredded. Because his waist was so small and his hips were so narrow, his wide, muscle-capped shoulders were way more than twice as wide as his waist, which, together with his thick, slab-like lats gave him an incredibly muscular V-shape that was nothing short of stunning. Even relaxed at his sides, his big, muscular arms looked like massive hams, the fibers of his biceps and triceps rippling and solid. His forearms bulged with sinewy muscle that looked like a mass of snakes.

One of the most outstanding parts of Billy's body was his striking oblique muscle that swept down from the sides of his lower torso towards the center, below his abs, and cut a swath under his belly button. Those sweeping obliques made his butt stand out like it was molded from hot metal. The slash-like muscles cut under his abs and towards Billy's crotch. They made him look extremely sexy, especially since he wore his shorts so low. His shorts were so low that I thought I could almost see a little bit of blond pubic hair - the only hair on Billy's young body. Since he had only gone through puberty four months ago, he still hadn't grown any hair in his armpits. But there was no doubt that even though Billy was a 12-year old boy, his body was all muscle and all man.

Then Billy saw a kid holding a big rubber ball, about the size of a basketball, one of those red rubber balls we use for dodgeball. He grabbed the ball out of the kid's hands and turned to face Mark and Brad. "Hey, fuckheads, just pretend this ball is you. Watch what I can do to it and what I could do to you." At that, Billy placed the palms of his hands against the sides of the ball and started to squeeze the ball from both sides. His pecs bulged out with rippling muscle and his triceps and biceps became incredibly pumped and shredded as the phenomenally strong 12 year old applied more and more force to the poor ball. Billy's forearms looked like a mass of writhing snakes as his big, powerful muscles forced his thick, strong hands into the sides of the rubber ball. The ball started to flatten as Billy's muscles applied an absolutely enormous force. All of the muscles in Billy's upper body were red with blood. His veins were pulsating as his pumped muscles pressed them hard against his thin skin. His delts bulged out from his wide shoulders like striated melons of fibrous muscle. His lats spread out like slabs of shredded muscle. All of his muscles were working together to apply a force so strong that it was almost beyond comprehension to all of the kids who were watching Billy in rapt awe. Billy's face was red as a beet and the veins were popping out in his neck. Finally Billy let out a loud, primal grunt. "BANG!!!" The ball exploded with a loud noise that sounded like a shotgun blast. The hard rubber of the ball had collapsed against the incredible force applied by Billy's big, rippling 12-year old muscles.

Billy grabbed the shredded ball with his hands and ripped it into two pieces. Then he tossed the two pieces at Mark and Brad and sneered at them. "That ball thought it was tough, but it wasn't shit compared to me," said Billy. "My muscles are unstoppable and no fucking rubber ball is strong enough to hold them back. Just think if I was doing that to your chest instead of that ball. Your bones would have been crushed like so many toothpicks. I own you guys." Mark and Brad just stood there in disbelief. They knew Billy was right.

Donald and several of his nerd friends rushed up to Billy. "Jesus, Billy, that was incredible! You're the man!" yelled Donald. "Yeah, Donnie, you got that right," replied Billy as he started to flex his muscles for the little dweebs. "Feel these fucking muscles, Donnie. You and your little geek friends don't have anything to worry about from those bullies with these muscles to protect you. You just point out a bully and I'll smash his body into a fucking pulp." Donald felt a tingle in his spine. He could point his finger at any bully and Billy would beat the kid into a sorry pulp and enjoy himself doing it. Donald felt a rush of empowerment just thinking about that. Billy was really getting into his muscles and power and Donald and his friends were really into them too. They felt every one of Billy's pumped muscles with their tender little hands and fingers as Billy flexed proudly for them. Their little bodies were just dwarfed by Billy, whose 16-1/2 inch flexed arms were actually bigger, and far more muscular, than some of these nerds' flabby little legs. Billy's 25 inch thighs were almost as big as some of the nerds' chests and there was a lot more muscle in Billy's bulging, rock-hard thighs than in those flabby chests. Billy had gained more solid muscle in the last 3-1/2 months than Donald's full weight of 80 flabby pounds. Although the boys were the same age, Billy was just so superior physically that they almost looked like different species.

Suddenly, Billy reached down and grabbed Donald with his right hand and grabbed one of Donald's little friends with his left hand by the front of their shirts. They looked up at Billy anxiously, not knowing what the big, muscular kid was going to do to them and knowing that he could do anything he wanted. "Hang on to my wrist," ordered Billy, and the two nerds obeyed. They wrapped both of their little hands around Billy's thick, strong wrist. Billy then easily lifted Donald and his friend off the ground and proceeded to do alternate dumbbell presses with Donald and his friend as human dumbbells. Billy made pressing the 80 pound kids look easy, and for him it was. I knew that in a gym workout, Billy could do alternate dumbbell presses with 110 pound dumbbells, so this was nothing for Billy. As he pumped the nerds up and down, his delts bulged like striated melons of muscle with all of the incredibly hard fibers of muscle showing in bold relief. All the kids were amazed at this feat of incredible strength and Billy's incredible delts and they started yelling and cheering. Donald actually released his left hand from Billy's wrist so that he could feel Billy's enormous delt muscles work as they pumped him up and down. Donald could feel all the fibers under Billy's tan skin bulge and ripple as they twitched and flexed.

