Desperate Husbands


By Clarence591

Diego was back at the beach looking for his next donor. He sat down on the sand and removed his shirt. He touched his silky skin, no longer troubled by stray hairs or razor stubble. Even his armpits were now completely smooth. He felt a small mole on his upper chest. He also found a birthmark and a couple of scars scattered on his supple skin. “I guess Bikeman had a few accidents over the years” Diego thought. He would have to do something about these imperfections.

His attention was drawn away from his own body when a group of bodybuilders and onlookers approached. He figured they were in the city for tomorrow’s competition. The muscle men were all in posers trying to get the last bit of sunshine to improve their tans for the stage. He didn’t recognize anyone so none were top contenders. Most were relatively small in muscle mass and probably new to the competition circuit. He did see one man that caught his eye. He was by far the biggest man on the beach. The others surrounded him inspecting his ideal physique, asking questions about his routines and diet. Women and kids stopped him and asked if they could feel his muscles. He always obliged with a dazzling smile. Diego moved closer to get a better view. The man, about the same age of Diego, obviously enjoyed being the center of attention. He continually flexed various body parts to see the envy in the eyes of his fans. He had all the genetic advantages of a bodybuilding superstar; height, perfect skin, great looks, and a huge piece of meat stuffed in his small swim suit. He only lacked the massive muscle size needed to compete with the big boys. Diego thought he looked about the same a few years back. This man would be a real threat some day.

Diego pushed his way through the crowd, walking up to the man who towered over him. Diego just stared up at the Adonis in awe, suddenly realizing just how small he still was.

The golden hunk looked down at Diego, seeing the lust in his eyes, and smirked, “You’re way out of your league little man.” He pushed Diego aside and walked toward the water. His groupies followed him like the piped piper. Diego thought of the number of times he did the same thing to inferior men. He never realized how much it hurt to be treated like that.

“Pompous isn’t he? But when you look like that I guess you can get away with it” a rough voice said.

“Yes, but because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should.” Diego responded back saying it to himself more than to the stranger. He then turned around to see the other participant in the conversation.

“Hi, the name’s Greg” said an older gentleman wearing nothing but spandex shorts similar to those Diego wore.

“Diego” Diego said shaking the man’s calloused hand. Diego scanned the man’s body. He must have been a hunk himself in his prime. But that was many years ago. Diego figured he was now in his late 50s. His skin was dark tan but loose and dry on his muscular frame. His muscles sagged like a partially deflated balloon. His pecs were low on his chest due to the muscles finally losing the war against gravity. He still had a tight waist with a faint remnant of a six pack and a set of good looking legs. He stood a few inches taller than Diego. His face was worn but distinguished. A bad toupee made him look a little pathetic, like a man trying to hold on to his fading youth.

“I think you have a great body for a teenager. How old are you, about 17 or 18?” the man asked fishing for Diego’s age.

Diego had found his next victim. “I’m 24. And you? I’m guessing with your incredible physique, you’re 40 or 41?” Diego asked doing his best to flirt. He continued to scan the old man’s body, while licking his lips. He moved very close to the older man.

“Yeah, something like that” Greg answered while pushing his shoulders back, puffing out his chest and sucking in his gut the best he could.

“Wow, you have a great body Greg. I don’t know this area; could you show me where the nearest rest room is Greg?” Diego asked while running a finger along the waist band of Greg’s shorts.

“Sure”, Greg said happily. He couldn’t believe this handsome teenager was coming on to him. He must look really good today.

