Dave's Best Friend


By Wordshop

In the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew many parts of Florida were in total chaos. President Bush sent in the National Guard and in time order was restored and the initial mess on the surface was cleaned up.

Dave Matthews was in his final year of Junior High School, but he looked like a kid that was much younger. He was the target of many of the school’s self appointed “tough guys” and had been shaken down for lunch money more times than he could even count

In the months after the mess was cleaned up, Dave and his best friend Bobby began to comb an area where many buildings had been razed. There was one building that Dave remembered. It was a weird place and had been a gym at one time. Dave’s dad had warned the boys to stay away from there because a very strange murder had taken place at that location. It seems that a man known to be a drug dealer had tried to sell drugs to some Elementary school kid. He had been seen, and it had not been a sale. One of the larger bodybuilders rushed out of the gym and had threatened the “thug” sending him on his way. Gym management had called the police and the bodybuilder gave an accurate description of the suspected drug dealer. Three weeks later the body of the drug dealer was found in a Dumpster three blocks from the gym location. The Coroner had a very hard time determining the cause of death because the man was so badly battered. It looked like a large animal had killed him. His neck and back were broken in multiple places his jaw had been broken, and his skull had been crushed. Though the bodybuilder had been questioned the amount of physical strength required to kill this man was far in excess of that possessed by any human being. The case had been unsolved for over ten years.

Now, as the boys looked at the vacant lot there was something that attracted them. It was a complete and unusual thing that looked like the corner of a door lying down in the dirt. When the boys got there it was indeed a door, but it was a heavy cement door much as one might find leading to one of the old “bomb shelters” that had been the by-product of the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 1960’s. Both boys felt a need to explore this. They quickly mounted their bicycles and rode to Bobby’s house where they found a couple of shovels. The nearly one mile ride back was quite a challenge carrying two shovels on two bicycles. It took the boys about fifteen minutes to clear the debris from the cement doorway. Now it looked more like a trap door. There were fragments of what looked like sub-flooring around this portal, and maybe this is how the doorway had not been opened and whatever was under it filled in.

It took the boys another ten minutes to pry with the tips of the shovel, but once it was loosened, the heavy cement and metal door popped up easily on some sort of spring loaded hinge assembly. As it opened there was a ladder leading down into what appeared to be a room. The “room” or what ever you could call it smelled musty and had been sealed for years. There was a “lab table” and on the shelves there were bottle after bottle that looked like medicine bottles. By now, the boys were both down in this room and were reading the names on the bottles. One had little blue pills in it and the name Dianabol written clearly. There were numerous others. Finally there was one bottle that was marked with simply a bunch of chemical names that neither boy could pronounce.

The boys removed several different bottles re-sealed the door and then re-covered the secret room with debris so it looked substantially as it had before. The only difference was that they hid the one thing that had given the place away to them, but marked it with debris in a different way.

When they got home that night the bottles were hidden and all was forgotten for a couple of days.

The following Wednesday, Tommy Norden one of the school’s primary troublemakers caught Dave off guard and for the sheer sport of it beat him badly. When Bobby saw Dave battered and bloody and trying to sneak home when no one would see his condition he saw red.

Bobby was a little stronger and only slightly larger than Dave was. The other problem was that Tommy Norden was the ringleader and was rarely alone at school. If one were to take on Tommy Norden, they would have to take on the other thugs as well.

Bobby did some research and found out that Dianabol was an anabolic steroid that was now very much illegal, but was prized yet today by some bodybuilders. If he were only strong enough to be able to help his friend, only strong enough to get Tommy Norden away from the other thugs, then, he would at least have a chance of teaching one thug a lesson. He thought about the Dianabol, if he could build himself up quickly, maybe that would work. The problem was that it wouldn’t work fast enough. He needed to set the whole thing to rest, and to do so in a matter of days not in a matter of months or years.

He then thought about the other stuff, maybe it would work faster and help him gain the strength.

Bobby did not tell Dave that he had decided to take the pills to try and help him.

Bobby carefully weighed himself and recorded his weight at 110 pounds. Tommy Norden was bigger, he was about 140, but in Tommy’s case some of that was fat. He had a big belly from too much junk food. It was also rumored that Tommy’s older brother bought him all the beer that he wanted. No one would ever verify this rumor, and both Dave and Bobby thought that this was started by Tommy himself to “enhance” his image.

Bobby had no idea what to do so he just took two pills, washed them down with some coke and went down after the whole family was asleep to the basement and worked out with his older brother’s weights. This was something he knew how to do, but he just wanted to keep it a secret. By 2:00 A.M., Bobby was back in bed and was sound asleep. At 8:00 A.M. Bobby was awakened for school by his mother’s knock on the door as usual and he got up immediately. There was something weird about how he felt this morning. He removed his pajamas and went into the bathroom that he shared with his older brother. Jake was already in there getting ready for High School and told him that if he hurried up, he would have a ride to school that was not in the bus. Bobby removed his clothing and the night had brought some minor but noticeable changes in his body. The hair around the base of his dick appeared much thicker than it had the night before and there was now very fine hair visible on his arms. When he looked at the mirror he could see a faint wispy moustache shadow where none had been the day before. There were a couple of hairs around his naval and this for some reason excited Bobby.

The one thing that Bobby was grateful for was that Jake took him so much for granted that he did not notice anything. When Jake rushed downstairs for breakfast Bobby quickly grabbed Jake’s razor and cleaned his upper lip. He then jumped into the shower. The hot water felt good to him and when the water started hitting his dick he started to get a hardon. What happened this time was that this time his hardon continued past it’s nomal size and grew what looked like half an inch more!

Bobby quickly grabbed his dick and with a little soap, worked himself up into a “lather” in more ways than one. He came quickly in a quantity he had not seen before.

Bobby took two more pills before he went to school. •

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