After about 15 reps, Billy threw the little nerds about a foot in the air in a final burst of amazing strength. They landed on the mat on their butts, a little shaken from the experience but completely unharmed. They both ran up to Billy and felt his huge, bulging delts again, those delts that had just pressed their little bodies overhead like feather pillows. Donald buried his nose in Billy's armpit and breathed in the pungent smell of Billy's musclekid sweat. Donald felt warm and protected with his face buried in Billy's big armpit. Billy lowered his arm and squeezed the massive gun gently around Donald's face, just enough so that Donald could feel the power of his muscles as Donald smelled the healthy musclestud sweat they produced. Billy flexed his bicep as his arm pressed against Donald's face. The big steel-like ball of muscle pushed itself against Donald's cheek. "Feel the power, Donnie", said Billy softly in Donald's ear. "Feel the power of my fucking muscles." Donald wrapped his arms around Billy's huge chest and said, "I feel it, Billy, I feel it. You are a fucking god." Billy flexed his bicep even harder and drove the big muscle a little more into Donald's face. Donald smiled contently. He loved the feeling of Billy's big, hard muscles pressing against his body.

Billy suddenly released Donald because the deadlift competition was about to begin. The bar was first loaded at 135 pounds - one 45 pound plate on each side. All of the kids could lift this off the floor. For Billy it was like lifting a feather. As with the bench press, the spotters added 10 pounds after each round, and gradually some of the kids started dropping out. When the weight got to 225 pounds there were only five kids left, Mark and Brad, Billy and two other ninth graders. At 225 pounds the bar was loaded with two 45-pound plates on each side. It really looked heavy and it was. Donald and his friends realized that they couldn't lift even a quarter of that weight off the floor. Well, the two ninth graders struggled with the weight but couldn't lift it far enough so that they could straighten their backs. So they were out. Mark and Brad were stronger, so they could lift the weight cleanly, but it looked like a real struggle for both of them.

Finally, Billy approached the bar. He squatted down and bent his back just enough so that he could wrap his thick hands around the bar. None of the kids noticed, but instead of the normal deadlift grip, where his palms would have faced in opposite directions, he grabbed the bar with both of his palms facing towards him. Then in one graceful motion, he not only lifted the 225-pound bar off the ground and to his waist, but he muscled his body under the bar and pressed it up over his head. All the kids in the gym gasped in amazement. Then Billy lowered the huge weight to his shoulders and pressed it back up two more times. Finally Billy let the weight crash to the mat with a huge clank. All the kids burst into applause. Billy flexed his arms at his admirers and yelled out "That's a pussy weight. After I'm done blowing away these wimps - he pointed at Mark and Brad - watch me deadlift some really heavy iron."

Well, Mark and Brad got up to 235 but couldn't make 245. So then it was all Billy. "Fuck this shit," said Billy. "Put on another 100 pounds. These muscles need some real weight to challenge them." The spotters dutifully did as ordered. Billy lifted the 345 pounds like it was nothing. "Another 50 pounds," ordered Billy. Now the bar was loaded with 395 pounds of iron, more weight that any kid in our school had ever lifted. Billy squatted down and bent his back. His quads were bulging with muscle and his calves were shredded with the two heads of diamond shaped muscles rippling under his skin. The muscles on his lower back stood out like thick ridges and his lats looked like huge slabs of muscle, bursting out from his torso like giant wings. His traps bulged up and out from his thick neck. This was one powerful boy.

Billy slowly lifted the giant weight, and he almost looked surprised at how easily he lifted it. He had never lifted this much in a workout, but his big, muscular body was obviously up to the task. After he had finished the lift, all the kids were shrieking and Billy smiled. "Gimme 30 more pounds," said Billy. "I feel fucking strong." The spotters loaded the bar to 425, an incredible weight for any teenager to be lifting, let alone a 12-year-old who had only been lifting for 3-1/2 months. The kids were now yelling at the top of their lungs. "You can do it, Billy!" "You're stronger than that fucking weight, Billy!" "You're a superman, Billy!" The adrenaline was pumping through Billy's veins and every one of his muscles was throbbing with power. Billy looked absolutely radiant with sweat streaming down his tan skin and his muscles rippling and flexing underneath. Veins were crisscrossing everywhere, pumping huge quantities of blood into Billy's pulsating muscles.

Billy squatted down and grasped the bar. Then with an incredible burst of power, he slowly but surely lifted the bar up to his waist and straightened his powerful back. He held the lift for at least five seconds, just to show off. Finally he dropped the massive weight and flexed his arms in triumph to the wildly cheering kids. Billy was the king. Billy was the stud. Billy was a god.

The squats were next, and Billy's massive, powerful thighs were pumped and shredded in anticipation. •

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