Desperate Husbands


By Clarence591

Diego walked the mile from the hotel to the condominium complex quickly due to his long powerful legs. Most people would be frightened to walk the streets of Miami at 5am, but Diego knew no one would challenge a man of his stature. He went to the side entrance and used the key he kept hidden within the potted palms that decorated the building. The gym was deserted and dark. He turned on the lights and hesitantly approached the 350 pound bar he used yesterday to emasculate the three husbands. He got a firm grip and lifted the bar. After doing ten fast curls, Diego smiled, relieved that his intimidating strength had returned with his new muscle mass. He needed to know what his stats were. He had been guessing at heights and weights all day, trying to reach his former size. He went to the scale adjusting the mechanism until it balanced out at 284 pounds. “Damn, that’s 11 pounds less than before this all happened. That means I’m even further away from reaching my 300 pound goal”, Diego said staring at the scale. He then raised the metal rod attached to the back of the scale to measure his height. “Six four, Wow, I’m two inches taller than before.” Diego stripped off his shirt and stepped out of his shorts. He grabbed a tape measure and wrapped his around his tight waist; the metal tab on the end just passing the 30” inch mark at his belly button. Diego smiled, he finally had his 30” waist. “At least that’s one thing I got right”. Diego walked to the large set of mirrors and went through his posing routine. He thought he looked rather good despite his lighter weight and taller height. He still had great symmetry and beautifully sculpted lines; even more so with his slimmer hips and waist. He raised both arms high over his head, bending his elbows to place his forearms behind his head. He crunched his abdominal muscles as hard as he could. His board shoulders, wing-like lats, absurdly narrow hips and total lack of body fat, made his v-taper look incredible. He was the quintessential muscular man. He eyes traveled past his waist and ogled his massive thighs flaring out below his hips. His hardened calves were in perfect proportion to this upper leg. The reflection was causing his cock to react. Diego stood sideways and flexed his ass. He saw the muscles jump to attention and rise higher. He ran his large hands over the compact, dense muscles; the full, round shape defying gravity. He eyes were drawn to his cock extending well beyond his crotch. He reached for the tape measure and forced his steel hard cock down slightly as he ran the tape along its length. “Not even 8, I’ve lost more than two inches. Shit, what the hell am I going to do? I’ve got to be at the competition in a couple of hours” Diego said out loud to himself. He moved closer to the mirror to examine his face; his new green eyes made him look even more exotic and beautiful.

Determined to do the best he could with what he had, he decided to go the contest. He walked to the shower room and washed the long day’s grime from his powerful body. He loved the way the suds felt on his smoother skin and hairless ball sack. He gave himself a hand job while the warm water flowed down his rippling physique. He put all his clothes, his posing briefs, his contest paperwork, wallet, airline ticket, and the wooden box of necklaces into a large duffle bag. He wrote a note telling the building manager he quit and left his keys on the desk. He wasn’t planning on returning to this place ever again. He pulled on a 3XL t-shirt that hugged his body and a pair of sweatpants and took one last look in the mirror. He saw a man even more imposing in clothes than nude. He was the definition of an alpha male. He cupped his package to adjust his expanding rod. He walked out the door to the first light of day and gave one last look around the complex. Glad to be leaving, he got into a waiting taxi and looked forward to his new life in California.


Ryan planned on exercising daily to maintain his newly muscular, ripped physique. Swimming was the perfect option for him. It allowed him to use all his muscles and show off his huge endowment. He secretly enjoyed the feel of his greatly enhanced appendage more than his wife. Ryan went to the sporting goods store and purchased five new swimsuits. No more baggy, board shorts for him. He would only were bikinis, including the very low, hip hugging style MichaelPhelps made famous during the last Olympics. If women thought Mike looked good in them, they should see how Ryan filled them out. Ryan had 6” of thick man meat even when soft between his legs and wanted everyone to know it.

Ryan arrived at the pool just as the sun was coming up. He was the only one at the pool at that hour. He knew the housewives would be arriving soon, just when he was finishing his fifty laps. He would give them a show they would never forget. He removed the towel he had wrapped around his waist and adjusted the leg straps of his skimpy suit. He watched his heavy, tightly-packed manhood bounce as he pulled on the suit. He thought how envious he was of Diego when he saw him do the same thing just 2 days ago. Now he was the one who would make other men green with envy and women cum at the sight.

As Ryan was about to dive into the pool, he hard the clubhouse door slam shut. He looked to see a huge hulking man leaving. From the back it looked like Diego, but Ryan knew that couldn’t be him after what they took from him. The man stopped before getting into a cab and looked around. Ryan saw Diego’s beautiful face and gasped. The cab left and Ryan was in shock, a thousand thoughts went through his mind. He unconscientiously grabbed his package to make sure it was still there. He looked down and watched his hands roam over his lean athletic body. Relieved he was still built better than an Olympic gold medalist, he let out a sigh of relief. But how did Diego get everything back they had stolen from him? He had to tell Bill.


