Desperate Husbands


By Clarence591

Diego was on the verge of his third orgasm in as many hours. He was on all fours in the center of a king size bed, while Tad was underneath him sucking Diego’s throbbing cock. Tad was on his back lying in the opposite direction allowing Diego to provide the same service to him. Tad’s brother, Todd, was behind Diego driving his 6” fuck pole into the muscle god’s ass. Todd was the first to lose control, unable to deny the incredible eroticism of this experience. Todd couldn’t believe he was with this perfect specimen of masculinity beauty. When he touched Diego’s hard, round ass and wide carved back Todd’s crème was unleashed. He shot with such force, Diego felt it inside him. This caused Diego to explode into Todd’s talented mouth. The taste and volume of Diego’s cum were better than Todd had fantasized. Even Diego’s spunk was superior to other men’s. This realization sent Todd over the edge and he shot his inferior load into Diego’s waiting mouth. Within seconds all three men were spent.

Diego collapsed onto the bed; twisting his massive body to not fall onto Tad. Diego fell on his back, his head hitting the bed’s soft pillows. Todd fell onto Diego resting his head on Diego’s mammoth right pec. Tad changed position and put his head on Diego’s left pec. Tad and Todd were in heaven listening to the muscle stud’s heartbeat.

“Not that I mind guys, but wouldn’t you be more comfortable resting on a pillow instead of my sweaty body” Diego asked as he wrapped one of his massive arms around each of the identical twin brothers supporting their efforts to mount him.

“Your pecs are about the same size of a pillow” Todd said raising his head to look at Diego.

“But they’re much harder and warmer” Tad commented. Both men now rested their firm chins on Diego’s firmer chest; the weight of their heads unable to dent the thick, granite slab-like muscles. Both stared at Diego’s beautiful face and smiled. Diego switched his gaze from brother to brother searching for differences in their appearance. Four pale green eyes sparkled in the dimly lit room. Both men had straight, shoulder-length, light brown hair parted in the middle accentuating their symmetrical features. They could be described as pretty more than handsome. Their delicate faces matched by slender but very athletic 5’ 6” bodies. Diego learned the brothers were born in Caracas and raised in New York City; their father led the Venezuelan delegation at the United Nations. Currently they attended UCLA and were members of the school’s nationally ranked gymnastics team. Diego finally smiled back, then flexed his pecs causing the twin's heads to bounce up and down. First in unison then alternating. The twins giggled. Diego raised his powerful arms causing the brothers to roll off him and to his side. Diego put his hands behind his head lifting it to a better angle to see his companions. The brothers continue to giggle as they started to lick each of Diego’s exposed, moist armpits, causing him to laugh too.

“You’re skin is so smooth. You have the most perfect skin of any man or woman I’ve ever met” Tad remarked as he ran his fingertips over Diego’s deep armpit and down across his expansive chest.

“Every part of you taste good, too”, Todd said seductively as he continued to explore Diego’s body with his tongue.

“Stop it boys, you’re tickling me” Diego demanded between laughs.

“I think a man with your muscles could make us stop if he really wanted to” Tad said bringing his small hand to Diego’s extended tricep.

Diego lowered his arms grabbing hold of the twin’s naked asses. “I wanted to thank you guys for inviting me to stay with you tonight in your beautiful hotel room, for buying me dinner, and especially for the after dinner entertainment. I’ve had a great night” Diego said squeezing a small, firm, round ass cheek in each of his enormous hands.

“It was truly are pleasure”, Todd replied, his hand moving to Diego’s soft yet still impressive cock.

“Did you want another steak? I know you have a competition tomorrow, but you ate the other one so fast and that’s all you had. I’ll call room service again, it’s no problem. We can get you anything you want”, Tad asked while pushing himself up. He leaned on the bed supporting himself with one arm; with his free hand, he joined his brother and started to massage Diego’s large balls.

“No thank you, I’m quite satisfied” Diego looked down at his crotch being fondled and smiled, “Is there anything else I can do for you guys”.

“Diego, you’re like no other bodybuilder we’ve been with, and I’m not just taking about you being so incredibly gorgeous. It’s like we told you, we’re here to watch the contest” Tad said before getting interrupted.

