Mike Gets Huge


By Clarence591

Mike had a rough night. Since coming home from the salvage yard, he had broken two chairs, the refrigerator door and a bathroom sink. His parents bombarded him with questions when they first saw him. He simply said he didn’t want to talk about it in his commanding voice, and they never spoke again for the remainder of the evening. After Mike ate every morsel of food in the house, he went upstairs to his room. He figured the bed would collapse under his weight; so he put the mattress on the floor to sleep. But the mattress couldn’t provide him any comfort. The normal ten inch metal springs were compressed to less than an inch under his weight. His shoulders and lower legs hung over the edges, his mammoth physique wider and longer than the full size mattress. He put the mattress back on the box spring and told Donny he could sleep there, while he would use the floor tonight. He had a difficult time getting comfortable. Mike’s large rounded butt and muscle engorged shoulders prevented his lower back from reaching the floor. Mike stuffed five rolled up bath towels under the exaggerated arch to give his lumbar region some support. After several hours of restlessness, Mike finally drifted off to sleep.

Donny stared at Mike. Mike’s flawless nude physique glowed in the moonlight. The sheen of sweat from the always warm behemoth highlighted the shape of his muscles. All night Donny tried to close his eyes to get some sleep, but he couldn’t fight the overwhelming desire to look at the resting giant. Watching his chest rise and fall with each breath was hypnotic. For the last hour Donny had a painful erection too. Mike’s musky scent permeated the bedroom, even with the open windows to let in the cool night air. The scent, for some reason, kept Donny aroused against his own will.

Donny could tell that Mike had finally fallen asleep, due to his snoring. For such a big man, the snoring was rather soft and soothing. Mike must have been having an erotic dream; Donny noticed Mike’s cock was starting to expand. Within a few seconds Mike was at full mast. Donny’s own erection ached as he grew even harder at the sight. Donny had to touch Mike’s sex stick, he felt compelled to do it. He silently got out of bed and walked over to Mike’s body. Donny straddled Mike’s hips and sat down, resting his own muscular ass on Mike’s powerful thighs. Donny didn’t worry about waking Mike. Mike’s super dense muscles still prevented him from feeling another person’s presence. Donny licked Mike’s rod providing lubricate for his hands to run up and down the almost two foot length. He hugged the thick fuck pole trying to force it to more upright position. Donny pulled with all his strength but soon realized his 24” arms couldn’t overpower Mike’s cock. Mike must have felt something during the struggle, his raised his hand to touch his rod and hit Donny in the shoulder. The unconscious tap knocked Donny off of is best friend and threw him into the nearby wall. Donny stayed against the wall for several minutes silently rubbing his bruised shoulder. He wanted to make sure Mike hadn’t woken up. When Mike’s snoring returned, Donny moved closer. He then straddled Mike’s upper torso, this time putting Mike’s thick cock between his ass cheeks. Donny bobbed up and down slightly as the powerful cock supported his weight as if a chair. Donny realized this was about as far as Mike’s cock could get into his inferior body. Donny looked down onto Mike’s immaculate face; the powerful square jaw the highlight of his perfect profile. He was more beautiful than any Greek statue. Even lying down, Mike had a deep valley of muscle cleavage. Donny forced his cock down between Mike’s pecs, the tip almost touching Mike’s cleft chin. Donny felt the heat from Mike's body on his sensitive cock. Donny was near orgasm, and then Mike moved slightly adjusting his arm position. Mike’s pectorals flexed and bulged with the movement of his arms trapping Donny’s cock between them. Mike then turned his head to face the other direction, the coarse beard on his chin brushing the tip of Donny’s inflamed rod. Donny lost control, but his cum backed-up due to the clamp-like pressure of Mike’s pecs. Donny was in great pain, his balls needed to release their load. Donny leaned backwards trying to pull his cock free, just then Mike relaxed his pecs. Donny’s cock sprung up towards his own chest. A large load of thick cum oozed from his bruised member covering his upper torso. Donny laid there on Mike’s cock catching his breath and rubbing his own cock. He rolled off his best friend and crawled out of the room. He went to the bathroom and washed his body. He looked into the mirror, thinking how he had used Mike’s unconscious body to jerk off. Was that rape? He knew it was wrong, but being near Mike made him do things he knew were wrong. Donny decided to spend the rest of the night downstairs on the living room couch. Keeping a distance from Mike was the only way he was going to get any sleep tonight.


