Muscle Juice


By nymuscleboy

Mike was a thin, wimpy, thirteen year old boy from Orlando, Florida. He was just another loser at his school. All the guys on the football and wrestling team constantly made fun of him. He didn't have many friends, and most of them just hung out with him so they didn't have to hang out with their super nerd friends. He was the only kid to have red hair in the whole school! Everyone else was blonde or brown. Some kids had purple or green, (not naturally). Mike was willing to do anything to gain size, or atleast get taller. That way he'd be more popular.

One day, Mike saw one of the Football players flexing his muscles infront of some kids. That's when Mike saw his shirt get loose. It seemed he was shrinking! This was weird. His face turned cherry red. He ran away towards the boys bathroom. Mike followed him. He hid in a stall and stood on the toilet. He peeked over the top. There, was the kid, shrinking before Mikes eyes. "Please, let me have it!" He begged to another kid. "I need some money!" He responded. "Fine, heres my lunch money, I'll pay you back the other fifteen bucks tomorrow." He said. "Fine, but if you don't, I'll make sure you never get this again, got it!" He yelled. "Yeah, just gimme it." The kid took out a container and handed it to him. The kid took off his shirt and gulped it down. Thats when Mike saw the impossible. The kid began growing. He was about three inches taller. His pecs became massive and defined again. His abs were tight and ripped. His biceps became boulders again. His back was defined, and his lats pushed his arms out. His shoulders looked like armor. His legs filled his pants to the tearing point. Mike saw a bulge by the zipper. The kid unzipped his pants and let out his hard dick. He rubbed it over and over again. By this time the other kid had left. He was so big. The kid eventually cummed all over the floor. More and more manliness came out of him until about five minuets later, when the bell rang. He got dressed again and ran out the door. Mike follwed after the door slammed shut. He needed that juice container. Finally, he wasn't going to be the dork. ************************************************** *************************** Three weeks had passed since he saw the growth. He just couldn't find that damn kid! He barged into the bathroom, speake of the devil. The kid was there. Mike had twenty bucks in his pocket. He pulled out the four five dollor bills and approached the kid. "I want to buy the stuff you sell." Mike said. "Good a new customer, I hope you'll like it." He said. "I take it it's twenty bucks right?" Mike asked. "For the first ten times, yeah, then its twenty five and so on." He replied as he took the money and handed Mike the container. He took off his shirt as the kid left. The stuff tasted like sugar. Mike became dizzy. He saw his body grow. He was a half foot taller. His pecs enlarged and became forty-eight inches of solid muscle. His stomach tightened and a six-pack appeared. His back was ripped. His legs filled up his pants to the piont where they would fly off and could probably be-head some one. His dick was aching to burst through the zipper. He opened his fly, letting his twelve inch hard dick hang out. Veins spread up and down his body. He even began growing some chest hair. But that was soon engulfed by his pecs. He rubbed his dick up and down, slowly at first, then he increased the speed. He cummed after about thirty seconds. He stopped five minuets later. He put his tight shirt back on and zipped his pants. Good bye dork, hello jock. •

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