Bill was getting dressed when he heard the pounding at his front door. He finished tucking-in his red polo shirt into his khaki shorts as he opened the door. Ryan forced his way passed Bill without saying a word.

“Good morning to you too, Ryan” Bill said sarcastically closing the door.

“We have a problem. I just saw Diego and he’s as big as ever. He’s got his looks, his height and all his muscles back” Ryan said in a panicked tone.

“So Diego has the necklaces. I searched this place last night trying to find them. I knew someone took them from me, but I assumed it was you or Harold.” Bill calmly remarked while sitting down on the couch.

“Why aren’t you worried?” Ryan asked.

“Why should I be? It’s like I told you at the beginning of this whole thing. The necklaces only work if we choose of our own free will to put them on. If Diego or someone else gives me a necklace, I won’t wear it. Will you?” Bill answered while looking up at the impressive Ryan.

“No, of course not. But what if Diego seeks revenge by just beating us to a pulp? You saw the strength a man his size possesses. There’s no way I can stop him from breaking every bone in my body.” Ryan said while pacing back and forth in front of Bill.

“I think Diego will stay away from us. He’s probably afraid of what else we might do to him. We’ll probably never see him again. Just relax Ryan. Remember you’re a lot bigger now too”, Bill said while staring at the bulge in Ryan’s bathing suit move from side to side as he paraded before him.

Ryan stopped pacing and noticed Bill staring at his crotch. “Where’s Brittany?”

“I don’t know. I threw her out last night” Bill answered and noticed the surprised look on Ryan’s face as he moved his gaze from Ryan’s package. “Our marriage was a shame anyway. She married me for my money and I married her because I didn’t want to die alone. I don’t have that concern anymore.” Bill said while running his square hand over his muscular chest. “I’m as healthy as a horse.” Bill’s eyes went back to Ryan’s swim suit. “Speaking of horses, how’d Sara react to that horse dick of yours?”

“Like a woman obsessed”, Ryan answered while cupping his huge package. “Diego was right. It’s all she cares about. Whenever we’re in the same room together she just stares at it. Whenever or wherever I sit, she follows me and starts caressing my body; her hand always ending up on my crotch. We made love for hours last night. She didn’t want me to do anything, just lay there and stay hard. I woke up this morning and she was playing with my cock again, enjoying my morning wood.”

“So the two of you are staying together, even after she cheated on you?” Bill asked.

“Yes, but I told her I’m going to sleep with other women and if she doesn’t like it, she could leave. But, I know she’ll never leave me as long as I have this” Ryan said while letting go of his manhood and adjusting the straps on his bikini.

“I can’t blame her. You are quite impressive. I was in the army for more than 20 years and have seen a lot of built men, but you are something else”, Bill said still mesmerized by Ryan’s package. “I’ve shared a shower with 20 muscular teenagers during basic training and been in a bunk hall listening to 30 men jerking off in the middle of the night, and have never been so turned on by another man as I am at this moment”. Bill stood up, the bulge in his shorts very obvious, and moved toward Ryan. Bill put his index finger on Ryan’s equipment and started to slowly outline his thickening cock through the swim suits thin material.

Ryan looked down at Bill’s bright white crew cut and the red shirt that covered his muscular torso. He thought of Race Bannon from the old JohnnyQuest cartoon. Race was the first man that Ryan had lustful thoughts about as a young boy. He was so handsome, athletic and confident. Always taking charge and beating up the bad guys. Bill’s military training made the comparison of the two men even more valid. Ryan felt his cock becoming uncomfortably confined by the small suit. Bill got on his knees and started to roll the suit down Ryan’s muscular thighs.

“Stop, we really shouldn’t be doing this” Ryan whispered softly but made no attempt to restrain the smaller man.

Bill lowered the suit to Ryan’s ankles and slowly ran his hands up Ryan’s sculpted legs, stopping at his firm ass. As he kneaded the two globes, he started to lick Ryan’s egg sized balls. Ryan moaned in approval. Bill then sucked the tip of Ryan’s steel-hard pleasure pole. He slowly took in Ryan’s meat inch by inch; deep throating all 10 inches. Sara wasn’t able to do that last night, though she tired over and over. Ryan was on the verge of release. He grabbed the top of Bill’s head and ran his fingers through his thick, silky hair. As Bill was withdrawing Ryan’s cock from his mouth, he inserted two fingers into Ryan’s ass. Ryan mumbled, “Race you are incredible”. Bill was enjoying himself too much to hear Ryan. Ryan’s body started to spasm and he shot his load deep into Bill’s mouth. Bill fell back to the floor trying to swallow the large load produced by Ryan’s huge balls. Ryan towered above him breathing deeply his cock slowly deflating and dripping the last of his cum. Bill looked at his own crotch and saw a wet spot forming; he must have enjoyed sucking off Ryan more than he thought.

