Happy Birthday

By Lemur

Jesse examined the small box left on his desk after coming back from lunch. He opened the small card that was taped on and opened it first. "Happy Birthday, from someone who really knows you", was the inscription. Jesse looked at the foil wrapped box and wondered who it could be from, since the announcement of his Birthday was on the office bulletin board along with all the other lucky folks born in May. Ugh! Thirty-five! How did he get to be so old? He still looked good for his age he thought. Definitely not a teenager with his flabby waist line though. Despite all the sit-ups and wacky fad diets he seemed to be fighting a losing battle.

Sighing, he opened the box and lifted the cotton batting inside. "Jewelry?" Who would have bought him jewelry? Then he saw what was inside. It appeared to be a cock ring, but very old and made of metal. "Bronze, maybe?" it was surely too small to be a bracelet and too large to be a charm or ring of some type. Who would have left him such a gift? He decided it would be best to place it in his desk drawer before some one came by and asked what it was. He was far from "out at work" and did not want to go there today. The rest of the day was uneventful, and Jesse ever so often peered into his drawer to make sure the "ring" was still there. He went home and decided he needed to go out tonight. After all it was his birthday, maybe he would get lucky, Ha! Like tonight would be any different. "I think tonight I feel like hanging with the Blue Jean crowd. He took a little nap and showered, shaved and picked out his favorite jeans, the ones that were wore out in all the right places. Jesse was still quite proud of his seven inches of cock, nothing huge but it did fill out his jeans quite nicely. He pulled on his whitest T-shirt and pulled up his jeans and was about to button them up when he had an idea. "The ring! I wonder if it would fit?" Jesse went over to his brief case and pulled out the small box. He retrieved the ring and held it up to the light. The bronze, or whatever, metal had a dull shine and there was definitely some charters carved into it, but what they represented or spelled was a mystery to him. He slides it over his cock and struggled to pull his balls through as well. It was cold at fist but warmed to his skin quite quickly. It really pushed out his package and when he buttoned up his jeans the effect was perfect. "Not bad Mister, not bad at all. Jesse was staring at the protrusion at his groin and noticed he was getting a little hard looking at himself. He felt real good all of a sudden like a rush of sexual energy was coursing through him. His cock grew some more in its confines and he liked the way it looked. As a matter of fact he liked the way everything looked. His posture was even improved and he noticed the slight outline of his pecs showing through his T-shirt. "Damn I look good tonight, I look like I just came back from the gym." The good feelings were spreading all over his body and his clothes began to feel tight. Jesse was compelled to lift up his arms and flex them, something he usually avoided. The hard knot that formed to make his biceps nicely surprised him.

His pants began to feel tighter and tighter. He noticed his package was not getting so much hard as it was just filling out obscenely. He turned to his side and noticed he was getting a bubble butt. "Man, what is happening to me. My body is growing muscles like crazy!" Jesse was compelled to rub his cock and balls through the denim. The feeling was electric. His pecs continued to swell in his T-shirt threatening to burst through as his arms were being pushed out for his sides as his lats began to spread making an outrageously sexy V-shape tapering down to his tightening waist. He pulled up the tail of his shirt and gasped at the rippling abdominal muscles that it hid. He was growing with each passing second, but some how he did not rip through his clothes. The sleeves of his shirt became tighter and tighter struggling with the masses that were growing there. His arms had to be around eighteen or nineteen inches now and still growing. They felt so hard and so good. Even his complexion was changing, as he seemed to be getting a tan. The gray flecks in his hair disappeared as the strands grew a little longer and he noticed a five-o`clock shadow forming after just shaving. Finally it seemed to stop. Jesse looked himself over and was in awe of his body. He stepped into the bathroom and starred at himself in the mirror. He was a bronze muscle God in the tightest T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans that were practically painted on. He stepped on the scale and gasped as it stopped at 250 pounds he had put on seventy pounds of muscle and cock in minutes. Speaking of cock he had to see it, so he quickly un-did his pants and exposed his mighty manhood. Slowly he began to stroke his soft ten inches and fell the blood rush to it as it grew harder and harder. Pleasure overwhelmed him as he pumped faster and faster. His cock was growing longer with each stroke. He needed both hands now as it stretched past his belly button and heading up his abs. His orange sized balls rolled and tightened up, as he could hold back no longer. Foom! He blew his load against the ceiling and spreading his spunk across the bathroom counter. It seemed to last forever as cum ran like a river down his throbbing fifteen-inch cock. Just as he was enjoying the view of his throbing cock unloading noticed something. The ring, it was gone! Where did it go? Did it matter? He decided to change his shirt since this one was covered in cum and get out another. He tucked it into his jeans. "Tonight, is going to be like no other birthday I have ever had."

Jesse strolled into the Eagle proud and confident as hell in the way he looked. As he stepped in he saw a blonde stud approach him. This guy`s body equaled his own now and the face seemed almost familiar, but he could think why.

Slowly, the stranger came up close and leaned into Jesse`s ear. "Happy Birthday, Stud!" •

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