Case, The


By celticmuscle

"Welcome back to Squawk Box and we have some breaking news to bring you. Chem Tech who are listed on the NASDAQ under CHEM, have announced a press conference at 11 Eastern regarding their so called "VIAL" project. Although nothing has been confirmed, the stock is already up 17% on the news following an unconfirmed report last week that they may have solved the problem of steroid abuse among teenagers. The stock is currently trading at $111 with UBS setting a price target of $130 by year end"

The television was switched off and Larry (now fully recovered) stared in amazement.

"You're trying to tell me" he said, slowly, "that we're being used as guinea pigs by Chem Tech?"

The man called Pat nodded. "We're from the FBI and we've been tracking Chem Tech for the last 18 months. We think they deliberately let that case get stolen and told the people who stole it to dump it near to where it would be found and then they could track the results!"

"What do you want me to do?" asked Larry

"Now, we're talking" said Pat. •

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