My Brother


By ChangeRedhawk

I hate my big brother. You have no idea what living with that college monster is like. He pounds on me. In more ways than one. When he`s in a good mood, he just tosses me around. When he`s in a bad mood, which is often, he humps me like I`m his personal sex slave. I can`t do anything to him, he`s a 6’4” college linebacker. I`m a 5’9” highschool nobody. What can I do? Oh I hate him. I`m walking in the park trying to plot my revenge. “Hey kid.”, someone called me . I look in the direction of the voice. It`s a man in a business suit. “Hey kid, what seems to be the problem?” I, being curious, walk over to him. “What`s the problem, kid?” he asks again. I really don`t know why but I told him, everything. My life. My brother. How he`s tormented me. I do believe this guy took notes. He was punching stuff in on a palmtop. After I finished I asked him, “Are you a reporter?” He said, “No I`m just a sympathetic scientist.” He stands up. “Here.” He tosses me small vial. I look at the vial. “What is it?” “Just something that will help. If you like it, call the number on the vial.”, and he walks away. “But, what is it?”, I yell out. “Try it and find out.”, he replies. I look at the vial. On the vial’s label is the word “SiZemorph” and a telephone number. I look at the blue and gold liquid in the vial. A drug? Well, being stoned out of my gourd might make me forget about my miserable life. I drank the whole thing. After ten minutes of no buzz or anything, I put the vial in my pocket and walk home.

I make it back home and found a note from my parents.

Boys Gone out for the night. Try not to kill each other or destroy the house. Mom.

Cute mom, real cute. I don’t see my brother around. Great a few hours of peace.

Those few hours went fast. My brother, Hank, comes home. He’s in a real bad mood. You see his last “female conquest” rejected him. Guess who, as usual, he’s going to take it out on? “Damn cunt!”, my brother’s says and pops me on the back of my head. He heads for the kitchen. Well, I decide it would be better to hide out in my room. It might be safer.

Well I was wrong. Damn. Right when I start walking up the stairs, Hank grabs me. “Where you going, Squirt.” “Away from you, jackass.” He slams my head into the wall. “Oh, I’m going to fuck you up good this time Henry.” He carries my up the stairs. Once again my brother’s 8 inch dick is in my ass. Boy, I’m pissed, so pissed my body’s trembling. In fact, my body is tingling. Something’s not right. My brother finishes with me. Saying “You’ll still my little bitch.” I’m really ticked now. Soon as my pants are back up, I tackle my brother. Yes, I’ve flipped, he’s bigger than me. I running on rage right now. I actually tackle him to the ground. “I have had Enough of You!” I bellowed. I bellowed? I’ve never bellow. “Oh so. You trying to get cocky with me after what I did.” I pick him up and toss him across the room. That felt great. This is amazing! “How in the hell did you do that!” he yells as he charges to tackle me. I barely felt his tackle. I notice my clothes are tighter, and my brother seems smaller. I pick him up. I’m 6 foot tall now. This is great. I flip him over and put him on the bed. I pull my pants down then his. “You know how long I’ve wanted to teach you a lesson? An Eternity!” I look at my cock. It’s gone from 6 inches to 13 inches. I’m also 6’4” now. This is going to be great. I slam by dick into Hank ass. He would have screamed if I didn’t have his head buried in the mattress. He’s groaning in pain as I hump him for ten minutes. After that I picked him up and slammed him into the wall. I continued humping him. “Remember when you did this to me on our vacation?!” I was 7 feet tall at that time. After another twenty minutes of banging him against the wall, I move away, kneel on the floor, to finish the job. I’m now at 8 feet tall. My cock’s about 20 inches long and 3 inches thick. “Remember when you use to do this to me when I was younger? Remember ?! REMEMBER?!?!” I pump his ass for another thirty minutes before I cum. After I came I could feel cum pouring out of his ass. I’m pick Hank up and throw him on the bed. I stand up. Damn, I’m huge. I stand over by brother. My dick still dripping cum. I grab his head with my monstrous hands and force it closer to my cock. “Remember the blow job you made me give you?” He’s begging me, “No, No, your to big!” “Aww shut up?” I say and shove his head on my dick. He could only get the head of my dick in his mouth, but that isn’t going to stop me. I force my dick deeper into his throat. He’s gagging. He trying to break my grip, to no avail. After a few minutes of me forcing and my brother gagging I cum in his mouth. By the time I finish cumming, cum is dripping from his nose. I’m still horny. I pin him down to the bed again and fuck him one more time. After I cum this time, my brother’s bed and my brother is covered in cum. Hank’s knocked out. I wonder how I did that? Then I noticed that vial. I pick it up. I decided to call the number on the vial. I reached the same fellow who I meet in the park. I told him I liked it and wanted some more. He sounded puzzled but he said he’ll get a case out to me by tomorrow. The next day arrived. My parents were chewing out Hank. The were yelling about him being drunk. He looked it too. He smelled terrible, was stumbling around, and he kept throwing up white debris. ?:) My parents also said I had a package. I jump for joy. I grabbed my package and ran upstairs. I opened the case. There was a lot of vials in there. I read the letter that came with it.

Thank you for field testing the SiZemorph formula. This batch is taylor made for you. One vial is normally enough. Extra doses have enhanced effects.

Once again, thank you for field testing the SiZemorph formula.

Riverwind HyperTechnologies

I took out a vial, uncorked it and said, “Here’s to a better, bigger life.” •

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