Power of the Hulk


By Corwin

The Hulk stared at Scott, then moved toward him. "Get out of my way and turn that damned thing off!"

Scott moved to block the green monster's path. "Make me."

The Hulk bent and charged. The beast hit Scott in the abs and lifted him, tossing him through the hole in the building. The Hulk grabbed the Infinite Weapon that had compelled him to come and tossed it outside. As Scott regained his composure, he saw the Hulk jumping out. "Now for you," the Hulk boomed.

"Bring it on," said Scott. He saw the Hulk begin to charge him, propelled by legs that can cover over 3 miles in a single leap. Scott reacted this time and charged back. The crash of the titans sounded like an sonic boom that rattled windows. The Hulk flew backwards toward the school's football field. Scott barely noticed the impact.

The Hulk picked himself up, his anger flaring. Scott noticed the green monster's muscles expanding as he lept toward him. Scott stood his ground as the Hulk hit full force, diving his titanic shoulder into Scott's chest. The irresistable force hit the immovable object, and the immovable object won. The Hulk fell fack and landed on his ass.

"Was that suppose to do anything to me?" Scott smiled over the fallen monster.

The Hulk's body seemed to surge with power as he struck out in anger. He kicked his legs into Scott's calves, trying to move the 3000 pounds of gamma-powered muscle. "NO" kick "ONE" kick "IS" kick "STRONGER" kick "THAN" kick "HULK!" Scott could tell the monster's legs were strengthening in his anger, but they had no effect on him. Clearly, the massive dose of gamma radiation Scott exposed himself to had had its desired effect.

The Hulk kicked, but Scott jumped and fell to the ground, his massive legs on either side of the Hulk. "Correction. No one WAS stronger than the Hulk. That's changed." Scott brought his legs together and began to crush the monster. The Hulk flexed his pecs and spread his lats, trying to force Scott's legs apart. The Hulk's invincible muscle dented and was forced back by Scott's legs. The Hulk's heaving, striated superbulk was no match for Scott's strength.

Scott heard a rib crack under the stress of his thighs -- he wasn't even flexing hard. He felt another rib break, and the Hulk cried out in pain.

The Hulk pounded the ground, causing nearby buildings to shake. He threw fists into Scott with no effect. Scott's legs flattened the Hulk's pecs and he could tell the monster was having trouble breathing. Suddently, Scott stopped.

"This is too easy." He jumped up and grabbed the Hulk under his arms. As he did, he heard a crash behind him. Turning, Scott saw a six foot eight inch muscle freak. The creature had a deformed face with webbed ears, two fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot. Its skin was scaled, but Scott could see the creature's extreme musculature flex with each move.

"Blonsky!" cried the Hulk. "Get out of here!" The Hulk wheezed in a deep breath. "Too strong..." Scott slapped the Hulk hard in the face, twisting the monsters head around with the power of the impact. The Hulk had passed out. Scott tossed the unconscious monster at the creature known as Abomination with such force that the second monster was thrown 500 feet back.

"Fuck ya!" said Scott, flexing his powerful right bicep that peaked so high and sharp it seemed to be pointing to the sky in a challenge to the gods above. He rubbed his left hand over the peak, feeling its steely firmness and strength.

Blonsky pushed the fallen Hulk off of him. He felt that magnet that had compelled him to come here nearby. Looking around, he saw the Infinite Weapon. He ran to it and picked it up. The man who had so easily defeated the Hulk was paying more attention to his own power than Emil Blonsky. The Abomination leapt up, his thighs rippling with the power of rockets to propel him miles away.

Scott saw the creature leaping away with his device. "I don't think so," he said. He flexed one of his thighs, enticed by the deep cuts and striations of his massive quads. "Let's see what these babies can do." Scott aimed at the figure flying off in the distance and leapt in pursuit. As with his other muscles, his legs were much more powerful than the other gamma creatures. The power of Scott's jump was so great that his speed was more than five times that of Abomination's.

Around the field where Scott had beaten Banner, a crowd was gathering. A shirtless bodybuilder came running forward, and saw the Hulk lying on the ground. As the Hulk began to stir, Brandon saw his opportunity. He reached into his pocket and downed two pills. He felt his muscles tense, filling with new power. "You should stay down monster if you know what's good for you," Brandon warned.