The two men walked a few yards to the public restroom. Diego entered the stall first and indicated to Greg to join him. Diego sat down on the toilet and waited for Greg to enter. Greg squeezed into the tight space and locked the door behind him. Diego ran his hands up Greg’s muscular legs and hips. He caressed Greg’s ass which was flatter and softer than Diego thought it would be. Diego grabbed on to the old man’s hips and carefully guided him around so they would face each other. He pulled down Greg’s shorts freeing his hardening cock. At least this old guy could still get in up without a lot of help. “Very nice, Greg. You are a real stud” Diego said as he looked up at Greg. Diego’s words made Greg’s cock rise faster. A good six inches stood out, curling slightly to the left, from Greg’s gray pubic hairs. Diego took a necklace out of the wooden box he placed on top of the toilet tissue holder. He stood and gave the jewelry to Greg. Diego leaned into Greg and whispered in his ear, “I would like you to wear this crystal when I suck you’re huge, thick cock.” Diego grabbed onto Greg’s member and gently squeezed it. Greg whole body shuddered, “It will bond us together spiritually to increase our pleasure. It’s the latest thing, everybody’s doing it. I’m sure a hip guy like you has done this a million times”.

“Of course, it’s a great thing. Did you need me to do anything for the, uh, ritual?” Greg asked trying to sound in the know.

“No, I’ll do the chant. But I’ll say it softly so no one will hear us” Diego said as he sat down again. Diego started to kiss Greg’s inner thighs, while rubbing his outer thighs. Greg started to breathe hard; he braced himself with his hands pressed against the stall’s metal walls. Diego licked Greg’s balls and they jumped as they started to churn. Diego knew he didn’t have a lot of time, Greg was coming fast. Poor guy probably hasn’t had a blow job in years. Diego lowered his head and grabbed his necklace, “I exchange with you our height, I take from you 30 pounds of muscle, and I give you all the imperfections on my skin”. Diego quickly raised his head and said louder “My god Greg, you are the sexiest, most muscular, best looking man I’ve ever been with.” Greg moaned with pleasure. He couldn’t believe this handsome jock, half his age, thought he was sexy. Diego sucked Greg’s cock hard, using his tongue and lips to massage the entire length. He squeezed Greg’s ball sack trying to distract him from noticing the changes affecting their bodies. Greg moaned and shot his load into Diego’s masterful mouth.

Diego swallowed the small amount of cum and stood up. He removed the necklace from around Greg’s neck and caressed his sagging chest. He noticed that Greg now had a small mole on his upper chest. Greg had his eyes closed trying to catch his breath. He opened his eyes and was surprised by Diego’s new size. “You look taller and more muscular than before” he commented.

Diego sat back down quickly and put the necklace away. “I was on my toes to reach around your thick neck, Greg. And my muscles are all pumped from our little workout. You really got my heart going. You were incredible.” Diego pulled Greg’s shorts back up to his waist. “Thank you for allowing me to enjoy your amazing body, Greg”.

“Sure. I enjoyed it too. In fact I feel a little dizzy. Can we go get a drink or something to eat?” Greg asked while adjusting his package in his now less confining shorts.

“Sorry but I have another engagement. And like I said I’m not from around here, so I have to leave tonight. But it was nice meeting you. Goodbye and thank you again” Diego said thinking quickly.

“Oh, I understand. Goodbye” Greg felt like he was being rushed out the door, but he didn’t want to look needy or uncool, so he left without saying another word.

Diego waited a few moments for Greg to leave the restroom before exiting the stall. He went to the mirror and saw the improvements. He looked amazing, no longer a teenage jock, but an athletic adult. He estimated his height to be about 5’ 10” and his weight 220 pounds. His arms were thick and powerful looking. He did a double bicep pose and saw a baseball size muscle grow before his eyes. He rubbed his chest feeling the bulge that extended out over his tight six-pack. All the blemishes; every freckle, scar, mole and birthmark, were gone from his flawless golden skin. He looked down his shorts and realized even his balls were completely hairless. No more painful Brazilian waxes for him. His shorts were now higher than mid thigh; the spandex material loosely hugged to his more massive thighs and ass. Diego cupped the nice bulge on display between his legs. “I bet that hunk on the beach wouldn’t reject me so quickly now” he thought to himself. Diego washed his face and hands before heading back out to the beach. •

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