Hike in the Hills, A

By lemapp

It was a crisp Fall Morning with no clouds in the sky. I was not sure what I wanted to do with my day, but I knew I wanted to be outside. After eating a large breakfast, I decided that I should take a hike. I can frequently see the large hills from town but I had never gone on a hike up there.

I grabbed some shorts, short sleeve shirt, jacket and boots. Then I hopped in my car and drove to the foothills at the edge of the valley. When I got to the park`s parking lot there were already several other cars there. I knew that I was starting my hike fairly earlier but I was not the first.

I followed the steep trail that lead to some of the high level vistas of the valley. It was amazing to be able to see large portions of the valley. After an hour I was now hundreds of feet above the valley floor. I was getting closer to the sun or more accurately it was turning into a hot day. I was glad that I wore shorts but I was still sweating like crazy when I took my jacket off. I really wanted to go for a swim.

If as by magic I heard the sound of someone splashing around in a small pond. I followed the sound, veering from path through the woods. Soon I came out in a small clearing that contained a small pond. In the pond was a man swimming short laps from side to side. He spotted me and swam toward me. As he stood up in the water I could see that his body was lean with no body fat. Not a huge bodybuilder but still a strong upper body with a huge chest.

The man asked if I would join him, that the water was comfortably warm. I told him that I had not brought any swimwear. At this point the man placed his hands on the edge of the stones and pushed himself briefly out of the water. It was very clear that he was not wearing any kind of swimwear. His dick was clearly visible as his waist left the water. It must have been fairly long because it extended down his thigh and I never saw his dickhead. Then he slipped back in the water.

At this point it was my turn to show him mine. I sat down and pulled off my boots, my shirt and finally my shorts. Then the moment of truth as I pulled down my white jockeys, letting my cock free from the tight fabric. I felt myself starting to get hard, so I ran and jumped into the shallow water.

My friend was right that the water was warm. I thought that mountain springs were usually very cold but this felt like it was heated by some geothermal force. Whatever was heating the water, it felt great. I followed my friend around the pond for a few laps. A few times his body brushed next to mine but I did not pull away. I stopped and asked my friend if he needed to get out of the water. I assumed that he had been in the water for a while before I had joined him. I saw his wrinkled fingertips and we both pulled ourselves out of the water.

It struck me that I had not brought a towel. All that I had was my clothes and a cell phone. I hadn`t brought any food, water or any other supplies. I had wanted to get lunch after I finished my hike. As I pondered how I was going to dry off my friend handed me a towel. He asked that I join him on the blanket. It was odd when I turned around and there was a blanket where there hadn`t been one moments ago. Just like the other odd things that had happened so far, I simply put it out of my mind.

We laid on the towel talking and enjoying the warm fall sun. We mainly spoke about safe topics like the weather. But I allowed my eyes to wander and take in the details of my friend`s body. I noticed the hair on his strong arms and chest, the thick trail down the middle of his 6-pack abs and the trimmed bush of pubic hair at the base of his dick. Then I focused on his dick that was about 6 inches soft as it laid over 2 large hairy balls. I thought that I could see his dick twitch as I stared at it. I began to think how much I wanted to have a muscular body like a bodybuilder. I would want to have enormous arms and legs with a thick back and giant pecs. It would be a body that a professional bodybuilder would spend years to develop. Then I thought what kind of dick I would wanted and I focused on a thick hose much like my friend`s but perhaps with a foreskin. Just as I began to see the completed image in my mind my friend cleared his throat broking me from my trance.

I began to apologize for staring at his body but he said that he did not care that I had a great body myself. My friend announced that since it was past noon that we should have some lunch. Before I could say anything a sandwich, a large box juice and an apple was in front of me. As I sat up I noticed that my arm looked bigger than I remembered it. Continuing to sit up I noticed that more of my body looked different from what I remembered. I looked to my friend who asked if I did not like my sandwich. I began to forget what I was upset about and eat my lunch.

After we ate lunch, we laid back down enjoying the near summer like warmth of the sun. I thought that I should be careful or I might get sunburn. Then as if he had read my mind my friend tells me that I should not worry about getting burned because it was late season and the sun was not that strong. He continued to tell me that I had a good foundation tan. This I knew was not right because my summer tan had faded in recent weeks but as I looked at my arms I saw that I did seem to have a fairly dark tan.

