Desperate Husbands


By Clarence591

Diego had just finished his preliminary judging. His body was pumped and sweaty from hours of flexing while trying to look like his wasn’t. He used the downtime to size up his competition. As the magazines predicted his only rival for the super heavyweight title, and therefore most likely the overall title, was J.J.Johnson from the Bahamas. J.J. was several inches shorter than Diego and six years older, but his physique had the bulky size that only a mature man can achieve. His smaller stature allowed his muscles to be more compact and appear thicker than Diego’s. The Bahamian’s dark as coal skin hid any imperfections in the bright stage lights. J.J. had one more thing that gave him an advantage over Diego. J.J. was known for having the biggest cock on the circuit. Diego had heard it was over a foot long and nine inches in circumference. Diego figured its size was exaggerated by the rumor mill, but by the bulge in his posers, not by much.

Diego knew the size of a man’s package shouldn’t affect the outcome of the contest. He also knew that when a group of men where lined-up next to each other wearing nothing by tight revealing bikinis; it was human nature to compare the size of their equipment. While muscle size and symmetry were what should be judged, bodybuilding is a subjective sport and judges are only human. A long, thick cock and a set of large balls was what every man wanted and everyone’s fantasy man had. And bodybuilders were people’s ultimate fantasy men, the pinnacle of masculinity. Contestants had to use every advantage possible to influence the judges. They spent hundreds of dollars on hair removal, tanning, haircuts, teeth whitening, and custom tailored posers. Diego wanted every advantage to guarantee his winning the contest. He knew having the biggest bulge in his briefs would lock-up the title for him.

Diego was waiting to be called for his individual posing routine. J.J. and he were the last two to perform. He saw J.J. lying down between two folding chairs waiting for his turn. He looked as if he was meditating. Like J.J., Diego was dressed in just posers and a t-shirt. Diego took a necklace from his bag and approached J.J., his eyes drawn to the massive amount of flesh tightly packed into his tiny nylon suit. Diego pulled up a chair next to J.J., who opened his eyes at the noise.

“Hey, J.J. you sure look great. You really have improved since last year” Diego said.

“Thanks, mon. You look real good too” J.J. said a little surprised that his rival was talking to him.

“I see you’re trying to meditate. I do the same thing. It really does help doesn’t it? I’ve put on almost 30 pounds of muscle this year since I started meditating. And when I wear this spiritual crystal I got from a guru in Nepal, I can actually feel my body changing” Diego said while showing J.J. the necklace in held in his hand.

“I’m glad to know I’m not the only spiritual person here. I started meditating to help me control my blood pressure but I’ve heard people say it can help add mass. But I’ve never been able to get under that deep. Do you think a crystal will help me?” J.J. asked eager for any way to improve his body.

“Did you want to try it? Like I said it has really helped me”, Diego gave proof by raising his arm and flexing his huge bicep. “Give it five minutes and see if you feel anything.”

“That’s nice of you, mon.” J.J. said taking the necklace from Diego. He put in around his neck and fastened it close. J.J. laid back down and closed his eyes.

“I see you in a few, brother” Diego said getting up and walking to his gym bag. He removed another necklace and put it on. He turned to look at J.J. and grabbed hold of the crystal around his neck. “I exchange with you the size of our genitals, I take from you 20 pounds of muscle, and I give you one inch of my height.” Diego saw J.J.’s bulge shrink at the same time he felt a twinge at his own crotch. He quickly sat down. He watched his cock and balls expand between his titanic thighs which were shortening and thickening slightly at the same time. His t-shirt became tighter around his arms and chest.

Diego looked up to see the stage assistant talking to J.J., it was his time to do his posing routine. J.J. stood up and stumbled a bit; his center of gravity off slightly by the sudden change in height and weight. He cupped his package to adjust it, looking down at his crotch after feeling its smaller size. J.J. raised his head with a strange look on his face, realizing something was different, but not sure what it was. He removed his t-shirt; Diego thought he did look less impressive. The decrease in muscle size along with the increase in the length of his limbs made his muscles look longer and thinner. J.J. walked over to Diego and gave him the borrowed necklace. “Thanks, Diego. I did feel something when I wore it. It was really strange.”

