Four Jocks, The


By Josh Dugan

When you think about it, there probably couldn't have been any better conditions for Bai and Sean falling in love. The frathouse was so stylishly done over now that it was, frankly, quite a romantic place. The frathouse's gym was so well-equipped that Sean and Bai practically lived there, enjoying the extra time required for the care and feeding of their new muscles, especially those of their drop-dead-beautiful foursomes of arms.

All the guys - Pablo, Joe, the two Jasons, and the rest of the newly well-muscled fraternity - were not only in awe of Sean and Bai, but totally turned on to see them become madly and irretrievably in love with each other.

For example, normally it's either a neutral or a minor negative when all the guys are together having dinner or watching TV together, and a couple of the guys leave for one reason or another, diminishing the room a little by their departure. But it was just the opposite when Bai left with Sean - it was awesome, and left us totally and wonderfully hot and bothered.

There was something about the way Bai and Sean would look at each other, which we all noticed, quietly signaling each other to check out Bai and Sean, because it was worth noticing. They were beautiful to start with, and as they fell in love they became even more beautiful. Something about the flush of their faces, the light in their eyes, the way they breathed when they were together, whether just the two of them or whether they were in the same room with the rest of us.

Anyway, we'd all be at the table having dinner or hanging around in the kitchen or lounging together in front of the high definition giant screen TV when we'd start cueing each other to check out Sean and Bai. The way their bodies physically reacted to each other was electrifying, even if they were across the room from each other.

It would be like, Bai would look at Sean and this beautiful look would come over his face, almost unconsciously. He'd color slightly and shift his tall, smoothly muscled body this way or that, as if his four arms were slightly restless. He had these four big hands, and they'd sort of become lost, quietly smoothing themselves along the long muscles of his four arms, or slowly sliding themselves up and down the inside and outside of his thighs. One or two of Bai's big hands would gently reach behind his long, muscular neck, as if it needed a massage.

And Sean, somehow, even if he was looking the other way when it happened, would like close his eyes as if he was feeling or thinking something wonderful, and he'd get this wistful, pleasant look on his face that meant he'd just thought of Bai, and he'd almost have a half-smile on his face even before he turned to find Bai looking at him. Sean's four hands were big, too, and really nice-looking, and they'd like unconsciously rest themselves heavily all over his chest, or tumble themselves into a big warm pile of hands on his lap, and then one of them would massage the muscles of his other three arms, and he'd do this kind of mild, muscular stretch, resettling his big athletic frame, his four big arms trying to find comfortable positions among themselves.

And both Sean and Bai would get this incredible, gentle, intense look as they drank in the beauty of each other's faces and bodies. They'd be breathing these big, quiet, deep breaths, which looked so good as their chests and shoulders slowly rose and fell, their necks and faces coloring, as they forgot all else besides each other.

And they'd try to be nonchalant about it, which only made it hotter. They'd both get so flushed and restless that before long they'd both have to stand up about the same time, sort of floating up from where they were seated, and anyone in the room could tell that there was major boning going on, major boning.

It's funny, but I would kind of feel sorry for their four arms, if that were possible, because these beautiful foursomes of arms seemed to not know what to do with themselves, all those big warm muscles seeming to want to touch each other for comfort, these four big, beautiful hands sort of hanging there heavily and loosely from their four wrists. Or their four hands would be absent-mindedly feeling their stomachs, or chests, or exploring their four arms. It was like they had too many beautiful hands that didn't know what to do. Except you could tell that they wanted each other's four arms.

As soon as they both stood up, so tall and beautiful as they rose, and as soon as they got close to each other, it was like Bai's four arms were magnetized for Sean's four arms and vice versa. It was the gentlest thing you ever saw, all these long, muscular arms, gently reaching for and touching the other guy's arms, the four hands finding the other guy's four hands.

They'd usually forget to say goodbye, as they left together, and Sean and Bai would be like wearing each other's arms as they held each other, walking each other out the room and upstairs.

"Aw, fuck," one of the fraternity brothers would inevitably say, or, "Sorry, I can't stand it anymore," or something like that, and whip out his huge boner and beat off. And throughout the rest of the ensuing period while Bai and Sean mated upstairs, as we heard their wonderful laughter and groans, as we heard the thumps and crashes of Bai's and Sean's bodies from three floors up, it was understood like one of the house rules, fee free to beat off while Sean and Bai make love upstairs. Actually, many of us did more than beat off, making love with each other on the spot or heading off with each other to make love, the only way to deal with being around Bai and Sean.

Another great reason for Sean and Bai to fall in love with each other was that they were always in a warm, supportive comfort zone, thanks to Pablo. It was Pablo's wish that no one would notice Sean's and Bai's four arms except people who would think it was either cool or totally hot. That turned out to be a pretty good wish in more ways than one - in ways Pablo had never said, but must have thought - because it included going shirtless. It wasn't like Bai and Sean discovered this, because they didn't seem to notice themselves. To them, and to the world at large, it was simply the most beautiful and natural thing in the world to be calmly four-armed and bare-chested.

For example, in the little market off campus, the narrow aisles of groceries and canned goods would be crowded with young students and elderly local townspeople, picking their way along the aisles among the labels and price stickers. And then there would be these two lithe, male torsos towering above the heads of the other shoppers, their shoulders broadened and doubled, their foursome of long arms hanging relaxed all over each other, Bai and Sean smiling and gently jostling each other as their several hands pointed out items of interest and picked them from the shelves. And generally, no one would notice.

