Kid Muscle Growth


By Muscl4life

Derek was shaking, him an over 7 feet tall huge muscular man was trembling of fear. He was completely paralyzed. "DAD?"Why are you doing this to him, he's our friend!" James said in a crying tone. "You really think they are , don't you kid? You can find out, just explore his mind. Mike looked at him with a mean glint in his eyes. James took a deep breath, he focused on Derek's scared face and suddenly he understood it all. "THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS!" James screamed out loud. "James? Oh, my god what had he done to you?" Mike was somehow right next to David when he finshed his sentence, towering him easily by two feet tall, he was the sight of real power. "Son, would you really think I could cause any harm to you or your brother? My beloved children?" Mike had his eyes seriously staring at his dwarfed son. "N-no, you've alwys been good to us, but why? Why you did that to William?" David asked with fear in his voice. mike kneeled and so they were almost at eye level. He brushed David's blond hair... "Son, did it never occcur to you why did they give that formula to you? For free? Nothing in exchange?" "Yes, at the beggining, but then it happened so fast..." "They knew you were my son for starters, they wanted to use you as their guinea pig..." "Guinea pig? Yea, I knew that!" David said trying to put the things together... "What you didn't know was that your portion of AMM had a highly addicting potencial especially tailored for guys with high levels of testosterone, like you big guy!" Mike fondled him. "Addicting? Like cocain?" "10 times more!" Mike said coldly. "They wanted to addict you, to make you dependent of their drug, and so you would do anything they wanted for more formula!" "OH GOD! James had it all!" Mike suddenly remembered. "Yes, and that was their misfortune!"Mike smiled looking at his beloved son. "Since Jimmy was still a child, his organism didn't have the levels of testosterone needed to activate the addicitng component. And because of that he grew stronger and free from the trap they had set me up!" "set you up?" David asked dumbfolded. "Yes, son, I am sorry but they wanted to use you to get me under their control, they know I would do anyhting for your safety, including giving them absolute control of MegaCorp!" "You own MegaCorp?" Danny asked coming next to Mike, who just reached out and hugged him with his other arm. "Of course I own, little brother, Ever herad of hostile take over?" He laughed - "But I wanted everybody else to think I was just their executive, including you, untill it was safe enough to assume a new lifestyle! That's when William offered me the AMM formula, already knowing that I was in charge of everything..." "But Derek and William, weren't they split up? Didn't MegaCorp trick them with the betrail stuff!" David asked still not getting it all! "Of course not! Gee Davis, pay attention to the facts! When found the phone number in the AMM bag, it was DEREK's CELL number! You talked to him! They didn't want you to find out about both of them!" "Then, remember that those guys wanted to get rid of James, after you called your coach, he entered in touch with Derek and William, and was given the 10 times stronger AMM, to finish with James and get back to their plan!" "Coach was working with them?" "He was just being paid, he didn't care for the rest!" Mike waved his head - "I took care of him!" "Also, remeber the jar containing the AMMx25? You weren't that lucky, it was there on purpose, to make you grow and help James. "William was caught off guard because of your incredible size, he never would guess James would steal the fail safe vials, so he just talked you into preventing James to drink them, otherwise they would be doomed..." "He really did it, he convinced that it would be harmful to James!" "You were following your heart, son! You've always made me proud of your attitude..." "And what about the Stan's menace he worked for William and betrayed him!" "No he didn't!" James said holding the hand of his beloved floating guy. Mike nodded and made him get back in the floor. "Jimmy is right, Stan's innocent, he was just a victim of circumstances, i mean wouldn't be a little temptated to ovegrow James, he was just a boy after all! Stan was just hooked up by the scientists to take back his place as the biggest man, none of the assistants were supposed to know William and Derek were working together, fortunatelly it wasn't copletely right..." "So when Stan appeared at our home and stole the vials..." "Once more it would fit perfectly into their plan, you see James was now complete immune to the AMM with addicting compontent they gave to you "for fun" right after you left their lab, and thanks to the cum you drank from him, you became immune to the drug as well as Danny, whom you've fucked right away! And they didn't think it was possible! That's why they needed another huge guy to take care of you..." "But James once more showed his