Desperate Husbands


By Clarence591

A look of terror came over Diego’s face when he saw Harold looming over him wearing the other three necklaces. Diego tried to grasp his necklace to wish his strength back. But his arm felt so heavy and powerless. His huge muscles were nothing but dead weight now. Harold threw the wooden box and his clothes into Diego’s open bag. He gathered the bag’s handles in one hand and lifted it to his side. Harold then grabbed Diego’s thick upper arm and pulled him up onto his feet; easily lifting Diego’s limp 300 pound body. “We need to go somewhere private so I can really enjoy our time together” Harold whispered in Diego’s ear as he led Diego to a backstage office. Diego tried to walk to prevent his bare feet from being dragged on the concrete floor. Two other contestants approached him on the way out the back door.

“Please help me. This man is hurting me” Diego pleaded as the men got nearer.

“Yeah right, Diego, like a guy his size could ever hurt you”, one man said with a laugh in his voice. Harold just laughed along with the strangers.

“You two have fun hurting each other”, the other man replied as they passed Diego and Harold.

Harold dropped the bag to open the office’s door. He threw Diego into the room, picked up the bag, entered the room and locked the door behind him. Diego was lying on the floor, flat on his back in the very small space. He again tried to grasp his necklace. Harold set the bag down on the counter that ran along one entire wall of the room. He noticed Diego’s arm reaching for the crystal. Harold bent down and slapped Diego across his face. Diego’s head was twisted by the force of Harold’s blow; the back of his head hitting the floor hard. “You better be a good boy or I destroy that beautiful face of yours” Harold warned while grinding his sandaled foot into Diego’s chest. Harold noticed the back of his hand was bleeding slightly. He must have cut it on Diego’s teeth when he slapped him. Diego was disoriented by the blow to his head and the pressure on his chest, he couldn’t breathe or move. “What should I do to you first?” Harold said while moving his foot to the other side of Diego. Harold’s legs straddled the larger but defenseless man. He reached down and put a hand under each of Diego’s thick arms. He effortless lifted him into the air. Tossing his body up and catching him again, like a parent does to entertain a small child. “You’re so light for such a big boy”. Harold then moved forward and pushed Diego’s hulking frame up against the wall. The back of Diego’s head hit the wall, this second blow almost making Diego lose consciousness. Harold moved one hand to the center of Diego’s chest holding him in place. “I like the improvements you made, Diego. You look even sexier than you did before this all happened. You look a little taller and even more muscular.” He grabbed Diego’s face in his other hand. “Those pretty green eyes make you look like a whop instead of a spic”. Harold let go of Diego’s face and ran his hand down one of his arms. He squeezed the massive bicep crushing the softened muscle. “Without their strength, your muscles feel like mounds of fat. But they still look good”, Harold commented as he moved his hand down Diego’s chest and stomach, finally stopping to cup his package. “Speaking of improvements, what do we have here?” He grabbed onto Diego’s posers and ripped them off his body; the nylon material cutting into Diego’s hips. Harold started to pull on Diego’s long rod, massaging it between his fingers. Diego still groggy, moaned as his cock started to stiffen. Harold slapped the thick meat back and forth with his hand until it was rock hard and fully erect. “My god, how big is that thing?” Harold reached for a piece of regular 8.5”x11” paper that was hanging on a bulletin board behind Diego. He held the length of the paper along side Diego’s cock; the thick head slightly surpassing the length of the paper. “It’s about eleven and a half inches”, Harold’s own cock started to get hard at the realization of what could be his with just a few words.

Diego started to come out of his stupor. “You don’t want to do this again, Harold. It’s not right to take something that doesn’t belong to you. You know it’s wrong.”

“Look who’s talking. I’m sure the man you took this from didn’t give it willingly” Harold said still groping Diego’s hard meat.

“I was only trying to get back what you stole from me. It was only fair”, Diego replied trying to justify his actions to himself too.

