Mike Gets Huge

King Kyle


By Clarence591

Kyle seductively caressed his newly enlarged muscles knowing he was being watched. “Do you want to experience how the body of a real man feels, little boy?” he said in a very masculine, baritone voice. Donny said nothing as he stared at Kyle’s massive physique. Kyle stopped rubbing his deeply sculpted abs to look at Donny. He smirked as he saw drool fall from Donny’s mouth and precum leak from his steel hard cock. Kyle snapped his thick fingers in Donny’s face to wake him from his trance. “What, huh, oh, oh, yes, please” Donny finally answered. “Yes, please, what?” asked Kyle. “Yes, please, Sir” said Donny, knowing he was in the presence of a superior man who deserved respect. “Very good, boy” Kyle responded condescendingly, “You may worship me now”.

Kyle stood tall and put his hands on his hips directly in front of Donny. Donny slowly raised his hands, shaking nervously, and placed them on Kyle’s massive chest. Donny let out a slight moan as he touched the warm, hard muscle. For the first time Donny thought of his hands as small when compared to Kyle’s enormous pecs. Enjoying Donny’s reaction, Kyle flexed his pecs, making them grow under Donny’s lustful grip. This was too much for Donny as he came right then, spurting cum all over Kyle’s magnificent stomach. “Well that didn’t take long” laughed Kyle, “I don’t know what Amy ever saw in you, boy. Now clean up your mess”. Kyle grabbed Donny by the back of the head and forced his face into his torso. Donny stuck his tongue into the deep groves between Kyle’s abdominal muscles removing his own cum, getting hard all over again. When Kyle thought he was done, he pushed Donny away easily with one hand. Donny slammed hard onto the floor, caught off guard by Kyle’s incredible strength. Kyle went to the mirror to continue the exploration of his hyper-muscular body.

Mr. Barker, who had passed out after his transformation, woke and crawled over to Donny. “I guess it worked” said Mr. Barker. Noticing Donny’s dazed look, “Are you all right, Donny?” Donny stared at Mr. Barker for a moment, then his eyes focused, and said “Yes, I’m fine. We have to stick to the plan, no matter what happens.” Mr. Barker shook his head in agreement and quietly left the room. Kyle was so enthralled by his muscles, he didn’t even notice. Donny knew he had to try to keep his mind on the plan and forget his desire to touch Kyle’s flawless body. He took a deep breath to calm himself and said, “I’m glad Mike’s not here to see you. He would be so angry if he knew you, of all people, were bigger and stronger than him.”

“No one’s bigger or stronger than me. Not even mighty Mike.” And to emphasize the point he went in a double bicep pose and smiled. Donny quickly turned away so he wouldn't see Kyle’s display of power. He could not be distracted now.

“Well, Justin thinks Mike is the BMOC. He’s worshipping him right this very moment at his place. And Mike is getting to enjoy all the Justin has to offer too. I know you and Justin were very tight once. I bet if Justin saw how you look now, he would dump Mike in a minute. Being Mike’s best friend, I know if Justin picked you over him that would drive him insane with jealousy. I won’t want to see that.”

Kyle stopped his posing routine and turned to look at Donny. “Yeah, I would hate to get Mikey upset”, he said sarcastically. “Of course, there’s nothing he could do to me now with this body.” Kyle went into most muscular pose, radiating strength and confidence. Kyle went over, grabbed Donny’s upper arm and lifted him effortlessly off the ground. Donny’s feet were dangling in the air supported only by Kyle huge hand. “I think it’s time I show the World the new, improved Kyle. Find me something to wear, boy”. Kyle let go of Donny as he fell to the floor. Donny knew he would never find a shirt to fit Kyle, but he found a pair of XXL gym shorts. Kyle slid them up over his titanic thighs and perfectly rounded ass. The shorts where like a second skin over his huge muscles and cock. The elastic waistband was much too big for his tight 36” waist. Donny took a safety pin from his gym bag and gathered the excess material in back, trying with all his willpower not to touch Kyle’s rock hard ass. Kyle looked in the mirror trying to adjust his massive balls and cock in the shorts, “Good enough. It would be a shame to cover up any more of this body anyway. Our first stop is going to be a visit to our old friends, Justin and Mikey”. --------------