cleverty, he kept the blue vial..." David smiled brushing his father's chest. "That's true, but William noticed it right away, and he was forced to take one last shot..." "The UMB and the blue vial?" Danny concluded correctly! "That's right little bro! He remeber the UMB was specially tailored to Jame's organism? Well, it was the foundation for their last try, they would try controlling James, via UMB and so they would still get the perfect weapon against me..." Mike said cleverly. "But they didn't get it, did they?" Danny asked. "Fortunatelly, not, and thanks to that formula Stan gave to James, and fucked with his libido, apparently it worked in a different way, they didn't foreseen such thing!" "You mean, Derek and Stan were HUGE, and we all fought, but we were sure to loose..." Danny said confused. "Then all of a sudden you threw a heavy dumbbell on Derek and he fell unconsious - a dumbbell? He was a behemtoh! He should handle it? Or shouldn't he? The truth is it gave you time to gather all in the main lab with William didn't it?" "They had it all arranged?" David guessed each time more firghtened and revolted "But why? they could just beat us there!" "Well, but then how could they get James? It was then he offered you all AMM enhancers, didn't he? Well it was spiced with the addicting formula, as you now guess. Once more the addicting component reacted to the libido booster and it resulted in James's temporarily loss of control, he just wanted more and more muscle didn't he? Fortunatelly James has "burnt" all the adiicting componenet in his body, and since he once more fucked all you guys, it ended up by neutralizing the addicting shit, even on Stan!" "Stan was hooked in the formula, he doesn't have any fault!" James hugged his beloved and kissed him. "That's why William didn't want to sample James's spunk, he was afraid of becoming addicted, but then he realized James had produced a final neutralizer for all of you..." "Realizing they could never beat us, they tried to convince us to help them, by tricking us saying you could be in danger?" David asked more secure about his father. Mike kissed his forehead and lifted himslef, carrying David and Danny in his arms. "Those bastads wanted to get me, by any cost, and they wanted to use you, my family against me! It is not fair!" Mike kissed their cheekbones. "Dad? We were so worried about you, I feared you would be..." "Of course you did, I amde you feel that way sweetie, I knew their shceme wouldn't work if you didn't believe I was in danger" "But how? How did you?" "Why did you do it, Mike?" Danny asked caressing his brother's face. "I had to! They were using my family against me, and I couldn't let it happen, I had my team to work on the formulas for me, and me only! Enhancing both my mind and body beyond any possible description, I was able to develop myself into the most potent mind on Earth, and the biggest body of the planet, and then I worked on the formulas by myeslef, over these two years I've been away from you guys! That's why I spent the last christmas's eve pretending to be out of the country, only talking to you by phone, and after my formula was more developed and I could change back into my former appearance, I'd show a couple of times..." "Oh, daddy I am so sorry I even think you would..." "Don't worry kid, that's why daddy is here!" Mike squeezed his son and brother at the same time. "I still don't understand how did Hal entered this whole thing!" "I told you before, Hal helped me all the time. Ever since the first day they got you and James, I was aware of their intentions, and Hal kept me informed about the neew formulas, enhancers and the whole thing!. He recognized you, although you didnt recognized him..." "Recognized Hal, I never knew him in my life!" "Well, at least you don't remember it. Hal was in your school ever since elementary, ever heard of Ned Berkowitz?" "Ned, the nerd?" Dave asked terrified. "Yes, that's him! I think he always had a crush on you, after all you were so big and huge for your age, always bragging your huge physique, but you know how curel School life can be, you were the jock, he was the nerd! Anyway, he was my trainee in the comany, and a veru dedicated one, when William asked for finnancial support, I've sent Ned and he was the first one to taste AMM, of course without the addicting trick, because William needed his help. And that's why he remained undercoverever since. "Speaking about him..." Danny pointed to the impressive growing figure of Hal, or Ned whatever his name was. All that time he's ben growing so massive and beyond words, his muscles, his size, his uncanny muscles, bulging and flexing each time he breathed he was bigger, more massive and prettier. Mike put David down and he went next to Hal, barely touching him and the growing monster opened his big eyes. "Are you okay?" David asked smiling. Hal reached out and grabbed him, hugged and kissed him deeply. Hal had grown so much more massive he had comnpletely surpassed both DAvid and Stan and was in his way to reach James's size. "All this time, you lied to me, David finally spoke and Hal went sad at the same time, didn't noticing the size he was still gaining. "You've been there watching over me, protecting me!" David held the chin of his beloved behemtoh - "You've saved me! Thank you, NED!" David said and smiled. "Look, Dave, I am so so sorry for lying to you! Your father prohibited me telling you the truth or it could sopil the whole plan and he can be very convincing!" Ned/Hal smiled looking at his boss. "Don't be so hard on him, son! He was just following my orders!" Mike said pointing his thumbs up. Hal finally stopped growing. 