It had been several house but I really did not want to leave. I knew that I had errands I needed to run that afternoon. I announced that I needed to leave when my friend offered that I should take one last quick dip in the pool. I agreed and he joined me. The warm water felt great on my smooth skin, but I sensed that I used to be somewhat hairy recently. It did not require as much effort to pull my body through the water as if I had gained a great deal of strength in the last few hours.

I sat on the edge of the pond watching my friend do a final lap. He swam over in front of me with his head just above the water, only inches from my long dick. A thought flashed in my mind that I wanted him to suck my cock. Then in a flash I felt a pair of warm lips lock around my cock head. Then slowly my cock was drawn into my friend`s mouth. He seemed to know exactly what was needed to drive me wild. He was an expert at what he was doing, each time that I would get close to cumming he would back off. The strength of his throat muscles around my dick was amazing. Feeling his nose burying deep into my pubes. After what seemed like hours I could no longer hold off and I release a huge amount of cum into his mouth. My friend then leaped up out of the water knocking me to the ground with him landing on top of me. We then had a passionate kiss while I tasted my own cum for the first time.

We broke off and laid next to the pond. I felt my dick slowly shrink back to its 6-inch size. I got up slowly and dried myself off with a towel. I found my clothes and slowly pulled them back on. It was a struggle because they seemed to be two sizes too small, but I enjoyed how the fabric stretched over my tight body. The clothes did little to hid my muscles or the huge bulge in my shorts.

I kissed my friend good-bye and headed back through the woods to the hiking trail. Several minutes down the trail I realized that I had left my cell phone back in the clearing. I quickly turned back. When I got back to the clearing it was a different place. My friend was not there. The pond was not there. It actually felt cold standing there, not like the summer warmth I had felt earlier. I did find my cell phone and quickly ran away.

About halfway back to my car I literal ran into another hiker. I guess that I was not pay attention to where I was going. I knew that I was trying to understand what had happened to me. When I looked up I saw that the guy I had just run into was a huge bodybuilder like myself. He looked naked to me because other than his shoes he was wearing a dark tan spandex micro shorts. The shorts were nearly the same color as his skin. His dick and balls were clearly outlined by the stretchy fabric but they seemed kind of average, actually small against his large body.

I apologized and began to walk back to the car. The muscle stud began to follow me. He told me that he had seen me earlier that day. I did not remember seeing anyone except the guy in the pond. Muscles because to quiz me about where I worked out. I really did not feel like answering this guy so I can up with quick false answers. I guess that Muscles got the hint that I was interested in knowing anything about him.

Muscles then stood in front of me and blocked my path. He told me that he had seen me arrive this morning as an average built guy and now I could win any bodybuilding contest. He then told me that the same thing had happened to him about this time last year. The guy then pulled out a photo of a skinny guy and said that was him just over a year ago. That the occurrence with the woman in the clearing had changed his life. I agreed that this exactly the same thing that had happened to me. I could sense that he was a breeder and I did not want to get into my sexual preference with him.

We began to walk back to the cars again. Now Muscles could not shut up about how much fun it was to have so much muscles. It seems that he had capitalized on his body by because a model, personal trainer and an escort. He told me about the women that paid for him to provide private showings.

As we got to own cars, Muscles asked if I wanted to work on my all-over tan. He would be spending most of the next day in the nude around his pool. I thought that I would not mind seeing this guy nude for a while but I would not stay too long if I could not get my cock serviced. I agreed just as Muscles pulled off his shorts. There were other people in the parking lot but no one next to us. I was right that his dick was average size and it looked so much smaller against his huge body. Muscles reached into his open car and retrieved a towel. He told me that he liked to drive in the nude but takes the towel just in case he needed some coverage. We both agreed on a late morning meeting at his house.

With that Muscles drove away. I realized that I did not know his name, simply where he lived. But then I thought that I wanted to get home and explore my new muscle body. I thought that I wanted to drive around nude but settled for taking my shirt off as I drove out of the parking lot. •

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