Ryan bent down and pulled up his bathing suit and walked to the kitchen to get some paper towels to wipe up his remaining juices. Bill crawled to the couch and sat down. Several minutes went by without either man saying a word. Ryan was adjusting his equipment back into place inside his suit, when Harold came bursting through Bill’s front door. “Good you’re both here. Where are the necklaces?”

“Why?” Bill asked.

“I need them. I want more. More muscle, more height, a more beautiful face” Harold said moving his gaze from Bill to Ryan as he entered the living room; the bulge in his suit larger than usual, “and more of a cock too”.

“They’re not toys to use whenever you want” Bill said

“You can’t ruin other men’s life by randomly taking things that aren’t rightfully yours. We did what we did to Diego to get revenge for the way he treated us. There was just case”, Ryan stated supporting Bill with his words and by standing behind the couch where Bill sat.

“That’s easy for you two to say. You’re both attractive men and have had women lust after you all your adult lives. This is new to me. I’ve always been the geek, the little dork with coke bottle glasses. I love being taller and stronger than the average guy. I didn’t go to work yesterday; I went to the beach instead. Women were smiling at me, approaching me, touching me. A bunch of buff guys were putting together a game of volleyball and for the first time I in my life I participated in a game and wasn’t picked last for the team. Everyone assumed I was a natural athlete because of my physique. And I was great, blocking and spiking easily with these long muscular limbs. All the men were envious of me. I felt so masculine and strong.” Harold was getting hard just reliving the experience, “My wife has never been happier; she couldn’t get enough of me last night. I was finally the dominant one in the bedroom. I never thought that was important, but boy was I wrong. It’s great to be a real man and I want more.” Harold was speaking very fast, excited by the possibility of gaining greater power and size. He looked at Ryan and Bill noticing a discomfort between the two of them. “Is everything ok with you two?”

“Yes. We think Diego has the necklaces” Ryan said, “I saw him leaving the building this morning and he was back to normal, huge muscles and all.”

“What? How did this happen. I need those necklaces. I’m not going back to being nothing again.” Harold yelled.

“Calm down. He probably used the building’s master key and took them from me. But don’t worry; I don’t think he’ll bother us anymore.” Bill commented.

“That’s just great, Bill. How could you be so careless? I need to be bigger, stronger and better looking. Can you get more necklaces? “, Harold asked anxiously.

“No way, Harold. It took me three years to get those and cost me thousands of dollars, and lifetime of IOUs. You just have to live your life as you are.” Bill said getting a bit agitated.

“Yeah, man. You are already taller than us and have a great physique. Most men would get their left nut to have a body like yours. You’re lucky to have this opportunity. It’s a fucking miracle what has happened to us. We should be thanking Bill, not yelling at him. He’s a great friend to help us the way he did. I will always consider him my friend no matter what happens to us” Ryan said putting his large hand on Bill’s broad shoulder. Bill squeezed Ryan’s hand understanding the real message behind Ryan’s words.

Harold looked at both men and then down at the floor. “Yes, you are right. I apologize for what I said. And I am grateful for what you did for me. I mean look at me. In a million years, I never thought I would have the body of a real jock. Thank you.” Harold said and approached Bill to shake his hand. “I’m actually glad it’s over. I’m sure Diego won’t bother us again. I better go and service my wife. She can’t get enough of the new me. I’m sure you two studs know what I’m talking about.” Harold walked to the door, “See you later”. He shut the door behind him.

Ryan moved around to the other side of the couch and sat next to Bill. Bill moved his hand to Ryan’s unyielding thigh, “What should we do for an encore?”

Harold entered the elevator, the doors closed and Harold saw himself in the mirror finish. He did look good, but not good enough. He wanted not just to be a jock, but the ultimate jock. He wanted to be as desirable as Diego was before the change. If Diego was able to get everything back he had before, then Harold wanted it all and this time he wouldn’t have to share. He had to find Diego. Instead of pressing the button for his home floor, he pressed the button for the lobby.

Harold entered the deserted gym using his pass card. He went to Diego’s office and found the note he left for the manager. He read it realizing he was planning on leaving town. Harold didn’t have much time to find him, but where could he be. He looked at the calendar hanging above the desk. Today’s date was circled in red along with the words Contest Day. On the desk a notepad had a phone number, and the words Miami Moon Taxi and convention center. “I think I’m going to the convention center. Who knows before the day is through; maybe I’ll be able to win that contest.” Harold said with a sly grin on his face. •

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