Justin awoke from his restful sleep on the living room floor. He checked to see that his balls had returned to their full size. He needed to be at his full potency before he took on someone as powerful as Mike. He smiled as he fondled his package. Everything was bigger than he remembered. One more benefit from his encounter with the football team. He looked over at Mike who was still asleep. It looked as if Mike was flexing every muscle in his body even though he was completely relaxed. Justin had to touch and feel the power of those muscles. He started by caressing the 2,000 karat diamond shaped calf muscle. He moved up to his sculpted thighs that were the size of redwoods. He continued upward, gliding his finger in the deep groove created by this hip flexor muscle, over this brick-like abs and onto his yardstick wide chest. Even lying down on his back, his thick pecs were well defined. Justin was getting more aroused as he touched Mike’s rock hard shoulder and onto his boulder sized bicep. Passing his powerful forearm, Justin stopped at Mike’s huge hands. He couldn’t help notice Mike’s hands were about twice the size of his own. No wonder Mike could throw a football so well. Justin got competely hard thinking about how all this virility would soon be his.

Justin willed Mike to wake up. Mike sat up immediately and stared at Justin’s throbbing cock. Its hypnotic power on Mike was even more effective now that Justin was at his full strength. Mike went to grab Justin’s man meat, but Justin wouldn’t allow it. “Don’t rush, my mighty man. Let’s enjoy what’s going to happen. Neither one of us will ever forget this day. It will change us forever."

Both men stood and faced each other. Each stared at the masculine beauty of the other’s face. Then they leaned in for a passionate kiss; moaning with pleasure at the taste of each other’s mouth. All of a sudden the door slammed open. There stood Kyle blocking the entire doorway with his musculature. Justin’s jaw dropped in amazement. Mike just swallowed hard. For the first time in his life he felt small. “Well, what do we have here? A couple of fags jerking each other off” said Kyle in a nasty tone.

“Look at you. Aren’t you the muscle god?” said Justin as he tried to take control of Kyle without losing his hold of Mike. “I’m now the man I should have always been, with the help of a few chemicals. But you know all about that don’t you, Justin” said Kyle rolling his massive pecs. Kyle’s attention was suddenly drawn to Justin’s super sized cock and he stopped in his tracks. Justin knew he had Kyle under his control now. But it took all his concentration and had to let Mike go. It didn’t matter though; Mike wasn’t the man he wanted anymore.

Mike’s eyes left Kyle to see Donny enter behind him. Kyle’s massive size blocked Donny from being seen when they first entered the room. “What have you done? You’re supposed to be my best friend and you betray me like this. And with Kyle of all people.” Mike fired at Donny. Donny opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by Kyle. “Ah, is little Mikey upset he’s not the biggest guy in school anymore. Now it’s your turn to come in second place in everything. Just like I had to be in your shadow for the last couple of years. You are no longer the king of the campus, long live the new king.” Kyle did a double bicep pose to demonstrate his dominance.

Mike knew he couldn’t let Kyle think he was intimidated by him. After all he was still taller than Kyle. Mike walked up to Kyle, trying to hide his fear. “You may think you’re stronger than me, but you have always been weaker than me and always will”. Mike said as he poked his powerful finger into Kyle’s chest. But Mike couldn’t even make the slightest dent Kyle’s huge pec. Both men noticed this and looked at each other. Kyle smiled and Mike has swallowed hard again. “I’m willing to have a test of strength to prove who the superior jock is right here, right now.” Kyle said confidently.

“I like that idea” said Justin. He loved the overdose of testosterone in the room.

“I don’t think that’s necessary. Why don’t Mike and I just leave the two of you alone to get reacquainted?” Donny said from the other side of the room.

“Shut up” the others said in unison. Donny was the smallest man in the room and knew there was nothing he could do against these supermen. He stepped back against the wall clutching his gym bag and looked down at his feet.

“How about a good old fashioned arm wrestling match to decide the winner?” Justin said quickly putting the focus back on the two muscle titans in his home.

“Fine” replied Kyle as Mike nodded. Both men followed Justin into the dining room and sat at the table. They put their right elbows on the table and grasp hands. Justin stood next to the table and grasp their hands to make sure they started even. The combatants both looked over at Justin’s huge cock which was right at table level. Even soft it was long and thick. Its power over Kyle and Mike had to compete with their hatred of each other.

