Doctor's Orders

By Luke B.

The health center waiting office smelled like powdery rubber gloves. It always smells like that. I guess it’s the smell of clean. Or health. It’s also the smell of fear in a way. Worries start to flood my mind as soon as I enter that office, especially when I’ve pulled a groin muscle like I did this time. My mother was always right: “lift with your back, not your penis.” Serves me right I suppose.


“Yes, that’s me.”

“Good,” the nurse said, “the doctor will see you now. Please follow me.”

I walked through the off-white corridors behind the nurse. Typical nurse, I might add. White nurse’s coat, blond hair, you know. Thin and attractive. I swear they pick these girls out specifically, either to entice guys or to make them forget whatever reason they were there to begin with. Lucky I didn’t have to worry about that.

“Right in here,” she said with a smile.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Please have a seat at the end of that table.” She pointed to a cushioned table lined with a paper sheet in the middle of the room. “Doctor Foster will be with you shortly.”

She smiled her pretty smile, full of gleaming white teeth, grabbed the door handle and slowly shut me in my own little room. The air was cold and full in there. The kind that makes you feel like your ears are half plugged and are about ready to pop. Sinks and cabinets lined the wall, and that same off-white color poured in through here as well except for the occasional flowery wallpaper pattern to give some color.

I attempted to get up on the table. It sure wasn’t easy, I’ll tell you that. Not with a pulled groin muscle anyway. I ended up having to resort to my arms lifting me up and sitting me down there. It’s a good thing I could at least do that. I sat down and thanked my arms for their support, then started to look them over. I flexed a bit. I wasn’t huge or massive by any means, but I had some definition. All that working out recently had helped. Trying to lose the gut and get a nice summer body. You know the routine.

Still, I planned to stick to it this year. It seemed to be working so far. I could almost see my abs and my chest was starting to develop. I had a ways to go to be where I wanted to be, but I was happy with the results. Still am, but now it’s a little more difficult to work out when most exercise makes me grab my crotch in pain.

The door handle clicked. My attention turned to it as it slowly started to open. First a hand slipped in, then an arm, then the rest of the body. And it was a body I couldn’t believe. Even under the lab coat, you could see this guy was huge.

“Good afternoon. I’m Doctor Foster, but you can call me Michael if you like. Nice to meet you.”

He extended his large hand to shake mine. I staggered at first. I couldn’t think at all. My mind was totally focused on the incredibly good-looking man in front of me.

I shook it off and came to my senses. My hand reached to meet his and shook it with as firm a handshake as I could muster, which he probably didn’t even feel.

He turned to the side and grabbed my files off the counter to review. Now was my chance to ogle. I stared him up and down. He must have been a professional bodybuilder under that coat. My imagination started to go wild as I mentally stripped him down to see all that I couldn’t. I could only think of what definition and size he must be hiding under there. At least I could see a bit of his forearm, which was lined with muscular definition leading into his burly hands currently grasping the clipboard. His neck was very nice too. Thick and formed. And his face was incredibly hansom. Thick brown hair topped his head hung in a perfect balance all around. It was the kind of hair that was perfect for letting flow in the breeze of a nice windy day. His eyebrows were thick, but not unibrow thick. Just perfect. His jaw, nose, everything, was basically perfect as well. He looked like the perfect man.

And why did he have to be here on my pulled groin muscle visit? I was already starting to sport wood just looking at him. If he started to feel around down there for any sign of injury, there’s no way I’d be able to hide that.

“Pulled groin muscle?”

“Uh… y..yes,” I sputtered, trying to inconspicuously move the slowly-growing dick in my pants to a position that was less noticeable.

“What were you doing when you pulled it?” His voice was deep and flowing. Man, I’d love to have a voice like that.

“I was helping a friend of mine move. He moved across town and had a few heavy thing he needed help with.”

He turned and faced me. “Ah, I see.”

“I’ve been trying to strengthen up this summer, you know, get in better shape so this sort of thing wouldn’t happen.”

“Well even people in great shape can still pull a muscle. It happens to the best of us.” He smiled and took a few steps toward me. “Has there been any other pain? Have you ever pulled a groin or leg muscle before?”

“Uh…” I tried to think. He was getting closer to me. It was so hard to think. “Not that I can remember, no.” I smiled weakly.

“Good, then hopefully this shouldn’t be too bad. Which side does it hurt on?”

“My right.” I pointed to my right upper leg to distract him from my left upper leg, which has me sporting almost a full hard-on now.

“Okay. I’m going to life your leg a bit here to see how badly this is injured. Would you please lie back?”

I slowly laid back on the rest of the table as the doctor grabbed my right ankle and lifted it up gently.

“Tell me when this starts to hurt, all right?”

