Case, The


By Ender

Slowly Larry drifted back into the world. He found himself lying on his back in a concrete block room staring at a single uncover light. As his world became clearer he was surprised to find he wasn’t under restraint and that the door of the room was open. Larry rubbed his eyes and tried to sit up. But the room started to spin and the darkness closed over him again. When the world returned, Larry found himself sitting with his back against the block wall and a flood lamp shining in his face. Between himself and the lamp Larry could make out a pair of folding chairs one on either side of the lamp and a man moving around in the darkness. Larry heard a voice call out “Hey, Pat, he’s coming to again. Get in here.” A second man joined the first and said “Why’d you use my name?” the first voice answered, “It’s not like he will be able to do anything with it.” “Yeah, I suppose you’re right,” said the second voice and the pair sat down.

“Where am I? Who are you? And what do you want?” said Larry with as much belligerence as he could muster. “Relax kid, for now we’ll ask the question and you answer, understood?” said the first voice. Larry ignored the question and the first voice repeated. “Understood?” Larry remained silent and the first man aimed a small box toward Larry and suddenly Larry thought his head would explode and just as quickly the pain passed. Then the second voice said. “Look kid, we can do this the hard way or the easy way. Either way you will tell us what we want to know so make it easy on yourself. Larry thought for a few moments and as he saw the box again being trained on him he said, “Alright, I understand,” and the first man lowered the box. The second man said, “Good choice, now what’s your name kid?” “Larry.” “Larry what?” asked the first voice “Larry Atkinson” “Very good Larry,” continued the second voice, “We know you or one of your pals found the case. And looking at you my guess is you’ve only use one of the green vials so I think it was your pal… What’s his name?” “Joe, Joe Preston,” said Larry. Again, the pain shot through his head. “Good try Larry, but we know the cops have Joe on ice, now lets try the truth this time,” said the first voice. Larry hesitated but as the box was being raised Larry yelped. “Jason Patterson.” “Good Larry,” said the second voice, “We know the goon’s from Chem Tech chased a couple of teens all over town last night my guess is that was you and Jason right.” Larry nodded. “Good Larry,” the second voice continued, “do the other two boys know about the case?” Larry shook his head. “So how did the other boys get the vials they used?” Knowing he would tell them any ways Larry answered, “Jason let them steal some vials from his locker hoping Chem Tech would come after them instead of us.” “Thank you Larry,” said the second voice and the flood lamp snapped off, “You may find it hard to believe right now, but we are the ‘Good Guys.’” •

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