9'7" and over 3000 pounds. His muscles were almost as big as James. He walked at Stan and they smiled - "Sorry for the bother, Stan I was just..." "SAy no more, stud! You were just protecting my James, and i can't be mad at you because of that!" Stan flexed his arm and compared to Hal's bigger muscles. "I still can't believe you were a nerd on DAvid's shcool! But now you've become as huge as me!" James hugged Hal. "What is gonna be with him?" Danny pointed at Derek's still frozen body. "I will take care of him" Mike approached and focused on Derek's mind weakening it, till the point he became completely retarded, and then he looked at his family. "He'll no more remeber of the things he did, just as William! but it isn't enough punishment!" Mike grabbed both of William and Derek and start squeezing them. Then, something happened. Mike's already mind blowing physique enlarged even more, swelling with sheer masses of newly born muscles and he grew stronger, wider and freakier, while Derek and William's figures were quickly shrinking, loosing the size, the form and definition, the muscles, everything while Mike kept growing growing and growing! He was now twelve feet tall, and over ten feet wide, weighing about 5000 pounds when he finally dropped two tiny, skinny bodies on the ground. "I FORGOT TO METNION MY OWN VERSION OF FAIL SAFE? I CAN DRAIN THE MUSCLES OF THOSE WHO DOESN'T HAVE MY FORMULA!" Mike said with a thundering voice. He gestured and another vial, with a yellow liquid flew all the way to his hand along with a syringe. He injected the yellow liquid in the bodies of William and Derek. "It is something I've developed with my exceptional mind, forgive the lack of humblety, but I am indeed very clever! It is a serum which will prevent any one of them of develop even one pound of muscle, no matter how hard they try or the formulas they take, which by the way, they won't be able to develop because their intellects had been dowsized at bellow average, almost demential standards." Mike said and soon he flew their corpses away from their sights. "Those two will never rember about anything that happned here, I can gurantee you!" Mike FLEXED his 275 inches guns and his 5'8" cock got hard and oozing precum. The Harris men were all drilling. Mike grabbed the three of them, DAve, Danny and even James in his powerful huge and they squuezed each other hard. "THANKS DAD!!" James and David said in chorus and Danny just nodded "Yeah, Mike, once more you saved the day!" "Well, but I couldn't let you out of the fun!!" Mike put them down and in a while lots of vials were flying around them, four for each one, including Stan. "The Supermen formula?" James asked curiously. "Yes, son! After you'll drink this our new life will start!" Mike said in a happy expresion of love. David, Danny and Stan grabbed their four vials and popped the content, but James remained quiet. "What's wrong Jimmy?" Mike kneeled "Don't you wanna be BIG like you old man?" "That's the problem! It will be just like before the AMM! I will be akid again, everyone in my family will be bigger than me!" Jimmy crossed his massive guns around his chest." "How do I knew you would say that?" Mike produced another vial, out of no where - "HERE, you drink this and I will look puny next to you!" Mike said and hugged his son "If it wasn't for your eternal thirst for size and power we would never escape from a tragic fate, you deserve it!" Mike gave the it to his son and kissed his forehead. "Let's play together champ!" James drank the four vials and the extra one, noticing that it had already working on the others. Soon, the whole room was filled with MUSCLE beyond any other story you've ever listened. Everywhere you lok there's an over 150 inches biceps flexing, a 200" chest flexing, 12 pack of huge ripped abs, a muscle pillar leg at the unbeleivable size of 240" inches, all kinds of hugely grown cocks, 3 feet, 4 feet, even six feet long cock completely hard cock oozing lots of precious cum! Then, after an orgy of growth, muscle and size, the senses were starting to come back. Danny's head was still spinning when he saw Mike's impressive figure, still the same muscular size, but now he was looking at Mike's body a little down his chest height, reaching his impossibly thick neck. He take a look at himself and realizes he was HUGE just like his big brohter. "11 feet tall, 3500 pounds, 250 incehs biceps, and matching muscles I think you're perfect sized for my tool!" Mike said kissing Danny right on his lips. Stan was next, he realized his muscles finally stop grwoing. "Almost twelve feet tall...hmmm nothing bad, I guessed you would be very huge, after all you've ben sampling the powerful seed of my dear Jimmy!" Mike said approaching Stan he was 4200 pounds and his muscles were just a little bit smaller than Mr. Harris - "Those are pretty mighty arms ther son, I hope you get them bigger working out with my young Jimmy!" Mike hugged him tightly feeling his mass. "HEY, GRAMPS WASSUP!" Thundered the powerful voice of the colossal new and improved DAVID. 