Mike Gets Huge


By Clarence591

Mike and Donny walked up to the salvage yard’s gate. The chain Mike broke last night had been replaced with a stronger one and new No Trespassing signs were posted. Mike was about to snap the chain between his fingers when the sound of large barking dog came from the other side of the fence. The chain link gate was covered with a green plastic mesh, so the jocks couldn’t see what was on the other side. Suddenly a man’s voice was heard, “We’re closed. Come back in the morning”.

“We didn’t realize you were closed. Sorry to have bothered you”, Donny replied as he motioned to Mike to head back to his truck. Mike reached out and grabbed Donny’s arm to stop his departure. Donny grimaced in pain as Mike’s fingers tore into his normally rock-hard bicep. Mike saw Donny’s expression and released his grip. Donny rubbed his tanned upper arm trying to erase the white marks left by Mike’s hand.

“Sorry man. But don’t give up so easily. We’ve got to get in there”, Mike said.

“Mike, don’t you hear that dog barking. And the man said, they’re closed”, Donny replied stressing the word man.

Hearing the conversation on the other side, the yard’s new security guard announced arrogantly, “No one is getting in here tonight guys. Like I said, we’re closed”.

Mike turned away from Donny and faced the gate focusing on the spot the voice seemed to be coming. “I think you will let us in”, Mike spoke in a deep commanding tone. Donny heard him use that same tone last night on his parents.

“Why would I do that sir?” the voice asked meekly.

“Because I want you to”, Mike answered back. In seconds, the sound of the rattling chain was heard being pulled through the gate. With a creak, one side of the gate opened about 3 feet. Mike smiled at Donny and gestured to him to enter through first. Donny entered the yard and was greeted by a sturdy man in his 30s wearing a guard’s uniform. The guard stood near the gate the fingers of one hand clenching the chain link, his other hand held the leash of a snarling German Shepard. The barking dog made Donny take a few steps back. The guard looked over Donny’s athletic form. The young man’s tight clothing showcased is muscular physique. His all-American looks seem to please the guard. Donny enjoyed being an object of desire again. Whenever he was around Mike, he usually faded into the background, going unnoticed. It happened again as the guard’s attention was redirected to Mike as he made his way through the gate. Mike had to step in sideways through the too narrow opening, his massive chest only an inch away from the guard’s stunned face. The guard involuntarily inhaled deeply as Mike’s scent reached his nostrils. Within seconds the guard’s cock started to expand. The guard scanned Mike’s body just as he had Donny, his approval much more obvious this time. The guard’s eyes widened as he saw the bulge contained in Mike’s tight shorts. The guard’s eyes continued up Mike’s exposed abdominal muscles to his titanic chest. The guard’s cock was completely hard now, the outline of his average unit easily visible in his form fitting trousers. When the guard saw Mike’s face, he paused and swallowed the vast amount of saliva that had accumulated in his mouth. “Thank you”, Mike said and then smiled. His face was made more beautiful by his flawless white teeth. The guard let go of the gate and grabbed his crotch as he moaned softly. Donny saw a growing dark spot forming where the guard’s cock ended. The guard was completely distracted by Mike’s presence; he didn’t realize his canine companion had been barking uncontrollably at the two studs. Mike looked at the dog and said “Quiet” in a normal volume. The dog instantly stopped barking and sat down behind the guard with a slight whimper. Donny thought to himself even animals respect Mike’s dominance. “We are going to spend about an hour or two here. You will go to the office and stay there until we are done. When we leave you will come back here to lock the gate and you are not to mention to anyone that we were here. Do you understand?” Mike spoke to the guard in his soothing baritone voice.

“Yes, I understand sir”, the guard answered very calmly. The guard, unlike the dog, didn’t appear frightened or intimidated by Mike. He just accepted Mike’s orders as a foot soldier would a commanding officer’s. There was never a question who was in charge of whom. The guard left with the dog quietly walking by his side. Donny looked up at Mike in awe. “Don’t worry dude, I would never make you do anything you didn’t want to do”, Mike said without looking at Donny. Mike walked away heading toward the industrial scale. After a moment Donny followed him.

