Power of the Hulk


By Corwin

Scott was lying on the floor, Emil cuddled up next to him. He looked at the other man, so small compared to his huge body. Thoughts of the night before raced through Scott's mind.

It had begun with Scott worshipping Emil's super-muscular body. The feeling of every steely-hard inch and every valley and every mountain that Emil's muscles created. Scott felt Emil's body flush, and noticed his excitement. Emil lifted Scott, and held him so gently for such a powerful man. They kissed.

"Emil, what do you want?" Scott asked. There was no reply. "I think I know." Scott concentrated, his body expanding with thick muscles. He stopped when he had achieved Hulk strength. "Grrrrrr," Scott growled playfully, flexing into a crab that the Hulk used to intimidate his opponents in a display of strength. He changed into a double bicep, "Do you want to smash Scott-hulk? Show me how strong you are!"

Blonsky walked over to Scott. He rubbed his hand over Scott's arms, admiring their size and shape. Keeping his hand on Scott's flexed bicep, he stuck his face in the cave of Scott's armpit and sniffed deeply. Then, Emil began to squeeze. His fingers dug into the iron hardness of Scott's muscle. Scott flexed harder and whispered, "smash that." Emil's fingers were forced out, so he squeezed harder. Scott flexed again, forcing Emil's hand out. Scott watched Emil's forearm flex as the see-sawed testing the other's strength. The outcome was inevitable. With only category 100 strength, Scott was no match for Emil's power. Emil's hand crushed Scott's mountain of muscle down into a hill.

Emil was breathing fast. He moved his hand from Scott's defeated arm, and placed it on Scott's pec. "Flex," he ordered as he rubbed Scott's nipple. The scene repeated itself. Emil tested his power against all of Scott-Hulk's muscles, demonstrating to both his superior power.

Eventually, Emil took Scott's hand and placed it on his cock. "Smash this," he ordered. Scott stroked and squeezed Emil. He used all his strength, but Emil's powerful body was invulnerable to Scott-Hulk's muscles.

"Too hard," Scott said as Emil felt Scott's arm flexing in an attempt to do the impossible. It was the first time Emil shot that night. There were many more.

The scene repeated as Scott powered up to Emil's strength level. The two muscle giants sparred and played with each the other's muscles of equal strength. Battle after battle became draws as neither could 'smash' the other. Both Emil and Scott came together.

Scott kissed Emil. "Do you want me to?" he asked.

Emil smiled. "Yes please. Scott smash," he said.

Scott knelt on the floor. The apartment's nine foot ceilings would be too small for him. Emil came over to him and put him in a bear hug. Scott command more strength. His body expanded, breaking Emil's grip with powerful ease. Scott grew taller, looking down on the now smaller powerhouse. Emil began to punch him, hitting him with his considerable might. Scott didn't care -- he barely felt it. The floor squealed at having to support two tons of man muscle, but it held.

Scott now easily overpowered Emil, and Emil worshipped Scott's superior body. The muscle play and tests of strength got to both of them, and again they came together. Emil curled up next to Scott and fell asleep. Scott watched the sun come up as the shadows accentuated Emil's magnificent body. Scott was happy.


Brandon and the Hulk arrived outside the physics building just after dawn. The Hulk transformed back into Banner, and the two walked into the basement.

"It's through here," said Brandon, leading Banner through a hole in the wall.

"Not exactly a state-of-the-art lab, is it?" Banner said.

"We're just students, and I guess Scott needed some place to do his work. No one ever comes down here. Hell, I didn't even know this place was here," Brandon explained.

"Well, at least it is private," said Banner, walking over to some papers. He scanned them. "Well, this explains something. This is my research from GammaBase. Scott must have broken into the military computers and stolen it. Your pal Scott is one smart cookie." Banner walked over to the control panel and looked at it. Next, he went to the gamma ray geneator. He shuffled through some papers and took out what appeared to be schematics. He looked at both. "That Scott is a genius. The modifications he made, concentrating and cleaning the beam, amazing. No wonder he's more powerful than me. I doubt there is any limit to what his strength could be. I can only guess how long he exposed himself. And here," Banner pointed to something, "this was just added. It must be what changed Blonsky. Fascinating!"

Brandon was glad that Banner knew what was going on with the machine, but he was growing nervous and impatient. He walked over to a pale of green goo and put his hand down.

"Don't touch that!" screamed Banner, running over. He looked at it. "It's probably radioactive. I don't want to contaminate you. If I'm right, Blonsky and I are now limited by the impure gamma ray generator that originally changed us."

"What is that goo?" Brandon asked.

"I think that's what's left of Abomination. It's what Blonsky expelled when Scott changed him. If I'm right, and I'm pretty sure I am," said Banner.

"So, you can use this doo-hicky ray gun on me?" Brandon asked.

"Yes, let's get started." Banner walked to the control panel.


Emil woke up in Scott's arms. Scott reduced his mass to proportions manageable for the apartment. They showered and dressed. Emil wore spandex shorts and no shirt. Scott did the same, but packed a shirt in his bag for when he was in class.

They stepped outside and leapt to campus. Scott had no desire to hide his power anymore. No one could stop him.

"Let's stop by the lab for a second. I want to dispose of that bucket before campus gets busy," Scott said as they entered the physics building. They walked down the stairs. In the basement, Scott noticed that the lockers were not blocking the entrace to the lab. He saw lights coming through the hole in the wall. His heart began to race when he heard the buzz of the gamma ray generator. Someone was using it. •

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