I nodded. He moved my leg up carefully to the point where my foot was almost to his shoulder. “Ah, right there,” I winced. He lowered it back down, then slowly began to move it outward. When my leg was at a 65-degree angle, I felt the pain again and responded. He moved my leg back to its standard position and let go of it.

“Looks like you just strained it a bit. No injuries as far as I can see. I’ll give you a shot of pain killers and hopefully that will make it a bit easier. Just rest up for a few days and it should be fine in a week.”

He walked back to the counter to prepare the needle. Holy geez his back was massive. I’m surprised that coat even fit him.

“Is there anything I can do to prevent this sort of thing from happening again? I’m just asking because you seem to be in such great shape and maybe you can give me a few tips.”

He turned and glanced at me out of the corner of his eye. He smiled a bit. “Well, sturdy advice is to lift with your back, not your penis.” I laughed at little at his words. He grabbed a bottle from within a cabinet and started to fill a syringe with it.

“That’s exactly what my mother used to say to me,” I responded. I wanted to know more about him. “So uhh… how did you get in such great shape?”

Yes it was blunt. I didn’t care. I don’t come to the doctor often, and it’s not like you see a guy like this all the time. I had to satiate my curiosity.

“Hmm? Ah, I just workout when I can and try to eat right. There are all sorts of books on the subject of bodybuilding and fitness. It just takes a little determination and persistence. Of course, the right genes don’t hurt either,” he stated with a laugh.

They sure don’t hurt at all, I thought to myself as I glanced him up and down again. This time I noticed he was barefoot. That’s kind of different. Why would a doctor be barefoot?

He walked back over to me with the needle in hand, placed it on my arm, and punctured my skin with its tip. He talked to me as he injected the needle’s contents into my bloodstream.

“Seriously, just keep at it. If you’re working out, just don’t give up. Push yourself a little more, work a little harder, and keep going. It may not seem like you’re making progress, but it’s hard to tell over a short time. I’ve been at this for years.” He made a sort of indication toward his body with his other hand. Being this close up to him, I could smell his manly odor. I could see the incredible crevice between his pecs. Man, what I wouldn’t give to have a chest like that. What I wouldn’t give to just reach out and feel his.

He finished the shot and pulled the needle from my arm, then placed a small band-aid on the spot. “Thanks,” I said. He walked back over to the counter and placed the needle down to remove his gloves. It started to roll and I watched it roll off the edge of the counter and into the small space between the wall and the cabinet. He groaned with a sigh, then got down on his right knee and began trying to push his arm in the space to grab the syringe. Unfortunately, his arm was a bit too big to fit in there. I watched as he struggled and fumbled around a bit, and then I couldn’t believe what I saw.

With one half of the bottom portion of his lab coat resting on top of his left leg, there was a sizeable gap in the front opening, and in the middle of it I spotted the biggest dick I had ever seen. I could only see the head and a little of the shaft, but in the position he was in, his cock hung halfway down to the floor, and it looked to be totally soft. My own prick had begun to subside in its aroused state, but after seeing that it immediately sprung to full attention in my jeans. I couldn’t believe it. Not only was this doctor hansom and incredibly muscular, but his dick was massive as well. I stared in awe at it. My mind could think of nothing else.

“Holy shit,” I said with my mouth hanging open. I hadn’t even realized I said it. It just came out. Doctor Foster noticed however. He quickly turned and looked in my direction, and upon seeing the shocked look on my face, followed my eyes to where I was staring. He looked down at himself and saw the opening in his lab coat and his cock hanging free.

He looked at it, then laughed a little. He stood up slowly, holding the coat just right so that when he was at full height again his cockhead still stuck out. His hands then grabbed the sides of his lab coat and slowly pulled them apart a bit as he faced me, revealing his entire manhood.

If I wouldn’t have been staring before, I certainly was now. His dick was incredible. It stuck out from his groin, thick and meaty, and hung down at a curved angle halfway to his knees. It had to be at least six inches in girth. His balls hung down behind his cock, full and round, matching the size of the meat hanging in front of them.

“Holy fuck,” I said again. “How… how long is that thing?”

“About 11 inches soft,” he said with a smile. “Sorry for display here, but I didn’t think you’d mind too much.” He nodded toward my own crotch.

I stared in complete awe at this wonderful specimen in front of me. He was huge, he was hansom and he was hung like a fucking horse.

“Would you like to see more?”

“Of course,” I managed to say.

He turned and locked the door behind him, then took a couple steps toward me and began to unbutton the lab coat he was wearing, from top to bottom. His chest slowly came more into view as each button popped from its hole. Down he went, slowly.

“I figured you liked what you saw by the way you kept staring at me.” Another button popped. His abs came into view. Such chiseled lines. He looked like solid stone. “I don’t normally do this for patients, but I think I can make an exception in your case.”

