Down on the Farm

By Sparky

Richie Bennett was a small 16 year old boy living in a small suburban town on the east coast. He worshiped the athletes in his high school but standing at 5`5" and weighing 150 pounds he was not considered one of them. His glasses and his very slender frame of a body made him more of an outcast. He wished if only he could acquire some muscles, he could finally be counted as one of them.

At the end of his junior year at high school, he accepted an invitation to spend the summer at a relative`s farm in Iowa. They owned a dairy farm and Rich was very much interested is seeing his 13 year old cousin Bobby that he hadn`t seen in 4 or 5 years. When he arrived one June day, he was greeted very warmly by Auntie Em and Uncle Henry. When Rich asked about cousin Bobby, Uncle Henry replied that he was up in his room waiting for him. "His room is the second room on the right, he`s very anxious to see you again" Richie raced up the stairs and to the second door on the right, knocked on the door and entered the room. Rich couldn`t believe what he saw. Bobby was posing and flexing in front of the mirror. Even thought Bobby was 13 years old, he had the form and muscles of someone 10 years older. Bobby turned to Richie and asked "What do you think?" Richie stammered and finally uttered "Your huge. How did you get so big?" "I don`t know" replied Bobby. "It must be good genes and the simple but farm grown foods we`re eating here". Bobby walked over to his dresser, picked up a tailors measuring tape and tossed it to Richie. "Here, measure me. Let see the tale of the tape !!!" Bobby asked. Richie was only too eager to do as asked. Bobby measured in with a 54 inch chest, 32 inch waistline and 20 inch biceps. Richie couldn`t help but caress the 6 pack abs that Bobby displayed. A jump on the scale showed Bobby at 230 pounds. Bobby very meekly asked " I`m very much interested in the size of my tool. Richie found Bobby to be a true man with a 12 inch cock. Richie asked with great interest " This is the body that I dreamed of. How can I get as big as you?" Bobby replied "I don`t know. Maybe your stay here will help" With that, Auntie Em and Uncle Henry called the boys down to dinner. Ritchie was amazed at the amount of food set at the table. Chicken, corn on the cob, mashed potatos and home made bisquits. Being very thirsty, Richie downed the huge glass of milk that was set in front of him. He then started to dish onto his plate some of the food from the platters handed to him. Before he had a chance to fill his plate, Richie started to feel a tingling sensation and a tightness in his stomach muscles. Ritchie was at a loss for words or an explanation for what was happening to him. Richie realized that he hadn`t eaten anything but after a few minutes focused on the glass of milk that he had just drank. He immediately asked for a second glass of milk. Within a few minutes, Rich felt a swelling in his chest and upper arms. Bobby having stopped eating for a moment, turned to look at Rich and sensed something was up. "What`s the matter Rich" asked Bobby. "Is everything all right?" Everyone stopped to look at Rich and he replied "I don`t know. The milk I just drank has caused a funny sensation inside of me and I feel a swelling feeling all over". Almost immediately, Bobby sensed what was happening. He picked up the half finish pitcher of milk from the center of the table and said "Quick, polish this off." Rich chugged the rest of the milk and with the last drop started to grow. His clothes started to feel extremely tight and Auntie Em, Uncle Henry and Bobby were stunned with Rich`s transformation. Rich finally realized that the milk produced on the dairy farm was providing immediate muscle growth. He asked Auntie Em if she had any milk left. She turned to the Refridgerator and brought out two more large pitchers of milk. Bobby looked at Richie and said with much encouragement "Drink the pitchers of milk and finish what you`ve started." Rich drank one pitcher and then the other. Everyone at the table started to hear a stretching sound. One by one, the bottons of Rich`s shirt started to pop, the legs of his pants started to shred and muscle upon muscle started to burst through his clothes. RICH FINALLY HAD THE BODY THAT HE ALWAYS WANTED AND DREAMED ABOUT. Bobby proclaimed "Nice Job !!!". He took Rich by the hand and took him up to his room and place him in front of the mirror. Rich became overjoyed and started to pose. He stepped up onto the scale to discover that he had grown to 300 pounds. Bobby picked up the tape measurer and started to measure. Biceps: 26 inches, chest: 60 inches and waist: 34 inches. In addition, Rich had developed an incredible 8 pack stomach. Finally, Rich`s cock measured in at 16 inches. Both boys were now horned up. They both took turns WORSHIPPING and SERVICING each other. With his muscle growth transformation now complete, Rich couldn`t wait to return to his home town to show off his new body to his peers. •

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