Desperate Husbands


By Clarence591

Diego left the public restroom in time to see the sun setting. The beach was mostly deserted, with no sign of the muscle hunk and his entourage. Diego realized he was running out of time. He needed more height and muscle mass by the morning. He suddenly felt dizzy. He sat down on a nearby bench. He rubbed the hard ridges of his stomach; the events of the day and lack of food were taking their toll on his energy level. His body was ripped to the bone; there was no fat for his muscles to feed. He was exhausted and hungry. He pulled his shirt from the waist band of his shorts, careful to not dislodge the small wooden necklace box he kept there too. He slipped the t-shirt over his sculpted torso to protect him from the cooler night air. He rubbed his upper arms, enjoying the return of his powerful muscles, trying to warm himself. He watched the people passing along the boardwalk; he focused on a mountain of a man quickly approaching a vendor’s booth. The man was no bodybuilder or power lifter; he was just naturally big. He had broad shoulders and hips with a flat stomach. The top of his head was completely bald. His manly face with a crooked nose was set high on a thick neck. He looked like a football or rugby player. The hulk entered the booth and kissed the woman inside. They started to talk and Diego could see it was turning into an argument. The man raised his hand as if the slap the woman, but stopped after realizing people were watching. No one tried to stop him or said anything to him. He was just too big for the average man to threaten. Diego saw the woman had a black eye already and it wasn’t hard to figure out how she got it. She left crying and the large man stayed behind to work the booth. They sold jewelry and that gave Diego an idea. Diego walked over to the booth and pretended to browse the merchandise.

“Let me know if I can help you find something” the man said to Diego.

“Unfortunately I’m not buying. I’m doing some research for my girlfriend” Diego said while measuring up his next victim. Diego estimated the man was four inches taller than him. With this switch, he should finally be back to his former height.

“What kind of research?” the man inquired.

“She’s a jewelry maker and wanted to know if the pieces she designed would sell. I would appreciate your opinion since you are already a successful man in the business.” Diego said with a big smile. The man looked at Diego’s perfect teeth, handsome face and powerful physique; even a straight man like him couldn’t help but respond to his beauty.

“How can I help?” the man asked as he moved closer to Diego.

“Could you look at a sample and tell me what you think?” Diego asked pulling the wooden box from the top of his shorts.

“Sure”, the man said; his eyes drawn to the brick like abdominals Diego exposed by lifting his shirt much higher and longer than he needed to get to the box.

Diego put the box on the counter and removed the lid. Diego selected a necklace and lifted it slowly out of the box. The big man watched every move intently. Diego moved his hand toward the salesman, indicating he wanted him to take the necklace from him. The man took it and held it high, moving it toward an overhead light. “The workmanship on the bale is very good, very detailed. I’ve never seen a crystal like this before. Was it designed for men or women?” the business man asked.

“Both, it’s unisex. Why don’t you try it on? I would be interested to see how it looks on a man your size. I think we may have to make the chain longer to fit someone like you.” Diego commented, setting the trap.

“I don’t know. Your neck is almost the same size as mine”, the man said as he turned a table mirror around to face him and put the necklace on. He opened a few buttons on his tight shirt to reveal his hard, defined chest wanting to impress Diego. The crystal was nestled high in his muscle cleavage. “I think it looks good at this length. How about you?”

“I think you look perfect. I mean the necklace looks perfect on you” Diego responded while leaning on the counter moving his smiling face closer to the man.

The man was confused by his reaction to Diego’s obvious flirting, he was actually enjoying it. He usually went into a rage when another man made a move on him, but Diego was so handsome, he was more aroused than angry. “Uh, how much are you planning on charging for the pieces?” the man asked trying to stay focused on the jewelry.

“In the $20 to $30 range” Diego said because he had to say something.

“Excuse me, do you have this ring in an eight?” a female customer said trying to get the vendor’s attention.

“I’ll be right back” the big man said, a little annoyed he had to leave.

“Take your time, I can spend all night here with you” Diego said to the man as he walked to the other side of the booth. Diego grabbed the crystal around his neck and said softly, “I exchange with you our height, I take from you 40 pounds of muscle, and I give you my physical exhaustion”. He watched the salesman impatiently wait on the woman. The middle-aged lady wasn’t looking at the man, just the ring on her finger as she talked to her female companion. The big man suddenly put his hand to his head and sat down on a nearby stool. He let out a soft sigh as he rubbed the back of his neck. He stretched his shrinking body; the decrease in his height matched by the decrease in his muscle mass. Diego felt the changes impacting his body. He looked down to see his shorts move farther up his legs as he grew taller. The material tightened against his expanding thigh muscles. His saw his forearms thicken and his biceps bulge with increased mass. His shoulders and chest widened, filling his t-shirt tightly with hard muscle. He knew he looked like a real bodybuilder once again. He felt a rush of energy; he was no longer tired or hungry. The vendor returned to Diego, his eyes were glazed over and dark circles had formed under them.

“She didn’t buy a thing. She couldn’t make a simple decision, just wasting my time. How I hate bitches like that”, the man said before yawning. “Excuse me, all of a sudden I feel very tired. I guess it’s been a long day”

“I understand. I won’t take anymore of your time. I really appreciate your help and my girlfriend will appreciate your comments about her work”, Diego said. He noticed that the crystal hung much lower on the man’s chest now and his cleavage wasn’t as deep between his smaller pecs. He was still a strong man, but not nearly as intimidating as before. Diego knew that someone could stop him more easily now, if he tried to hit a woman again.

“Why don’t you come back tomorrow and we can discuss a distribution deal” the man said as he removed the necklace from around his neck. As he placed it in Diego’s waiting hand, he thought “I don’t remember his hand being bigger than mine before. In fact his entire body looks bigger”.

“That sounds great. Thank you.” Diego put the necklace back in the box and walked away. The salesman watched him leave, admiring the movement of Diego’s muscular ass in his skin tight shorts. The vendor grabbed his crotch and adjusted his hardening manhood, surprised by his cock’s reaction to the sight.

Diego walked awhile to get out of the man’s view; he knew he was being watched. He stopped to stuff the necklace box back underneath his waistband. He no longer needed to raise his shirt since it barely covered his longer torso. Once he had everything in place, he started to walk again, not knowing where he was going. A set of very attractive twin brothers were walking toward him, they smiled as they approached Diego. Diego responded in kind. The twins passed Diego and turned to see if the back view was as good as the front. It was. They stopped in their tracks and one said, “He is too good to let go”. The twins changed direction and ran to catch up with Diego. •

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