Taste of Aeden, A

By Josef Howard

By some reckoning they had landed in paradise.

It was a verdant class M planet that was mostly harmless to humans. The ship's computer said they could expect the weather at the landing site to be warm and mild year round -- the kind of weather that made you want to tear off your clothes and run naked, and Evans would have done that if not for his uptight shipmate, Adams.

The two of them had survived the accidental explosion of a military vessel in a life pod. No one else from their ship survived. It took the life pod's ship computer weeks to find a suitable planet for them to land on. Now the only thing they could do was wait until they were found if they were ever found.

Thankfully food was not in short supply. There were edible plants everywhere. The animals were mostly gentle herbivores that were easy to capture and kill. Adams mostly ate the synthetic food prepared for them by the life pod's food synthesizer, but Evans had sampled a wide variety of native flora and fauna. He had even begun to record recipes in a cookbook. They would need it, Evans thought. Eventually the ship would run out of power. The food synthesizer would stop working. So would the environmental controls and the hygienic aids like the sonic shower and the waste recycler. The ship would only provide a roof over their heads during the short afternoon showers. They would have to feed themselves.

There was something eating about the plant and animal life on this planet that made Evans feel more alive than he ever had before. Was it just because everything was so much fresher? According to the ship's computer he had put on ten pounds since they landed, even though his pants when he wore them were looser around his waist. Only the leggings were tighter.

Only one of the plants near the landing site bore fruit that the computer said was toxic. It grew in the center of a nearby tree grove. Its branches were heavy with fruit and it wafted a most unusual, intoxicating scent.

Of the two of them, Adams had made his sexual frustration known first and that was the beginning of Evan's sexual dilemma. He had thought - or maybe just hoped that his shipmate was homosexual, like he was. When Adams started bitching about being without women, he realized they were both in a fix.

Adams was an extraordinarily handsome man who had probably dodged the advances of aggressive gay men ever since he hit puberty. His face was masculine without being rough. Although his jaw and nose were broad, their roundness gave him an elfin quality. His body was tight and muscular. Evans could tell he had the type of body that stayed that way even without military training. Evans had been training his body for ten years, since he was fifteen. He was bigger than Adams, but he had a thing for smaller guys.

Evans never told Adams he was homosexual. He never told him he was attracted to him, but Adams knew by the way Evans locked eyes. Adams knew by the way Evans hands lingered when they had occasion to touch. It had been so long since he had been touched by another human, that Adams sometimes let Evans touch linger longer than he thought wise.

At night they both dreamed of sex, but Evans dreamed almost exclusively about Adams about parting the soft mounds of his ass to reveal his puckered hole and dipping his veiny, blood engorged member inside his moist interior. In his dreams he could feel the firm, hot muscles of Adams hard little body as he humped his tight hole. In the morning he woke in a pool of his own copious cum.

The two of them argued constantly.

Evans hated every one of Adams mannerisms. He hated the way Adams sniffled when he read. He hated the effete way he ate his food.

Adams hated Evans' relaxed code of dress since their landing. Evans barely wore a shirt anymore and sometimes he went without pants. The last thing he wanted to see was Evans' pendulous dick and huge hairy balls. When Evans got hard in his presence, and it happened a lot lately, it only reminded Adams of his unnatural desires.

Most of all Adams hated the smell of Evans cooking.

"Are you eating again?" Adams whined.

"I'm hungry."

"You just ate a big meal two hours ago."

"Well, I'm hungry again. If you ever left this ship and got some exercise, you'd get hungrier too."

"No thanks."

"Here. Just try a bite of this. I took some of that sweet milky fluid from the willows that grow around the lake and poured it over some of the berries."

Evans held out a spoon full of fruit and dripping white sticky liquid.

"I'm not hungry." Adams brushed his hand away, spilling some of fruit on his shirt. He brushed it off, but the milky fluid left a moist stain on his chest.

"Let me get that," Evans offered. He dabbed at the stain with the bunched up t-shirt he was using as a napkin.

"It's fine."

"No, I got it," Evans said.

He could feel Adams coarse chest hair as he rubbed up the excess liquid. Evans' dick twitched and grew an inch. Since Adams was sitting and Evans was standing, naked again, Adams saw the effect he was having. Evans' dick stretched another inch and rose.

"Get away from me, you faggot!" Adams knocked the bowl out of Evans hand as he pushed him away.

Evans stumbled and caught himself. He stood and glared at Adams. His face was flushed with rage. His breath was heavy. He could take him, Evans thought. He could knock him silly and take him right here on the floor. He could taste that cherry ass and satisfy his throbbing dick. The Hell with what Adams wanted. Adams would have to settle for what he got and learn to like it. At least one of them would be satisfied.

But Evans let his rage slough off and exited the open hatch.

He let himself walk a long time without any sense of where he was going until he had released enough of his lingering anger to see his surroundings. He was under the tree with the toxic fruit.

"Forbidden fruit", he thought, "How appropriate."

Perhaps it was the way the wind blew, or maybe his sense of smell was just stronger today, but the scent of it was even more intoxicating today than before.

He closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

The smell was sweet, and yet sweet wasn't quite the right word. It permeated his every limb and set them tingling. He raised his arms and twirled. He felt he light, like he could lift free of gravity and dance on thin air. One part of him had already broken gravity's chains and floated thick and proud, engorged with purple blood. It pulled away from his groin and threatened to lift him into the air with it.

Why couldn't Adams relax and enjoy pleasures like these? Evans wondered. Why couldn't he embrace the delights of Aeden, instead of being so guarded? If he just loosened up and embraced this world, maybe he could learn to embrace Evans as well and the two of them could enjoy the union of their bodies as thoroughly as Evans enjoyed his union with the plants, the animals, the earth and air of their new home.

Evans eyes fluttered open and the ripe, soft fruit of the tree floated in front of them. This tree and its offerings were a metaphor for all of it. Adams and his computer considered them poison, but to Evans they were pure delight.

He plucked the fruit from its branch and held it in front of his eyes. His lips parted. His tongue slipped slowly from his lips. He licked the thin, torn skin and tasted the juicy pulp beneath. A gentle erotic jolt stiffened his limbs. His prick bobbed and dribbled pre-cum.

He bit it. The taste was beyond description. He devoured it in seconds and sucked its juice from his dripping fingers.

Before he could eat more, his stomach cramped and his muscles tensed and convulsed. Sweat soaked his face and he shook. His heart pounded in his ears and with each beat he thought he would explode.

Fuck, maybe it was poison!

The muscles of his arm spasmed. He held it in front of him. The veins were wiggling like snakes and his muscles and tendons were swelling. Suddenly he no longer felt like he was dying. It felt more like a full body erection only an erection that wouldn't stop growing. It wasn't just his arm that was swelling. Every muscle in his body was shaking, twitching and stretching. He stood, eyes closed, chest high, arms back, chin up, like a ship's prow, and relished the sense of stretching against ultimate fullness.

As it subsided he opened his eyes. In the reflection of the lake he could see extent of his transformation. The rolling muscles of his shoulders, chest, arms and legs defied any imagination. He flexed and stretched and luxuriated in the taut fullness of his skin.

Then at the edge of his vision he thought he saw something in the reflection not a ripple on the surface, not an animal but a manlike creature. He turned and saw it standing at his side. Its proportions matched his own, although at a slightly diminished stature. It looked up at his face with wide round eyes, in awe of him. There was no doubt it was male, or that it found him attractive. A flesh pole as thick and long as a forearm rose from its groin and throbbed between them.

As Evans stared at the immense prick, another one rose into his vision his own! The strange fruit's growth effects weren't limited to his muscles. The creature caressed Evans' cock with its hands. When it saw that this pleased Evan, it dropped to its knees. It slurped his dick with its long wide tongue, which encircled the head and drew Evans' member into its mouth.

As badly as he wanted to pull the creature's mouth to his groin, Evans' cock was so long, he couldn't yet reach the creature's head. But the creature needed no coaxing. Before long it had completely engulfed Evans' prick and was licking his scrotum while applying magnificent suction to its entire length. Between gasps of delight, Evans could see it distending the creatures jaw and throat as it slide around inside.

As it slurped and sucked and worked Evans to a fucking frenzy, it bucked its hips and fucked at the air. Its equally large prick pulsed and threw drops of pre-cum in all directions. The sight of the creature enthusiastically servicing him was almost as exciting as the sensations on his cock. Long after his prick had grown stiffer than steel and puckered its slit desperate to discharge its duty, long beyond what Evans had thought was the extent of his staying power, he finally came. The convulsions were almost as violent as the ones that transformed him. He fell forward on creature's broad muscled back and hung tight as he emptied himself deep inside its chest. Eventually the convulsions grew so strong his vision dimmed and he lost consciousness.

When he opened his eyes again the creature was gone from beneath him. The sky was getting dim. He sat for a long while watching the light fade from the sky, more physically content than he ever remembered feeling. Before total darkness he stood and walked slowly back to the ship. But before he left he plucked a piece of the strange fruit to take with him.

As he climbed the steps to the hatch he heard the hum of a charging laser rifle and froze.

"Hey, Adams! It's only me!"

"Jesus! What happened to you?" Evans heard from inside the dark ship. They had stopped using the ship's illumination system weeks ago to save power. But the lights from the ship's control panel and the light from Aeden's moons dimly lit the interior. "You're bigger than a gorilla! I wouldn't know it was you if I didn't recognize your voice."

"It's a side effect of something I ate. But that's not important. We're not alone here! I saw another humanoid in the forest!"

"Are you sure? It's dark out there."

"This was earlier. Yeah, I'm sure. We got really close." That's an understatement, Evans thought.

"Jesus! You're big!" Adams said as Evans got completely inside the small ship. Adams could see Evans' pendulous member swinging like an elephant's trunk between his thick thighs. "What did you eat?"

"Fruit from that big tree," Evans said.

"The poison one? Are you out of your mind?"

"Maybe. At the time. Adams, the scent of it! It's like a drug. It makes you want it so bad, you can't think straight."