“Fair, who says life, is fair. Is it fair, that you had 24 years of physical perfection, while I had a lifetime of being ugly and weak? It seems fairer to me to share. You had your time in the sun and now it’s my turn. I’m going to be the perfect one now”, Harold looked at Diego’s handsome face. Diego could see there was no denying the desperation and lust in Harold’s eyes. Harold grabbed hold of Diego’s arm and threw him at the counter. Bent at the waist facing the counter, Diego’s nude backside faced Harold. Harold stepped out of his own black briefs and forced Diego’s legs farther apart. He pushed Diego’s face down toward the wall, exposing his ass in all its glory. Harold plunged his hard cock into Diego, “I’ve fantasized about doing this so many times”. Diego hardly felt anything. Most of the length of Harold’s five inch rod was taken up by Diego’s large round cheeks before it reached Diego’s hole. Harold quickly reached climax and took a step backwards. He flipped Diego over still admiring this massive size, “I enjoyed that almost as much as when I knocked the shit out of you in the gym. But now I don’t have to share your strength with anyone else. I have you all to myself.” Harold put his hands on his hips and stood very tall, “I want you to hit me”.

“What?” Diego asked.

“I said hit me. I want you to hit me as hard as you can. And if you don’t I crush those huge balls of yours with my bare hands” Harold said latching his small hand around Diego’s large left testicle. He squeezed making Diego wince in pain before letting go and returning his hand to his hip. Diego forced himself up resting his ass against the counter behind him. He pulled his right arm back and threw a punch with everything he had at Harold’s jaw. Diego’s fist just slid off of Harold’s chin making no impact. Harold smiled. “Harder you pussy” Harold yelled. Diego decided to aim lower and threw a punch with his other fist into his tormentor’s stomach. The punch just bounced off. “Harder, harder, harder” Harold continued to yell as Diego threw punch after punch into Harold, none even denting his skin. Harold looked at this massively muscular man pelting him with multiple blows and he didn’t feel a thing. Harold felt so powerful and dominate his cock began to expand again. His fast recovery rate another benefit of his super strength. Diego’s knuckles were sore and cut from their contact with the defined ridges of Harold’s steel hard abdominal muscles. Diego was near exhaustion and his entire body fell forward into Harold. Harold took one hand and effortlessly pushed him back into the counter. “You are pathetic. That’s not how to throw a punch, this is how a real man hits” Harold punched Diego square into his gut using only about a third of his total power. Diego body jackknifed forward as Harold stepped out of the way. Diego collapsed onto the floor in severe pain. “This is way too easy. It’s time to do what I really came here for anyway”. Harold looked at Diego riving in pain and thought for a moment. He then grabbed his necklace seeing the same cut on his hand again. “I exchange with you our physical appearance, I take from you your voice, and I give you my injuries.”

Harold watched his wound heal as his hand expanded; his skin darkened and became covered with thick veins. His gaze traveled up his arm watching the same thing happening to his forearm. His body’s escalating level of masculine power almost too much for him to bear. He did a double bicep pose and threw his head back, growling like an animal. He lowered his arms and grabbed onto his steel hard cock, the huge size easily accommodating both of his manly hands. He twisted his hands in opposite directions testing his rod’s power. Harold couldn’t believe what he held now belonged to him. He shot his load with such force it took him by surprise; the huge volume of semen coating the wall in front of him. “My god, is it always that intense when you cum. It felt so fucking great; no wonder you were always so horny”. Harold grabbed his throat, shocked by the deep baritone voice that came out of his mouth. Harold finally looked were Diego was lying. But he no longer saw Diego, he saw himself. He reached down and picked Diego up again like a rag doll. Harold felt his muscles flex as he moved. He started to pump his arms using Diego as the weight; the blood rushing to his cock as well as his muscles. He pushed Diego against the wall, holding him in place with one arm as before. He used his free hand to explore his massively muscular physique. His hand went from his bulging arm to his thick pecs, down his chiseled waist, over his powerful thighs, and then to his hard, round ass. His body felt like a marble masterpiece; perfect in form and function. Harold shot another smaller load onto Diego’s torso. He continued to hold Diego up in front of him, his face only a few inches from his own. Diego could feel Harold’s hot breath on his face as he tried to recover from two incredible orgasms in under three minutes. Harold opened his eyes and focused on the man in front of him. Harold laughed at loud. It was like looking in a mirror. “I sure was one plain looking dude”, Harold said as he threw Diego back onto the counter. Diego still shaken from Harold’s abuse realized what was happening and started to panic. Now that Harold had his huge cock and incredible strength, if he got raped, it would cause severe damage to his body. He felt Harold’s manhood press up against his ass. But he didn’t enter him; Harold just removed the necklace from Diego. “I’ll take this now, you won’t be using it ever again”, Harold said. Diego turned around after he no longer felt Harold’s body. Harold was looking into a small mirror above a utility sink in the opposite corner of the room. He had put on the necklace; he now had all four around his neck. He was staring at his new face, Diego’s face. Harold ran his hands through his long, thick, curly black hair. He traced the contours of his cheekbones, full lips and knife-edged jaw line with his forefinger. Harold smiled and his prefect, bright-white teeth lit up his face. His pale green eyes sparkling back to him. He was so beautiful, so flawlessly handsome. Harold balls started to spasm again. His body wanted to orgasm, but couldn’t, the well was dry. Harold’s balls ached as they pumped in vain. He leaned up against the wall while gently massaging his sack with one hand and is steel pipe cock in the other, trying to calm his overworked equipment. He turned and looked at Diego again. “I don’t know how you didn’t walk around with a hard-on 24 hours a day. It feels so good. I mean with this body it’s difficult not to feel invincible and all powerful, like a fucking god. No wonder you were one arrogant son-of-a-bitch. I now understand why you treated other people the way you did, you were superior to them.”

