Case, The


By Muscl4life

Private Investigator Mark Hennessey looked to the goons in front of him – “A bunch of imbecile morons!” he nodded as the ChemTech staff applied the antidote to the Serotonin solution they were injected with.

“They should be better in a few minutes” the guy said as he left the small office. ChemTech lawyers took the henchmen Jason knocked out of jail in a jiffy, but it also meant a big trouble to the corporation, they wanted the whole case incident to be forgotten by the locals, and since last night, lots of people commented they saw the ChemTech vehicle chasing two male teenagers at 3 am! The police wanted the Laboratory to explain such reports, but once more their power guaranteed they walked out without great explanations, even so, it made Hennessey’s superiors really unsatisfied.

“Oh, my head!” said one of the goons as he felt his mind returning to the normal world – “What happened to me?” he mumbled.

“That’s what I would like to know! What the hell happened after your last report?” Hennessey asked in an angry tone – “I told you to keep an eye at the local school, why did you have to chase tow kids!”

“We just thought it was strange to see two kids at school over 3 am, boss! We saw one of them jumping from the ceiling and reaching the floor without any harm!” the eyes of the detective suddenly lightened up – “Go on…”

“We followed them a little, until we noticed they had something with them, like little vials, you told us to go after anything suspicious”

“Little vials, huh? What else?”

“When we tried to get them, they just ran away in different directions, we followed one up, but he just ran too fast, when we noticed, the other kid simply put his hands on the wheels and crushed it!” the henchman said with wide eyes.

“I see, and after that, he probably kicked your sorry asses, as well!”

“Yeah, boss, I’ve never seen anyone so strong! He looked like a super hero or something!”

“Did you get his name or physical details?”

“No boss, we had no time! He was so fast! All I know is that this kid looks like a bodybuilder! He is bigger and stronger than anyone I’ve ever seen!” This was a very respectable statement, since it came from a 6’4” 250 pounds muscle guard.

“Farewell, you are dismissed, just go get your stuff at the Human Resources Department” the goon looked sad – “Okay mister Hennessey” he stood up and helped his friends, who had just woke up, and the three left.

The investigator considered the facts – “Whoever those kids are, they committed their first mistake, nobody can stop ChemTech Labs…”

“Mister Hennessey, sir!” a big guard said really nervous – “You should see that, NOW!” the man said turning on the TV monitor at the local breaking news – ‘they are showing this all time!”

Mark simply couldn’t believe his eyes – “IWhat are you waiting for? Go get them!” he said tightening his teeth and punching the table – The TV news crew reported alive from the local High school, showing the damages caused by two rebel students”

“You did WHAT?” Larry asked terrified. He almost threw up all over Jason’s body so nervous he became Jason kept peeking at the locker room, hearing the familiar sound of the vials being cracked to release their contents. He waved his partner to remain silent and brought him away from the door – “Relax, Larry, I just wanted Byron and Joe to have a sample of the vials!”

“Why did you do this?” Larry asked almost passing out – “They were so much stronger without the stuff, now they’re gonna clean the floor with us!” “That’s why I gave you the green vial, you’ll fake that you are being spanked!” Jason grinned with his clever look. “What?” Larry simply blinked many times. “Last night we were followed by ChemTech’s henchmen, they are after the case, I knocked off the guards but we still have to worry with the Labs, they’re very powerful and influent on society, the longer we can remain out of their sight, the more we can find out about the vials!” Jason explained. “But what it has to do with Byron and Joe kicking my ass?” Larry protested. “First of all, they are not hurting you as much as you think, your body is much more resistant, and recovers faster than you can ever imagine. Besides, they will be worried with other people…” Jason grinned once more – “Quick, gimme your cell phone, we have an urgent call to make”

Byron and Joe coughed at first, but soon, the fumes filled their big lungs, the sensation was really intense, like a major rush during steroids cycle, but much stronger. They felt their already big muscles growing bigger, thicker and wider.