"So what makes you think this creature you saw wasn't a hallucination?"

"Fuck you! We could have landed in an alien Times Square and you wouldn't know, because you'd never leave this fucking ship! Open your goddamned eyes! We're explorers! Is it so hard to believe there might be humanoids here considering how many fucking animals we have seen?"

"What's that it your hand?"

"The fruit. I brought some back."

"We already analyzed it. It's poison."

"I didn't bring it back to analyze. I brought back to eat," Evans said. "It's for you."

Adams shot across the small compartment like a bullet, but Evans' reflexes were faster. He tackled him and held him fast no matter how hard Adams bucked and flailed.

"I've had it with you, Adams! You're going to get with the program! Enough clinging to your books and your synthetic food. Enough trying to boost the distress signal. You're not going to just live ON the planet, you're going to live OFF it! Now open wide."

Evans had Adams pinned to the floor. He sat on his chest and held his nose shut. Adams clenched his jaws. His face turned red and purple. When he gasped, Evans stuffed the soft fruit into his open mouth. Adams choked, spit some of it out, but Evans force-fed him more. The first taste of it weakened Adams' will to resist. Before long he was fighting to eat it faster than Evans could feed it to him.

Between his last swallows, as Adams gasped to regain his breath, Evans felt Adams's body began to convulse. Then the spasms became so violent Evans was thrown from his chest. Evans wondered if he hadn't been too brash. What if the fruit really was poison? What if Evans had just been lucky enough to be immune?

Evans heard clothing ripping.

In dim light he could see the sweating, swelling mounds of Adams' shoulders, chest arms and legs, and he saw Adams' cock rise as straight and thick as a flagpole, towering over his head. He leaned toward it and enveloped it with his drooling mouth. Was it the sweetness of living his fantasy of sex with his shipmate, or was the fruit making Adams' pre-cum tastier. Evans rose to his knees, sucked harder and drew a few inches of Adams' monster into his throat. Drawing it down into his throat was as easy for him now as it had been for the alien to deep-throat him before.

Adams flailed like a turtle trapped on its back. He desperately wanted to control the overwhelming sensations sliding along his prick, but Evans pushed his hands away. Adams bellowed and roared as his prick went rigid and fired deep inside Evans chest. The intensity of the blasts built, until finally his whole body jerked and strained in one last orgasmic thrust. When Adams body had begun to recover, Evans pulled slowly off Adams' giant penis. As it slid out of his mouth, Evans marveled at the changes that enabled him to engulf the whole thing.

Adams opened his eyes and looked up at Evans. In the moons light Evans saw them glisten and saw a contented smile on Adams face.

"I don't know why I resisted that so long." Adams half-mumbled.

"Just stubborn, I guess," Evans said. He caressed Adams thunderous thighs as he lost himself in the man's eyes. Their coupling had awakened all the gentle feelings he had had for the man since they had been stranded together feelings he had to repress to protect himself from Adams' heterosexual disgust. He delicately brushed a strand of sweaty hair from Adams' forehead.

"I want to do it again," Adams said. "Only this time, the other thing."

"The other thing?"

"You know, anal."

Evans cock stirred. "You don't have to ask twice!" He planted a wet kiss on Adams' mouth, pulled him up to his knees and bent him over. He was almost sorry to see Adams' sweet small, rounded ass grown into this bubble butt behemoth. Almost.

The thought of consummating his long held desire had been enough to make him hard. He savored the sight of his prick poised to pass between the muscled mounds and puncture Adams' puckered man-pussy. Then he bucked his hips and took it.

The two of them trembled.

"Warning!" the ship's computer spoke. "Reserve power has fallen below three percent!"

The damn ship never gave up! Evans thought. Only now it was too late. Adams was his now, physically, mentally, spiritually. The only thing the ship computer could do was cry its own death knell as it slipped toward entropy.

"Warning! Reserve power has fallen below two percent!"

Evans was fucking Adams more vigorously now. The two of them were completely lost in lust. Adams cock quivered below them as he tossed his head.

"Warning! Reserve power has fallen below one percent!"

"Fuck you too!" Evans shouted at the computer as he pounded Adams steely, slippery ass. If Adams still harbored any desire to keep the ship operable, his lust to lose his virginity superseded it now.

"Oh, God, Evans! Don't let up! I think I am going to cum again!"

Evans grabbed the muscleman's fuck log with both hands. It was almost too large to adequately masturbate, but he anchored himself on it and tugged as he pulled himself into Adams harder and faster.

Finally the sounds of Adams' and Evans' ecstatic torture reached a crescendo. Cum burst from their bodies and splattered on the floor. The two of them collapsed in a pile of rocky muscle and limp cock. The computer was silent, and the lights from the control panel were dark.

Adams sensed something in the corners. A shadowed figure coalesced into solid form. He realized it was one of the natives Evans had seen. He nudged Evans and pointed.

"It's okay. I think they're friendly," Evans said.

Evans stood and extended his right hand. The alien reciprocated. Their hands clasped. Evans pulled Adams to his feet and the alien led them out of the ship into Aedon. •

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