The last button popped off and the small window of him became open. I nearly came in my pants as I stared at that body through the middle of his lab coat. Beautiful, hard, solid, fucking cut, and nearly hairless aside from the small patch above the base of his dick.

He grabbed the sides of his lab coat and began to pull it off. He chucked it to the ground. There he was, standing in front of me, completely naked and completely amazing. His shoulders were wider than I ever thought possible on a human being. His arms and biceps had such definition and size it would have made any pro bodybuilder jealous. The chest of this god stood out a good few inches from his body. It was wide and packed, stacked with muscle upon muscle. His abs and waist made a hard V line straight down to his crotch, where his massive cock had begun to widen and lengthen with each pump of blood his heart granted him.

I was in bliss. I couldn’t believe this was happening. The biggest, sexiest, most well-endowed man I had ever seen in my life was standing in front of me completely naked, enticing me to want more. I couldn’t take it. I let out a groan of pleasure while staring at his magnificent body and then came right there in my own pants. I hadn’t even touched myself. Something about him was so amazing that I ejaculated without any help. Another shot, and another. I could feel the cum dripping down my leg and soaking into the fabric of my pants, creating a visible wet spot on the front.

“Like that, do you?” He was so cocky, but he had every right to be. I would be if I looked like he did. His hand reached out and grabbed the button of my pants and undid it, then followed by the zipper. He started to pull my pants off, and I allowed him by leaning back a bit to make it easier. To my surprise, my groin muscle didn’t hurt. That shot must have worked better than I thought it would.

He took my shoes, socks and pants off and threw them to the corner of the room. I stared in disbelief. I couldn’t even fathom how this was happening, and then he shocked me even more by leaning down and licking the cum off my leg. I let out a long sigh. His tongue was so warm and felt so good on my leg. He continued licking, then worked his way over to my own still-hard dick. I felt his muscular hand grab the base of it, and then I watched as he stuck my cock head in his mouth and began to suck the remaining juice from inside it. He cleaned me off totally.

When he had finished, he stood up and licked his lips. I noticed how his cock was almost fully hard now. It stuck out from his body nearly 16 inches, bobbing up and down from its own weight.

“That’s the least I can do for making you cum in my office. Now…” he said as he slowly closed the gap between my dick and his. I felt his meat’s weight as it laid upon my waist, then slowly slide up my stomach and nearly touch my chest. He smiled another cocky smile. “Now it’s my turn.”

His dick was leaking precum already in big drips. It plopped and soaked through my shirt. He hoisted his cock up with his right hand and began to work his cum into a lubricant all over the head of it. Watching him do that in front of me got me so aroused. My own cock was tired from already having cum once, but it certainly wasn’t about to allow a show like this to pass. It stayed at full attention.

He moved back a bit, lowered his dick, and placed the head of his enormous cock directly under my balls. He grabbed both of my legs and lifted them in the air without ever having his dick lose its place. I was about to be fucked by the biggest dick in the entire world, firmly attached to the most muscular man that surely could have existed.

“W…wait,” I stammered. “My groin muscle, and… and the size of your dick. Won’t this hurt?”

He looked at me for a second, then said, “yeah, it probably will at first, but I think you’ll grow to like it.”

Then without even waiting for my acknowledgement, he thrust forward, shoving the first few inches of his dick into my unexpecting ass. I let out a yell of pain. It felt like he was tearing me apart.

He let it sit there inside me for a while as the pain started to subside, then I saw the smile on his face widen as he slowly pushed himself further into me. It still hurt, but not as much this time. His dick filled me up. I wasn’t sure how my ass could handle something the size of his engorged member, but it was, and I was glad it was.

Further and further in he pushed. He was halfway in. I couldn’t believe it. Nine inches of fucking huge dick shoved inside me and so much more to go. He pulled back a bit, then pushed in again, sending a wave of pure erotic pleasure up my spine which erupted from a moan from my mouth. The muscle behemoth in front of me groaned in pleasure and began to once again work his dick deeper inside me.

He pushed in, deeper, and with each incredible inch that disappeared inside me I felt more and more enraptured by the experience. My mind was racing thinking of nearly 18 inches of muscle cock jammed up my ass, just waiting to release its sweet seed into me. And then I felt it. I felt his balls and pelvis come in contact with my butt. I raised my head and stared at him in disbelief. I would have never figured something so huge could fit inside me. He smiled at me, rested my legs on his shoulders, and flexed his arms as he pulled his shaft from my ass and then jammed it back in.

He started working up a rhythm. In and out, slow at first and slowly faster. I could feel every massive inch of his incredible cock rubbing inside me. His balls slapped against my ass as he fucked me senseless. Hearing him groan with pleasure made me groan in response. Seeing him flex and fuck me without having to hold onto my waist made me more aroused by the second. I felt like I was going to cum again.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I stated. “This is incredible. That pain-killer shot you gave me works wonders.”

