Case, The


By Muscl4life

�What kind of drugs are you in, Patterson?� Byron grunted as he heard the details of Jason�s story � �The same one as you, moron!� Jason punched Byron�s abs � �You just packed 85 pounds of muscle, just breathing, you think this will wear off?�

�B-but it can�t be possible!� Byron said � �What about the other stuff, I don�t feel any different��

Jason sighed � �Jocks, even when they have the potential, they refuse to believe on it � Alright, beefcake, what�s the capital of the Byzantine Empire?�

�Constantinople, but why you�re asking that?� Byron mumbled.

�How much is 1523 multiplied by 45?�

�68535� Byron replied in a jiffy without even realizing he had performed such complicated operation without even writing down.

�Name three of the Seven wonders of the ancient World�

�The Colossus of Rhodes, the Suspended Garden of Babylon, the Statue of Zeus, Artemis� Temple��

�I just asked for three, nimrod� Jason smiled as Byron finally noticed what happened to him, he actually had all that information on his brain � but how did he learn all that stuff?

�The green vials work on your whole organism, correcting any previous deficiencies, increasing your physical capabilities, making your muscles stronger and denser not to mention that it reestablishes and accelerates the neural synapses, recovering any lost information on your brain, causing the impression you just �learned� the things you�ve never seemed to understand� Jason concluded, tapping Byron�s shoulder � �Welcome aboard, Byron, you�re now a brilliant genius with the body of the next Mister Olympia!�

�WOW! That�s a rush!� Byron exclaimed, but then he remembered what Jason set him and his friend a trap � �Why did you use me that way?� �Look, no offense, I knew that being the biggest and most muscular guy on school, you wouldn�t let go of my tail, until you discovered what made me grow the way I did, I just rushed things a little, not to mention that we needed a decoy to distract ChemTech�s goons� Jason said seriously � �Besides, I thought you and Joe would be a tremendous acquisition to out group of super strong, over muscular genius teenagers!� Jason extended his hand � �No heart feelings, okay?�

Byron considered for one moment, then he shook hands with Jason � �Alright, Patterson, I�m with you, as long��

�as I share the other vials with you. No problem, I would think the same way�

Byron remembered his friend Joe � �Where did they take him to?�

Jason smiled and flashed an electronic gadget to Byron � �I got that pretty with the ChemTech�s henchmen I knocked out yesterday, it is an electronic device that I put on Joe�s clothing when we met back at the school� � we can track him down all the way to wherever ChemTech�s guys are taking him.

�You really had this all planned huh?� Byron commented still impressed how drastically Jason changed, going from a stupid loser to a clever muscular keen teenager, with sharp reflexes and an incredible intellect. Jason grinned � �I can�t stop thinking and planning, it�s like my brain is getting more powerful each day, those vials are too precious for us to lose!� Jason looked at the little screen � �They are taking him to the West, near the docks��

�What�s your plan of action?� Byron said bouncing his mountainous pectoral muscles to emphasize that he was ready for some action.

�I guess you are beginning to like being clever huh?� Jason asked with a mean grin as they both rushed down the street with an incredible speed.

Mark Hennessey looked at the kid at the back of the vehicle � �Shit! Look at the size of that kid! He�s bigger than a bull!�

�And he wasn�t the biggest kid on the school fight, boss� One of the goons replied, proud of his attempt � �You were just lucky he got distracted, but I don�t complain, at least we�ll finally have some answers�� Hennessey smiled as he checked the kid�s enormous body once more � �Weird, judging by the way his clothes are torn, he may have taken his vials after going to school, which means he wasn�t prepared for their effects��

�And if that is true? What�s the big deal?� Another big dumb guy asked � �Well, Einstein, this can only mean two things � he took the formula for an unseen situation or he took it for the first time!�

�I still don�t get it boss�

�Why do I still lose my time with you?� � Mark sighed � �If he took it for the first time, it means someone else had already taken it before and shared it with him, you told me about the already huge kid, he is about he same size right? But he had time to change into more comfortable clothing to go to school, the way he shredded his clothes it only means...� Mark spotted something unusual on Joe�s shredded clothes, when he grabbed it, his eyes widened � �It�s one of our location devices!�

The SUV suddenly stopped moving. The driver yelled and Mark looked to his front � he saw an even huger teen holding the front of the car, lifting it from the soil over a 45degrees angle. Then, the back door was ripped like it was made out of paper. An also powerful teenager entered the car and simply grabbed Joe�s body easily, defeating the stupefied henchmen who were simply thrown out of the car like bugs.

Mark tried to escape from the huge muscle kid, crawling his way into the vehicle, he drew his stun gun, but the kid just anticipated his movement, grabbed his hand, twisted the fist so fast, Mark hit his own leg � falling painfully at the ground of the vehicle. Jason grabbed him as well and pulled him out of the car

�Alright now, I grabbed Joe!� he yelled at Byron, who simply nodded and lifted the SUV over his head, throwing it into the water.

�What with this other guy?� Byron asked curious as he saw Jason carrying the bdies of Joe and a thin short man in a suit.

�That�s our ticket to ChemTech�s secrets, Larry must be at home now, we�re gonna break into their system, but we still need an undercover agent�� •

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