Kid Muscle Growth

A New Challenge


By Corwin

Chris 'Rocky' Martin has trained for the past 25 years, since he was 12 years old. His dream is to be Mr. Olympia, and the closest he's come is second place. Now, the current champion is retiring and he knows his time has come. He's larger and stronger than he's ever been, and he's ready.

Rocky has never taken any steroids or growth enhancing drugs. He doesn't need to. His body is a testosterone factory. His nuts are the size of lemons, and tests show he produces four times the amount of T than an average man. He's an expert of forcing that T into his muscles to make them grow. As a pro bodybuilder, he's cashed in on it and he makes a good living for Ron Weazel and Weazel Health and Fitness. It's also a gift he's past on to his two sons, Mark and Joe.

Rocky has trained Mark for the past seven years, and Mark is the favorite to win the Teen National Competition. Mark is huge for a teen, with 21 inch arms, a 61 inch chest and 32 inch thighs. Mark is still growing, and Rocky hopes that he and Mark will be the first back-to-back father-son Mr. Os.

For all his pride in Mark, though, nothing compares to his dreams for Joe. The kid is a natural. Even though he's only eight, he benches 400 pounds, curls 175 and squats 500. He's trained since he was three, and beefed up faster than anyone thought possible. The kid has a drive for strength and size second to none. Thanks to his father's gift, his body responded. Joe has been tested, and his testosterone levels are already higher than his father's. Joe's even started to go through puberty, pretty early for a boy but not surprising given his gifts.

This weekend was Mark's. This is the weekend he wins the Teen Nationals, or so Rocky thought. That dream shattered during the weigh ins. That's when they saw David Harris. He was the biggest teen they had ever seen. He looked to be as big as Rocky, or bigger. "What's he on?" asked Mark, arranging his big package in the skimpy posing shorts. During the mandatory poses, the judges compared Mark and David at every opportunity. David was not only huge, he was cut. Mark knew his only opportunity was his posing routine during the finals.

In the pump room, Mark tried to psych David out. As David pumped up, Mark taunted, "That all you can lift? My little brother's stronger than that!" Mark would add two plates to the curling bar, or 4 plates to the bench, and pop out 8 reps. David's response was always the same. He yawned, over-emphasizing his contempt for Mark's alpha-show, then grabbed the bar and pumped out 16 reps. Then he'd walk away.

David's posing was fluid and flawless. Mark's routine was just as perfect, but he looked small compared to David. David was ruthless, challenging Mark on stage at every opportunity, showing his more peaked bis, massive horseshoe tris, enormous legs, ripped abs, and massive traps. Mark came in second. David won everything. Rocky realized that his son wouldn't succeed him in his Olympia title.

Rocky trained harder than ever for the Mr. O. He was the favorite. He was huge. He was strong. He would win. Then history repeated itself.

A new pro, Danny Harris competed. At the weigh in, he dwarfed the massive Rocky. During the mandatory poses, he showed he was bigger, thicker and more ripped than Rocky. In the pump room, he outlifted Rocky and proved his strength. Danny's challenges showed his superior posing ability, superior size and superior bodybuilding skill. Rocky was second again. Danny was first. In the changing room, Rocky noticed that even his dick and balls were second to the massive cock that Danny had. Rocky was pissed.

"Dad, don't worry. I'll get revenge for you. Ain't no one stronger than me," Joe said to his depressed father. "Wait til I start competing. We'll have our revenge."

A week after his loss in the Mr. O, Rocky had a meeting with his sponsor, Ron Weasel. Weasel was just as pissed as Rocky.

"It's not your fault, Rocky. It's that damn MegaCorp. Danny Harris signed with them. Their supplements are selling like crazy. Every physique athlete wants what he's got," Ron grumbled.

"Mr. Weasel, you've dominated this sport for 40 years. It's only a minor setback. I'm still a hot ticket. I've been a top competitor for 15 years. People know me, and they like me." Rocky flexed his arms, his "rocky mountain" bicep came to a huge 24 inch (cold) peak. He may be bigger, but I've got staying power.