Before the guard entered the office trailer, he was distracted by his watch dog. The dog sensed another person had entered the premises through the still opened gate and stopped moving. Not wanting to disobey his orders, the guard gave a quick tug on the leash and both entered the building closing the door behind them.

Donny checked Mike’s weight and measurements to make sure they hadn’t changed during the last 24 hours. With Mike’s statistics confirmed, Donny gave his friend the diluted formula to sip. Mike swallowed and removed his shorts. Within a few moments, Mike felt his strength fade and his body lighten. Donny watched as his team mate shrunk in height and width. At the same time Mike’s hardened cock and balls expanded dramatically. Mike’s breath quickened as he grabbed his formidable rod and stroked it roughly. He aimed for a pile of hubcaps about 20 yards in front of him as he felt the pressure building in his balls. He grunted as a thick stream of spunk burst from his hose, the force of his load scattering the hubcaps about. Quarts of his muscle crème pooled in the overturned wheel covers. Mike felt his cock shrink in his hand. He knew his muscles weren’t the only things decreasing in mass. He noticed Donny approaching him with the measuring tape. “I think I may be getting down to a more manageable size”, Mike said lifting his deflated bag sack.

“You’re still the biggest man I’ve ever seen”, Donny commented putting his hand on top of Mike’s. Mike was only about 6” taller than his friend now.

Mike moved his hand to his massive chest and rubbed his pecs. “Seriously, I think I may be able to wear shirts and pants again like a normal person.”

“Yeah, if a normal person had a 73” chest with a 38” waist” Donny said removing the tape from around Mike’s carved waist. Donny continued to take Mike’s measurements and write them down in a small notepad to chart Mike’s regression. Mike had lost about 10% of his muscle mass and a couple of inches off his cock’s length and girth. Mike’s weight was down to 431 pounds. Mike wanted to test his strength level, so he walked to the crane he lifted yesterday. Donny thought he heard a noise over by the hubcaps and was about to investigate when Mike emerged breathing hard and sweating profusely.

“I can’t budge it. It’s actually too heavy for me now”, Mike said. Donny couldn’t tell if Mike was happy or upset.

“Try your super dumbbell, Mike”, Donny said trying to encourage his friend. Mike walked over to the home made weight and easily lifted it over his head using both arms. He did a couple of curls with it as a smile came over his face. He tired doing one arm curls and was only able to force a single rep from each arm before his engorged biceps failed. Mike walked over to Donny who was busy calculating the results.

“I figure the average guy our age could do a one arm curl with a 50 pound bar for one repetition. So you have the strength of 160 men, which means you lost about 60% of your overall strength. That’s consistent with what happened last night.” Donny said out loud while deep in thought. After reviewing the numbers again, he looked at Mike who was wiping the sweat from his forehead. Donny walked quickly to the hose and started to spray down his overheated friend. Mike’s body cooled down much more quickly tonight. He told Donny to stop after about three minutes under the hose. “Do you fell alright, Mike? Are you okay with loosing so much power?”

“Yeah, I’m fine”, Mike said as he pulled on his still tight shorts. “I was a little bummed when I couldn’t lift the crane. I feel like a failed or something. But I’m really glad to be more normal. I feel more in control of my body. All during practice today I was afraid I was going to accidentally hurt someone on the field just be touching them or stepping on their foot. Look what I did to your arm tonight”, Mike said pointing to Donny’s newly bruised bicep. “I’m really sorry, dude. I didn’t mean to hurt you”.

“I know man. It’s okay. It matches the one I have on my other shoulder”, Donny said lifting his shirt sleeve to reveal the bruise he got from the sleeping giant.

“Did I do that too? Man, I don’t even remember touching you there. When did it happen?” Mike said putting his hand to his forehead trying to recall the incident.

Donny regretted bringing it up. He wasn’t about to tell Mike how he sodomized him during the night. “Oh, it was during practice. But it’s really no big deal. I’m a pretty tough guy myself. I’ll recover”. He said as he punched Mike hard in the shoulder, the impact causing a loud thud sound. Mike laughed then suddenly his face went sad. “You didn’t feel my punch did you?”