“Go”, said Justin as he released their hands. Mike got a jump on Kyle as he was more distracted by Justin’s hypnotic cock. He had Kyle’s arm half way to the table, before Kyle started to fight back. As Mike struggled, his massive arm bulging, thick veins pumping blood to feed the huge muscle with oxygen, Kyle gained ground. Within a few seconds they were back into the neutral position. Kyle just smirked as he pushed Mike’s arm down towards the table. Mike fought back and gained for a moment. But Kyle poured on the full power of his 42” bicep and smashed Mike’s forearm into the table breaking the table into pieces.

“I am the King. You are a pathetic weakling” Kyle said triumphantly. Mike was in shock. He quickly recovered and said “Arm wrestling is no real test of strength. It all has to do with leverage. This means nothing”.

Both men stood and walked back into the living room. “Face it, Mikey, you are washed up. You are nothing. I guess I’ll have to replace you as captain of the football team, just like I took the quarterback position from you. But don't worry, I'll find another position on the team for someone as weak as you. Maybe as the kicker, or better yet the waterboy” Kyle added to make Mike feel worse about his lost. Mike turned to look at Kyle, his own face red with anger. He clenched his meaty fist, stepped back and threw a punch with all his strength into Kyle’s gut. Kyle quickly reacted and tightened his abdominal muscles before Mike’s fist made contact. There was a loud “thud” as Mike’s fist hit Kyle. Mike cried in agony as his hand was crushed by Kyle’s impenetrable stomach. Mike didn't understand, his punch had stopped a moving 18 wheeler in its tracks, but made no impact on Kyle. Was he really that strong? Kyle just smiled, surprised by the hardness of his own abs. “My turn” he said, then punched Mike in the gut. Mike's waist by pushed in by the force of the blow. All the air was knocked out him, he fell to his knees in pain. Holding his bruised hand to his battered stomach, he knew he wasn’t number one anymore. He looked up at Kyle, hardly seeing Kyle’s face because his chest stood out several inches past his incredibly muscular waist. Kyle bent slightly to look down at Mike, as if he was talking to a scared child.

“Like I said before, you are a pathetic weakling”, Kyle stated as he grabbed Mike’s head and pushed it into his bulging crotch proofing he was physically superior to Mike everywhere now. “Tell me who the king is, the biggest and strongest man on campus.” Kyle pulled Mike’s face away from his crotch waiting for a reply. Mike said nothing. Kyle pushed Mike’s face back into his crotch. Mike inhaled deeply savoring the scent of this muscle god who was dominating him. Mike knew it was no use fighting back. He mumbled an answer. Kyle pulled his face away again. “What did you say” asked Kyle. Mike replied humbly, “You are”. Kyle smiled and said, “You are, what?”. Mike hesitated then said “You are, Sir”. Kyle looked mad, “No”. After a moment, Mike thought and said “You are, King Kyle”. Kyle let go of Mike, he started getting hard from having just humiliated his former superior. He was now the man of all men. He thought about what it would feel like to muscle fuck Mike. After all Mike was big, not as big as Kyle, but still incredibly muscular and handsome.

Seeing Kyle's growing cock, Justin took Kyle’s hand and took full control of him again. Justin was so turned on by what just happened he was leaking precum. Justin ripped Kyle’s short off his body and started running his hands all over his muscles. “Pose for me” demanded Justin. Kyle went through several poses to showcase his superb form. Justin started to stroke Kyle’s thick cock. “I see your muscles aren’t the only thing that got larger. Of course your cock is still petite compared to mine”, Justin said coyly. Kyle put his hands around Justin’s meat. Even using both hands there was more cock to feel. Justin could feel the strength in Kyle’s grip as he squeezed his sensitive member. Justin couldn’t wait any longer. He had to have Kyle’s strength, then maybe he would take Mike’s and Donny’s too. He could have it all. Justin ordered Kyle to “Suck it. Suck me dry, King Kyle”.

Donny ran to Mike’s side, as he tried to recover from his defeat. Donny showed Mike what was in the gym bag he was carrying and started whispering something in his ear.

Kyle went down to his knees and tried to get his mouth around the beer can sized girth of Justin's cock. As he got the huge head in his mouth, Justin thrust his hips forward and almost choked Kyle. Justin ran his hands through Kyle’s thick hair and over his mountainous shoulders. Kyle ran his powerful hands over Justin’s bubble butt. Justin felt his large balls start to twitch. Kyle started to finger Justin’s asshole making Justin moan. As Kyle tickled the tip of Justin’s cock with his tongue, Justin couldn’t hold back and released a huge load into Kyle’s stomach. Justin didn’t have long to wait to see Kyle’s reaction. •

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