David Banner looked at the man. He stood, seven feet of green muscle flexing. "Or what?"

Brandon's answer was a series of blows that knocked the Hulk back. Brandon looked smaller, but each punch felt as if a power equal to Emil Blonsky's was behind it.

The Hulk flexed and landed a blow to Brandon's abs. Brandon's bricks, so use to deflecting any blow, cracked. The air was forced from his lungs, and he bent over in pain.

It was only a second. Brandon recovered, righted himself, clasp both hands together and swung a double fist into Banner's face with all his might.

The Hulk's head twisted, and blood splattered from his lip. He looked at Brandon. "You're strong, but not as strong as the other one."

"What are you talking about! I'm the strongest man around. I've got category 100 strength, just like you, and I'll bring you down." Brandon swung again, knocking the Hulk to the ground. Brandon moved quickly, jumping on his back and wrapping his legs around the Hulk's torso, pinning his arms.

"Argh..." The Hulk felt his still broken ribs pressed in by the bodybuilder's powerful legs. Hulk knew it was true -- this man was as strong as him. He needed to get away, but still had not recovered from the first fight and was in no shape to take on yet another powerhouse. Banner flexed his arms and tried to pull them out of Brandon's thighs. Brandon could feel the green monster's muscles pushing his legs. Brandon bore down. Iron-hard muscle pressed into iron-hard muscle, each trying for dominance. Brandon felt his legs being spread, so he bore down harder, regaining the ground he had lost. They heard sirens, then a team of soldiers came running toward them.

"Hang on son!"

Brandon was shaking and sweating with the effort to contain the Hulk. The men wrapped a metal device around the Hulk's legs -- a device that channeled the Hulk's own strength back into himself.

"We've got to get this one on his arms."

Brandon wrapped his massive arm around Hulk's neck. He release his legs and pulled backward. The Hulk fell back, Brandon jumping off just in time. Brandon quickly grabbed one of Hulk's arm. Using both his arms, he contained the Hulk's strength long enough for the army men to get the arm in the special handcuffs. Brandon held the captured hand with one of his hands and grabbed the Hulk's free arm. He pulled and let out a primal yell as he command all his power into his arms. The Hulk's arms began to move. Time seemed to slow as Brandon pulled the strong arms together. It seemed like hours, but in seconds Brandon got them close enough for the soldiers to capture the Hulk. The Hulk lie on the ground, defeated.

"You're a hero son! We've been after Banner for years. How'd you get so strong?" asked the soldier.

"Good eating," said Brandon.

"He didn't do it," said Banner. "The other one. So strong. Has to be gamma energy."

Brandon just looked at him.

Two miles away, as Abomination was about to land, he was hit by 3000 pounds of gamma-charged man. Scott and Blonsky landed, creating a crater 100 yards wide. Scott hit Abomination with the force he used to knock Hulk out. Blonsky was stunned, and Scott grabbed the Infinite Weapon.

"Kill me," said Blonsky. "Just don't weaken me. Not again. Not like Banner did." There was a tinge of vile contempt in the way Blonsky said 'Banner.'

Scott looked at the pathetic creature. "You hate him."

"He did this. Him and that damned machine. He altered it, gave me power that not even the Hulk could stop. Look at me, I'm a freak. Hideous. Ugly. Who cares? I didn't. I had the power. I was unstoppable. Then he took it from me, and left me like this." Abomination was about to get up, but Scott made a fist and shook his head. Blonsky stopped. "You did it, didn't you. Recreated the machine. Used it."

Scott thought, then answered, "Yes."

"How strong?"

"That's what I'm trying to figure out. For now, all I know is that you and the Hulk are wimps compared to me."

"And you're not... not a freak."

"I'm not even green." Scott smiled, then flexed. His body was perfectly proportioned and the mass exceeded anything he had ever imagined.


"Revenge," said Scott. "No, more like avenge."

"I can understand revenge," said Blonsky. "Banner's taken everything from me."

"Maybe we can help each other," said Scott. •

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