“I’m glad it worked. You do look different. Break a leg out there”, Diego said as J.J. walked toward the warm-up area the contest had set up for the competitors. Diego put the necklace back into the box and buried it at the bottom of his duffle bag. Diego waited for J.J. to leave then walked to the warm up area himself. He turned to the large mirrored wall to see the changes to his body. The pouch of his posers was now stretched to its limit by his larger package. He tried to adjust his meaty cock and balls the best he could, not caring who was watching. The room was filled with men constantly doing the same thing as their cocks expanded and shrank throughout the day. Having been a well endowed man, Diego always picked suits with the largest pouch, so the suit did cover all of him but just barely. He was never this big before. He couldn’t believe how his package could no longer be contained by just one of his immense hands. Diego was glad to finally have gotten back what he had lost and then some. The stage assistant came over to him and said 5 minutes until his routine. He turned around and started to do some elevated pushups on one of the wooden chairs. He felt his muscles filling with blood again, the added mass too much for his already tight t-shirt. The cotton material started to tear. The seams under his arms went first unable to confine his expanding lats, shoulders and chest. He stopped and started to lift a set of 40 pound dumbbells, the sleeves maxed out after the tenth rep and the rock hard flesh broke through. The other contestants were now staring at Diego. He turned to the mirror and ripped the remains of his shirt from his body. He looked like a morphed photograph. Each muscle was bloated with incredible size. He did a couple of simple poses enjoying a pump like he had never felt before. His chest, which had always been one of his best body parts, looked gigantic. His man tits hung like slabs of thick round marble. The slightest movement of his arms caused them to flex, forming a hard ball of muscle nearly touching his chin. His waist was tight and chiseled. His insanely narrow hips making his manhood look even bigger. The peaks on his biceps were now much higher than his shoulders and split into two distinct heads. Diego knew he had passed the magical 300 pound mark. He was everything he always dreamed of being.

Diego walked to the stage entrance. Noticing how heavy his body felt. His inner thighs rubbed against each other making Diego swing his legs outward as he walked. His lower back curved inward struggling to support the weight of his colossal upper body. He felt the weight of each ass check rise and fall with every step forcing the narrow back panel of his briefs into his deep ass crack. Waiting for J.J. to finish, Diego stood at the side entrance of the stage feeling up his own chest. He looked to his right and saw a familiar face watching him. It was the golden hunk from the beach. But now he had to look up to see Diego; the awe on his face made Diego smile. Diego always was partial to blue eyed-blonds, but this guy had it all; a muscular body, a handsome face and major meat between his legs. “Brock, congratulations on your second place finish in the light-heavyweight division” Diego said in his deepest voice.

“Thank you”, Brock said barely able to speak in the muscle god’s presence.

“I came in second last year in my division. I know next year you’re going to be a real threat to every man here. You have the potential of being an incredible champion”, Diego said running his large hand over Brock’s heaving chest. Diego saw the younger man’s cock start to swell in his briefs.

“Thank you”, Brock was the only thing he managed to say again while staring at Diego’s bulging chest.

“Are you alright?” Diego said flexing his pecs, well aware of the affect he was having on Brock.

“Yes”, Brock answered forcing his eyes off of Diego’s body to his face. “I was looking at your….necklace. Yeah, you know you shouldn’t wear that on stage”.

“Oh, I forgot I was wearing it” Diego said touching the crystal.

Brock watched Diego’s arms bulge as he raised them to reach the back of his neck; his thicker muscles making it difficult to bend his arms enough to perform the task. Brock wanted desperately to reach out and touch Diego’s virile body. After the struggle, Diego held the necklace by the chain in front of Brock. “Will you hold this for me until I’m done posing?” Brock nodded yes but did not move his hands, frozen in place by Diego’s beauty. Diego just laughed softly and reached his other hand to Brock’s posing briefs. Diego hooked the waistband with one finger and pulled it towards him. He dropped the necklace into Brock’s pouch and let the waist band snap back into place. Diego than cupped Brock’s fully erect package and rubbed it gently. “Keep my necklace safe near your own family jewels, Brock. I’ll be back to retrieve it later”. Diego heard them announce his name and he swaggered on stage to thunderous cheers. Brock’s pelvis started to spasm and a large wet spot formed on the front of his suit.