In the morning, Mike and Donny left for football practice early. Mike couldn’t even shower because he was too big for the bathtub stall. He planned on using the school’s large shower room after practice. He knew that would make his team mates happy too.

The coach waited for his team on the field. He wanted to have one last session before the big game. Tomorrow they were playing Valley Stream High, last year’s state champions. The coach didn’t know his team of high school jocks had been enhanced and now had better physical abilities than the best NFL team. He stood there stunned as he saw his team enter the field. Each boy, no man, was impressive. They were taller and bigger than he remembered. As they got closer he noticed even the chubbier boys had turned into ripped, muscular men. The uniforms showed every bulge of their improved physiques. Even their faces looked more mature and, surprising himself he thought, more handsome. The coach felt himself getting aroused surrounded by these ultra-jocks. He decided not to ask questions or comment on their appearance. He was happy they were on his team. He stayed focused on the game to keep his mind off of their physical improvements. But then Mike and Donny entered the field, he watched the shirtless Mike walk toward him. The coach’s jaw dropped. Mike got nearer and smiled at the older man, “What’s up, coach?” Mike’s presence and voice sent shock waves through his body. The coach stammered as he instructed Kyle to take over the practice until he returned. The coach hurried off the field doing his best to hide his erection. He went to his office and jerked off thinking about Mike.

The practice went very well even with the coach frequently leaving to pleasure himself. Each man honed his new physical abilities to perfection. The men had gained each other's knowledge of the game through Justin's spunk. They intuitively knew what the other was thinking during each play. Mike was put in the receiver position. Whenever he got the ball, he simply walked quickly to the end zone. His bulky thighs didn’t permit him to run. Even after being hit by seven or eight large men he didn’t fall. The men hung on to his body trying to prevent him from making a touch down; but, his sheer strength made him unstoppable. Mike could only participate in two or three plays before he became overheated. But that was enough to ensure his team’s victory in tomorrow’s game.

At the end of the four hour practice, Mike was dripping wet. But unlike most men, his body odor attracted people to him instead of repelling them. The whole team quickly undressed and followed him into the shower. They took turns washing his body. Mike just stood in the middle of the room following their directions. He lifted his arms or flexed a muscle when instructed by his worshippers. He bent forward so someone could wash his hair. He enjoyed the shampoo, he could actually feel his team mates fingers has they ran through the hairs on his scalp. But he felt nothing from the neck down. It was obvious his peers were enjoying his physique and that made him happy.

After Mike was rinsed and dried by his team mates, he headed to his locker to put on another pair of too tight shorts. Suddenly he got a cramp in left hamstring. He tired rubbing the pain away but couldn’t reach it. Donny tried to punch the cramp away, but just ended up hurting his hand. Another team mate suggested Mike lie on the floor and have someone jump up and down on the back of his thigh to relieve his pain. That idea also didn’t work. Kyle came out of the groundskeeper storage room adjacent to the locker room with two sledge hammers. He gave one to Donny who was standing on the other side of Mike’s prone body. “He should feel this”, Kyle said as he raised the ten pound steel hammer over his head and forced it down with all his strength into Mike’s thigh.