“He can see we’re not here to compete, Tad” Todd remarked while bending his arm to flex his large bicep.

Diego reached out to feel Todd’s upper arm. Like most male gymnasts, Todd’s bicep was very large compared to the rest of his lithe body. “Not bad, you’ve got solid 15” guns there Todd. Maybe you should think about competing”. Diego moved his hand down Todd’s defined chest and waist.

Todd sat up next to Diego and grabbed Diego’s wondering hand at the wrist. Todd pulled Diego’s arm out then bent his arm at the elbow, forcing his bicep to flex. Diego gave no resistance, but flexed his arm hard as Todd touched his formable peak. “I would never be able to achieve the 22” peak you have. Our waists are only 26 inches”.

Diego laughed, “I know. I saw it on the labels of your jeans. It made me a little jealous”.

“You, jealous of us?” Todd questioned.

“Yeah, I’ve always had these ideal measurements in my head. I’ve been able to achieve them all except my waist. I always thought 30” was perfect. It would give me that wasp waist every bodybuilder wants, making my chest, thighs, and package look bigger. Everyone else thinks I’m perfectly proportioned at 34”, but I still dream of a 30” waist.”

“We’re just the opposite. We think our waist is too narrow. It reminds us a woman’s body, not a man’s. We want more girth, which represents masculine power. It would help us with our sport, too. Gymnastics require a lot of strength in your core muscles.” Todd caressed his own chiseled stomach before moving his hand to Diego’s. “You are so massive and strong. Your waist, like the rest of you, does look perfect to me”

“Thanks” Diego answered while flexing his abdominal muscles for Todd, the ridges rising high through his tight skin, looking like a relief map of the AndesMountains.

“Wow” Todd said in admiration of Diego’s development, “it goes to show no one is totally happy with the way they look, even those who we think are prefect. But there is nothing we can do about it. You would have to break bone to make your waist smaller and we would have to get fat to enlarge ours. Not a good idea for any of us.”

“Right, there’s nothing we could do about it”, Diego said gazing off into the distance.

“Anyway”, Tad continued, “obviously we are into muscular men; gorgeous, tall, very muscular men”. Tad grinned as he joined his brother in caressing Diego’s magnificent body. “Most bodybuilders are arrogant jerks who only think of themselves. Not concerned in the least about other people’s feelings. It’s their way to feel even more superior to us than they already are. The sex is usually one-sided. We are only permitted to service their needs, while they can do anything to us. Of course with their strength we couldn’t stop them anyway.” Tad moved his hand to Diego’s face and gently touched his cheek. “You wouldn’t know what it’s like to be treated that way Diego, but let me tell you it’s not good. But you really care about what we want and how we feel. You treated my brother and me like people not sex toys. So I wanted to thank you. You made this a great night for us too.” Tad moved toward Diego and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“Abso-fucking-lutely”, Todd cooed then kissed Diego too but more passionately, “Plus we got necklaces to wear for the evening.”

Both brothers laid back down next to Diego. Each man straddled a side of Diego’s hulking frame and rested their heads back onto his chest. Diego cradled each of the smaller men in his large, powerful arms and squeezed them gently. The men closed their eyes feeling safe and protected by Diego’s thick muscles.

Diego sighed, “I only treated you the way I would want to be treated by a bigger, stronger person”

“Yeah, like anybody could ever be bigger or stronger than you, Diego” teased Todd.


Todd and Tad were lulled to sleep by the rhythmic movement of Diego’s chest as he breathed. Diego stayed awake thinking about the day’s events and Tad’s remarks. He thought about the kind of person he was and how he lived his life before this all happened. He selected is victims because he thought they were total losers, occupying the lowest rung on society’s ladder. But he now realized he had a lot in common with these outcasts. If something happened to him, would anybody care? Was he like Bikeman in that way? He whored out his body to get the things he needed, just like the drug addict. He nonchalantly took advantage of people to satisfy his sexual desires like the bear. He used his superior strength to intimidate anyone who didn’t do exactly as he wanted like the jewelry salesman. And in thirty years would he end up like Greg? Cruising the beach desperately trying to validate his waning attractiveness by having casual sex with strangers, only able to feel good about himself by seducing men half his age. Would his fading physique be his only contribution to the world?

