Mike Gets Huge

Feeling Human


By Clarence591

Mike and Donny arrived at the auto graveyard in Donny’s pickup. Donny was driving while Mike was sitting in the bed because he couldn’t fit inside the cab. They walked to the locked gate. Donny looked at Mike, “I think you have the key, big guy”. Mike grabbed the large padlock and yanked, breaking the chain and squashing the lock. They entered the yard and headed for the industrial scale. Mike got on and learned his weighed 968 pounds. Both men were surprised by the reading.

“What’s that burning smell?” Donny asked sniffing the air. Donny narrowed the odor was coming from Mike, more exactly his crotch. Mike squatted down to expose his inner thighs. Donny saw large singed holes in Mike’s shorts. Mike didn’t feel it, but his shorts had burned due to the friction caused by his hard as concrete thighs rubbing together when he walked. Donny just laughed, “Why don’t you find something to max out those arms of yours, then we will weigh it. You’ll know just how strong you are, Superman.”

Mike saw a car that had been crushed into a 4 foot cube. He reached for it, the steel bending under his grip to form a handle. He lifted with one arm and put it on the scale, which read 4,000 pounds. He saw another and grabbed it with his other hand. He did alternate curls with ease. He found a steel I-beam nearby and forced the cubes on each end creating a mega dumbbell. Mike did several repetitions with the 8,000 plus weight with one arm then the other. “That’s a good warm-up, but I need some real weight”, Mike said smiling at Donny. Donny didn’t say a word; he just stared at the exhibition with his mouth agape and his cock hard.

Mike found a stack of flattened autos sitting on two other I-beams. The girders held the 12 cars off the ground. Mike crawled under the cars on his back. Donny watched as suddenly the almost 50,000 pound pile of flattened steel was lifted off the beams. Donny bent down to see Mike was benching the weight. After thirty reps, Mike crawled out from under the stack. He stood and flexed his swollen pecs. He grabbed his left pec with his right hand and squeezed the mass. The hardness and size of his man tit made his cock react. His upper body felt incredible, he needed to work his legs. He saw the huge crane used to move the cars to the compactor. Mike bent down and walked underneath the belly of the crane. He went to the center trying his best to balance the machine between his shoulders. He straightened his legs lifting the crane off the ground. He did twenty squats but was unhappy with the light weight. He put his hands on the crane and lifted it over his head. He then lowered one arm and supported the 50 ton crane with the other. “My God, he is Superman” Donny said as he shot another load into his still moist shorts.

Mike gently set down the crane and crawled out from underneath. He stood to his full height and stretched his powerful body. He then alternately flexed each arm as he squeezed his massive bicep with the opposite hand. Mike walked up to Donny and smiled when he saw the outline of his hard cock and larger wet spot, “I guess you enjoyed the show.” Donny just nodded still in awe of Mike’s power. Mike grabbed his own hard meat, “Me too. Maybe you can take that measurement you wanted earlier.” Donny went to his gym bag and pulled out the tape measure. Donny pulled down Mike’s shorts and ran the tape along his vein covered rod. The tape read 19 inches from the base to the tip and eleven inches in girth.

“Wow” was all that Donny said as he ran his hand over Mike’s meat. It felt so hot it almost burned Donny’s hand. Undaunted, Donny bent down and tried to get his lips around the fantasy cock. He struggled for several minutes trying different angles before giving up. “Sorry man, but it’s not for lack of want”, Donny said frustrated.

“I know. I’m sure you don’t want this thing rammed up your ass either. It would rip you in two. Imagine what it would due to a woman’s cunt” Mike said squeezing his softening cock. “No man needs to be this big or strong. I don’t feel like a human anymore. I want to be a powerful man, but not too powerful to enjoy life.” Mike said as he staggered to a nearby car and sat on the hood; the metal conforming to the shape of his ass. He rubbed his temples, sweat pouring off his body. His physique was swollen and red from the blood rushing to feed his huge muscles.

“Are you alright, Mike?” Donny asked.

“Yeah, I felt a sudden chill and have a mother of a headache”, Mike answered still rubbing his temples.

“Chill, you’re sweating like a pig. I think you may be suffering from heat stroke. You must have really had a good workout” Donny said with some concern. He looked around and saw a fire hose near by. He used it to wet down his friend. “This should help you cool off after that big workout. Muscles generate heat when you work them, so I guess your super muscles generate super heat. I hope the heat doesn’t cause damage to the rest of your body and more importantly, your brain”.

Mike enjoyed the cooling effect of the water, to him the power stream that blasted his skin felt like a soft summer breeze. “Oh, that’s great news. I have all this power, but if I use it I might suffer brain damage. And that was no real workout; everything here is too light for me.” Mike caught some of the water in his cupped hands and drank it down trying to cool his body faster. “Sometimes I think it would have been better if I never took those supplements.”