“Yes, that felt good, harder”, Mike said trying to straighten his leg completely. Kyle did it again and Donny joined in. The two men worked together. Soon the developed a rhythm taking turns whacking Mike’s thigh. “That’s feels great, could you guys do my back too. Please”, Mike begged them, thrilled to finally feel something. Donny and Kyle worked their way up and down Mikes’ entire back and legs. Donny laughed when he hit Mike’s ass cheek. The solid muscle created such a kick-back when hit with the hammer it almost knocked Donny on his ass. Kyle was like a mad man putting all his incredible strength into every hit. He was totally enjoying this opportunity to beat on his rival. His body was covered in sweat; he became obsessed with actually hurting Mike. He missed Mike's calf muscle on one strike and took a large chip out of the concrete floor making it obvious to everyone just how hard Mike's body really was. He hit Mike’s body over and over again with such force that the wooden handle on his hammer snapped in half. Donny looked at Kyle with disgust, “What is wrong with you, man”. Donny then looked down at Mike and asked, “Mike are you alright?” There was no response, Donny bent down to be closer to Mike’s head and asked again, “Are you okay, man?” Donny then heard a familiar sound, it was Mike snoring. He laughed and stood up. “He’s okay, he just fell asleep. Let him rest guys. He didn’t get much sleep last night. I’ll come back for him later”. The whole team laughed, except for Kyle upset Mike was unhurt. They all returned to their lockers and got dressed. Eventually everyone had left the building except for Mike and the coach.

The coach toured the locker room and showers to make sure him and Mike were alone. He then stood over the sleeping student. His cock got hard again. He was surprised how many times he had cum today and yet was able to get hard just by looking at Mike. The coach had never been attracted to another man before. He found he couldn’t resist the desire to touch Mike’s body. He had to know how all that powerful muscle felt. The coach slipped off his clothes and lay on top of Mike. His huge body felt so hard and masculine. The coach positioned himself so his cock rested on Mike’s ass. He thrust his hips back and forth rubbing his hard cock along the deep groove between Mike’s ass cheeks. The coach didn’t have the strength to separate the two huge mounds of impenetrable muscle. Donny had returned to pick up his sleeping friend when he walked in on the coach. The coach was so enjoying himself so much he didn’t hear Donny. Donny quickly stepped back behind a row of lockers and watched the coach shoot his load onto Mike’s back. The coach laid there a few moments after cuming. He then stood up and said out loud, “What have I done?” He grabbed a towel from a nearby bench to wipe his crème from the teenager’s ass and back. Donny couldn’t say anything or think poorly of the coach, he had done the same thing himself to Mike last night. The coach put his clothes back on and left the building looking embarrassed.

Donny waited for the coach to leave before he approached Mike. He shouted in Mike’s ear to wake him up. Mike started to move, his eyes blinking to adjust to the bright lights. “What happened?” he asked.

“You fell asleep during your sledge-hammer massage, dude”, Donny answered.

“Sorry man, I guess I was more tired than I thought. I didn’t sleep well last night. I just couldn’t get comfortable, plus it was so damn hot.” Mike said as he rubbed his eyes and got onto his feet. He stretched his long powerful limbs forcing blood into his stiff muscles. Donny was distracted by the flexing and just stared in awe. Mike saw his friend staring at his body and broke the silence, “Um, what time is it?”

“What?” Donny asked.

“I asked what time it was, Donny” Mike said with a smile.

“Oh, nearly 6 o’clock”, Donny replied forcing his eyes off Mike’s chest to only have the blood rush faster to his hardening cock when he saw Mike’s sexy smile. “Ummmm, do you still want to go to the salvage yard again tonight?” Donny moved his hands to his crotch to try to hide his growing manhood in his tight jeans.

“Definitely, dude. I’m still too big and strong. Did you see I couldn’t even run out there today? And I can only play a few minutes before I’m burning up from the heat. I can’t even play a whole quarter. That doesn’t make me a great football player does it? Plus I’m not going to spend another night breaking my parent’s furniture and not being able to sleep.” Mike walked to his door-less locker to get dressed. Both men left the locker room together. Mike jumped into the back of the truck as Donny’s pulled out of the school parking lot. As they drove off, they were followed by another car. •

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