“No. But that’s okay for now. You were right; this process should be slow and steady so we don’t make any mistakes. For the rest of the night I’m focusing on the game tomorrow. The team comes first, right?”, Mike said as he smiled at Donny. Donny felt a twinge at his crotch. He quickly looked away and started to gather his belongings. He put the water bottle, notepad and tape measure back in his backpack. He took out a bottle of Gatorade and handed it to Mike. “Drink this; it will help your body recover.”

“You think my body needs help?” Mike asked coyly and continued to grin. He wanted to know if he still had the ability to get a man erect with just a smile.

“Stop it Mike. You just said you were going to concentrate on the game” Donny remarked as he started to walk toward the gate.

“Come back here”, Mike said in his commanding voice.

Donny stopped in his tracks and walked quickly back to Mike’s side. “You said you wouldn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to do”, Donny said trying his best to resist Mike.

“What’s wrong with you tonight? Don’t you want to be with me?” Mike asked surprised by Donny’s resistance.

“Yes”, Donny said breathlessly while looking at Mike, then he remembered how being near Mike effected him. He forced his gaze away from the muscle god, “I mean no. I can’t tonight. You’re still too big for us to do anything, plus I’m not in the mood.”

“Oh really” Mike said running his index finger down along Donny’s left pant leg following the bulge of his 9” inch monster, Mike’s finger unintentionally overpowering its rock-hard surface.

Donny gasped in pain and stepped backwards out of Mike’s reach. Of the two bruises he received from Mike last night, the one on his cock was the most painful. “Yes really. I’m tired of being hard all the time. And I’m tired of being ignored by everyone when I’m around you”, Donny sniped. He saw a look of hurt appear on Mike’s handsome face and regretted his words. None of that was something Mike could control. “I guess I’m just tired, dude. I didn’t sleep well last night either. I want to focus on the game too. I think it would be best, for the team, if I slept at home tonight”.

“Okay. You’re the boss”, Mike said shrugging his broad shoulders. Both men knew that wasn’t true. They left the scrap yard and parted ways when Donny dropped Mike off at his house. As Donny drove away, he looked at Mike’s reflection in his rear view mirror and felt regret for the third time that night.


A slender form stalked the two jocks staying in the shadows of the auto graveyard. He stayed close enough to hear their conversation without getting noticed. After Mike shot his load and left the area, the stalker headed straight to the pile of sum soaked hubcaps. He removed the top of his own small water bottle and carefully poured in the puddles of muscle juice that had formed inside the caps. He had intended not to ingest any of the cum until he was at home, but the desire to be strong again overcame any previous plans or rational thoughts. He licked the outside of the container to remove the excess spunk. It tasted so earthy and rich. He chugged almost all of what he collected. He removed his clothes as he waited for his body to react to the thick crème. Soon he felt a surge of pain radiate from his balls. He grabbed them and tried to hold on as they expanded. He had only felt pain like this once before. The torture got worse as his balls multiplied in size by over 500%. He let out a slight scream against his wish to remain quiet; the pain was too much for him to bear. He fell into unconsciousness.

Justin awoke and looked down onto his body. His balls were still throbbing and red, but less painful. His cock was thick and standing at attention. He eyes went to his thighs which were now sculpted with muscle. He ran his hand over his washboard abs and thick chest. He flexed his arm and smiled at the large ball of muscle. He looked like a teenage athlete again instead of prepubescent boy. Justin got to his feet and remembered where he was. He saw Mike and Donny exiting through the gate. It was Justin’s turn to test the strength of his muscles. He started to walk toward Mike’s colossal barbell. The movement caused a shock of pain to run through his body emanating from his balls. He took a deep breath and got to the weight walking slowly. He tried to lift it but couldn’t. Frustrated he slammed his fit into the I-beam bar. He laughed when he saw a dent in the iron that matched the shape of his fist while his hand remained unmarked.