After a few moments Donny saw Mike’s skin return to its normal color. He put down the hose and picked up his gym bag. He sat next to Mike and said, “Maybe the supplements can help solve the problem they created. What if you take some of the MNR formula to reduce your muscle size?”

“No way, man. I’m not going to end up a fat slob again. If all this muscle turns to fat it would take me ten years to loose the weight. Plus it may be shallow, but I like being a muscular jock”, Mike said rubbing his cobble-stoned stomach.

“I know and I like you being a muscular jock too”, Donny commented as he rubbed Mike’s arm, “What if we dilute the formula it will be less potent? We can reduce your muscle mass and strength without losing it all.”

“It sounds risky. Do you think it would actually work?” Mike asked.

“We’ll cut the formula in half. If it doesn’t work we have the other supplements to reverse it again. But now we know not to ingest so much of the stuff.” Donny reached into his bag and pulled out the same sports bottle he used on Justin. “I used only about half of this on Justin. I filled the container with water to dilute it down. Just swallow a little of it and see how it effects you.”

Mike took the plastic bottle from Donny using only his thumb and index finger trying not to burst the bottle like he did the football. Unfortunately, Mike still didn’t have complete control over his strength. The bottle’s top exploded off from the pressure of Mike’s grip causing most of the formula to spill to the ground. Mike looked at Donny, “Sorry”. Mike knew he had to do something to get back to being normal. He moved the bottle to his lips, his hand visibly shaking. He sipped a few ounces. He looked at Donny again who smiled at him. Mike swallowed the chemically enhanced water. Donny took the bottle from Mike’s hand and put the top back on and placed it back in his bag. Mike waited a few moments, “It didn’t work, nothing is happening. I don’t know if I’m disappointed or relieved”.

“Don’t worry man. We’ll think of something else to try. I promise not to give up on you” Donny reached for Mike’s hand to comfort him. He noticed that Mike was getting hard again. “It looks like you are happy about my idea being a total failure”.

“What do you mean?” Mike asked noticing Donny’s hand on the outline of his erection. “Why am I hard? I didn’t even feel it happening. I shouldn’t be…” Mike said before stopping in mid-sentence. His body became flush, the blood surging through each muscle again. Mike started to moan as his body shrank slightly. Donny pulled down Mike’s shorts; he saw Mike’s balls tripling in size. Mike’s cock was lengthening too. It was pressed hard against his body, growing up between his massive pecs. Mike leaned back onto the car, his fingers ripping into the metal as he gripped the hood. He bent his head backwards and screamed. He shot an enormous load straight into the air. It went so high; Donny couldn’t see it in the night sky. In seconds it was over. Donny looked into the air and then at Mike.

“We better move, Mike. It’s going to rain” Donny said as he pulled up Mike’s shorts. As soon as they got about six feet, gallons of thick cum fell from the sky and covered the car where they had been sitting. Donny looked at Mike, “How do you feel?”

“Okay I guess. I feel a little looser, I can move more easily now” Mike said swinging his heavy arms back and forth. He rubbed his sculpted abs looking for fat. “It doesn’t look like I lost any definition. Get the tape measure, Donny”. Donny took Mike’s statistics and figured Mike had lost about 20% of his muscle mass. According to the scale Mike had also lost 420 pounds. Mike didn’t understand why he had lost so much more weight than muscle. Donny told him maybe the formula affected his muscle density. His muscles weren’t as dense or powerful as they were before. To test the theory, Mike went back to the crane. But this time when he tried to hold it over his head, he barely had the strength to support the weight with both hands. He knew it couldn’t hold it up with one arm as he was able to do very easily before. It seemed Mike had lost about 60% of his strength. Mike was thrilled the experiment had worked. He still had a fantastic physique and the strength of about 400 average men. He thought he was still too strong to live a semi-normal life and asked to take another sip of the diluted formula. Donny convinced him to wait until tomorrow to see if there were any delayed side effects.

“If you still want to tomorrow, we’ll come back here and do the experiment again. You should jerk-off a couple times during the night to see what impact that has on your body too”, Donny told Mike.

“Maybe you should sleep over to make sure I follow your directions, dear doctor” Mike said as he picked Donny up in one arm and the gym bag in the other. They left the scrap yard and went to Donny’s truck.

Once they left, a figure of a small boy appeared from the shadows. He walked over to the cum covered car and searched for some still active cream. Unfortunately, the muscle juice had dried completely. He slammed his small fist onto the hood in frustration. He yelped in pain as his weak body impacted the steel. He would have to wait to get his revenge. •

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