Diego stared at Harold, seeing his former body as if for the first time. It was like watching a 3-D movie of himself. He was magnificent, so masculine and powerful. Diego couldn’t let Harold take everything away without a least trying to talk him out of it. Diego knew he didn’t have a chance, but had to try. “Are you sure you want to do this Harold? Think about everything you’re giving up by becoming me; your beautiful wife, your high-paying job, your two best friends.” Diego said sickened by his higher pitched, squeaky voice.

“If you think my life is so great, you’re welcome to it. Plus you don’t have much choice now do you, loser.” Harold walked over to Diego’s bag and threw his old clothes at Diego. “These will fit your scrawny body”. Harold pulled at a pair of spandex shorts over his massive thighs and ass. Grinning as he arranged his package the best in could in the clingy material. He found a string tank top and pulled it over his head. He slid on Diego’s old size 14 sandals and headed towards the door. “I hope you enjoy your new life. I know I will”, Harold grabbed his cock and laughed as he exited.

Harold entered the dark backstage area. Only a few custodial people kept the place from being totally deserted. He walked over to the warm-up area. He decided to test his new strength. He saw a bar with 250 pounds of weight sitting on a bench rack. We grabbed it with both hands and lifted it. The bar went high into the air with his effort. Once he got it under control he curled it easily with both arms. Harold then moved his right hand to the center of the bar, and curled it with just one arm. Harold felt a twinge in his cock at the realization of how powerful he really was.

Just then an athletic looking older man with two scantily clad women approached Harold. “Diego, there you are. I’ve been looking for you. Are you sure you won’t be able to join us for the party? It’s at my hotel room. I have the presidential suite at the Ritz. Most of the other top competitors and the industry’s big wigs are going to be there”, the obviously well off man said as he gestured to one of the girls to go to Harold. The girl caressed Harold’s pumped up bicep.

“Diego, you’re so big and strong” she whispered seductively.

“It looks like the girls want you to come” the man laughed.

“I hate to disappoint such a beautiful woman”, Harold said moving his large hand to the girl’s ass. The woman smiled at Harold.

“Great, my limo is waiting for us outside” the man commented as the foursome headed for the door.


Diego was getting used to his new body. He was still extremely weak for a man of his size, but his smaller muscles and lighter weight made it easier for him to move. He pulled himself up and looked in the same small mirror Harold used to admire his change. Diego knew what to expect, but was still shocked by his reflection. He was Harold and he was bleeding from the corner of his mouth. He washed the blood from his face and Harold’s drying semen from his bruised body. He put Harold’s old clothes on, a pair of cargo shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. He found Harold’s wallet and car keys in the pockets of his shorts. He put everything back into his gym bag, including the empty wooden necklace box. He grabbed the bag and slid it off the counter. It fell to the floor pulling Diego down with it. The bag that was light as a feather to him earlier, now felt like a ton of bricks. He grabbed it with both hands and leaned backwards to lift the bag. He left the convention center after fighting to open the large metal fire doors. He struggled to the dark parking lot figuring the only remaining car had to be Harold’s. Resting against the car after the long walk, he reached for the keys. Suddenly a short man holding a knife came toward him. Diego suddenly realized he was in a high crime area of the city. When he had his old body that was something he never had to think about.