"My, you boys are tall," smiled the grandfatherly proprietor behind the register as he rang up Bai's and Sean's groceries, never noticing the eight enormous smooth-muscled athlete's arms hanging from the two of them, never seeing the miles of perfectly muscled torsos and shoulders gleaming under the bright lighting of the checkout counter. Nor did any of the other shoppers crowded behind and in front of Bai and Sean notice. It was the young man who bagged their groceries who swooned as he tried to hand Sean and Bai their grocery bags, looking up at them as his eyes rolled inward, melting quietly to the floor unconscious as his poor penis creamed uncontrollably inside his jeans.

For that matter, Pablo's wish also made it the most comfortable and ordinary thing in the world for Sean and Bai to go barefoot. And as they became more and more lost in each other, the real world either celebrated or paid no mind at all to them when they forgot to get dressed, going about with their beautifully muscled, four-armed bodies comfortably nude.

We hadn't really gotten used to them, because you can't say you've gotten used to something that makes you have to cream every time you see it, but our frat house pretty much became acclimatized to the penis-stiffening atmosphere that Bai and Sean brought with them. If one of the fraternity brothers suddenly fell silent during one of our gatherings with them, it was commonly understood to be perfectly ok that he just needed a little space to himself, to allow him to beat off in order to deal with being around Bai and Sean. Likewise, we became adept at pairing off on the spot, making love to each other spontaneously and intensely to release the incredible sexual tension Sean and Bai created among everyone in the room and, for that matter, in the house.

But it was another thing entirely when Sean and Bai dragged each other and half of our beer reserves upstairs with them along with that special deck of cards, for a private game with just themselves. The thought of that alone had us all boned.

The thing is, we couln't stop being boned that night, as we heard their sexy laughter and the occasional thump and crash of their falling bodies as they made love. We couldn't hear what they were saying, but their voices gradually took on that arousing slurred timbre as they played through the deck of cards, downing bottles between wishes and exchanging kisses to make them official.

They were obviously having a wonderful time with each other. At one point we could hear their door fly open, and the house seemed to vibrate with their footfalls as we heard them chasing each other, racing through the upstairs hallways, laughing and running up and down the upper stairways, like a couple of overgrown kids.

And overgrown they were, as they came stumbling down the flights of stairs and finally down the stairs to where we were waiting, aroused, to see them, and there they were - taller and naked, with fresh tans and sun-streaked hair, laughing and stumbling, holding onto each other with their four arms so they wouln't trip and fall over their foursomes of legs. Their foursomes of very beautiful, very handsome legs, their foursomes of beautifully barefoot male feet.

Bai laughed and grabbed Sean by his hind legs, trying to jack off Sean's hind penis, as Sean in turn tried to get Bai into a hind leg-lock. They fell laughing on top of the couch, landing with their eight beautiful legs splaying on top of Joe and Pablo and one of the Jasons - the other Jason managed to duck in time. Sean wouldn't give up a card he had clenched inside one of his hands, and he tried to use his other three hands to keep Bai's four hands from reaching it, but when Bai started tickling him with four hands he had to give it up, laughing helplessly as the Jasons and Pablo and Joe reigned in all of the beautfiul long-muscled legs tangled between Sean and Bai as they caught their breath, their beautiful naked bodies sweating, their alcohol-sweet breath sending fumes of sweetness all around them.

"Crazy guys," smiled Pablo, as Bai's and Sean's sleek, heavy bodies weighed warmly on him and the other jocks, Bai laying across their four laps in one direction, with Sean laying on top of Bai in the other direction. At Pablo's end Bai's face was framed by Sean's four feet, and at Jason's end of the couch, Bai's four feet framed Sean's face.

Pablo gave Bai, whose head was in his lap, a gentle kiss. Bai's breath was alcohol-sweet. Joe, sitting next to Pablo, kissed Bai as well.

Jason, at the other end of the couch, kissed Sean, whose head lay in his lap surrounded by Bai's four feet. Both Jasons were aroused by the warm alcohol-sweetness of Sean's breath. "Yeah, you are crazy," smiled Jason.

The other Jason also leaned over and kissed Sean as well. "Mmmmm," he said, also aroused by the sweetness of Sean's breath. "Look at all these legs."

The two Jasons began to massage Bai's four beautiful feet that were flanking Sean's face. Bai groaned with drunken pleasure. That kind of boned everybody, so Pablo and Joe began massaging Sean's four beautiful feet flanking Bai's face. Sean likewise writhed and moaned, amazed at the pleasure of having four drunken feet massaged.

One of the Jasons found the card that Bai had gotten away from Sean. Bai had somehow grabbed it between the toes of one of his hind feet, but he let Jason slide it out.

"Tha's the one Sean did," Bai slurred, giggling at the thought, which also made him spring a couple of giant boners under Sean, which made Sean spring a couple of giant boners of his own.

Jason read the card: "If the person next to you were a truck, what feature would you most want it to have?"

Now it was Sean's turn to giggle, a couple of his hands reaching unconsciously for his boners. "Yeah, 'cept I wished for both of us," he said in his oddly musical drunken voice.

"That's cool of you," Bai slurred, nudging Sean affectionately with one of his four feet.

"I think I already know the answer, but what did you wish for?" asked Pablo.

"Four-wheel drive," laughed Sean.

I think most of us came at right about that time. •

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