Mike Gets Huge


By Clarence591

The team arrived back at the school. They went into the locker room to change into their practice gear. Mike and Donny headed directly to the football field to test Mike’s enhanced body. Mike walked to one of the end zones. It was getting more difficult for him to move; his muscles seemed to still be growing. Donny threw a football to him from the equipment bag left near the bleachers. Mike caught it in one of his enormous hands, his long fingers almost encircling the ball. “Is this a joke? Get me a real football, not this toy”, Mike said looking at the tiny brown object.

“That is a real football, Mike” Donny responded surprised by Mike’s request.

“You’ve got to be shitting me, it’s so small” Mike said as he gently squeezed the pigskin in his hand. The ball burst like a balloon under his grip, “Damn”.

“Are you alright, big guy?” Donny asked.

“Yeah, I guess I need a little more time to adjust to my new size and strength” Mike said dropping the destroyed ball.

“No problem. I’ll get another one”, Donny took two more balls out of the bag and quickly tossed one to his friend before running up field away from Mike. Mike caught the ball trying his best to be gentle. He pumped his arm back and threw the ball using only a small percentage of his strength. It soared high into the air passing over Donny, the goal post and the bleachers at the opposite end of the field. Seeing his friend’s frustration again, “That’s okay; I’m prepared this time. I thought we may have needed another one. Donny’s threw the third ball to Mike. Donny’s throw rocketed through the air like a bullet, like Mike he didn’t have his new strength under control. His muscular physique gave him the strength of about five average men. The ball sped towards Mike, whose increasingly bulky arms couldn’t react fast enough to catch it this time. The comet like ball hit Mike directly in his crotch bouncing off his impressive package. Donny ran back to Mike, “Sorry man. I didn’t mean to hit you in your nuts. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I didn’t feel a thing and I’m not even wearing a cup” Mike said as he forced his hand to his manhood with some difficulty, “Are you sure it hit me there?”

“Yes. It’s a pretty large area” Donny said trying to make light of the accident.

“Wow. I felt nothing”, Mike said thinking to himself, “I want to try something. Kick me in my balls as hard as you can”.

“What?” Donny asked dumbfounded.

“You heard me dude. Just do it”, Mike demanded while spreading his legs apart and bending forward, placing his hands on his knees. Donny stepped back and slammed his lower leg hard into Mike’s jewels. “Again, harder” demanded Mike. Donny took two steps back and kicked Mike harder with a running start. “I felt only some movement, absolutely no pain whatsoever.”

“You’re like fucking Superman dude, impervious to pain”, Donny said getting turned on by his best friend’s new strength. “Let’s see if your muscles are as hard as Superman’s too.” Donny picked up one of the tall field marker posts used by the referees and placed the pointed turf spike on Mike’s carved thigh. Mike flexed and the muscles expanded. Donny pushed the sharp tip into Mike’s leg, not even causing an indentation. Mike than relaxed his thigh but Donny still couldn’t break the skin. Donny pushed with everything he had, the steel pole finally crumbling against Mike’s impenetrable body. Donny ran his hand over Mike’s undamaged skin, the flesh underneath felt hard as steel and totally unyielding. “Wow, you’re invincible!” Donny’s long cock was erect now, the head escaping through the leg opening of his shorts. Mike reached for his friend’s rod and stroked it. “Ouch, go easy there Superman. I’m not like you, I can still feel pain”.

“Sorry dude. I guess I can’t do anything right today” Mike said withdrawing his hand. Mike turned and walked toward the team bench to sit down; his immense weight breaking the wooden bench in half. “Fuck”, he said as he struggled to his feet. He walked to the field goal and leaned against it with one hand supporting his body. The 10” round steel pole creaked, quickly bending toward the ground under his grip, “This is great, I can’t sit or even lean on anything.” Mike grabbed the pole with both hands and easily forced the top half back into the upright position. Donny walked over to his friend and put his hand on Mike’s shoulder. Donny had to reach higher than before to reach his mammoth delts. His best friend’s body, covered with beads of sweats, felt warmer than before. His muscles looked larger too. He no longer had the beautiful symmetrical lines from just an hour ago. His body was becoming a cartoon version of a super hero with massively bulky muscles. Donny lowered his hand down Mike’s right arm, his thumb following the thickest vein that snaked along its entire length. “I know my new body is turning you on Donny, and I’m really glad about that. But I’m getting worried. I don’t feel anything anymore. Not your kicks, not the spike, and most importantly not your touch. I’ve always fantasized about being the strongest man in the universe, but I never thought about the downside. I want to be able to feel you when we’re together. I don’t want to break everything around me. To make things worse I think I’m still growing. It’s getting harder for me to move. I’m afraid I am becoming muscle bound like Justin. I don’t want to be some kind of freak-a-zoid monster.” Mike said, his powerful bass voice wavering slightly for the first time today.