“Give me the keys” the forced voice of the criminal said. Diego looked at what he thought was a man, but saw a boy, who couldn’t be no more than 16 years of age. His hand was shaking, obviously a little intimidated by Diego’s height and athletic physique. “Give me the keys now man, or I’ll cut you” the boy said waving the knife in front of Diego. The boy nerves got the best of him and he accidentally dropped the knife at their feet. The boy was shocked by his mistake and Diego’s instincts took over, getting hold of the knife first. The boy grabbed Diego’s wrist in a desperate attempt to get the knife back. The boy was surprised when he was able to easily overpower the taller, more muscular man. He simply bent Diego’s arm backwards forcing the knife to drop again. Diego threw a punch at the boy who easily blocked it. Diego threw another punch and the boy caught the punch in his smaller hand stopping its progress. The boy squeezed Diego’s clenched fist. Diego was in such pain from the boy’s grip, he fell to his knees. “You’re weaker than my little sister, dude. This is going to be easy”, the boy said, his confidence growing by the minute. The boy punched Diego in the face almost knocking him out. When Diego groaned, the boy kicked him in his gut, “Shut up, wus”. The boy then went through Diego’s pockets and bag taking all the cash he found. He used the car keys to drive off in Harold’s car.


Diego was kneeling on the ground putting all his stuff back into the bag, when another car approached him. Diego was blinded by its bright headlights. When the doors opened he was able to see the police insignia. “What’s going on here, sir?” One cop asked as he walked to where Diego knelt.

“I was mugged” Diego replied.

The cop squatted down to get closer to Diego. “Are you alright? Did you want us to call an ambulance?”

“No, I’m fine. Thank you”, Diego answered.

“Okay. Can I see some identification?” Diego gave the policeman Harold’s wallet. “Why don’t we take you to the precinct so we can get your statement?”

“No. That won’t be necessary. I just want to forget about this whole night”, Diego said putting the last item in his bag and struggling to his feet.

The cop stood up too. He noticed how tall Diego was and the size of his arms. “They must have been big guys to take you on. Did they get your car too, Mr.Bergman?”

“Yes. I’ll file a report tomorrow morning for the car being stolen. Tonight I just want to go home”, Diego said before thinking about what he was saying.


Katrina answered the door surprised to see her husband and two police officers. “My god Harold, are you okay? What happened?” she asked with great concern.

“I was mugged” Diego said surprised by Katrina’s reaction. She really did seem to care about her husband. Diego stumbled to the couch to sit while Katrina talked to the policemen. She took the gym bag from them and put it down right inside the door. She thanked them for their help and locked the door shut.

“Are you sure you are okay, sweetie? Maybe we should go to the hospital, you’re still bleeding.” Katrina asked while touching Diego’s swollen lip.

“No, I just need a shower and some sleep” Diego replied.

Katrina ran her hands over her husband’s muscular arm. “Sleep, but I was hoping to put your new muscles to some use again tonight. You’re still my big, strong, daddy”

“Not tonight, darling. Unlike you, I don’t enjoy being battered and bruised. Maybe I’ll feel better in the morning.” Diego struggled to his feet and went to the bathroom. He was familiar with the layout of the home having spent many days fucking Katrina when Harold was at work. He got undressed and stood in the shower letting the hot water soothe is aches and pains. He dried himself off and fell into bed. Katrina was waiting for him and hugged him. Diego lay there in some pain, not wanting to let Katrina know her own muscular body was stronger than her husband’s once again.

He waited for her to fall asleep, thinking about what he would do next. He thought maybe he would still go to L.A. or some other city to start his new life, not as Diego but Harold. Sure he wasn’t handsome and had only an average dick, but he was still tall and had a good body. He figured if he worked out he probably could become stronger. He needed to do something with his life and maybe being ordinary would make him focus more on his inner self. Build his character instead of his muscles. He wouldn’t be able to rely on his appearance to get by in life anymore. This could actually be a blessing in disguise. He spent three days in hell and he couldn’t afford to waste any more time. He decided he definitely would leave Miami tomorrow.

After Katrina fell asleep, Diego used all his strength to push her off him. Once free of her crushing weight, Diego fell asleep quickly, his mind and body exhausted from the day’s events. •

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