"Ya Chris, you're my top gun. Unfortunately, the Harris's have an empire that can challenge my own. I got something to show you." Ron Weasel pulled out a picture of James Harris at age 8. "This is Jimmy Harris. The kid loves muscle, kinda like your Joey. He could bench close to 200, and curl 115lbs."

"That's nothing, Mr. Weasel. Joey does way more than that."

Ron Weasel produced another picture, this time of a 7'5" James. He was massive beyond description. "James is 12 now," was all Ron said. Rocky was speechless.

"We know something happened, Ron. Mike Harris is CEO of MegaCorp, and he's James's father. Rumors say James got a hold of some experimental supplement that caused him to grow. Something about the kid's genetics and hormones. We managed to find this in a wrecked lab that MegaCorp owned." It was a report on James's testosterone and growth potential, as well as something called AMM.

"I've seen reports for both Mark and Joe. They beat this kid easily," bragged Rocky.

"Sure, if Joe got the stuff that James got, he'd get bigger and stronger, probably," said Ron. "The problem is, MegaCorp is a fortress and we can't find out what that secret was."

"I'll find out." It was Joe. He had snuck in while Ron and his father were talking, and was staring at the picture of James. "This guy is still just a kid, right? I'm the best there ever will be, and no other kid is going to deprive me of it."


Danny and David Harris were making a guest appearance at a gym in Las Vegas. Rocky, Mark and Joe planned on being there. Joe was on the lookout for James, while Mark would chat up David and Rocky would chat with Danny. Sure enough, James, Stan and Hal accompanied Danny and David to the guest appearance.

"Man, you're bigger than those guys," Joe said to James. "You're huge."

"Thanks kid," replied James.

"I'm gonna be as big as you one day, I hope," said Joe, making a 14.5 inch bicep on his eight year old arm.

"Maybe, kid. You're pretty big, for a kid," said James.

"Pretty strong too. Hey, can I feel your muscles?" asked Joe naively.

"Sure." James flexed, and a 40 inch mass of steely hard bicep bulged from his arm. There was a thick blue vein on the top. Joe felt it, making sure his ring went over the vein. James didn't even notice the pin prick that sucked a small sample of his blood into the hollow ring.

It wasn't a large sample, but it was enough for Ron Weasel's lab. They were able to isolate enough of the chemicals for one vial of growth formula. Ron Weasel had warned Rocky and Joe that the effects could be extreme.

"Extreme size and strength is OK with me," said Joe, flexing his youthful muscles in anticipation.

Joe was given the formula in a wooded field so no one would see. Joe began to grow. He had worn baggy clothes, but nothing could have prepared him for the change. Within minutes, he was bursting out of his shirt. The denim jeans ripped like tissue paper. His calves burst through the pant legs. Even his substantial dick and balls grew enormous. Joe's pecs became granite plates covering his chest, and his lats pushed his arms away from his sides. His bis became balloons that inflated beyond human comprehension. And Joey grew. As he got taller his muscles filled in every available area. Only his waist remained tiny, if a 80 inch waist on a 200 inch chest is tiny. Joe passed 20 feet tall in 5 minutes, and didn't stop growing until he was 30 feet tall. Every body part was massive and in proportion to his height. The ground shook when he walked. He looked at a hundred foot tree, and uprooted it with one hand. He turned the trunk horizontal and split it in half with ease.

"My god, he's so big." He said to Ron. "But James was only seven foot something."

"No problem, Dad," said Joe. He closed his eyes and shrank down to his original 4'6" height. He was his original height, but he was massive. His arms stretched the tape to 17, and his chest was close to 50. His father put his arm around his son. Joe's body felt like warm titanium. Even unflexed, his muscles were too dense to even react.

"Now, let's go visit that wimp James," said Joe. "Let's get some serum for you and Mark. It's our turn to be the champs." •

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