Justin wanted to know how big he had gotten so he headed toward the scale. His initial weight was 270 pounds, but it kept changing, going higher and higher. It seemed he was getting heavier with every passing minute. He stayed on the scale for more than ten minutes watching the numbers change. By the time he stepped off he was at 350 pounds. As he walked he felt heavier and more powerful. Even his balls didn’t hurt as much. Justin wondered if the pain had subsided or had his pain threshold just increased along with his strength. He passed by a collection of windshields and saw his reflection. His body looked massive, each muscle perfectly formed on his fat-free frame. He did a double bicep pose and noticed how his biceps had grown over the last 15 minutes. He bounced his thick pecs and crunched his abdominal bricks as he felt each muscle. His body had become strangely numb. It was as if every muscle had been injected with Novocain. It almost felt as if he was touching someone else’s body. This must be what Mike was experiencing. No wonder he couldn’t control his power. After flexing his thighs we got closer to the glass to examine his face. Once again he had the stunning rugged features of a real man. He no longer looked feminine or fragile. He closed his eyes to fight the urge to cum. He figured the longer he held off, the bigger he would become.

Justin walked over to Mike’s weight again. He bent down to get underneath the weight. Taking a deep breath, he used every ounce of his strength to push the weight up. He straightened his powerful legs lifting the weight. He then pressed it over his head and laughed. He lowered the 4 ton weight back to his shoulders and pressed it over his head again, then once more. The weight felt lighter with each lift. Justin’s cock became harder as he realized how powerful he was becoming. He set the weight down and did a two arm curl with ease. He then tried a one arm curl. First he had some difficulty, but soon he was on his sixth repetition. He had become stronger than Mike. It made sense; Mike had lost 60% of his strength. That strength was contained in his cum. By swallowing it, Justin was now 20% stronger than Mike. He would now be able to get revenge on the men that made him a weakling. He would make Mike and Donny beg for mercy as he crushed their balls, just like Mike did to him less than a week ago. Justin felt so masculine and powerful as he pushed the weight over his head and held it in place with just one arm. The feeling overwhelmed Justin. He couldn’t hold back any longer, he shot a large load of spunk, his balls shrinking as they emptied. Catching his breath, Justin’s arm started to shake under the weight. He no longer could support it and it crashed down to the ground in front of him. Justin felt his strength drain from his body as his balls expanded again. He released another load and his muscles shrank as his balls expanded painfully again. A third stream of cum was expelled from his shortening cock. Justin screamed as his balls filled for a fourth time. He stumbled back to where he had left his clothes. He tried to stop cumming but couldn’t. His pain threshold was decreasing along with his muscles and strength; the fifth expansion sent him reeling to the ground. He regretted not waiting to swallow Mike’s cum as he originally planned. By the tenth orgasm, Justin was near unconsciousness again. Justin’s body had returned to its abnormally slender stature. “No it’s not fair. Why should Mike have everything and I have nothing”, Justin said out loud sounding like a child throwing a tantrum. He touched his devastated scrotum. He gasped as intense pain engulfed the sensitive sack. He thought he hadn’t felt such pain since Mike’s crushed his balls and literally sucked the masculinity out of his body. He then realized that was the problem. Mike had damaged his testicles making them unable to truly assimilate Mike’s muscle cum. That’s why he didn’t retain any mass or strength. Mike was responsible for turning him into a little boy and preventing him from being a real man again. The hatred for Mike grew in Justin’s heart even more. Justin had to think of another way to get revenge on Mike. To make him suffer for what he did.

Justin’s planning was interrupted by the sound of a barking dog coming quickly towards him. Soon the vicious dog was nearly on top of him, held back by the rugged security guard. The guard looked at Justin’s frail body and soft facial features. He guessed Justin was about ten years old due to the small size of his genitalia and lack of pubic hair, though he was tall for his age. “Little boy, where are your clothes?” he asked.

Justin crawled away reaching for his clothes. “I’m not a little boy, I’m seventeen”, he said as he pulled on his pants.

“Whatever kid. You better get out of here before I call the cops and they throw your scrawny ass into juvy.” The guard said trying to best to frighten the boy.

Justin grabbed his water bottle after putting on his shirt and shoes. “I’m leaving. I got everything I need.” The guard escorted Justin to the gate and locked it closed. On the other side Justin lifted the translucent bottle up toward the street lamp looking at the small remaining amount of Mike’s cum. “Yes, I’ve got everything I need.” •

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