Diego’s perfect skin glowed when the bright lights hit his muscle-bound body. Each pose caused the crowd to cheer louder. The noise became deafening. Diego was overcome with the admiration emanating from the crowd. It took all his focused concentration not to get aroused. Through the blinding lights and non-stop flash bulbs, he found Tad and Todd. They were standing and cheering with such enthusiasm, it made Diego laugh. By the end of his routine, Diego took his final bow. The frenzied crowd rushed the stage to be closer to the muscular god. The judges table was knocked over by the stampede. The security team was too busy staring at Diego and was caught off guard by the charging horde. A guard came on stage and politely asked Diego to leave in an attempt to avoid a riot. The guard knew he couldn’t make Diego do anything he didn’t want to do. Once Diego was out of their view, the crowd settled down. It took almost a half hour for everything to be put back into place. The show’s announcer came out and informed the crowd if they were unable to control themselves, the show would be cancelled. Diego and the other super heavyweights were waiting to go on stage for the final pose down. Each trying to keep their muscles pumped. Finally they came on stage and started posing, seeing Diego with the others in his division made it more obvious he was the superior man. J.J. made a last attempt to beat Diego. He stood beside him and duplicated his every pose. But J.J. was struggling. He didn’t understand why his muscles looked so flat. He tried flexing harder to achieve the definition and size he saw earlier in the day. The non-stop rigorous flexing caused sweat to pour out of his body. The exertion and loss of fluids were causing his muscles to cramp. The pain became almost unbearable, J.J.’s face showed his anguish. Diego continued his routine ignoring everyone else on stage. He never looked or felt better. A bright, confident smile beamed from his handsome face. The posing was done and the contestants lined-up across the stage. Diego stood in the middle. He looked at the judges and saw their eyes scanning the men. All were not looking at their faces, but at their crotches. Diego took the opportunity to perform his favorite move. He nonchalantly pulled on the leg straps of his suit, causing his huge package to bounce. Todd and Tad screamed their approval. They saw Diego do the same move last night during their private posing session. Diego winked at the twins.

The winners were announced. Diego had done it. He was the super heavyweight champion. The others left the stage, while Diego waited for the other divisional winners to join him. The lighter weight champions looked ridiculous next to Diego’s gigantic proportions. As the final pose down began, all the other contestants stayed away from Diego not wanting to be compared to him. They knew they were fighting for second place tonight. Whenever Diego went toward the other men, they moved to the other side of the stage. Diego just shrugged his mammoth shoulders and smiled. The audience laughed along with Diego’s frustration. He continued his routine. All eyes were focused on Diego. At the end of the pose down Diego was feeling great, energized by his screaming fans. When Diego was named the overall winner, he was overwhelmed with relief having finally achieved his professional ranking. He could now start the rest of his life, thankful the nightmare of the last couple of days was over.

The large four foot trophy was brought on stage by two struggling female fitness winners. They kissed and felt up Diego’s sweaty body. Diego effortlessly picked up the trophy with on hand and raised it high over his head in victory. The women almost came at the display of his manly power. Light from hundreds of flash bulbs filled the exhibition hall. Diego spent the next hour signing autographs, posing for pictures, answering questions from reporters and meeting with the contest’s sponsors. He was offered numerous endorsement deals, magazine covers, and guest posing gigs. Everyone knew he had everything a bodybuilder needed to reach superstar status. With his looks and physique he could easily become more famous than Arnold.

Diego made his way backstage after doing all the necessary networking still just wearing his tiny posers. Most contestants had left and the area was almost deserted. As he made his way to his duffle bag, Brock was waiting for him also in his posers.

“Congratulations on getting your pro card” Brock said.

“Thanks. I can’t believe I’ve finally done it” Diego said smiling.

“You definitely deserve it. You are the most incredible man I’ve ever seen” Brock said running his hand down Diego’s massive right arm. “I’ve just moved to Miami and don’t know too many people here. I don’t even have a job or place to live yet. I would love to help you celebrate your victory tonight if you would allow me”.

“I’m sorry I have plans tonight and I’m leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow” Diego answered looking forward to meeting up with the twins. He saw the disappointed look on Brock’s face. He pulled a business card from a pocket on the outside of his bag. “But I could help you with your job situation. This is the card of my former boss. He’ll be looking to replace me as manager of the condo complex’s health club. You get a good salary, plus you can workout whenever you want and can live in the back office. But I having a feeling you’ll be spending most nights in over people’s beds” Diego smiled, “I’ll call him tomorrow and let him know I recommend you for the job.”

“Thank you. This is great”, Brock said, “But aren’t you forgetting about something?”

“What?” Diego asked.

“Your necklace” Brock answered.

“I did forget. Thanks for reminding me” Diego said and held out his hand. Brock just smiled and put his hands behind his back and titled his pelvis forward.