Then there were the twins. He looked down at them and gently rubbed their backs. He knew they were only with him because they were muscle worshipers. They were using him to live out their sexual fantasies. But there was no harm being done, no one was being humiliated or injured. Didn’t most people have sex due to physical attraction anyway? This one part of their personalities didn’t define them as people. It was more important that they were thoughtful and caring men. The twins deserved his kindness even though he had a naturally dominant physique and superior genetics.

Diego’s gaze went from the twins to his own body. He realized he still needed more muscle mass to reach his former size. He needed to win the contest more than ever. He knew the lucrative endorsement deals would come his way with his pro card. He would leave Miami and his former life behind forever. Last month he was so confident he would win, he bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles for the following day. When he told the twins his plans, they offered him a place to stay in the L.A. area. They had an apartment near VeniceBeach and told him he could stay with them until he got settled. They really were great guys. Diego hated to take the muscle he needed from the twins, but he didn’t have a choice. He was running out of time. The contest was only a few hours away. He figured he could give them something they wanted too. Diego carefully raised his right arm to not wake Todd and grabbed his necklace, “I exchange with you our eye color, I take from you 15 pounds of muscle, and I give you 2 inches from the width of my hips”.

Since there were two men this time, that meant he would gain 30 pounds of muscle and lose 4 inches in his hips and waist. Diego felt his pelvis rising from the bed. As his hips narrowed his glutes were becoming rounder, denser and more compact lifting his body upward. The additional muscle mass only increased the process. He saw his thighs expanding and his abs becoming more defined. He noticed his biceps growing before his ballooning pecs blocked his view of the rest of his body. The increased girth of his chest caused the brothers’ heads to roll onto Diego’s broad shoulders.

Diego wanted a few minutes to see if the movement would wake the brothers. They continued to sleep peacefully. He slowed raised one arm letting Tad’s body drop to the bed. He then gently lowered Todd to the mattress on his other side. He scooted to the foot of the bed trying not to shake it too much, not easy for a man of almost 300 pounds. He searched the dimly lit room for his shorts and pulled them on, struggling a little with the waist band when he reached his colossal thighs. He noticed the same waist band was very loose around his waist for the first time. He could easily slip his hand into the shorts to adjust his cock and balls. He ran his hands over his ass feeling the improvement. He couldn’t believe how high, round and hard it was. He found his shirt and was struggling to put it on over his gargantuan chest when he heard movement on the bed.

“Are you leaving?” asked Tad groggily.

“Yes, I’ve got to be at the convention center in 3 hours for preliminary judging. I’ve still got to shower and get my stuff for the competition” Diego whispered.

“You can shower here with us” Todd said joining the conversation.

“That would be fun, but I don’t need any more distractions. I have to focus on the contest” Diego said half seriously.

“Here don’t forget your necklaces. Maybe they’ll bring you good luck, they certainly did for us” Tad said giving his necklace to Todd. Todd removed his necklace and put both in the wooden box on the nightstand. Diego went to the nightstand. He knelt down on one knee as he took the box and looked at the twins staring at him. The bedside lamp softly illuminated their doll-like faces. He saw that the brothers now had one green eye and one brown eye. Diego almost laughed out loud, he had forgotten about that exchange. It was the only thing he could think of to exchange with them. At least they were still identical. “We’ll see you at the competition tonight; we’ll be in the sixth row cheering you on”.

“We know you’ll win. You look more muscular now than you did earlier tonight”, Todd said touching Diego’s massive upper arm. Diego flexed it for him and Todd moaned with pleasure. “Are you sure you have to leave right this moment?”

“Yes”, Diego smiled, “we’ll hopefully celebrate my victory later”. Diego kissed each brother lightly on the lips. “Thanks again for everything guys. Goodbye”. Diego left the hotel room and the brothers went back to sleep, dreaming of the upcoming celebration. •

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