The other members of the team were entering the field, their practice uniforms clinging to their enhanced forms like second skins. They huddled around Donny and Mike. Mr.Barker went into the bleachers to watch the practice session. “Hey guys, listen up. Are any of you still growing or have the effects have Justin’s cream worn off?”, Donny asked his team mates.

“My muscles were getting larger on the walk over here. Unfortunately I don’t feel it anymore. Not since our group jerk-off session in the locker room.” Kyle said winking at Mr.Barker while running his hand over his hard, sculpted abs exposed by his mid-drift shirt. His prolonged growth period and superior genetics allowed him to finally surpass Mr.Barker in size. Even though he was now the third largest man in school, after Mike and Donny, he wanted to be bigger. He loved it when he was able to dominate the campus’ alpha-male Mike. He never felt so alive and powerful as when he was forcing Mike’s face into his crotch. He stared at Mike’s hyper-muscular torso and became overwhelmed by envy.

“Have all of you jerked-off since coming into contact with Justin’s spunk?’ Donny asked the crowd. Everyone nodded their head yes. “How about you Mike?” Mike shook his head no. “That’s the answer my man. Just go choke the chicken and that will stop the growth. I’ll be happy to help you” Donny said as he cupped Mike’s ten inch, totally soft cock through his tight shorts. It became obvious to Donny that every part of Mike’s body was getting bigger. The whole team approached Mike and volunteered their hands-on service. The hypnotic draw of Mike’s cock had them mesmerized.

“Thanks, but it wouldn’t help, I can’t feel anyone’s touch. Plus I might hurt you guys. This is a job I’ll have to do alone from now on”, Mike said as he struggled to walk to the gym. Donny and the team watched Mike leave the field, still lusting for his hulking physique. Kyle just glared at Mike, the envy growing stronger within him.

Mike entered the gymnasium and headed toward the weight room. He picked up the half ton barbell Kyle used earlier. It felt so light to Mike. He tossed it in the air and caught it with just his index finger. He even attempted to balance the titanic weight on the tip of his finger. Mike just laughed at the realization of what his magnificent body was possible of doing. The feats of strength he did while under Justin’s control came back to him. He calculated he must have the strength of at least a thousand average men. How else could he have stopped that truck with his fist and then lifted it over his head with just one hand? He felt his cock start to harden; he then remembered what he was supposed to be doing. He waddled over to one of the large mirrors on the side wall. He hadn’t seen himself since his last metamorphosis. His rod became fully erect when he saw his own reflection. He was looking at the most masculine being he had ever seen. The new coating of dark hair on his tanned chest and forearms made him look like so virile. He ran his hands over his freakishly muscled chest and tight waist. He remembered his old roid gut and how some called him fat. Not now, he was ripped to the bone. His tight ten-pack abs would humble any gymnast. He raised his arms into a double bicep pose. Muscle appeared on top of muscle, he couldn’t bend his elbow past the 90 degree mark due to the massive size of his bicep. He couldn’t believe his body was so huge and powerful. His cock was throbbing and his balls started to grow filling with his juices; the center seam of his shorts broke open unable to confine his engorged equipment. He moved his hand to his face fascinated by his manly features. The coarse beard of his five o’clock shadow was in stark contrast to his soft chest hair. He was easily one of the most handsome men on the planet. He felt his balls spasm. Mike pulled off the damaged shorts freeing his fuck pole. He stepped back from the mirror and put his hands on his rock hard ass. He closed his eyes and forced his head back. Mike’s rigid cock was sticking straight up toward the ceiling. He squeezed his round ass cheeks and screamed. His powerful balls contracted and shot his first load high into the air; the force of the thick stream blew a hole in the ceiling. Mike saw what happened and grabbed his cock forcing it parallel to the floor, just as he was about to unleash his second volley. The second less powerful orgasm still had enough force to smash the mirror in front of him. He put his hand in front of his piss slit to block the third and final volley from doing any further damage. Feeling exhausted and covered in sweat, Mike sat down on one of the work-out benches. His weight caused the steel pipes to creak, the welded joints cracked, and Mike found himself sitting on the floor once again. “I hoped this worked. I can’t live in this world if I get any bigger”.

Donny entered the room and found Mike sitting on the floor of the weight room. “All done, Mike? How do you feel?”

“I think you were right, I don’t feel my muscles growing anymore” Mike answered without looking up.