Diego smirked and pulled the waistband away from Brock’s tanned skin and slid his other hand into the pouch. Diego slowly massaged Brock’s large balls and stroked his long cock with his thumb pretending to search for the necklace. Brock closed his eyes and his mouth opened slightly as his head went backwards. Diego felt the piece of jewelry lying at the bottom of the pouch and pulled it out letting go of Brock’s briefs. “You do have every advantage that a bodybuilder needs. I look forward to competing with you as a super heavyweight in a couple of years.” Diego said as he put the necklace on, again struggling with the tiny clasp in his big hands. Brock took the opportunity and caressed Diego’s wide lats. He savored the heat and smell coming off of his sensual body. He then ran his hands down Diego’s wide back and grabbed his firm ass pulling his crotch into his own. Brock’s semi-hard cock was rubbing up against Diego’s soft by larger unit. As Diego lowered his arms, Brock sucked Diego’s left nipple. He then licked his firm breast, continued up his neck until he reached Diego’s warm lips. They kissed deeply. Brock continued to massage the bigger man’s ass and grind his expanding cock into Diego. Diego put his hands on Brock’s shoulders and pushed him away. Diego was surprised by how confident Brock had become since their earlier encounter. “You are a very, very attractive man, but I really can’t tonight”.

“I understand. I’m not happy, but I understand. I just couldn’t let this opportunity pass by without me trying my best to seduce you; especially since you’re moving away. I guess I’ll have to accept a rain check. And that’s one check I’ll definitely plan on cashing”, Brock said as he walked away. “Until we meet again, Diego”

Diego watched Brock leave, rubbing his lips with his fingers. “Damn, he was a good kisser”, Diego thought. He then moved his hand to his crotch to adjust his semi-hard cock. Suddenly Diego felt his strength drain from his body. He fell to one knee, the weight of his muscles too much for his weakened legs to support. He held himself up by holding on to a chair, his breathing became labored. He felt like he had been hit by a wrecking ball; struggling to keep himself conscience. He realized he had felt this way only once before, he searched his bag trying to find the wooden box of necklaces.


Harold had spent the entire day trying to get into the convention center. The event was sold out and security was very tight. He was walking around the huge building trying to find an entry point for the third time, when he came upon a group of four or five contestants smoking cigarettes. Most looked like young welterweights or novice bodybuilders. They were all in posing briefs; they’re skin sprayed tan and shiny with oil. Harold got an idea. He took off all his clothes except the black bikini underwear he bought yesterday. He tied his shorts and t-shirt into a tight ball and fashioned a handle. He carried his clothes and walked-up to the competitors. His tall, lanky body was lean and muscular. He looked like he was among his peers.

“Can I borrow a cigarette?” he asked the group. He faked smoking, never really inhaling as he joined in the conversation. Harold followed the other men into the backstage area, the security card not questioning the obviously contest worthy men. Harold found a hidden corner and scanned the area looking for Diego. He spotted him talking to another competitor. Harold got excited when he saw the black man give Diego one of the necklaces. Diego did have them. Harold watched Diego put the necklace in the wooden box and hide it in his duffle bag. Diego got up and started to work his muscles. Harold jaw dropped when he saw Diego rip off his tattered t-shirt. Ryan was right, Diego had gotten everything back. In fact he looked bigger and sexier than before. Harold felt a combination of envy, lust and desperation over take his thoughts. He had to be as big, strong and sexy as Diego. He saw Diego was wearing a necklace. This would be easier than he thought.

Harold watched Diego move to the stage entrance. It appeared Diego was deep into a conversation with someone, but Diego had his wide back towards Harold blocking his view of the other man. Harold’s heart sank as he saw Diego remove the necklace. As Diego went on stage, Harold could finally see the other man. He was almost as perfect as Diego, only less muscular and blond. He watched the blond hunk shoot his load into his revealing briefs. No one else seemed to think it was odd that this man was having an orgasm in a crowded place. Harold thought bodybuilders must be used to seeing this kind of thing. He had seen the way people reacted to his smaller body; he could only imagine the impact of being Diego’s size.

Harold went to where Diego left his bag. He took the wooden box and returned to his corner. Inside were three necklaces, he put all three necklaces around his neck. He waited for Diego to return. After what seemed like an eternity, Diego finally reappeared. The blond hunk was waiting for him. They talked and started to kiss. Harold felt his cock rising again watching the two fantasy hunks make out. When the blond left, Harold saw Diego had put the necklace back on. He knew this was his chance. He grabbed all three crystals, looked at Diego and said “strength”. Harold felt his body tighten, his muscle harden with power. He never felt so strong and confident. He strolled over to Diego, who was kneeling on the floor searching his duffle bag. “Looking for this, Diego” Harold said holding up the wooden box. •

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