Dave's Best Friend


By Wordshop

Bobby went through the day in relative normalcy, with the only difference being that he was so horney that he had to go to the bathroom twice to beat off. Sixth period was the last period of the day and for Bobby it was P.E. . He had not seen his best friend Dave all day and wondered what had happened.

When Bobby got his clothes off in gym he noticed that there had been more changes as the day had progressed. The dark fuzz had grown back on his upper lip, there was more hair around his dick and the few hairs around his naval had become the start of a “treasure trail” headed both up and down.

He went over and stepped on the locker room scale and it said 119 pounds! A gain of 9 pounds in 24 hours!

That night Bobby again waited until the whole house was asleep. He had taken his pills at about 11:45 P.M. and it took till about 1:00 before his mother turned her light off. Jake could sleep through an earthquake. He had been out with his girlfriend, so Bobby thought that if he had gotten “lucky” he would definitely sleep very well. There were some more strange things that made themselves evident when Bobby started lifting the weights. The weights that had been heavy the night before were very light for him now. His bench press had gone from about 80 pounds up to 120. He did curls, worked his tri’s bi’s in other ways, leg presses, leg curls, calf raises, and in fact, a trainer would have said that he had done far too much! Bobby did not know what too much was because he had no experience at this kind of stuff! His brother had taught him about breathing, form, and some other things, but had not made a definite work out plan to formally show Bobby the fine points.

Bobby worked himself into a real good sweat this time. There was a shower in a pool cabana in their back yard. Bobby quietly snuck out there, used that shower in the dark and then sneaked quietly back into the house. If Bobby had used the light he would have discovered that the changes were accelerating.

The next morning was the same ritual as the last one. Jake had left early to meet his girlfriend before school, and Bobby would have to ride the bus.

When he boarded the bus he did not see Dave anywhere. All he did see was loudmouth Tommy Norden. It kind of made his blood boil and he bristled with anger for a second or two. When the anger kicked in, Bobby felt a real weird feeling overtake his body. It was almost like he was ready to take the bully to task right here and now. Bobby knew if he were caught fighting on the bus, he would be expelled. He would have to wait.

It was not until homeroom that he learned of Dave’s fate. Dave had been beaten again and this time an arm had been broken. He had been out for a couple of days because there were complications. There was some nerve damage on Dave’s left hand and it would require microsurgery. Dave would not tell who had attacked him, but Bobby knew who it was. Bobby would tell, but he would wait until the time was right to do so. He wanted to see Tommy get his reward from several directions, not just from the police and juvenile authorities.

As Bobby thought about Dave being kicked and punched mercilessly by those pigs he bristled again, but this time the adrenaline kicked in a great deal more than it had on the bus. When he walked into gym class he just happened to glance at the mirror next to the basin in the restroom. He nearly freaked! There was an abundance of dark peach-fuzz on his face, his moustache had grown back in since the morning a great deal darker, and the buttons on his shirt were tight across his chest.

Bobby started looking a little bit closer and found that during the day his pants had grown tighter and there was a genuine bulge in the crotch were it had been flat only a few days before.

Three lockers down there was a kid named Ari, who was Armenian. Ari was kind of a fat and dumpy guy and was very nice. Ari had one thing that Bobby needed to use for a few minutes. Ari, because of the family’s genetics was shaving by his thirteenth birthday. Ari, had an electric razor and Bobby needed to take care of the facial stubble before anyone that really counted took notice. In a flurry of excuses Bobby borrowed Ari’s razor and quickly shaved off what had grown again so quickly on his face. When the clothes came off this time it was obvious that changes were taking place. Bobby’s pubic hair had spread until it connected with his hips, his dick was starting to hang down rather than nestle in the forest of pubic hair as it had that morning, and his balls had grown and were hanging down in their sack as well. There was now downy fuzz all over his legs and butt and the hair on his arms was darker too. When Bobby stepped on the scale his weight was now 130 pounds. Bobby was far from appearing like a bodybuilder but his body now had the appearance of one of the more seasoned athletes he had seen competing at his brother’s High School. Bobby did everything in a relaxed manner and went through the motions of P.E. . He went home after school and changed into some loser clothing, then bicycled his way over to Dave’s house to see his friend.

Dave had been bruised, battered and bloodied and it was obvious that he was still in a great deal of pain. His hand had been operated on, and the surgeons thought that the procedure would be successful. The problem was that Dave was going to be on prescription painkillers and would not be able to go back to school until the pain subsided enough that he could live without them.

Dave’s parents were now making arrangements for “home schooling” for their son so that he would not fall behind.

After about an hour the drugs were making Dave sleepy, so Bobby left and pedaled his bike home. He felt that if he had been there, that Dave would not have been hurt so badly. He took an afternoon dose of the pills in hopes of speeding things up a little more.

By about 7:00 P.M. Bobby was nearly in some sort of weird frenzy. His dick and balls were tingling, his nipples were tingling, and he could feel his balls rolling around in their sacks as if there was really something going on down there.

