Pool Party

By FanTCMan

"Okay, kid. This is your last chance to change your mind. You sure you're brave enough? You really want to get massive like you say? Are you as brave as your friend?"

Ryan was shaking, he was so nervous.

"Did Jeff do it? Really?"

"He's waiting for you outside."

"Yeah, okay. My dad wants me to, so I guess so."

"Pull down your pants."

Ryan stood up and unbuttoned his Levis. He pulled them down to his knees and pulled down his briefs. The huge man held up a giant hypodermic syringe.

"Just sit down there and relax," he said. "And spread your legs."

Ryan did as he was told, still shaking. The man reached forward and took the sixteen-year-old boy's balls gently in his left hand.

"This is going to hurt some, but just relax. It'll be over in a couple of minutes."

When the man aimed the needle at one of his balls, Ryan slammed his legs together again.

"Wait a minute. What are you doing?"

"This stuff has to go directly into your balls. Now spread your legs."

Ryan let his legs fall apart again. When the needle went into his testicle, he yelped and sat forward, but it was in. He leaned back again, and tried to control his fear and pain as the big man slowly, very slowly, pushed the plunger, emptying half the syringe right into his testicle. As it filled with the fluid, it swelled up to over twice its size. The second one was even worse. He felt sick to his stomach.

"Okay, kid. That's it. Go have fun."

Ryan stood up feeling a deep ache in his groin. He pulled up his briefs, gently holding his balls, swollen to the size of small eggs. It felt very strange when he dropped in his dick, like his pants were stuffed with something, and when he pulled up his Levis, the swollen bulge filled his crotch.

"Just stay inside the resort. The guests are paying good money to watch you guys and the other guys, too. When you need new clothes, and you will pretty soon, just go into the company store. They'll fix you up."

Ryan went back into the hallway where Jeff was sitting in a chair waiting for him.

"That wasn't too bad," he said when Jeff looked up.

"It doesn't hurt very long. I feel okay. Look at your crotch, dude. It looks kinda hot, like you're packing some real equipment in there. Feels kinda hot, too. You want to go get something to eat or what?"

"Yeah, I guess. How long is this supposed to take?"

The two teenage boys walked together to the restaurant by the pool.

"I don't know. I think it's supposed to be pretty fast. Fast enough so all these people can see it happen."

They found a table and a waiter came over. They both ordered hamburgers, but the waiter told them he was supposed to give them just booster protein drinks to help the process along. He brought them the drinks.

"Hey, Ryan. I think we're being watched. I feel like everyone's staring at us."

"That's because they are."

They drank their drinks, and by the time they were finished, they were both feeling supercharged with energy. An unbelievable kind of energy. They both began to feel extremely sexual, and extremely turned on.

"Man, Jeff. I feel so hot. I'm kinda liking these big nuts stuffed in my Levis. Feels really sexy."

"Yeah, I know. Looks hot, too. Gonna be men, dude. Gonna be big fuckin' men."

"Dude," Ryan said, "you feel like your Levis are getting tight?"

"Yeah, I do. Like especially in the crotch. Fuck, man. Look. It's like everything's growing in there. This bulge is getting big, man."

"I know it. But they're getting tight all over. My shirt, too."

"Ryan, man, your shirt looks way tight all of a sudden. All across the chest, and the arms, too. Shit, dude. We're getting muscle already."

Jeff felt his own chest, and under his shirt he felt muscle, hard and starting to get thick. And when he bent his arm, his biceps bunched up, hard and big, almost ripping the material.

Ryan watched Jeff, and he felt himself. His shirt was so tight he felt like the buttons might pop. He flexed his own arm and enjoyed the muscle filling the sleeve, pulling it as tight as skin.

Just then the waiter came up.

"The man over there says it's time for you boys to go get a change of clothes and maybe let off some of that steam. Feeling pretty hot about now, I bet."

"Fuck, man, hot as shit. Yeah, I want to get into something else where I can see what's happening. Jeff, man, don't you want to see this? You're looking like a muscle dude, man."

"Yeah, you too. You like it, man? Does it feel good? Feels fuckin hot as shit to me. Fuck, man. I got to jack off or something."

"Yeah, dude. Let's go jack off together. You want to? That would be so hot. I'd fuckin' love to watch you jack off."

"Ryan, man, fuck, I'd fuckin' love it if you watch me. Then you and let me watch. God you look hot."

"Fuck, Jeff. I got to do it. I want everyone to watch. Fuck the clothes." Ryan ripped the front of his shirt open, popping off the buttons. "Look at my fuckin pecs, dude. I'm getting muscle, man. We're getting big. Let me see you, dude."

All the men, mostly enormously muscular, hanging out near the pool and in the restaurant, watched the two boys with rapt attention.

Jeff ripped his own shirt open.

"Fuck, Ryan. I fuckin love muscle, man."

He grabbed his pecs hard, feeling their new thickness and the weight of their density, rubbed his hand down his abs.

"I'm getting hair, dude." Jeff looked closely at himself, then over at Ryan. "So are you, man. Fuck, look. It's all over your fuckin' chest and abs, dude. I'm so fuckin' hard, man."

Ryan was holding his crotch with one hand and feeling his muscle with the other. "You? Dude, I'm as hard as a fuckin' baseball bat. And my dick feels big, man. Real big."

The waiter, still standing nearby, came over again.

"The man says forget the clothes for now. Go for it boys. Everyone wants you to let those dicks out to play."

"Fuck, yeah, Jeff. I'm feeling out of control now. I could get off in front of a whole stadium. Let's do it, man."

Ryan stood up and ripped open the buttons of his 501s. They were so tight it was hard to pull them off, but he did, and so did Jeff. Their dicks sprang up to full erections, and they were huge and thick.

"I'm a fuckin hairy muscle boy, dude. Look at this monster dick, man. We're fuckin' gods, dude!"

They flexed, enjoyed their massive bodies, felt the hair that was growing thicker, grabbed their huge cocks.

"Fuck the world, man!! We're fuckin' gods!!" Jeff yelled at the top of his lungs. "Who wants these fuckin' muscle boys? Who's man enough to fuck with these huge fuckin' dicks?"

"I am!"

The boys turned to see who said that.

"Dad!" Ryan said.

"You're my fuckin' stud muscle boy now, aren't you Ryan?"

"Dad," Ryan said, "You too? Fuck! You're a god, Dad. When did you do it?"

"Just now, son, and I'm man enough for that muscle bod. Come over here. Give your old man a big, hot kiss."

Jeff stared, holding his big dick in his hand, until he heard,

"You, too, Jeff. You want to mess with your old Dad?"

Jeff's dad stood there, nude, huge, hairy, hard and ready.

"Fuck, dad. Holy fuckin' shit, man, you're a goddamn muscle god too."

"That's just what I had in mind son. You're just the boy I've always dreamed about."

While the crowd watched, cheering them on, the four men, fathers and sons, fell into a frenzy of hot sex, living their fantasies for all to watch. And when they had done each other in every possible way, the others began to join in. The pool party lasted well into the night.

About ten o'clock, the proprietor of the resort called a break in the action to introduce two new teenage guys and their dads. He stopped the action before bringing them in, introduced them, to the wide-eyed amazement and fear of the two boys, and then said,

"Carry on, men. They'll be out to join you in a few minutes."


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