“WHOA! Look at us, Byron, we’re gonna be huge!” Joe said flexing his muscles and ripping his tight clothing, his partner simply inhaled the remaining fumes and flexed as hard as he could growing so much more muscular, his entire body bulged, his muscles grew in violent spasms, veins popping out, clothes ripping off – If Byron was the biggest muscle guy around, now he looked even more powerful and intimidating.

Their growth continued for over a few more minutes, they kept swelling bigger and bigger, their muscles growing harder and more defined, the sheer size of their proportions even surprised the two jocks, who gasped at their incredible view.

“WOW! This is fucking unbelievable!” Joe gasped as feeling his own huge muscles – He couldn’t wait to see his new weight – 285 pounds – “WOW I’m even bigger than Jason!” Joe exclaimed as he noticed the increased mass – I used to be 215 pound, I gained 70 pounds in less than three minutes!” Joe flexed his muscles and looked at the lockers – he grinned and easily ripped the whole thing of the wall, hoisting it above his head – “YEAH! THAT’S STRENGTH” he yelled feeling his head buzzed of strange unconscious calculations and estimations about the locker weight and the Physic applications of Newton’s rules of his act .

“Step aside, junior!” Byron commanded. Joe simply gasped at the sight of his friend. Byron grunted and stepped up on the scale – 325 fucking huge ripped veined ultra defined pounds of incredibly strong muscles – Byron got off the scale and flexed his incredible 24” inches guns – “Watch out Patterson, you’re history!” he grinned as he punched the locker room wall to the showers, putting it down with a simply swing of his powerful arms.

Coach Briggs decided to start class without Byron and Joe, his best students – “They must be making out with some chicks” he grinned – “Attention class, today we’re gonna have wrestling practice! Each one of you line up according to weight category!” Briggs ordered and the kids proceeded as they were told – “Patterson? Where’s Patterson?” the brute coach asked, looking for his new surprising student.

“He wasn’t feeling very well, sir, he’s at the nursery…” Larry said with his usual shy tone, but this time Briggs almost didn’t recognize him – “Atkinson? Is that you?”

“Yes, Coach” Larry replied a little surprised – “Come here boy!” he ordered looking at an ashamed formerly fat student – “Shit! You lost all that fat, Larry! You’re looking like a man, not a potato couch!” he slapped Larry’s back, who simply looked down “Thanks Coach!”

“Well, he’s gonna need more than a fit physique to beat us!” Joe said as he kicked the door on his way in, causing it to slap heavily against the wall.

“Preston? What the hell are you thinking entering my class without uniform?” Briggs protested – “Stay away Coach, this is between fatso and me!”

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” Briggs tried to reach Joe but suddenly caught his attention, it was the door – Byron lifted the heavy steel door with one hand, throwing it up and down like it was made of rubber – “Where’s your bitch friend Larry? Did he hide to avoid being humiliated?”

“What? Byron? What are you on?” Briggs tried to ask but the huge student simply grabbed him and threw over ten feet away – The students screamed and ran away from the savage duo – “what the hell are they talking about?”

Larry gulped – “P-please, don’t hurt me!” he said stepping backwards.

“Oh we’ll just try not to…” Byron replied and simply used tow fingers to flick Larry’s stomach. Larry knew what he had to do – he felt the incredible strength on that flick, but he could handle it if he wanted, but since he was told by Jason to play along, he threw his body over 20 feet back, making it seem that Byron had simply flicked him like a bug. He landed heavily at the wrestling mattresses.

Joe smiled – “Come on Larry, is that too much for you super man? Where’s Jason to protect you?” he provoked, holding Larry in a tight arm lock. Larry felt his body being almost crushed by the sheer strength of that kid, but he could handle the pain, he actually understood what Jason meant when he said the green vials would make him more resistant.

Byron came along and held the poor guy by his collar – “come on, Larry, where’s your friend Jason, he said he wanted to see if we were challenge for you on wrestling match! I second that invitation!”

The fire alarm went on, the students all ran away to the outside, causing a great commotion, for one single moment, Byron lost his attention, and the next time he looks, Larry was gone, he ran into the crowd, mixing with the lots of students running from all the sides.