Donny looked at the damage in the room. “I guess it was a good thing you were alone. You could have killed someone. Of course I can’t think of a better way to die”, he said with a chuckle.

“It’s not funny man. How would you like it if you could never have sex again?” Mike said this time looking at Donny.

“Come on, Mike. We’ll figure something out” Donny spoke trying to comfort his gargantuan friend. “I have an idea to cheer you up. Let’s take your measurements like old times.” Donny said seeing the tape measure he used on Kyle earlier that day. Mike stood on his feet and walked toward Donny. Donny felt his cock twitch at the sight of Mike’s huge body approaching him. Mike stopped his front of Donny and raised his arms over his head as far as his overdeveloped shoulders allowed.

“Let’s start with my chest”, Mike said with a sexy smile.

Mike’s smile and sensual deep voice sent a shiver down Donny’s spine. Donny told Mike to hold one end of the tape as Donny walked around Mike’s body. The 96 inch tape was unable to fit Mike’s chest. There was about a 2 inch gap between the two ends. Mike flexed his pecs and lats forcing the gap to expand another foot. “I’ll have to guess at 110 inches.” Donny then lowered the tape to Mike’s waist. “45 inches, your stomach may have the same girth as before, but it sure looks different. It appears you swallowed some bricks, Mikey.” Donny ran his hands over each of the ten clearly defined ab muscles that made up Mike’s lower torso. Mike crunched his abs making them even more impressive. Donny pushed one of his fingers into the 2 inch deep grooves between each muscle, the flesh of his finger yielding to the harder muscle . “You’re the only man I know that comes with a built-in change holder. Let’s see quarters go here”, he moved his hand down to the next row, “dimes here, nickels here, and finally pennies.” Mike watched Donny’s exploration of his abs in the remaining mirror on the wall since he was unable to feel Donny’s hand or see below his protruding chest. Donny continued his finger exploration to the deeper groove above Mike’s left hip bone. “And this is where you can keep the silver dollars”. Donny wiped the drool from his mouth and lowered the tape to Mike’s hips, making sure to measure his bubble butt where it was the fullest. “58 inches, that’s bigger than most bodybuilders’ chests”. Donny ran the tape along Mike’s flaccid cock, “11 inches soft. I hope to get the hard data later”. Mike just smiled down at Donny. Donny moved down to Mike’s right thigh, he took a measurement then Mike flexed. “That’s 48 inches relaxed, 54 inches flexed.” He did the same with Mike’s calves, “24 inches relaxed, 27 inches flexed. Let’s get your height and weight.” Donny walked over to the medical scale. He pulled the height stick to its tallest setting and pushed the weights all the way to the left. Mike got on the scale. Donny pushed the stick down to the top of Mike’s head, “6 feet, 11 inches. And all I can tell you is you weigh more than 500 pounds. You are definitely a super heavyweight.”

“I wonder what I really weigh. I would like to know how much I can actually lift too. There is just not enough weight in here to max out my muscles.” Mike said looking around the room.

Donny was silent, thinking for a moment. “I have an idea. Let’s go to the scrap metal yard. We can get the answer to both of those questions there.” The men walked to the locker room. Mike went to find something to wear. Since his waist was about the same size, the baggy practice shorts he kept in his locker should still fit. He walked up to the locker and daintily put two fingers on the combination lock. His strength was too much for the lock and he accidentally crushed the dial. Giving up, Mike just tore the door off his locker as if it was made of tin foil. He took out his shorts. He stepped into the garment and pulled them up over his thighs and ass. The once loose material stretched to accommodate his new bulk. As Donny returned with his gym bag, Mike had his hand down the front of his tight shorts arranging his cock to run down his right leg. Mike did a full turn for Donny, his ass bouncing high with every movement of his legs. Donny was hypnotized by the movement. It was as if his favorite morphed artwork had come to life. Donny was both aroused and frightened by the sight.

“I was going to ask how I look. But I can see the answer by the bulge in your shorts” Mike remarked as he put his hands on his hips and smiled at Donny. That deep voice vibrated through Donny’s body again. Mike’s handsome face beamed pure male confidence and his muscular body emitted raw masculine power. Donny’s pelvis started to buck uncontrollably, his cock oozing cum.

“I’m sorry man, but I’ve been fighting it for over an hour now. You are so fucking hot, I can’t help myself”, Donny said gasping for air only slightly embarrassed.

“It’s okay dude. I understand. If I was you I would have done the same thing a long time ago. I can’t believe the way I look either.” Mike said calmly, “did you want to change before we leave?’

“No, I have a feeling it’s going to happen again before this night is over” Donny answered. “Let’s get going, dude”. •

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