Bobby in his nervous agitation stepped on the scale and now weighed 137 pounds. There were some clothes that were hand-me-downs from his brother that had been way too big for him. Looking for something to do, he tried them on. They were not that far from fitting, and in fact if his size increase continued in the present directions, they would not fit for very long. That night, Bobby hit the weights with an intensity of a wild animal. He worked everything and if there was no fatigue in the muscle he worked it again. The next morning Bobby weighed in at 147 pounds, and strange things were taking place. He took a black pullover shirt from his drawer to dress for school, a pair of loose baggy pants, and then covered his torso with a jacket.

When he got on the bus he decided that it was time to start putting his little plan into motion. He removed the jacket and sat down right next to Tommy Norden. Norden was to say the least surprised and tried to make some smart-ass remark. In a very calm voice which seemed deeper than usual Bobby quietly whispered that he knew what Tommy had done to Dave. Tommy started to turn this into bravado, but Bobby cautioned him in an authoritative whisper: “You know ass-hole, the Police are looking for you right now!” “If you were smart, which obviously you aren’t, you’d keep your mouth shut!” “If anyone overhears you on this bus and goes to the cops, your ass is grass!” “Be certain that I am not going to the police, not because it isn’t the right thing to do, but because it wouldn’t be any fun, and I am going to have my fun with you!” Bobby then casually turned and stared rights into Tommy Norden’s eyes with a feral animalistic look, which was so frightening that it almost made Norden wet his pants. In the whispered tone, he kept the look but let out a low feral growl that was unlike any sound that Tommy Norden had ever heard. At least for the moment he was terrified! The normal noise and conversations of a school bus had continued all around Tommy Norden and Bobby Matthews, drowning out Bobby’s whisper, not a single other soul had heard what Bobby had told Tommy. In a gesture that was half way between a deliberate bicep flex and combing his hair Bobby quickly flexed and released his left arm showing a very noticeable hard peaked bicep. It was a great deal larger than what Tommy Norden would have expected. This could be a fight he could lose. When Bobby Matthews rode his bike this time over to Dave’s house, Dave’s Mother greeted him at the door. He was told that Dave was not there and had been taken to the Doctor again because his hand had started hurting him badly. Bobby could tell that she was worried about her son, but was trying to cover. She said that David would probably be back in about two hours with his father. She then gave Bobby a very affectionate and big hug and thanked him for all the concern that he had shown for his friend. In a funny way while closing the conversation she just remarked that he was certainly growing into a big guy quickly! Just then her telephone rang. Bobby left the home again angry and pedaled his bike down to the gas station to get some more air in his tires. He saw Tommy Norden and a few other members of his “gang” hanging around the “mini-mart” that was connected to the station. Just then he heard a scream as two young teen boys ran out the door carrying cases of beer with the store clerk in hot pursuit. The clerk tripped over a parking stop and landed on his face. The fellow was probably no older than his mid-twenties, and his nose had been broken and was bleeding. Bobby saw the kids take off around the corner and at the moment that the clerk looked down at his bloodied work shirt, Bobby saw a car that he knew belonged to the Norden’s take off down the street with the occupants yelling and hollering like a bunch of idiots. Bobby had witnessed the whole thing and even though he knew who the kids were he kept silent. He knew well that there was nothing he could do right now, but if the police got these kids before the time was right, the punishment would be far too light! He had to bide his time.

Bobby did something he rarely would have ever done. He slowly rode over on his bike to the neighborhood where Tommy Norden lived. This was a far more run-down part of town than the area where Bobby lived. The house was at least 50 years old and the white paint was peeling. There was an old Chevy pickup parked on the area of weeds that used to be a lawn. The car which had sped away from the crime scene was there too. There was an alley behind the property which was only used for garage access and trash service. Bobby rode his bike slowly down the alley and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that just about the only thing that was good on the property was a cinder block wall. This wall blocked all view from the alley on to the property, giving Bobby the ability to hear what was being said in the back yard.

The boys including Tommy’s older brother Luke were all sitting in the back yard drinking the stolen beer. Just then, Bobby heard a noise. He peeked through a crack in the wall near the garage and heard a woman’s voice. The door sort of popped open and a woman in a wheel chair rolled out on to a ramp. She had on thick glasses and was obviously in ill health. She yelled at the older brother Luke first. “Luke! What’s that stuff you boys are drinkin’?” “Just Sody-pop Maw!” “Luke, if I smell beer on Tommy again, I’m gonna call yer Probation Officer!” Luke became enraged at the threat and Bobby did not stick around for the fight between the delinquent teen and his mother. As he rode home the sight of the boys getting drunk sickened him. Tommy’s older brother was not only ruining the life of his brother by serving booze to a young teen, but he was serving it to the other little “thugs” as well!

That night Bobby took his pills, worked out frantically again and then went to bed! He knew he was going to do something about all of this and end the terror that the two Norden brothers were causing. What he thought best of all is that he had to make dead certain that ALL of the Norden’s antics were uncovered at the right time. He had an odd feeling that there was even greater abuse going on by Luke Norden than with his little brother Tommy. He just had this feeling in the pit of his stomach that he had walked into what had to be a total snake pit. •

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