Byron and Joe, chased Larry, yelling like mad guys, throwing heavy things against him, ripping doors, lifting dumpsters and causing a real turmoil as they went after the formerly fat kid – “Jason, where are you man?” Larry kept thinking as he managed to escape from the anger of the enhanced jocks behind him.

“Get you fat but here, Larry!” Preston yelled punching huge blows at the wall, while Byron worried about throwing heavy objects at him, and getting rid of the teachers who tried to stop them, flicking the teachers like mosquitoes.

They reached the parking lot. Soon, they heard the provoking whistle coming from their side – “Hello, ladies, looking for me?” Jason said from the parking lot, he had a huge car on his hands, which he threw against the jocks, but Byron simply punched it heavily and the car split in half, falling heavily at his feet – “You’ll have to do better than that skinny!” he laughed as they both launched themselves after Jason, but the kid had an incredible agility, he just ran to the front part, but as soon as Byron reached the front yard, he lost his prey. Joe, in the other hand grabbed the flag pole and simply ripped it from the ground, o to show off his strength – “Look, Byron, it’s Larry!” he exclaimed already preparing to run after the geek boy, who simply gulped and screamed for help – “Please somebody, HELP! Those maniacs want to kill me!”

Both Byron and Joe laughed – “Look at the loser! He’s already afraid of us, and we barely touched him! Hey Jason, your boyfriend needs some help here!”

They noticed the News van parked at the front yard, and the reporter noticing the breaking events alive from Kennedy High School – Two insane muscle bounds kids with incredible strength are destroying the local High School in a sheer display of madness!” the man reported in his alarmed tone – The maniacs are after one innocent kid, they’re lifting and throwing cars at him, putting in danger the whole student body!”

The principal and the policemen were coming towards them – “Byron, Jason, please pay attention, we are here to help you!”

The jocks stood there dumb folded. Jason and Larry, they had set them up. And they were caught.

Byron simply ran towards the policeman his massive body caused a tremendous impact sending the poor guys over 10 feet away, Joe followed him, soon they heard the police cars and the helicopters following them.

“SHIT! They’re still after us!” Joe yelled at Byron who kept running – “Fuck Jason, you will pay me your sun of a bitch!” he cursed as he tried to lose the police cars.

Joe felt something sharp hitting his neck – “Fuck, they shoot me!” then he felt his muscles going numb, he simply fell at the road, the ChemTech SUV appeared from the dark alley and parked near him. Byron didn’t see anything of this, he was more worried about running away – it was then he felt a hand grabbing him.

“YOU?!” Byron made a fist and almost punched Jason in the face, but the kid simply ducked.

“Look, we can see who’s stronger anytime, but use your new brains as leverage, if you want to find out more about the vials, I’m your only chance!” Jason said with a serious look.

“Okay, Patterson, I’m listening!” He mumbled

Jason grinned – “Great! We’ll have to rescue Joe! Larry must meet us in a jiffy” he said as they ran through the many alleys with incredible speed.

Larry watched as the TV van tried to follow the jocks, the helicopter also was gone, and the police told everyone to leave – “Jason plan worked really nice!” he said smiling, almost happy that he tricked Byron and Joe. He liked this new life of being fit, strong and agile.

Larry was so lost on his thoughts he didn’t notice the tow guys coming in the opposite direction, for one moment he forgot all about his latest experiences. He just felt someone grabbing him – “One movement and I take a hoist at your back!” Larry felt the poking on his back and froze – a car parked and the guy told him to enter- before Larry could think in screaming for help, he saw a strong fume coming from the car – he looked once more and the pink fog filled his lungs, the next thing he remembered was his vision fading out…

“Let’s get out of here Doug!” Pat screamed as his partner hit the gas pedal.

“You got the Mr. Incredible kid?” Doug asked

“Well, I think this one is gonna serve” Patrick said showing Larry’s thick veins – “he shows signals of global enhancers usage – “He knows about the case and that’s sure!”

“Why you used the last pink vial we had?”

“Because I think we need more than simply strength to get our information, we need persuasion and most of all, we need his sympathy” Patrick said adjusting his glasses. •

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