Kid Muscle Growth


By nymuscleboy

Ron Weasel finished the two formulas for Rocky and Mark. "Now we can go over and make sure that James and his family never get bigger than us." Joe said. They all shrunk down to normal sizes and hoped in Rocky's Mercedes. They drove up to the Harris Mansion. The three of them pumped up to about eight feet, they wanted to show them how big they could be after they crushed them. Joe tore down the gate and barged up the drive way. Rocky knocked down the door. "I can hear someone's mind in here." James said. They all ran to the door where Rocky Joe and Mark were waiting. "Remember us.' They all said. "You bastards! How'd you get the formula?" David asked. "Oh, you can thank your brother james for that. Thanks for letting me touch your bicep James." Joe said. "Asswipe, I'll kill you!" James said expanding to his true form. "Oh, I'm so scared, don't hurt me please. Pathetic wimp!" Mark shouted. He looked at David with anger in his eyes. David pumped himself up. Mark charged and slammed David into the wall. "Ahhhhh! Damn how are you that strong, your not even as big as me." David shouted. "You'll find out soon enough." Mark snickered. Joe instantly went for James. The two muscle mountains collided with lethal force. Joe grabbed Jame's head and slammed it into the ground. David and James layed unconcious. Mike attacked rocky and tossed him into the air. He suspended him there but Rocky used his own mind to come back down. He grabbed mikes arm and twisted it until it would almost tear off. He then kicked him im the head, making him faint. They pinned them the wall and used their minds to make sure they couldn't get away. The three of them soon woke up. "Uhhh, how... how did you beat us, we're bigger." David said. "Okay, I guess we'll show you." Rocky said. Joe was the first to gain size. He swelled with power. He had to kneel down so he wouldn't bust the ceiling. He grabbed james in one hand and brought him close to his pecs. "Ya know, I don't think I can compare to you anymore. James hated this kid but he couldn't help but getting horny by staring at his body. "I thought you'd get horny. But I'd rather not have an ant suck me." He said as Mark began to grow. His pecs tore out of his tight T-shirt, follwed by his 12 pack and narrow waist. His biceps tore the sleeves. His legs bulged out of his tight jeans. His dick tore through the zipper. He grew to fourty feet and had to sit down so he wouldn't bang his head. Rocky then began a growth spurt that would revolutionize muscle growth. He shot up to fifty feet. His chest was 2000 inches! His biceps looked like the planets. His legs were so thick that nothing could breake them. His dick was a whopping twelve feet! He was so powerful and defined that everyone in the mansion got hard and were oozing cum. James needed a blow job or else he'd go crazy. "someone please suck me." James begged. "Okay, but only because your so cute when your horny." James said as he shrunk down to Jame's height. He wrapped his lips around Jame's cumming dick. Joe started to really get into it so he took James off the wall and let James suck his dick too. Jame smiled, he tricked the kid into letting him fuck him. He drank down all his cum. "No Joe don't let him drink your cum!" Rocky shouted. It was too late. James was swelling up to sixty feet. His body added new muscles that had never been seen before! His pecs grew ten times bigger than rocky's. "Damn, I can barely see my dick!" He shouted."Ah, there we go." He said as it grew to twenty feet. James grabbed the two brothers and rocky and tossed them out of the house, they hurled for miles. "That takes care of them." James said as he shrunk down to normal and plucked his brother and father off the wall and set them down on their beds. "Drink my cum so we'll be ready next time. We need danny, but he's traveling too much now." James said. David drank jame's cum for a while, then mike did the same. "They're gonna come back bigger and stonger ya know." David said. "Well, I have an idea. I'll get my friends from school to drink the formula and you can get the football and wrestling team to take it too." James said. "Brilliant, a team of muscle kids and teens,we'll easily overpower them" Mike said. "Cm'on, i'll get my friends and you get yours." David said. •

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