13 feet tall, even taller than his old man, weighing over 6000 pounds of incredibilly sized MUSCLES! He was so fucking wide, his 350 incehs chest, and 285 inches guns were magnificently crowned by his incredibilly dazzling face, not to mention his close to six feet long cock, and three and half inches wide. "MY BOY!" Mike hurried and hugged David tightly they kissed roughly and squeezed their muscles - "You gotta teach me to use those extra power, they are awesome!" David said feeling his body floating three feet above the ground!" "It will be my pleasure!"Mike said floating along with his son. "Oh guys, I think you should look at our wonder boy..." Hal said pointing to JAMES. His growth was beyond discription. James had his eyes closed, he was feeling his wonderful growth, when he opened his eyes and saw his father, and his brother who was already done growing floating, they came closer to him and James realized David wasn't even reaching his pec level! James was clos to 18 feet tall and weighed over 10000 pounds of pure muscle! His 500 inches ches only were equal to his 350 inches guns and the 420 inches pillars, and the matching almost seven feet long cock was clearly his major feature. "James, I think this time you are THE MAN!" Dtan said jumping at his arms, just as David did and even MIKE wnated to feel his giant muscular titanic son. "Hey you think i am somekind toy! You're fucking heavy!" "Oh come on! you can lift ten times more than that!" David protested. "You happy son?" Mike asked proud of his titanic son. "Happy? I am fucking LOVING IT!" James flexed his arms and the size of his twin peaks impressed even his gargantuan father! And with that every man in the room engaged into a wild, steamy hot orgy sex! Hours later, after James had his pole inside of every one of the muscle behemoths, DAvid woke up seeing his father shrinking back to his previous size! "Hey, can I do it too?" He asked mareveled "Sure champ! You don't think I go out like my true size do you? It make our life more manageable, we can be the size we want, but our weight and strenght remains there!" "You mean, i could get the size I was back when it happened?" David asked already feeling his height decreasing and he returned being 6'3". "You maybe only 6'3" but you still weight 6000 pounds, so it will make your body much more dense, you are practically unbreakable!" Mike hold him and hugged. "We can keep our tue size only for those who deserve beholding it!" "And I could go to college..." David considered "It means I could go back to my bodybuilder carrer!" Danny shouted returning to his normal size. "So can I!" Stan said and he returned to his 6'2" frame "The only problem for you two will be weighing in!" Hal said already trying to regain his previous size! Soon every man was back at his size when they first sampled AMM. Except for James. "Come on son, you can do it!" Mike asked "I know I can, i can do anything better than you guys! But I don't see how fun is there?" James still behaved like a 11 year old "Well, you don't need to get back at your inital size, you can be any size you want!" David said huggin his leg, feeling the enormity of his 18 feet tall kid brother. James considerd a little and shrunk back at 7'5" tall. I won't get any smaller than this!" "James, you're not losing your power! You stil can lift a truck with one hand, you just don't need to walk around in your true size, just among us and those we want!" Stan said leaning his head on James arm. "Okay I will do it, but just till we get home!" James said returning to exact Stan's height. "Well son we are moving to our newly acquired mansion! Fours tored manison, specially designed to hold our true sizes!" Mike announced getting on his new limmo. The staff was busy cleaning aftert their mess. James entered the car hugged to DAvid he had amean smile inhis face - "It'll be so fucking fun!" "Forgot I can read your mind James?" David murmured "And you forgot I wanted you to rea it?" The limmo went to its destination. "mike, you think we can handle the boys?" Danny asked worried. "Sure! They are sweet boys! besides, I am dying to have fun with them!" James smiled "And fun we shall have dad! Lots of fun!" •

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