“I didn’t… ungh… give you a pain-killer shot,” he said as he continued to fuck my ass. He smiled a bit and gritted his teeth. “I gave you something else. I think you’ll… ahhh… like the results.”

I couldn’t think. I heard what he said, but couldn’t concentrate on it. It’s hard to concentrate on anything with a dick that big tearing into you.

His pace quickened. His face was showing that he was getting close. My heart beat faster. Just thinking about it got me harder than I had ever been in my whole life, and the more I watched as his muscle flexed and churned with each thrust, the closer I came to cumming again myself.

And then I did. I yelled with pleasure as his cock rubbed inside of me and caused me to erupt my second set of sperm for the day. The first shot flew out of my dick and landed on my chest, followed by a second and a third. I watched as I came yet again without touching my own cock. More cum, and more. I had never come this much in my entire life, but it seemed like every pump of his cock into my ass made more shoot out of my own dick. Right when I was about to be done, I heard him emit a loud groan and shove inside me harder than he had before. His muscle tensed up, and it looked as if his whole body swelled up. His gritted his teeth, pulled out a bit and shoved in again harder than before. And then I felt his seed spreading and filling my insides. He moaned and yelled in pleasure as each thrust of his cock into my hole caused another wave of cum to flood out of his massive piss slit. I groaned too. I could feel it. I could see him shoving it all inside of me, his whole body wrapped in the pleasure protruding from his pelvis.

He came inside me for nearly half a minute. It all stayed inside me as none of it could escape due to his dick completely filling any space inside my anus. He let out a final sigh and looked down at me with a smile.

“Well, half the fun is nearly over,” Doctor Foster said.

“Half the fun?” I asked. “What do you mean half the fun?”

And then I felt something weird. My whole body seemed to tingle. I felt really warm, but not hot. My cock was still fully hard, and I could see it pump with every beat of my heart. He stared at me in anticipation, his dick still fully inside me. I felt pleasure. I felt waves of erotic bliss starting from my dick and spreading throughout my whole body. I took a double take at my cock and couldn’t believe it. As it pumped with every beat, it actually looked to be getting longer. And thicker.

Then I heard a small rip. I looked to my right armpit where the sound had come from and noticed my shirt had ripped slightly. Then it ripped more. And more. Every beat caused it to shred. Was I actually seeing this? It looked like I was getting… bigger.

I looked down at my chest and it seemed to be much larger than before. The waves of erotic bliss made my mind spin. Soon my shirt couldn’t contain the mass of my upper body and the collar and middle ripped open, revealing much more defined muscles than I ever had before. I moved my arm up to tear off the remainder of the shirt and heard another rip as my bicep tore through the fabric. I stared in disbelief. I looked incredible. My whole upper body was too much for my shirt. I tore it off of me as quickly as I could and looked at my new muscle.

My chest, my shoulders, my arms, my legs and my dick swelled with every heartbeat, larger and larger. I was growing. The remaining fat on my body seemed to melt away to give room to total definition. I looked rock hard and cut. It wasn’t until I was about the size of a football jock that it finally subsided a bit. My body looked amazing. My dick was now at least a foot long in length, totally hard, throbbing and yearning to cum again. I looked toward the doctor with a shocked look on my face.

“The shot I gave you earlier was a muscle strengthening formula. I modified it a bit so that when it interacts with my semen in the body, it creates muscle growth. For me, all I have to do is inject the stuff and I grow. For others, well… you know.” He smiled again and grabbed the base of my dick.

“Fuck,” I said. That’s all I could think of. He started to stroke and pump my cock to full hardness. I could feel cum welling up inside of me again, churning and rising up the new length of my shaft. His hand could just barely reach all the way around my cock. He pumped, harder and faster, until finally I yelled again and shot stream after stream of white hot cum into the air. This time it flew over past my head and landed on the table behind me. I came more than ever before and the doctor continued to work me until I had finished.

Three times in one day. I got fucked by an incredibly huge and hung doctor, came three times, and grew so much muscle I looked like a new person. This was unbe-fuckin’-lievable.

Doctor Foster slowly pulled his cock from my ass. He was still hard but slowly going soft. Still, seeing his incredibly body totally naked aroused me yet again. I felt like I’d never stop being horny. He started putting his lab coat back on.

“Now,” he said, “I want to see you back here in one week. We’ll check to see how that groin muscle is doing and see if we can’t strengthen the rest of your muscles up to full potential.”

“Full potential?” I asked. “You mean there’s more, doctor?”

“I said it was only half the fun, didn’t I?” He shot a grin at me one more time as he headed for the door. “And call me Michael.” •

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